“Bwana ya mtu sio wako” Annitah Raey after entanglement with young married man (video)

Truth is, we all love Annitah Raey because she keeps it real. Her radio fans have all moved to her new YouTube channel where she shares some of her shocking; embarrassing and educative life lessons she has come across over the years.

Unlike other women, Annitah Raey is not shy to admit that she has dated married men and even younger ones than her; but it is life – it happens!

annitah raey crotch grab

In one of her videos shared a while back – the mother of two opened up about about her experience of falling in love with a married man.

But before that – I’m pretty sure Annitah would like fans to know that; ‘bwana ya mtu sio wako’ or in short never fall in love with a married man.

Speaks about painful experience

According to the lady, a few years back she met a young man 4 years younger and just like any other love story – boy meets girl and falls in love.

Although Annitah Raey says her intentions were not to fall in love with this guy; she somehow found herself in this awkward situationship that led to a real heartbreak.

Narrating how she ended up in love with the guy – Ms Annitah says that it happened at a time she needed some affection and attention. Without realizing it, the butterflies she was having slowly graduated into real feelings; and just like that Annitah fell in love with another woman’s man.

To prove how serious things were between them: the former presenter says they used to hangout 3 times a week not knowing that this is because the young man was having issues with the wife.

However things got real after Annitah learnt that the guy was just using her to forget his wife; but after he got her (wife) back – Annitah was then forced to deal with a heartbreak she could have avoided from the word go.

Anyway – watch the video below.