Aslay treats us to another love song dubbed “Mateka” and we love it

For a guy that has been in the limelight for so long, I would say his consistency is admirable. Aslay has now brought us another love song dubbed “Mateka”.

The Tanzanian superstar has been keen to remain relevant in the ever-changing music industry. Lucky enough Aslay has been able to treat his fans to approximately two songs monthly. If you ask me I think some Kenyan artists should copy this trait.


Anyway, Mateka by Aslay is another serenade that has a man expressing his feelings to the love of his life. Mateka in simply means “Hostage”-My Swahili teacher must be proud.

He says the kind of love he feels him makes him feel like a hostage in love. However, he ain’t complaining just that he never imagined he’d be in love to that extent.

Aslay of Mateka song

Especially when he says,Upendo umevuka kina Nina wivu mpaka roho inauma Iwe Japan au China Weka gundi baby tutagandana eh(My love has gone beyond the borders and the jealousy makes my heart hurt weather in Japan or China we going to paste with glue so we can stick together)

Clearly Aslay did justice to the song’s lyrics as he knows how to deliver to his audience. I mean who said RnB cannot be done in Swahili? In fact, it’s sassier.

Video and Production

The Destro directed song is clearly beautifully and artistically done. From the beginning incorporation of the vintage set and decor was a perfect blend to the song.

The best part about his music is that he never adopts too many activities in the production making it easy to watch and enjoy the jam as you carry on with your business.

For that, we appreciate. As we dance to this big tune and ending the year remember Aslay has just reminded us how important love is.

So let’s welcome 2020 with love.

For rating I will go with 8/10.Your thoughts?