Former socialite Bridget Achieng’s Nigerian baby boy following in his mommy’s footsteps (Photos)

Bridget Achieng’s story is known almost known by everyone on social media. We understand that the lass was dumped by her baby daddy when her pregnancy was still in the early stages; and according to the former socialite, he even asked for her to get rid of it!

Yes this is life! It happens but luckily for Bridget, she was already prepared to have a child after years of trying and not successiding. So why on earth would she even think of get an abortion when her prayers have just been answered?

Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy and son

Anyway the lady is currently raising her baby boy, Sekani Rich and thanks to a few social media posts; we can conclude that she is a pretty good mum, doing the best she can.

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All grown up

Away from that, Ghafla recently came across a few photos of the grown baby Sekani. Turns out that the baby boy has grown into a fine young man who looks everything like his mummy.

Judging from the photos below; it is only right to agree that baby boys tend to look like their mums once they are grown. Well, Sekani Rich is no different.

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The fine young man looks everything like his mommy dear apart from the light skin tone; which he must inherited from his dad. Anyway below are just a few photos of the grown Sekani Rich.

Bridget Achieng’s son
Baby Sekani
All grown up Sekani
Mommy’s treasure
Stylish Sekani

Why Bridget Achieng will not be getting back with her Nigerian baby daddy

Socialite Bridget Achieng who is a former Nairobi Diaries actress has come out to talk about a few things concerning her relationship with her Nigerian baby father.

Bridget Achieng with her son, Sekani

A while back Bridget Achieng revealed that the fella dumped her after learning that Bridget Achieng was 3 months pregnant with his child.

According to Bridget Achieng, Baba Sekani at that time requested for an abortion but after years of looking for a child – Bridget Achieng decided to keep the baby growing inside her until the day she gave birth.

Bridget Achieng’s baby daddy and son

Reconciling with Baba Sekani?

Speaking recently about her current relationship, Bridget Achieng went on to reveal that despite having worked out their issues; Bridget see’s no future with the Nigerian fella. She went on to say;

“I wouldn’t say Baba Sekani is someone I would want to spend the rest of my life with to be honest. I don’t know nini anawezafanya nimrudie aliniaibisha. Alipatia wananawake wengine hio power ya kunidisrespect,”

The socialite went on to add that despite having planned to move to Nigeria, this plan will not be possible now.

“I was meant to relocate to Nigeria but I don’t think I want to be a housewife and I still have that phobia he dumped me when I was pregnant,”