“Never date a broke married man” Annitah Raey advising women to aim higher!

Annitah Raey always leaves a bitter taste in most men’s mouths – but hey, she regrets nothing. Unlike most women who would bow down and try acting like the perfect lady the society wants; Mother of 2, Annitah Raey actually prefers being the opposite.

annitah raey crotch grab
Former Radio presenter, Annitah Raey

She has proven this a number of times – and thanks to her new video where she talks about dating broke married; im starting to feel that liquor isn’t the only thing getting ms Annitah Raey high.

Well this is because she takes no shame in being real about women dating married men. In this society marriage has become a rite of passage and not many feel it’s worth anymore.

Annitah Raey

Date the rich ones

However according to Annitah Raey, when one decides to get involved with a married man; he should then be rich enough to provide for both his side and main.

In short share responsibilities equally. Speaking on the video making rounds online, Annitah is heard saying

“Never ever…date a broke married man. Pick a struggle…”

Not quite sure why Annitah would be so brave to speak about this so openly; but truth is, marriage is no longer valued by couples from this generation.

Infact most tend to get married as a rite of passage while others do it for the church and parents. But just like Annitah Raey said, why get involved with someone who wouldn’t put food on your table?

watch the video.