I didn’t sleep with Alaine. We are just good friends -reggae Deejay Kriss Darling forced to come clean 

Controversial reggae DJ Kriss Darling has come out to vehemently deny that he’s having an affair with Jamaican songbird Alaine.

Speaking on Chipukeezy Show, the DJ said that Alaine is a good friend and people have been misjudging their friendship.

”Alaine is an entertainer and I am an entertainer. We only link up because of work. She is a good friend, we’ve been friends for years now and I think people misunderstand the connection we have hence the rumours.” Kriss revealed.

She’s honest

The two would roll together to different interviews, events and even hotels whenever the bubbly singer was in the country. Rumours started flying around that Kriss is housing her and there might be more between them.

Kriss said that he likes Alaine because she’s always real with him.

”I like her because she is a very nice person, real and down to earth. She will always tell me when I go wrong and also laud me for my achievements.” he added. 

WTF! Bitter Anto Neo Soul rants after Otile Brown was chosen over him for Chronnix reggae concert 

Otile Brown was recently named among artists who will perform at Chronixx’s reggae show on the 21st of July at KICC.

Otile Brown and Naibo, who are nothing close to reggae, were highly criticized after the move making some Kenyans curse the event organisers and swear they’ll not set foot at KICC again.


It seems singer Anto Neo Soul is also just as bitter. The singer, who we can all agree has not been getting enough shows lately, took to social media to air his frustrations saying that Kenya is just a place that doesn’t favor his work.

“Wtf… ni watu sijui or watu hawanijui? I’m not understanding. I have a better chance of making it in germany than this shithole of a nation!! Read!!! You’ll understand!!!” he shared.

Anto has a couple of  reggae songs and may be was hoping Chronnix would love them once he steps on stage and performed them.

‘He is a conman, drug addict and even f**ked kris Darling’s baby mama’ woman exposes her ex boyfriend

A lady by the name of Jane Wanji has left many shocked after she decided to expose a man who she refers to as ‘Ben 10’ a close friend of Kriss darling on Kilimani mums Nairobi page on Facebook.

The lady starts by calling her ex and Kriss Darling a group of devils as she goes on to reveal how her ex used her for her money then dumped her after her Mzungu husband dumped her.

From what she wrote seems that Jane Wanji was pretty much hurt after Ben 10 hooked up with a new lady and since she was no longer in his life her aim was to ‘ the truth’ about the man she was now involved with.

Call it being bitter or rather petty but Jane Wanji was determined to ruin her exes image and of those of his friends. Apart from exposing him for using her wealth, the lady goes on to refer to him as a drug addict and a gay man who is apparently dating Dennis Oliech’s brother. She adds that the two attract wealthy women in their lives by using ‘uchawi’.

I tried reaching out to Kris Darling to hear his side of the story but he hang up at first (assumed he was busy or in a meeting) but after my text and second call went unanswered I figured maybe he wasn’t ready to deal with the drama.

Anyway the Lady has promised to share more details in what she calls part 2 of the drama. Checkout the screenshots below.