Simple boy should avoid Pritty Vishy like a plague – she’s a bully

Pritty Vishy isn’t planning on letting Simple Boy breathe even after he left her a few months back. We say this because – right before the holidays, Vishy released a new song dedicated to her ex man – Simple Boy and judging from the lyrics….Vishy will never respect Stevo Simple Boy even if he was the last man on earth.

Yes, you see for a relationship to survive – there must be love, trust and above all respect – something Vishy will never know about, that is judging from how she talks about Simple Boy.

Actually listening to her new song dedicated to Simple Boy proves that Pritty Vishy has been the problem in her own relatinships; because for some reason anataka kukalia wababa wake sana….and luckily for our boy Stevo, he dodged that bullet right on time.

Stivo Simple boy spotted with ex, Pritty

Pritty Vishy needs to calm down

For that reason, we now have every right to advise Simple Boy on the importance of avoiding such a woman in his life, because clearly this one has enough daddy issues showing from how she treats her men.

And with how humble Stevo is, having him in a relationship with Vishy will not just make him a weaker man but an unhappy one. Well, chances are that he either looks for a kienyeji or stays celibate for the rest of his life….because clearly, Pritty Vishy isn’t what he wants for a wife.

Sauti Sol always pulling the victim card

Sauti Sol is risking the chances of getting cancelled by their own fans thanks to the stunt they pulled this past weekend during Sol Fest.

From what fams are claiming is that Sol Fest was fun not because Sauti Sol stepped on stage and decided to perform their best songs; but because other artists like Nadia and Konde Boy actually gave electrifying performance despite being among the first opening acts of the show.

Sauti Sol on the other allegedly decided to show up at 3AM while most of their fans are worn out, passed out and way to wasted to care who was performing at the time. Most actually felt used by the boy band: who on the other hand are claiming Fans always use them as a punching bag. Actually what Savara wrote in Sauti Sol’s defence is that;


Guilty as charged

Well, seeing that its not Bien who is out to speak for the team also says alot. I mean, he is always the first one to defend his brothers but this time around, Bien amenyamaza kama maji ya mtungi.

Well, the only i believe Bien hataki story mingi is because he knows they were wrong for disappointing the same people giving them views on YT; and whats even worse….Savara pulled the victim card before consulting his mates and now, now everyone is talking about the band being over-rated and not forgetting those who are ready to drag them on social because – they’re big mad!

Karen Nyamu should have left Samidoh the 1st time he publicly denied dating her

One thing we have always said is that mambo ya watu wa wiwili ni ngumu and although many feel that Karen Nyamu should have learnt her lesson from her fight in Dubai – chances are that she may reconcile with her baby daddy, Samidoh.

Amerukwa! “I never left my wife of 11 years for another woman” Samidoh denies relationship with Karen Nyamu

Samidoh wildling with wife, Edday

Okay, before that happens again….lets discuss Karen Nyamu’s biggest mistake that has now left her looking desperate and dramatic – all in the name of love….but whoever she loves seems not to feel the same way – which leaves us wondering, Kwani Karen Nyamu hajiamini?

I mean, the senator is not only an independent woman but one with brains (book smart), beautiful and quite lovable….but from the way she has potrayed herself the past few months makes it easy to see right through her – and yes like you guessed, Karen Nyamu is not a hopeless romantic but just another woman in her 30’s afraid to grow old alone.

Side chick drama? Karen Nyamu reacts after singer Samidoh publicly denies having serious relationship with her

Samidoh with his bubbly and fun baby mama, Karen Nyamu

Karen Nyamu one step from being denied thrice like Jesus

Well, months ago after Karen Nyamu spilled details of her affair with Samidoh, we all saw how the fella handled the situation by choosing his wife over Karen Nyamu.

Actually, what he did was announce that he only has one wife that is Edday…..a stunt that we assumed would have taught Miss Nyamu a lesson…but no she still went ahead and continued dating Samidoh thinking she was part of his life.

However after the Dubai stunt, its obvious to see that Samidoh was only having fun since once again….he publicly embarrassed Karen Nyamu by having her kicked out of his event….get this…a few hours after they had spent the night together in Dubai. Toxic. Toxic.

Well, Karen Nyamu now says she is done with the guy – but watu wamejifunika duvet moja huwezi jua…..lets give the breakup shelf life of two weeks, and see whether Karenzo will not be crawling back to her man.

Former Manzi wa TRM finally understands you can’t take a man off the streets and turn him to a husband

Caro Leehavi who was popularly known as Manzi wa TRM before dropping the name seems to be facing some relationship problems, a few weeks after she had reconciled with boyfriend, Weezdom.

You see, the two rekindled their old flame months after Caro Leehavi exposed the fella for being a womanizer who was playing both her and Weezdom’s ex Miley Stacey. Whats actually funny is that Caro made sure she had tainted the guys name to a point we never thought they would get back together….but mapenzi ya watu wawili ni ngumu.

Mylee with bae, Weezdom

Anyway, despite the drama – Caro Leehavi still reconciled with Weezdom as seen on several posts (now deleted or archived) shared on her page; and for a minute the two seemed quite in love as they kept throwing pet names like babe, mpenzi around.

Bittersweet love

The two went as far as taking traditional couple goal photos, convincing us that this time around it would end in marriage.

Weezdom with ex, Manzi wa TRM

However Caro has lately been sharing posts about love hurting and why women should always put themselves first….and I am like – wait – tena wameachana? Weezdom amefanya ile kitu tena.

Well, as much as we want to sympathize with Caro Leehavi – I also feel like she got herself in the mess when she decided to take the guy back…..thinking she would make him a better man.

However truth is, no woman can change a grown man hivyo tu. A grown man knows what he wants and will keep doing what he feels is right no matter how much he is loved by a woman.

Again…..if he has real feelings for you, he will adjust his ways to ensure he keeps you but if he doesnt….that man is for the streets, and the sad part is that youll keep trying to fix something you didn’t break until you lose yourself in the mix.

And look…. Caro Leehavi is now dealing with a heartache she would have dodged months ago.

Karen Nyamu’s baby daddy needs to stop discussing their past and move on

There is always that one ex who can’t let go after a breakup and I am starting to believe that Karen Nyamu’s baby daddy, Dj Saint is one of them.

Well, months after he disclosed his main reason for leaving Karen Nyamu, the DJ is back with the same old story….describing his baby mama as an insecure woman who wouldnt let a woman peck him…and a DJ he has to go through such things.

It was fights ma fights, and for me to decide to leave we had got to a point of no return. Every time was an argument and I felt it wasn’t fair for us to raise our child in that environment. So I decided to give her space and it worked out okay. It was getting toxic, every day a fight

Okay, the DJ part makes sense….but him allowing other women to overstep boubdaries is where the problem is….but judging from how he describes his baby mamas insecurities you would think she is one with issues but again…if put in the same situation how would he handle it?

Let Karen Be

Well – the only explanation as to why a man like him would be willing to talk about topics related to the mother of his child says alot about his personality.


Like honestly as a man, the least you can be for the sake of your is be the bigger person….or wait…could it be that now she is a senator – he wants to draw some attention to himself? Who knows…

However maybe he now misses his family and man dem now wants to make up for his mistakes?


Harmonize needs therapy & time off relationships to fix himself

When Harmonize left Wolper Stylish for his now Italian Ex wife, there are many who threw shade at actress Wolper claiming she was too old for Harmonize…but what many didnt want to hear is how much she had invested in the guys life only to be battered and dumped last minute.

Harmonize with ex, Wolper

Well, same case to that of Italian ex wife Sarah Michelloti who he ‘abused’ mentally to a point he would have open affairs, simply because he nolonger felt the same way. Just like fans did with Wolper, they also blamed Sarah Michelloti for her failed marriage and now the lady relocated back to her country to after a nasty heartbreak.

Anyway like they say, every dog has its day or rather siku za mwisho ni arobaini and finally we’re starting to see the toxic traits in Harmonize that could be affecting his relationships now that he recently literally beats Kajala out of their relationship.

Harmonize is broken

Well having had a bitter exit from WCB and losing close friends like Diamond Platnumz – not forgetting the pain he went through that period….I feel like Harmonize is a man with q bruised ego.

This is because he was betrayed by those closest to him making him have trust issues and his only way of releasing the pressure is by hitting his women. Like honestly, have you seen how big that guy is? Not forgetting that he works out on a daily basis, so yea one punch from him and you’re out.

So yea – with each and every woman walking out due to his anger issue or ego – maybe its time Harmonize worked on his issues before involving himself with somebody elses daughter. If not – I guess he’ll keep up with his trend till the end.

Esther Musila happy marriage to Guardian Angel proves age is nothing but a number when it comes down to genuine love

Esther Musila who in her 50’s appears to look happier each day and i want to believe this is because she found her soulmate, Guardian Angel who is in his early 30’s who she recently married.

With a 20 year age difference of course this couple didn’t have it easy the first weeks they announced their relationship online; and from the comments we saw, many seemed to imply Guardian Angel was in on it for the money….while Esther Musila was bashed for eyeing ‘small children’ but either way, they never let this affect their new found love.

So why do you think a woman at Esther Musila’s age can relate so well with a 30 something year old man?


Well I can only imagine that Guardian Angel has proven his Maturity is on the same level as to that of Esther Musila….which is why they can have grown up conversations and handle things as two grown ups….otherwise, I dont think Musila would risk raising another woman’s son when she already raised her now adult children.

Genuine love

With real love, relationships work out naturally. It doesnt matter whether youre having bad days or arguments every now and then…..because love has qualities you cant fake…maybe for months, but not for years.

Mr and Mrs Guardian Angel

Old soul

It’s either Guardian Angel has an old soul inside his 30 something body or Musila has a young Soul – because how else would i explain why these two click so well to a point they settled down as man and wife despite their age difference.

Celebrities who keep turning the same age year after year

I totally agree that women fear aging and if anything 99% of them lie about their ages and funny thing is that our own favorite female celebrities actually do it in public eye.

For this reason, I have come up with a small list of renowned female celebrities who have been turning the same age year after year….forgetting their physical appearances say something totally different.


Well Huddah has been in the industry for over 15 years now and i say this because she was among the featured video vixens on song Manyake released in the early 2000; meaning she must have been legal by then or around 17 years….and almost 20nyears later, she claims to be in her early 30’s….like how? Not possible and the only explanation is that she chooses to lie about her real age, yet their are videos from 2000’s showing a grown Huddah.

Vera Sidika

Okay, although she never featured in any music videos from early 2000’s – all we know is that for sure, Vera Sidika lies about her age too. Asking how we know? Well, she used to be besties with Huddah back when they hustled together and having been in the industry for over 14 years….you cant tell me Vera Sidika is still 31 years. Maybe late 30’s if not early 40’s.


Rapper Ssaru claims she just turned 19 years as of 2022….and I don’t want to burst her bubble but gurl you look nothing like a 19 year old unless she’s on something making her age faster than her actual years on earth. Anyway, what many feel is that she could be in her mid if not late 20’s.

Shorn Arwa

Youtuber/content creator and a marketing influencer Shorna Arwa continues to insist that she is in her early 20’s and although we like her and want to hang on to every word she says
…..problem is – her looks say something different. Maybe late 20’s or early 30’s – but still, she looks great.

Female celebrities should learn a thing or two about privacy from Femi One

I consider Femi One as one of those female rappers who understand their role in the entertainment. This is because she owes her celebrity status to her music that has given her recognition over the years.

Rapper Femi One

One thing for sure is that her journey and growth as a rapper has had its share of up and downs…sometimes missing in action but all through – she maintains a very private life something not many female celebrity relate with.

Low key and still afloat

Unlike most who use their personal lives to keep their celebrity status afloat, Femi One has for years maintained a private life with or without new music.

Femi One in lingerie

Don’t get me wrong, I did not say she doesn’t post photos or videos in the company of those she considers friends…because what I mean is – she keeps her personal life off the grid.

Well, you may agree with me….but show me another female celebrity who doesn’t use their personal life to create abuzz online.

Pretty Vishy is giving relationship advice to the wrong crowd

Pritty Vishy is back and this time around she is not about to put up with any nonsense especially from men. The lass revealed this in a post where she took a swipe at men saying they cheat too much – and this is why she remains single.

Pritty Vishy with bae, Madini

Okay last we checked, her relationship with Madini Classic turned out to be clout and i guess the only real boyfriend we met is Stivo Simple boy; a man that walked out of her life because of her cheating ways….alafu today, Pritty Vishy says men are the problem when it comes to relationships.

As seen in her post the socialite went on to add that despite a man bagging himself a good woman, he still ends up cheating;

Stivo Simple boy spotted with ex, Pritty

Let me just remind you..meeeeehn are never satisfied hunny..let no man make you change your personality, shape career for him to be with you. A man will have a very nice figure, classy and a wife at home and still chieft [cheat] with a fat, unshaped (fupi round) who is a maid????????…main message don’t let a man tell you what to do,who to be,and the kind of a body he want juu bado ata CHEEEEAT????‍????️????‍????️????‍????️

Practice what you preach

Well like i earkier mentioned, the reason Pritty Vishy is now single is becauese Stivo Simple couldn’t put up with her cheating ways; a statement she personally confirmed during an interview with Mungai Eve saying;

I have ever cheated on him, but with 3 wababas. The wababas used to spoil me with money, but Stevo did not know it. I do not feel guilty about it, there’s no room for regret.

And now she is a victim? Okay…okay i know its tough out here and they no longer make men like they used to….but come on Pritty Vishy why should we take relationship advises from you when we all know you played our boy Stivo Simple? Or should I shout Karma?

Willy Paul threatening his girlfriend’s boyfriend doesn’t make sense

Willy Paul is currently trending following an expose done on him by a fella accusing him of sliding into his girlfriend’s DM; and for a minute – we couldn’t understand why the said guy was overreacting and if anything –  he should have taken up the issue with his woman and not Pozee, right?

Willy Paul 

But just when we thought that was low, Pozee who we assumed would handle the matter like a mature man even made things worse by hitting back at his girlfriend’s boyfriend; and from the post share on his page – ill assume he threatened to have him shot.

This is after he posted a photo if a gun and on the side a box full of bullets….probably just to show how what he can do….but again – Pozee didn’t caption the post:

Pozee needs to change his strategy

Having been linked to so many women and even accused of rape – its funny that Willy Paul never changes his strategy on how he approaches women; or rather keeps going for the same type…lightskin, petite and pretty.

More of like a weird Jeffery Epstein in the making or something of that sort…. but whats more surpring is how he decided to go after the YouTuber….when he is the one on the wrong. Or wait, could it be that Pozee has real feelings for the lady?

But again….having realized that the lady had willingly shared her contacts with Willy Paul proves she hasn’t left the streets yet…..and maybe just maybe – the boyfriend should first put his house inorder.

3 obvious places kenyans are likely to spend their Hustler fund loans

I know its been tough for the past few years (since Covid-19) and many kenyans have been struggling financially which is why President Ruto launched the Hustler fund to help kenyans access loans which will help one way or another.

With the Hustler funds now accessible, there are many who rushed to apply with some hoping to set up small businesses; while others – lets just say they’re yet to know how to use these loans to help themselves.

Well i guess I will be talking about because clearly without a plan or vision, most will spend the money on:


With the betting sites ‘promising easy cash’ they easily attract people with gambling addiction (no matter how small it is) and this is how most will lose their money. They say a gambler never stops….so think about those hoping to double up their funds the easy way….does it ever pay off? Maybe once in a while….but kila siku si Sunday.


Singer patoranking tells you  she go whine well when she sees the cash….amd believe me women are naturally attracted to men with money and with hustler funds offering loans worth hundreds of thousands….especially now that we we are in December….i guess its Patek!


Did someone say ni drink December? Na kuna loans.…sadly to say that we all know Kenya is slowly becoming a drinking nation with many turning Sunday to a drinking day…i only see most people flexing with expensive drinks wajitreat after months of suffering. I know thats the mentality most broke people have….but truth is – as sweet as the loans seem right now, when it comes to paying them ni wewe na mungu wako.

5 Hottest cross dressers in Kenya

Cross dressers and transgenders are often said to b the same thing but others insist they are different in that Transgenders are ‘women’ or ‘men’ born in the wrong bodies. Mostly men who feel they should have come to the world as women.

Cross dressers however nikama kina Eric Omondi and the rest who wear women clothing for marketing purposes or for comedy….but like i said – its confusing to figure out why men cross dress….or is it a fetish?

Anyway having said that, below is a list of well known male cross dressers in the entertainment indutsry who dress better than some of your women.

Dennis Karari

Dennis Karari

Although Dennis Karari started off as a Kienyeji cross dresser, we’ve literally watched him morphe into a classy sassy lady living like a socialite after her new man upgraded her lifestyle. However truth is, there’s still room for improvement for Ms Karari – that is looking at what other cross dressers are bringing to the table.


Ghai….do you know the first time i came a cross a photo of Kinuthia – i couldnt believe he is male. Yes…that is how good he is, he is good at dressing his bbw body and moves her waist better than most women out here. With that, i want to believe that he is among the hottest cross dressers in the country – because he already embraced the person he truly is.

Eric Omondi

Okay let us just say Eric Omondi is a low key cross dresser because of the many times he has stepped out in women’s clothings. I mean for a straight man – Eric Omondi really likes his diva side….and what better way to show her off than dressing up for the part, right? But anyway whether a fetish or a marketing strategy Eric definitely delivers well.

Oga Obinna

Let us just say Obinna is forced to cross dress inorder to push his music – since yall can’t go to his Youtube channel unless he teases you with cross dressing stunts. And although he is horrible at it – ill give him a 3 stars for the effort. No?

Latoya Johnson

Comedian Dave Chapelle will tell you that out of the LGBTQ community, the T people are the ones who face a tougher time the most. And believe me Latoya Johnson can tell you the same. However despite the hardships she has had to endure, one thing she has managed to do is love herself and doll up. This is why we now have her name among the hottest cross dressers in the entertainment industry.

Wema Sepetu is a good example of why women should not put off having kids for their career

Wema Sepetu has struggled to have kids for years now to a point she is only asking her God for just one. Just one baby that will call her mummy and a child of her own – but everytime she gets pregnant, the pregnancy somehow ends up with a miscarriage.

Wema with late boyfriend, Steve Kanumba

Well, from the latest stories – we understand that she blames her current young boyfriend Whozu for being the reason she lost their 3 months pregnancy; but again – didn’t she suffer a miscarriage at 3 months while pregnant with Idris Sultan’s twins? Its a cycle and for some reason she never gets to second trimester.

Miscarriages after abortions

Okay….at this point I am forced to remind you that in the past she had two abortions which I now believe are the reason she cannot get past the first pregnancy trimester; since the quack doctor who performed the abortion either tampered with her uterus or her womb isn’t strong enough to carry a child.

Wema Sepetu posing with friend’s newborn

Studies show that women who have abortions can develop a womb infection whixh then can spread to your fallopian tubes and ovaries causing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID) which then makes it more difficult to get pregnant and increases the risk of ectopic pregnancies…same same cause as Wema Sepetu’s situation.

Well with Wema Sepetu in her early 30’s- we also understand there is pressure to conceive and believe it or not….she is even willing to raise it as a single mother, something many other single mums out here would discourage her from doing…..but from the way she wants a child, i don’t think anything or anyone can stop her from trying over and over again.

Wizkid is right about hiphop and Khaligraph embrace the fact that rap is dead

Wizkid recently had an interview with Peoples magazine where he threw shade at hiphop artists saying the genre no longer exists; and if anything – Afro pop is the new in thing….something many agree with.

Photo credits

According to the star, people no longer listen to hiphop like they used to back in the day…and I am thinking its only because African music has found it’s place in the music market across the globe.

You see, as much as hiphop started off as a ‘western thing’ not many caucasians really embraced it since it was more of a ‘black thing’ but when you look at Afro Pop….youd be shocked by the number of both blacks and caucasians who listen and jam to it.

Rap music associated with ‘gangs’

For example, look at Wizkid’s music….actually look at Rayvanny’s music which tops on most European music charts….but have you ever seen a Khaligraph Jones rap song appear anywhere? Well maybe Octopizzo but either way, he hasnt yet hit global charts.

Anyway Wizkid having said that, we all saw Khaligraph respond by claiming that hip hop js still alive and will show everyone.

Okay okay….let me stop you right there. Lets take out the accent from all Khaligraph Jones music, add a little african vibe….would you still listen to him rap over and over again? Probably not….and you still wonder why Wizkid says that Hiphop is dead?

I mean he could have named the likes of Sarkodie and the rest….but he spoke his truth which is, rap music is now a forgotten genre especially since many link it to gangs….and from the documentaries you’ve watch – don’t you agree?

Why Eric Omondi keeps us guessing about his sexuality

Eric Omondi is a smart man. I know by now maybe you dont agree with me on that statement but truth is – Eric Omondi’s PR team is working overtime and whether you like it or not – this comedian will keep you saying his name every now and then – and look youre already doing it.

Anyway – despite having a girlfriend who recently suffered a miscarriage people out here have been asking alot of questions regarding his sexuality….like is he straight or gay man.

Well we can’t really blame them for feeling this way judging from the huge number of gay married men living with their wives (yes women) out here. Yes you read it correct, gay married men living with their wives….!

Which is which?

So yea, with Eric Omondi pulling transgender stunts online – you can’t help but wonder what category he falls under the LGBTQ community or wait….any other community because – is he straight or not…..and if straight – is there anything like a straight cross dresser?

Well that being a question he alone can answer, i guess what we can now do is accept and embrace the diva he is exploring for now. But again….this is something making him good money.

Battle of the sexes: Maryaprude transgender crisis

Willis Raburu’s ex wife, Maryaprude this past weekend left many on social media talking after revealing that she grew up as a Tomboy and at some point in her life – she really wanted to have her sex changed from female to male.

Ex couple; Willis and Maryaprude

According to the lady, she started feeling this way from back when she was still a young girl and from what she says is that having to dress up in women outfits made her uncomfortable hence the boyish behavior.

Speaking about this to her followers on social media, Maryaprude for the first time came out to say;

I remember growing up, especially in my teenage adolescent years I always felt like I didn’t fit in as a girl or a woman.Girls dressed a certain way, talked, or expressed themselves in a particular way that I felt like I didn’t. So I thought maybe, I was supposed to be a boy because I preferred boyish clothes, hung out and was more comfortable with boys than girls, expressed myself in a boyish manner…


I started reading a lot and I found out that you can get sex reassignment surgery and change your gender. So that was my goal when “I grow up

Sex change

Well having also revealed that she had wanted or rather thought of a sex change, this leaves me wondering whether her behavior matches that of a man; and if yes – how is it that she fell or rather got married to Willis Raburu who we all know is a man and if I am right – was looking for a woman to settle down with when he came across Maryaprude.

Tbt: Pregnant Maryaprude before stillbirth

Okay – because if Maryaprude now says she has always felt like she was born in the wrong body….does that make her a man or wo’manish? Because now I am starting to suspect that her marriage to Willis Raburu did not end because of obvious reasons…since clearly.. the man’ish character still stays even when grown up, right?

But again – with how senstive trandsgender topics are….I guess all we can say is hopefully Maryaprude will one day accept herself for who she is.

Akothee take it slow, you don’t have to win every online battle

Singer Akothee must be facing some tough time judging from how she has been moving on social media. You see, for the past few weeks, the lass has been dealing with family drama – then there was the sibling rivalry story that claims she has been competing with her younger sister Cebbie.

Well, judging from Akothees weekend post we can now tell that the her mental and physical health are not so good – which leaves me wondering why she exposes herself to such situations when she can hire a social media manager to handle such situations on her behalf.

Akothee with younger sister, Cebbie

Akothee admitted to hospital

Okay we get it, Akothee isn’t the type of woman to let bloggers troll or paint her in a certain way; nor is she willing to let relatives pick on her – yet she is the reason they are who they are today. So she claims.

Anyway with all this pressure the singer was recently admitted to hospital and Akothee being ‘a star’ she had to post it on social media – maybe for pyblic sympathy or something….but either way she still publicized it.

Akothee admitted to hospital…….again

But come to think of it…..why wouldn’t she just avoid the whole drama queen stunts to avoid landing herself in hospital every now and then….I mean is it really worth it?

Kenyan men are a scam, Nasra lost her family for love

Comedian Nasra has not been having it easy for sometime now especially after disclosing the woes in her relationship; and the sad truth is – the fairytale she had been expecting ended in tears.

Nasra announces breakup

Well its not just not about the love she lost but the fact that she also lost her fathers love and approval after choosing to spend the rest of her life with Dorector Rashid who is not from a somali Community; something she now says forced her dad to cut her off for good.

Speaking to Mungai Eve on a recent interview – Nasra for the first time opened up about her relationship with her dad – saying it hasnt been easy all through as she was forved to choose between family and the love of her life….amd juat when she thought she’d made the right choice….her pillar of strength left her for another woman.

Mistakes women make when in love

Although Nasra insists that she did not rush into marriage with director Rashid especially since they had dated for 4 years….I feel like she played herself since – the relationship was already shaky from the beginning but still chose to get married anyway.

Not sure whether to call it Msiba wa kujitakia or just bad lack but all i now know is that Nasra regrets her decision…and now that she has to go back and seek her father’s forgiveness – will just make everything worse since it will only prove he was right from the beginning….and this is not the time to have something like that rubbed in her face.

Hottest bachelors of 2022

While the likes of Amber Ray are getting engaged after just a few months of dating, there are those who continue to lead ‘lonely’ lives ;and I am thinking it’s because dating has somehow become a full time job with too many requirements – and truth is….not everyone is willing to put up with that.

Well, seems like the pressure is everywhere even for our celebrities which is why i have come up with a short lost of some of our hottest bachelors who have chosen the single life….and for some reason its working for them.

Nick Mutuma

Nick Mutuma

Last I checked, rumor had it that Nick Mutuma had parted ways with baby mama Bridget Shighadi. The two somehow confirmed this by deleting photos of each other from their social media pages….and this not being the first time, chances are that Nick might not stay single for long…..because…we are sort of used to him and Shighadi having a back and forth type of relationship. But as for now – yea, the guy is definitely living life as a bachelor.

Frankie just Gym It

Frankie’s visit to Corazon’s hometown

Okay…..I’m assuming Frankie is single because the last time we checked…..Corazon Kwamboka had broken up with him and a few days later – a video showing him browsing on a certain dating app emerged online meaning – Frankie is out here searching after losing both his baby mamas.

Willy Paul

Having had his share of women….its surpring to see that Willy Paul hasn’t found himself a wife yet. Maybe….maybe because ladies out here have heard of his nasty past and probably fear getting involved with him…but since he is in his late 20’s chances are that he may not be in a hurry.

Nviiri the storyteller

Having had a nasty breakup with ex Elodie Zone, singer Nviiri the storyteller has been keeping his private life off social media – which makes it hard to know whether he is single or taken…but having not introduced anyone since then, its only fair to rank him among the hottest bachelors we have in town.

Daddy Owen

Daddy Owen with alleged girlfriend

I know we already said that daddy Owen amepata mutu but truth is, until he personally confirms this; we will continue assuming that Daddy Owen is available but only to a kienyeji lady since  that’s is what he said he is looking for.

Comedian YY should not have apologized to Kenrazy and Timmy Tdat because he is right

YY recently issued an apology to Kenrazy after making hilarous comments about him and Timmy Tdat…and although the came out wrong and mean – truth is YY is one funny man.

Churchill Show comedian, Oliver Otieno alias YY

Like honestly YY is one of the most underrated comedian in the country…but the good thing is that – he has a loyal fan base, that keeps up with jokes on social media; which explains why he remains among the surviving successful comedians we have from Churchill show.

Anyway with his fun and jokes…..the comedian may have recently overstepped boundaries when he picked on Kenrazy and Timmy Tdat during an interview – where he was discussing Willy Paul’s expensive rate card……saying it’s the reason why most people no longer give him gigs like they used to.

However not to worry because…..

Kama tusipokuafford, tutaita Timmy Tdat na atakuja Hadi na Kenrazy na 40k.

Kenrazy in his feelings

Okay, like i said – the statement may have been mean but come to think of it, this is true in a way….yes?

Like when has the last time you played a kenrazy song or even read anything about him online (apart from that time he was said to be living in a studio) or name one latest project from Timmy Tdat? See, i am pretty sure you had even forgotten they are musicians, right?

So yea, tell me why you would pay them hundrends of thousands or tens of thousands to perform songs from 2012? I mean look at Tz artists….Diamond Platnumz ama tuseme Alikiba started his career around the same time as Kenrazy but till now he still releases new music….because anajituma and understands times are changing and has to keep up.

Which we cant say Kenrazy or Timmy Tdat have been doing….so why would YY apologize for speaking his truth?


Octopizzo trashing kenyan media is an obvious cry for attention

It’s been a minute since we heard about Octopizzo right? Or maybe it’s because fans lost interest in his beef with Khaligrapha Jones who also seems to have gone off the grid; now that Kenyans seem to be focusing on their problems and not what their favorite celebrities are upto.

Octopizzo makes history, becomes the first Kenyan rapper to make it to the Grammy Awards Consideration List

Anyway having also noticed that his fame is slowly fading away Octopizzo has decided to come after the media, accusing them of not supporting local talent and blaming them for them not talking about him.

Uuuh last I checked….the media talks about celebrities – like all the time – but they only do so when there’s something to talk about right? I mean why would they waste time on an inactive celebrity….will that help them money or wait……what are you doing about it as an artist?

TV and Radio play for musicians they like, watu wanapenda, these days if I want to listen to Kenyan music I stream. I don’t watch TV or the radio. That way I hear different sounds and maybe I can collabo with them.

Clout chasing

Although he may have a point about mainstream not playing enough kenyan music, you have to remember that its all about who ‘brings the most interesting content to the table’ because at the end of the day – both parties have to make money right?

And as you can see, Octopizzo put himself out there with his latest interview….and now most blogs are focusing on him and his projects hence making it possible to revive his brand – now that he had gone missing in action for a while.

Why we might never hear Director Rashid’s side of story after ex wife Nasra accused him of cheating & moving on with another woman

Remember that time when Nasra announced she had parted ways with husband, Director Rashid? It was actually way before her miscarriage and i remember that after the announcemenr, the same Nasra came out claiming it was just a silly prank they decided to pull on their fans….but come to think of it – this was smoke from a little fire theyd tried to contain, but marriage ishachomeka.

Nasra announces pregnancy

Okay at the time Nasra was still the one sharing these personal information on social media but looking at director Rashid….he just maintained his silence the whole time and even after he was accused of cheating….Director Rashid just remains mute.

Well, when you see a man acting like Director Rashid has been acting – one has to wonder….was he really in love with her or …’clearly this man is fed up with drama’ hence his silence, right?

Nasra with husband, Director Rashid

Why Rashid maintance silence on divorce rumors

Avoid drama

You see unlike women who overreact and cause drama after a break….men actually prefer sometime off especially if the breakup happens during a heated moment.

This is why you might see Rashid holding back from announcing anything on his pages….simply because, chances are that he might not be done with Nasra….and to avoid looking like an immature man, he chooses to remain silent hence letting Nasra do the damage by oversharing.

Protect mental health

Whats better than to protect your own peace of mind? I dont thing there’s anything better than choosing yourself when things get toxic…and judging from how Nasra has been talking…..we can already tell why maybe Rashid isnt saying anything….more of like kibaya chajitembeza, kizuri cha jiuza…

Moved on already

Another reaaon I believe director Rashid remians silent on the divorce rumors is because he already moved after figuring out the woman he married wasnt what he wanted. Or maybe…because Islam allows a muslim man to marry upto 4 wives….maybe his new alleged woman has been in the picture the whole time but Nasra did not want to share.

Not compatible

Do you know that you can actually get over a person youve been in love with for years, the moment you move in and start living together?

It happens because this time around the fights will be in person and not texts….then you realize hapana, I cant do this and just like that you start wondering why you even rushed into marriage.

Cebbie Nyasego accepts Akothee’s apology but……….boundaries!

We all have that one sibling that gets on our nerves every now and then – but because they’re family – you can’t get rid of them or create more tension and I’m guessing this is what Akothee and Cebbie’s relationship looks like.

Akothee with sister, Cebbie

The two made this clear after their private affairs came to light…thanks to Akothee who outed her beef with Cebbie during a live session – a move she now regrets especially since it was done while angry.

From the live it seemed that Cebbie and her mum had ganged up against Akothee…who on the other hand couldn’t shut up on how she has helped her family – yet they still pick on her…but again – helping someone doesn’t necessarily mean you own them, to a point where you boss them around, forgetting they two have feelings. Right?

Cebbie accepts Akothee’s apology shingo upande

Well after the whole scandal guess who finally decided to eat the humble pie….yes Akothee who aplogized to her sister Cebbie for the drama….reminding her that they are blood but judging from the response she got – I don’t think this relationship will ever be the same.

You see, there is a way you can tell a person’s feelings from they express themselves on paper or word of mouth. And in this case to have Cebbie reply to anapology with;

Good morning.

Lemme put this here, I’m unable to reply to all the messages.

1. I appreciate your efforts of reaching out to me.

2. I also acknowledge with lots of Grace and humility that you genuinely pray for me and my family.

I thank everyone who takes their time to pray for my union. Marriage is sacred and fragile. I don’t take it for granted

Proves that indeed she is either fed up with her sisters shannigans or isn’t about to allow negative energy around her again.

But…. what’s better than choosing your own piece of mind? Nothing.

Again….seeing Akothee is now beefing with bloggers for writing negative stories about her – it only shows that she never takes blame for her actions….might be same…same case to thst of Cebbie.



Bahati should blame himself for exposing his newborn to online scrutiny

Social media parenting is one tough job and last i checked – there are parents who support publicizing their kids online while others dont….but one thing they all agree to is parents using captions like “my mummy this….my daddy that…”

Okay maybe because it’s just obvious that newborns or toddlers can’t say such or even write at their young age but also because its just creepy. Creepy in that, it paves way for critics to attack a child without remembering – si yeye…its the parents.

Speaking of this, Bahati a while back shared a photo holding his newborn and on the caption he wrote;

I wanted to show my face But Daddy would not allow me ???? Who do you think Won this; Daddy or Mummy? ????

Yes a grown man or woman decided wacha leo niwabebe baby cause hamuwezi tell difference.

Critics come after Malaika

With the economy so hard and life just pissing everyone off…Malaika Bahati’s fans decided to pick on her following daddy’s caption on one of her photos.

Responding to Malaika Bahati…one fan sarcastically asked;

Haka kashaanza kula kavagara ni kakubwa

While another….

Haka kataanza kutu advice kuhusu maisha na insecurity ya Nairobi

And i am thinking wow….Bahati just gave critics something to keep them busy – but problem is, the child being refered to as haka ata hana ubaya.


But again, just like her brothers and sisters…Malaika Bahati also needs to start making for herself and what better way than to start online.

Nasra, divorce can feel devastating but here are 5 tips to help you move on

Breakups are tough nut believe it or not – divorce is worse and I say this judging from what i have personally seen from – my divorced relatives, friends and from celebrities on social media.

So yea, I totally understand that comedian Nasra is currently having rough after parting ways with the love of her Rashid Abdi; who she had exposed for moving on with another woman – shortly after Nasra suffered a miscarriage.

Throwback: Nasra with ex husband, Director Rashid

Okay, having him move on so fast painted Rashid Abdi like the villain and of course – Nasra’s fan base threw stones and sticks at him; but then again – no one is perfect right?

Plus – having not heard Rashid’s side of the story means there is more to the story than what Nasra has been sharing on social media….and until we learn the real story – I have come up with 5 tips to help the new divorcee move on and focus on herself…..just like Rashid is.

Nasra announces breakup

Practice acceptance

You see, when getting married one never thinks ‘we will get divorced someday’ right? But it happens to some couples and whether you like it or not – the moment the other party feels uninterested you cant force them back. So yea, youre allowed to hurt and feel betrayed….but in the end you have to remember is that acceptance is a bridge that leads to peace.

Embrace the many mixed feelings

Youre allowed to feel everything at once. The pain, betrayal, heartbroken and the fact that he never loved you like you wanted.

The moment you tell yourself its okay…or it will be okay – those feelings start to slowly slip off and before you know it – you’ll be happy again. Like I said…embrace them inorder to work on them as time moves on. Remember you owe yourself some happiness!

Cut communication

Nasra on breakup

Okay by now i am sure both Nasra and Rashid have had heated conversations on text and if i am not wrong – even thrown some insults around. It happens, but at this age – its better to cut off communication to protect your peace. I mean, there are no kids involved right? So why deny yourself some peace by ghosting?

Reach out to loved ones

Although relatives sometimes tend to take sides…find one to you can connect with, one that understands your pain – but again remember not to over-share; or paint your ex as an evil being cause mambo huenda yakabadilika (by reconnecting again) and i am sure – you wouldn’t want your family looking at him in a certain way…..simply because you shared too much unnecessary information on him.

Go out

Having Nasra discuss her ex husband online means she’s still cooked up in the house wallowing about the breakup; but again this won’t help. So how about stepping out for coffee? Night out with friends? Call it a short term distruction from reality…but it works.

Reconnect with yourself

There’s no denying that marriages change people and you only realize you’re not the same person you used to be after getting dumped or lose a partner.

So how about some soul searching to help find yourself? What you like, your goals and what you left pending before you found your better half?

I know applying this in your life is harder than we can imagine…but think about it this way……you’re a catch and atleast you tried and didn’t work out. So it’s time to put the same effort on yourself.