Otile Brown found the ‘Juice’ he has been look for in this new track (Video)

Kenya’s RnB star Otile Brown has released another exciting track dubbed ‘Juice’. A love song the depicts the perfect girl for Otile Brown.

In the song he Otile is totally smitten by this girl that has captured his heart that he says she is the ‘juice’ he has been looking for.

When we talk about proper love songs Otile Brown does not miss in the list of creatives of such music. After all he is the only Kenyan RnB star that believes in consistency. Good or bad traction does not deter his determination to make make good music for his fans.


The Vicky Pon dis track has easy lyrics thus the ease in delivery by the ‘Chaguo langu ‘ hit maker. He starts of by telling us how this girl is his new addiction.

Gamu raibu wa sigara,Wacha mtihani ata ukitaka siwezi

Girl you gaa me crazy for your love,Nafsi na moyo lakuozana till late

I will let you drive me crazy, Girl you gaa me crazy for your love baby….his lyrics read in part.

If for anything Otile’s choice of vixens is always good.

Another thing that stands out in the video is the dance by a whole girls dance group.Their choreography is just good for  the song’s tempo.

The up beat tune just gives you a reason to dance.

On the other hand the visuals for this jam are well done, though I don’t understand the need to shoot in that location.

For a love song I believe it need good color to create a beautiful mood just like the people in it. That is the only flip side for me.

The video was shot and directed by Deska Torres and they did a good job.

For now we keep jamming to this amazing jam as we anticipate for the next love song.

For rating I will go for 8/10.Watch and tell us what you think.

Barnaba Classic drops another song “Muongo” the lies in love

Tanzania’s Barnaba Classic is back to the music scene with another exciting jam “Muongo”. Muongo is Swahili that loosely translates to Liar.

He did a song that revolves around heartache and unfulfilled promise of love.

Barnaba highlighted the plight of a young man broken by a woman he thought he loved. He was lied to!

In a way Barnaba went deep to reveal how broken he is for being played. Sounds familiar huh!

For Barnaba, he was working hard to be the man she always wanted. However he comes to realize they have been three of them in the relationship.

She lied! Typical!

The broken lad went all out in his lyrics saying how much of a liar the girl was-Muongo.

I am sure most of us have been in such a situation thinking you are the “main” only to learn we have been wasting our time.


As most musicians struggle to put out lyrics for their music, Barnaba opts for the old school kind of writing his music. How?Poetry!

I mean his lyrical prowess cannot be dismissed.

He has a simple groove to hi lyrics that makes it easy for fans to relate to. If you are a keen listener you’d get his lyrics almost immediately.

Barnaba Classic

He starts off with,

“Masikini mimi moyo wangu Pasu pasu,Kwa nilivyompenda singefanya machafu,

Penzi kalitimatima kama viatu yaani bila huruma katupanag watatu,

Kwaake niliwekeza upendo ye hakuwa na malengo,penzi akaweka na pengo kupenda shida kabisa…..”

Just but a snippet of what the woman he loved did to him. He tries to understand why she did it and it breaks his heart.

He further goes on to remind us that love is a beautiful thing and it should not hurt if it doesn’t work you hop to the next with the hope of better loving.

Besides, we all want to live and be loved.

The audio to this jam was done by Tanzania’s Mocogenius.  I must say Barnaba Classic did well for now we wait for the video which am sure will do better in terms of reach.

For rating I go with 7/10. Listen and tell us what you think.


Barnaba Classic goes all sensual in new track “One in Million”

After of what seems like a video production break,Barnaba classic has earlier dropped a new song “One in a million.” The sensational tune which he wrote himself has only been out for a few hours. Further the High stable sonds boss is out to pick up his space like before.

One in Million is a love song describing your typical kind of love and romance.


The lyrics are in Swahili save for a few words in English. Barnaba’s vocal prowess is displayed from beginning to end as he speaks a language we all understand, the language of love. I mean he is a Swahili poetic guru!
Pasi na wewe mimi sio mzima
Nakupenda mpaka Kiama
Habari zisambazwe, pasi na wewe sijalala
Usingizi waniruka, Aaai Nakupenda.

The song takes a poetic turn as he navigates lyrics professing his love. For a moment we even forget we are listening to a song. This man is an artist. One who deeply understands his art.

The song is sweet and has a serenading effect. An ideal tune for lovers. Especially in this period of quarantine this can be a reason to rekindle love among couples.

Takes his time to put across the lyrics. The instruments in the background are kept on the low to allow fans enjoy listening to the song as he declares his love and what he feels for this lady. Nothing gets to the heart like words said in love.


The video is simple, shot in Kigamboni Tanzania set in a well-lit colourful room and in the outdoors. He only features one vixen.

Furthermore, it has very little going on and is very descent and good enough to be watched by all audiences.
The song that has been well received by his fans already has thousands of tunes.

The fans don’t shy away from telling of their contentment with the tune.

Barnaba has also done a lot of songs including: Washa, Lover boy, Sichomoi, Tuachane mdogo mdogo, Mapenzi jeneza, Tunafanana, Nyang’a Nyang’a, Bado muda and zodoa. He also has Chausiku and Siri feauturing Venessa Mdee as well as ngoma featuring Aslay,

One in a million is an amazing jam, just like Barnaba himself. We still look forward to having this amazing work with some of the artists outside Tanzania. In the meantime keep safe, Sanitize!

Rating 9/10.Watch and tell us what you think.

Tanzania’s Beka Flavor plays all calm in new track “Poa Poa”.

Tanzania’s Beka Flavor has released a new song dubbed  “Poa Poa.” The song which reflects Beka’s sound resolution to a conflict he has is definitely a hit.


Done in Swahili, the Tanzanian artist demonstrates his amazing vocals as he navigates the lyrics

Kuna mengi tulipanga kipindi nipo na yeye

Ila akaja akapangua akayavuruga yale

Kusema la ukweli nimepata pigo

Moyo umetoboka ninauma figo

Kichwa change mwenywe unaona mzigo

The song I mostly about how disappointed we can get when betrayed by lovers.


He goes on and on about how to deal with the it in a rational way before he decides he is not going to take it to heart and concludes:

Moyo unakataa

Mimi nachukulia tu poa poa

Siwezi weka kwenya moyo,

Ona kawaida, ntafanya nini kibogoyo mie.

It’s quite a peaceful song despite the magnitude of love emotions behind it. He takes the less stressful approach.  Beka Flavor retains calmness throughout the song whose lyrics suggest so much sorrow within.

The video is in a domestic set up and a little of the outdoors in the rain.

We see the very young family in their happy times and the agony as he is going to miss them when they leave after that fight.

The former Yamoto band artist has done well on his own so far. He has done several hit songs including: Again, sikinai, Naona kiza,sarafina , libebe,kibenten, Finally, Goli,Siachani naye, Hapa kazi tu. Beka also has done Collabos with lava lava, Mr Blue, Chemical, Chipoka among other artists. With Yamoto Band, they had songs like Nitakupwelepeta, Cheza kwa madoido, Nisambazie raha, mama, and nitajuta

The song already has thousands of views already with fans expressing how pleased they are with the song. He has remained a darling to many and has managed to retain his thousands of fans in East African and beyond long after he left Yamoto band. A band that fans still long for its reunion to date.

Rating 8/10.

Vivian features in Watanashati’s new song “Murio” and its totally worth your time

Vivian Kenya has been featured in the song “Murio”by the Watanashati Classic. The song is doing well considering the positive comments from fans up on YouTube. It is your typical love song with a  vibe from Meru.

Vivian has done songs including Masharti, Feel Me, Chum Chum, Addicted, Chingi changa, teren, Talk to Me, Free, Woman in Love and Same Girl. Songs that have been huge successes in the industries.

Further, she has also had good collabos such as Charm featuring Jose Chameleone, Nilivyo featuring Madinni Classic, Accelerator featuring the Kansoul.

In the other hand, Watanashati Classic is a duo consisting of Jay Soul and Koffi Machette. The fast-rising duo have been featured in songs including: sawa, Tingisha, and Kamware.



Mapenzi ya Kimeru it is for this song. If you’ve never interacted with Meru love this is your chance. The lyrics to this song is in both Swahili and Meru. Vivian does most of her lines in Swahili and English which makes it easy for the rest of us to understand.

I wanna give it to you one time

Love me like I’m gonna be with you one time

I wanna make you forget your mind

Let me show you we can spend all night

The feel-good love song goes on and on as the two Watanashati Classic showcase their vocal prowess while singing in both Meru and Swahili. It’s a jam easy to relate to despite of the mixture of languages as it speaks the language of love, one that everyone understands.

The video is shot in the plush Meru county as well as Isiolo. It’s a chance to showcase the beautiful scenery in Kenya. The video is quite colourful and lively.

However, I wish the people in the video tried a little more dancing. A little choreography could have made this video much better.

Now its your chance to support this lads with their amazing voices.Watch it below  and tell us what you think.

Rating 6/10

Otile Brown shows once again that he is the king of RnB in Kenya as he drops new love song “Vibaya”

Days after Otile Brown was rumored to have gotten a “jungu”- girlfriend he drops a new love track dubbed “Vibaya.”

Otile is one of the few artists in Kenya that can boast of musical consistency.Despite being in many scandals that has never faltered his passion of making good music.

In fact he is one of the artists that Kenyans fall in love with on a daily basis.

“Vibaya” is a love song that clearly depicts how much a man can fall in  love with the right woman.

He goes all in to shower the girl with praises of love who in this case is played by vixen Maddie Jewitt.


Otile Brown’s lyrical prowess can be  likened to the Bongo world. However the difference comes in with how he brings it out.

In the lyrics he adopted the lines from the taarab world that most us used during singing games as kids.

He goes like, “Nacho hitaji moyo ata akili ,haiwezi baini, Cha mtima cha moyo ata  kama kibaya …Nakupenda Kipimo sina,Nakupenda vibaya ,Yaani Vizuri vibaya……Nampenda mpenda mpenda(Nani?)Mschana mmoja,Na jina lake, Nani?

I know you sang that last part too.Well  Otile did justice in the lyrics.This new song is a clear indication that Otile will be Kenya’s RnB sensation for the longest time. Furthermore, him doing music and remaining relevant all  this years is just a presentation of passion and art.



The visuals in the video give a beautiful ambiance of Kenya’s scenery of the Ngong Hills with all the fog/mist.I am not sure of the difference so pick one.Point is the location is beautiful.

The song was produced by Vickypondis  and directed by Deskatores who have clearly done a good job. If for anything am sure Otile has served us all reasons to fall in love over and over again without thinking of the consequences.

For that rating I will give Otile 9/10.Watch and tell us what you think. In the meantime stay safe and wash your hands!



Mbosso from Wasafi proves he is the king of Swahili ballad in new jam “Tamba”

Tanzanian superstar Mbosso has dropped another love ballad dubbed “Tamba”. A song that is clearly a hit already considering the number of views for the audio on YouTube that stands at 230k just a day after release.

For a guy that had given up on music after the dissolution of the 2015 to 2017 Yamoto Band. Mbosso has proven that his talent is impeccable.

Since he joined the Diamond Platinumz own  Wasafi records Mbosso has done well so far and has even been rumored to be the latest favorite of his boss Simba.


Tamba is Swahili that loosely translates to being proud of who you are and have fun. Basically letting the world know who you are.

In the song Mbosso is singing too the woman he loves. He promises her all that life could offer. Trust Mbosso when it comes to using metaphors in his expressions of love.

The “Ate” hitmaker gives you reason to always hope in love in every situation rich or poor. How?He starts of by what seems like a call to his love asking her to prepare hot water for his shower as he is on his way home with a surprise.

He even goes ahead to tell her that she should also be ready to receive him in a special way.This that he even asks her to where her best clothes.


He gets all poetics in the second verse saying,“…Nguru usimtoe chumvi ndio ladha yake, muunge tu nipe na chuzi na nyama yake, eeeh kula ya mbuzi ni kamba yake, ye kingamuzi ni dishi lake….”

Yes I am also trying to get the deeper meaning of that but whatever it means I’d fall in love with him too. Furthermore “Tamba” is descriptive that I hope many men chose for a wedding reception for their brides.

As we wait for the video I believe this going to top the charts for a while. The Lizer Classic mixed track also has a tune of few sampled beats of previous songs and that just shows how he is the genius of music.

Listen and tell us what you think.

Kelechi Africana’s prayer answered as he features Arrowbow in new jam “Hamida”

Few weeks after dropping a lyrical prayer song dubbed “Dear God”, Coast-based artiste Kelechi Africana teams up with Arrow Bwoy for “Hamida”.

In his prior “Dear God” he was a prayer to God seeking for a musical breakthrough. He even went ahead and mentioned how he has struggled to make good music but seems to be hitting the rock by the day.

As he sang through he was just asking for one hit song and he would be forever grateful.

He sought to have it played like fellow artists Arrowbwoy, Nadia Mukami among others.

However, days in Kelechi got the chance to have a collabo with ArrowBwoy as he features in one of the songs of his EP Keep it fleek.



They teamed up for Hamida an all naughty but upbeat song. A song about a guy his girl over for a night of pleasure. We won’t dwell on the lyrical depth because it is fire.

I mean it literally is the sensual kind of music. Especially when Kelechi starts it off you literally what to dance to it without question.

The vocals are so well put for this jam I believe the video and choreography for this will be epic. One thing for sure is that Kelechi African is very underrated in this country.

With music like this why keep shifting for English RnB. Arrowbwoy in his part never disappoints, the lovemaking song had him playing all smooth and suave in his lyrics.

Hamida is clearly a song to look out for. Kenyan artiste’s are no longer holding it back but doing music as Kenyans want it.

A collaboration of this sort deserves all attention. As I write this article it’s on repeat mode for my playlist it surely should be on yours.

Furthermore, Kelechi’s prayer for stardom could have just been answered. I just hope Kenyans can see that this twa twa song is clearly worth your time.

If you don’t believe me listen and tell us what you think.

Aslay treats us to another love song dubbed “Mateka” and we love it

For a guy that has been in the limelight for so long, I would say his consistency is admirable. Aslay has now brought us another love song dubbed “Mateka”.

The Tanzanian superstar has been keen to remain relevant in the ever-changing music industry. Lucky enough Aslay has been able to treat his fans to approximately two songs monthly. If you ask me I think some Kenyan artists should copy this trait.


Anyway, Mateka by Aslay is another serenade that has a man expressing his feelings to the love of his life. Mateka in simply means “Hostage”-My Swahili teacher must be proud.

He says the kind of love he feels him makes him feel like a hostage in love. However, he ain’t complaining just that he never imagined he’d be in love to that extent.

Aslay of Mateka song

Especially when he says,Upendo umevuka kina Nina wivu mpaka roho inauma Iwe Japan au China Weka gundi baby tutagandana eh(My love has gone beyond the borders and the jealousy makes my heart hurt weather in Japan or China we going to paste with glue so we can stick together)

Clearly Aslay did justice to the song’s lyrics as he knows how to deliver to his audience. I mean who said RnB cannot be done in Swahili? In fact, it’s sassier.

Video and Production

The Destro directed song is clearly beautifully and artistically done. From the beginning incorporation of the vintage set and decor was a perfect blend to the song.

The best part about his music is that he never adopts too many activities in the production making it easy to watch and enjoy the jam as you carry on with your business.

For that, we appreciate. As we dance to this big tune and ending the year remember Aslay has just reminded us how important love is.

So let’s welcome 2020 with love.

For rating I will go with 8/10.Your thoughts?

Nyashisnki’s “Lift Me up” will definitely make you fall in love

For a guy that is celebrating  20 years in the Music industry, Nyashisnki definitely is a force to reckon with. Just as he was a star back in the days of Swing swing he brings us a new love song dubbed “Lift Me Up”.

The jam is all about being in love especially with the person we care about. He plays around with lyrics so well. No wonder every girl goes crazy over him, Me included. The sad story is that he is now engaged or rather married.

I mean Nyash how?? Why ??? But Oh well I wish you well thank you for the good music.

Ok now let’s break down this big tune.

Lift me up

The Bebi Bebi hitmaker makes love sound like that best thing that can happen to anyone. He starts off with bits of praises to the woman he loves.

He says, Every time you’re around me I feel love(Another one for my one and only Another one for my one and only)
Lift me up!


Clearly describing what he feels when with his woman. He feels loved, as though she is his oxygen. We know oxygen is different but we get it!

Further Nyash says she is more of an addiction to him. Ladies, why did he get married again? Oh yeah, she lifts him up. Girl ain’t you lucky!!!

Truth be told Nyashinski is always good at his game. The Lyrics are well done not forgetting the vocals too.


The Cedo produced beat was shot in South Africa, where we are shown lots of oceanic scenes and ambience. This creates a blend with Nyanshiski’s lyrics and musical vibe.

The video too is not too busy, we only see Nyashisnki and the vixen who acts as the song’s subject. That is another unique thing his music it’s not too busy thus easy to watch and enjoy.

We will keep asking for more Nyash in the meantime we will gravitate to “Lift me up.”

Rating I will go with an 9/10. Your thoughts?

Willy Paul and Rwanda’s Meddy collaborate for new jam “Uuh Mama” and its fire(Audio)

It’s hot. Its catchy, it’s Uuuh Mama. Willy Paul and Meddy are threatening to take over East Africa with their latest collaboration. Uuuh mama is a such a hit, well received by the fans who are already flooding the comments section with messages of satisfaction.

Meddy, one of Rwanda’s finest seems to be expanding his musical territory. The slowly hit maker seems to be on a quest to expand his already popular brand. Among his notable songs include Slowly, Loose control and Holy spirit.


Willy Paul popularly known as Pozze, amepoza roho za mafans mara tena. The artist who has had quite a journey in the music industry has shown so much growth.

The intensity with which he landed in the secular sector is unmatched. The artist has continually released hit after hit as well as doing collaborations with various artists.

Willy Paul

Collabos with artists like Alaine, Rayvanny, Ommy Dimpoz, Ali Kiba among several others have been flaming hot. I just have to say what whether its gospel or secular, Pozze is just an artist and whatever he does is blissful.


“Unataka penzi ama unataka  benzi

Basi ukitaka penzi nifuate hivi” some of us already followed him even before he asked.

“Niendeshe kama basikeli na ujuzi wa jua kali

I swear I don’t lie, ni wewe mimi nadai.”

Paraphrasing these lyrics will just dilute the juice but I swear I don’t lie: the song writer took his sweet time.

Furthermore,the vocals are great. I had to listen to the song more than once in order for me to get the different part that each artist is singing. For a moment I couldn’t separate the two voices. These two are great together.

If you have never liked either Willy Paul or Meddy then this is it. For now, let’s enjoy the new jam as we await the video.

Someone please tell Pozze that the video for this song has to contain his magnificent dancing skills, beautiful Rwandese girls and a duvet.

Rating 9/10

“Redemption” by Runtown is a banger and we love it(Video)

After 5 months of waiting and almost losing hope, Runtown has released the official video of “Redemption.” The Nigerian song writer who possesses amazing vocal prowess has however been underrated so far.  Runtown seems to have walked in the shadows of a few big names in the industry.

What people haven’t realized yet is the huge potential carried by Runtown. Only listeners with the ear for good music appreciate his talent. Nigerians seem to highly value songs which are vigorous and can be danced to.

Runtown however walks a different path with the grace and finesse possessed by just a few. He has been in the industry for years and has done songs such as International Birdman Killer, Mad over You, Energy and Emotions.

Runtown of Redemption

Despite not being celebrated as much, he has gathered a good number of fans who have been waiting eagerly for this video.


Set in vast, plush and serene fields: the video is exotic and depicts much affluence. The horse and doves involved compliment the exotic ambiance intended for the song. The sense of fashion in the video is also worth mentioning besides the two dancers whose dance choreography is spot on.

It is also worth mentioning that the lack of nudes, or scenes with drugs does not take away the beauty of the video in anyway. The fans are treated to pure talent and natural beauty in its authenticity.


“I swear you do not know what you do to me

Dangerous what you do to me

You go give me hypertension oh,”

Oh baby this is my confession oh

Give you love na my intention oh

 Baby show my ride for me

She be my redemption”

Nothing ever goes wrong with a love song. If the lyrics are well arranged as in this song: except for the accent interfering, Runtown will end up in love.

It’s a laid-back song, easy smooth beats and quite calming and therapeutic.

Rating 7/10

‘Unaniweza” by Juma Jux is just about love and definitely worth your time(Audio)

Juma Jux seems to be the King of RnB in Tanzania and one of he best in East Africa. Even with the disappointment he sent among his fans when he broke up with fellow super Star Vanessa Mdee the quest to set out his album continued.

The ‘Love album”, has been a major project  for Jux and clearly he is doing a good job. Well, considering he is good at serenades, his fans are loving every song he releases.


In this new project he has dropped new jam titled “Unaniweza”. A love song of man hailing praises to the love of is life. For a man that is more of a smooth operator, this will definitely resonate with many.

Juma Jux


As we always say love is a beautiful thing and Jux is all about it. I know all fall in love but the madness that happens in between is still what we never understand. But well Jux is in love.


In the lyrical breakdown  Juma Jux talks of how this woman is the only source of his happiness. He says she if she cries he hurts, when she laughs his heart melts with joy. Cliche? No love is all inclusive.

Unaniweza loosely translates to you got me. In his  words  he says, Pindi ukicheka we, Mi moyo unanitabasamu,,,,,

As the album progresses we must give it to him that he has done a good job in the writing and vocal input too. Juma Jux goes on to tell his girl that she is the only one he loves and nobody can break them apart.


Not unless the devil comes in between to destroy their love. Lakini si a cheat is just a cheat? Why would the devil be sought on personal mistakes? mmmhh. Anyway that is what he says.


On the other hand you notice something that seems like an insinuation to what caused their break up with Vanessa.

He says, Labda upite ushetani mwingine, Maneno ya watu nishazoea i don’t care…..Who is that Shetani?I have don’t know yet.

But the obvious fact that Jux is in love and he feels that she is the woman of his dreams.  Let’s hope its for the better .

In the meantime we will enjoy this serenade as we wait for the video. For now I will rate it at 6/10. Tell us what you think.

Kelechi Africana ready to put a ‘Ring” on it in his new Banger

Kelechi Africana , the Kenyan artist  that subscribes to love so well. The Kenyan RnB musician picked his niche and so far he is doing very well.

He started off with the now split Wasojali Band  from the coast of Kenya, Mombasa where he  featured in their first song “Ntalia nawe’ which was a success.

The reason for the Band’s fall out is still not very clear but we are still thankful that Kelechi Africana did not disappear in the wind.

Kelechi is back to the music scene with his new jam ‘Ring”.In this he basically speaks to all couples that share love to appreciate each other in every possible way.


The song has a reggae vibe in it,this was to ensure that the song is worth dancing to even in the clubs.

Talk of making it a real banger!!I mean literally.

He start with, “I know you like me, I know you feel me, I know yow want a life around me , I know you love me and I love you too….ooouuuh baby, lemme put a Ring around your finger”

Basically describing the Kind of love the man has towards his girl and that he is ready to settle down,”lemme put a Ring around your finger.”


The song is produced by Teknix of  the  001 Music group.

The producers and directors did justice to this song as it clearly depicts the love between the two -Kelechi and the girl model.

Further, they show the planned  marriage proposal and how he appreciates his woman. Any woman would want such love and and romance by her man.

For Kelechi Africana, good job please give us more music.Kenya will appreciate.

For the sake of rating I give it 7/10 .Below is the video enjoy and tell us what you think.


Queen of covers Wambui Katee now unveils her own Song ‘Mahabuba”

When Wambui Katee finally gets on the Trend, Ten over Ten, Mseto East Africa or any other  interview platform what we can be sure is we shall have a different answer to the obvious question  how did you start singing?

Her answer, I hope will not be as boring as the shower…church choir or even the music festival no, hers should be I started by doing covers of other songs then as time went by I could do my own music.

It was just a matter of time and we had to have this conversation of musicians doing covers, a direction not widely embraced by the East African music scene but on the world stage it is usual with proper procedures.


Listening to the lyrics, you already pick there is no nerve wrecking kind of words but the rendition of it makes it tick.

It’s a love song yes, with obvious lines like “I Need you….” Which have been heard over and over and even form titles to other love songs but lots of gratitude goes to the technical aspect of production of the song.

The melody is auspicious the producer did do lots of justice to the rhythm. The song curves its niches not because it’s a love song but because of fantastic studio work.


As you listen to the song , you’d pull back  and be like is that it?  I mean what about love is wambui Katee talking about or does the song capture the essence of the word MAHABUBA? Had she released this song before doing her “SUH DIFFERENT” by Patoranking will the audience still have accepted her?

Wambu Katee of Mahabuba Song

MAHABUBA should just the song that introduces us to the musical prowess of Katee far from the world of covers. Her story telling technique through music, will she keep up?

Rather will she also go the usual way of people doing music that is not written but still called hit singles, when the actual truth is that they are hits that only hit the studios from where they were produced.

If you tube is something to go by then her original production should compete well with her cover in terms of views hits and likes.


Technical aspect is the video production and at this point we stop and ask, can we still notice the song or better yet would we have noticed the song were it not for the video? On a scale of one to ten I bet three.

Nice picture good location scouting and off course  the editor created the perfect  sequence by the magic of the simple but powerful cinematic blink editors call a cut.

However, lets give credit where its due.Big congratulations to Katee for reminding the Tanzanian cover maestro Bosco Tones. Next on line Ms. Wambui, call Michael Bundi tell him you just did an original composition and its doing well.

Not forgetting to pass accolade to Mzazi Willy M Tuva for  his continuous support to upcoming artists. For this he was the executive producer.

I give her rating of 6/10.

Below is the video enjoy and let us know what you think!