The father of Monicah Kimani will see Jowie in prison following his punishment

Bishop Paul Ngarama intends to visit Jowie Irungu in prison upon his return to Kenya, aiming to initiate reconciliation among the three families involved in the tragedy.

Ngarama, who is the father of the late businesswoman Monicah Kimani and is currently in the US, sees this visit as a crucial step in fostering peace. He expressed his intentions during an interview with Jeremy Damaris on the Kenya Diaspora Media platform.

“When I return to Kenya, I plan to visit Jowie in prison and engage in a conversation with him because he is like a son to me. I see this as an essential part of the reconciliation process among the families of Jowie, Jackie Maribe (who was acquitted in the murder case), and my own family. My aim is to lead the reconciliation effort and bring these families together. We must preach forgiveness and allow closure to take place,” Ngarama stated.

The bishop acknowledged that forgiveness was a challenging decision but emphasized its necessity for healing. He mentioned seeking guidance from God after enduring the pain of losing a child and even authored a book on forgiveness titled ‘Endurance in Grief’.

The tragic incident involved Monicah Kimani, who was brutally murdered in her Nairobi residence at Lamuria Gardens, Kilimani, on September 19, 2018. Jowie Irungu was subsequently sentenced to death for her murder by the High Court on March 13, 2018.

Justice Grace Nzioka, while delivering the verdict, cited the prosecution’s presentation of sufficient evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to convict Jowie. Under Kenyan law, intentional killing with malice aforethought constitutes the crime of murder, with possible sentences including imprisonment, life imprisonment, or death.