“It’s over” Baha’s eldest brother announces breakup with girlfriend

Mapenzi ni ngumu. Best believe it! Just because love looks beautiful and feels right – sometimes it can make you look like a simp. We’ve seen it happen time and time again and if you doubt me – look at the likes of Jimal Rohosafi, Samidoh and all those men popularly known for their love lives. They’ve loved. Simped and Lost.

Mungai Munga with ex bae, Aisha

Anyway as Kamene Goro rejects Stevo and Jimal Rohosafi kinda throws shade with I don’t live for nobody posts….former Machachari actor Baha’s brother Mungai Mbaya is busy announcing his breakup on social media. Well maybe because he is a known rapper and talented songwriter with a huge following always keeping an eye on his relationship with Mo Aisha.

Well after years of dating and even starting together but due to unknown circumstances lost their weeks old baby…Mungai Mbaya now says his relationship with the young Somali lady is over. He revealed this in a detailed post saying;

 Aiit so check it, shorty and I broke it off recently. Some of y’all may have realised. Some of y’all on some Stevie Wonder s***. I chose to address it coz I’m getting tired of all the questions in the DMs. We straight tho, got nun but love for her, pretty sure she feels the same way. S*** just played out differently than we hoped.

Mungai Munga and girlfriend in mourning

Hanging on to the memories

Judging from the post, Mungai Mbaya goes on to reveal that them parting ways doesn’t mean they have bad blood between them ooliskia wapi. He went on to add;

We’ll always be Baba N Mama Lyric. And I personally appreciate all the support y’all gave us through our most trying time. Love y’all so much for that…

Mungai Mbaya

But then again – these two no longer follow each other on social media and want to insist everything is fine kwani wanatubeba aje… I mean, some of us have there before.

Anyway looks like imepata new candidates… well if it’s not working, why keep pushing for a toxic relationship?