‘Shindwe’ Annitah Raey takes a swipe at broke men trying to cheat on their wives

Truth is Annitah Raey may be the real definition of a feminist; and although many men out here would like to hate on her – they can’t – simply because she speaks nothing but the truth.

A few days ago, Annitah Raey released a new video addressing women who cheat with married men; and to our surprise, Annitah wasn’t condemning but was schooling women on tactics to use on such men.

Annitah Raey finally speaks up day after calling it quits at Hot 96 (Video)

According to the former Hot 96 radio presenter – women should always chase men who can spoil them with both money and good lifestyle. Through her detailed video the lady went on to say;

It’s a waste of sin, it’s wrong, it’s illegal and any broke man who is married and is trying to cheat… Shindwe. You cannot be broke, married and you’re trying to cheat what kind of bullsh*t is that. Women if he hits on you, he’s married – he better….akuweke let me put that word vizuri, nikuwekwa unawekwa. Don’t be there with a broke man anashindwa

Broke men – stay on your lane

As for the broke men with nothing to offer; Annitah Raey advised them or rather condemned them for over trusting themselves.

In the video, the mother of two went on to however advise them on the importance of staying in the broke lane; instead of making both the ‘wives’ and ‘side pieces’ suffer due to their brokenness.

Judging from the comments left under the post, it’s evident to see that her YouTube subscribers feel the same way; but again, aren’t the broke ones said to love the best?

Watch the video here.