The father of Monicah Kimani will see Jowie in prison following his punishment

Bishop Paul Ngarama intends to visit Jowie Irungu in prison upon his return to Kenya, aiming to initiate reconciliation among the three families involved in the tragedy.

Ngarama, who is the father of the late businesswoman Monicah Kimani and is currently in the US, sees this visit as a crucial step in fostering peace. He expressed his intentions during an interview with Jeremy Damaris on the Kenya Diaspora Media platform.

“When I return to Kenya, I plan to visit Jowie in prison and engage in a conversation with him because he is like a son to me. I see this as an essential part of the reconciliation process among the families of Jowie, Jackie Maribe (who was acquitted in the murder case), and my own family. My aim is to lead the reconciliation effort and bring these families together. We must preach forgiveness and allow closure to take place,” Ngarama stated.

The bishop acknowledged that forgiveness was a challenging decision but emphasized its necessity for healing. He mentioned seeking guidance from God after enduring the pain of losing a child and even authored a book on forgiveness titled ‘Endurance in Grief’.

The tragic incident involved Monicah Kimani, who was brutally murdered in her Nairobi residence at Lamuria Gardens, Kilimani, on September 19, 2018. Jowie Irungu was subsequently sentenced to death for her murder by the High Court on March 13, 2018.

Justice Grace Nzioka, while delivering the verdict, cited the prosecution’s presentation of sufficient evidence beyond a reasonable doubt to convict Jowie. Under Kenyan law, intentional killing with malice aforethought constitutes the crime of murder, with possible sentences including imprisonment, life imprisonment, or death.

A fresh development as Jowie launches an appeal against his death sentence

Joseph Kuria Irungu, also known as Jowie, has officially lodged a notice of appeal against his conviction and subsequent death sentence in the murder case of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

The notice, prepared by his legal representative Andrew Muge, states, “Take notice that Joseph Kuria Irungu alias Jowie appeals to the Court of Appeal against the decisions of the Honourable Lady Justice Grace Nzioka whereby the Appellant was convicted of Murder and sentenced to death on March 13, 2024.”

This notice specifies that the appeal is directed against both the conviction and the imposed sentence.

The High Court handed down the death penalty to Jowie on Wednesday, March 13, for the 2018 murder of Monica Kimani, who was tragically killed in her Nairobi residence at Lamuria Gardens, Kilimani, on September 19, 2018.

Justice Nzioka emphasized that the prosecution had presented compelling evidence establishing Jowie’s guilt beyond a reasonable doubt in Monica’s murder.

In delivering the verdict, Justice Grace Nzioka pronounced that Jowie Irungu “shall suffer death as provided for the offence of murder under Section 204 of the Penal Code of Kenya.”

The judge highlighted the limited options available in sentencing Irungu, which included a term of years, life imprisonment, or the death penalty.

According to Kenyan law, anyone found guilty of intentionally causing the death of another person with malice aforethought is convicted of the crime of murder.

Jowie’s mother said, “I think my son is innocent,” following the sentencing.

Joseph Irungu, commonly known as Jowie, faced his mother’s defense after being sentenced to death by Justice Grace Nzioka of the High Court for the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

Jowie’s mother, breaking her silence after the ruling, staunchly maintained her son’s innocence.

“My son is innocent and has not committed any crime. He has not killed anyone. I believe in a God of second chances, and He will deliver him. That’s why you see me so strong. He’s like Joseph; Joseph was sentenced like this, but God later delivered him,” expressed Jowie Irungu’s mother.

Justice Nzioka’s pronouncement came on Wednesday, ordering that Jowie suffer death unless the sentence is overturned by a higher court.

The verdict followed the court’s determination of Jowie’s guilt in Kimani’s murder, a conclusion reached by Justice Nzioka in February, where the prosecution convincingly demonstrated Jowie’s culpability beyond reasonable doubt.

Originally scheduled for Friday, March 8, Jowie’s sentencing was postponed to Wednesday.

Monica Kimani tragically lost her life on the night of September 19, 2018, at her Lamuria Gardens residence in Nairobi.

“After thoroughly reviewing the evidence, this court finds that the prosecution has presented sufficient evidence and met the required threshold… It is this court’s finding that the first accused person indeed murdered the deceased,” pronounced Justice Grace Nzioka.

Meanwhile, former TV news anchor Jacque Maribe, co-accused with Jowie, was acquitted of the murder charge, with Nzioka noting that murder wasn’t the appropriate charge due to the prosecution’s failure to place Maribe at the crime scene.

Jowie Irungu’s Family Reacts To His Lifetime Imprisonment

Musician Jowie Irungu has been sentenced to death on his final hearing following Monica Kimani’s death. Even though his fiancee Jaqcue Maribe was among the suspects, she was released after she was found not guilty.

The decision was made by high court judge Justice Nzioka, who issued a dea th sentence on March 13th after delays due to late submissions from involved parties.

Family Reacts

His amily, which was in tow during his hearing, seemed not shaken by the decision, but maintained that Jowie was innocent over the incident.

His mother claimed that he was still innocent despite the ruling, adding that he would be released despite the decision.

”My son Jowie Irungu ni innocent. Hajafanya kosa yoyote. Hajaua. Kuna God of seconnd chances. Na atamtoa. He is like Josepph. Ahululumiwa hivi na Mungu akamtoa. Naamini Mungu atamtoa wakati wake ukifika.”

Jowies hearing has taken several months; and he has finally been given the final ruling. He will now spend the whole of his life in prison

Jowie Irungu Sentenced To Death-Here’s What It Means For Him

High court judge Justice Nzioka has issued a death sentence on March 13th after delays due to late submissions from involved parties.

Important Note: Death sentences in Kenya are automatically converted to life imprisonment without the possibility of parole or probation.

Judges hold the authority to determine an appropriate sentence within the legal framework.

In delivering the verdict, the judge highlighted submissions by the prosecution on the “serious and grievous harm occasioned to the deceased” using a weapon they described as “dangerous.”

She went on;

“The first accused person stole the ID of Dominic Bisera two days before the commission of the offence, armed himself with a gun, carried a Kanzu, put it over his clothes, went to Lamuria gardens, disguised his identity, gained access to the apartment of the deceased, murdered the deceased, left the deceased’s house, changed his clothes and eventually went home and burnt the clothes which he wore during the commission of the offence.”

In relation to this, Jowie has been handed over a death sentence, which means he will now spend all his life in prison.

Jowie’s sentenced to death for the murder of Monica Kimani

Ms. Gichuhi implored the court to recognize the aggravating circumstances warranting Jowie’s sentencing to death.

“The court must apply the death penalty for capital offenses as prescribed by law. Therefore, we respectfully submit that the death penalty is lawful in Kenya and, in this case, all criteria for the Death Sentence have been met,” she asserted.

The 28-year-old businesswoman, eldest daughter of Paul Kimani Ngarama, met her tragic demise at her Lamuria Garden residence on the night of September 19, 2018, shortly after returning from Juba, South Sudan.

Scheduled to depart for Dubai the following morning, she was discovered lifeless in a bathtub, her throat gruesomely slit from ear to ear, and her limbs bound with cable ties.

A Devout Christian In the pre-sentencing report, Irungu’s parents – Julius Irungu Mwangi and Anastacia Thama – portrayed their 33-year-old son as sociable, respectful, and devoutly religious.

Born on November 20, 1990, in Nakuru, Irungu, a certified private security guard, grew up in Mwariki area.

Following his secondary education, he pursued a diploma in food production at Kenya Polytechnic, completing it in 2011. Subsequently, he relocated to Dubai, where he worked for a security firm after undergoing tactical military training from the Dubai Police Academy and the Ogara Group.

Monica, holding a diploma in international relations, served as the managing director of the family business, Millypol General Trading Company, in Juba for seven years.

In her verdict, Justice Nzioka acknowledged the conviction’s reliance on circumstantial evidence but deemed the prosecution successful in establishing Irungu’s culpability.

The judge highlighted Irungu’s theft of Dominic Bisera Haron’s identity card, an estate security guard, to access Monica’s apartment. Armed with a firearm and concealing a bag with a white kanzu, he changed attire after the murder. Justice Nzioka noted Irungu’s deliberate destruction of evidence by burning the clothing worn during the crime.

“The court finds that the collective evidence presents a compelling case, leading to the firm conclusion that the first accused person is guilty of the offense of murder,” declared Justice Nzioka.

Why the family of Monica Kimani wants Jowie to receive a death sentence

The mother of Monica Kimani, the slain businesswoman, has appealed to the court to consider the brutal murder of her daughter and sentence her killer, Jowie Irungu, to death. Monica’s lifeless body was discovered at her house in Lamuria Gardens, Kilimani, on September 19, 2018, with her throat cut and hands tied. Jowie was convicted for the murder, and Maribe, his co-accused, was acquitted. Monica’s mother, deeply affected by the tragedy, urged the court in a pre-sentencing report to impose the death penalty, stating that it is natural justice for such a cruel act.

Monica’s mother, emotionally overwhelmed during an interview with probation officer Andrew Kanyutu, expressed her anguish, causing a brief interruption. The family has struggled to cope with Monica’s tragic death, with her mother questioning why her daughter had to suffer such a cruel fate. Monica’s death has taken a toll on her mother’s physical health, leading to prolonged depression and a stroke.

Monica’s father, Bishop Paul Ngarama, urged the court to consider scriptural guidance in passing the sentence, quoting a verse from the book of Proverbs. Monica’s younger brother, George Kimani, supported Jowie’s conviction, describing him as deceptive, violent, and provocative. Despite the family advocating for capital punishment, Jowie pleaded with the court for leniency, expressing shock and depression over his conviction.

Jowie, born on November 20, 1990, grew up in Mwariki area in Nakuru county. He studied food production and worked in the security sector in Dubai, receiving tactical military training. Jowie was planning to formalize his relationship with Maribe at the time of the offense. The probation officer’s findings portrayed Jowie as having double personality traits, with criminogenic risk factors including a lack of stable partner relationship and an antisocial pattern personality.

In conclusion, the probation officer recommended the court to exercise discretion in sentencing, considering the sentiments of both the victim’s family and the offender. The Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) prayed for a death sentence to be imposed by the court.

I Believe! After the sentencing is postponed, Jowie releases a new hit.

Shortly after the deferral of his sentencing to March 13th, 2024, Joseph Irungu, also known as Jowie, released a new track titled “I Believe.”

In the song, Jowie expresses that each day presents a new challenge, and he is striving to maintain his sanity amidst the countless thoughts swirling in his head. Despite facing tough times, he affirms his commitment to continue praising God through his music.

“Itakugharimu nini na Mungu halipishi kodi. I’m going on with my good deeds, kamwe sitowacha kukuimbia. Through the dark nights, through dark days, and when I close my eyes, I close my eyes and pray,” sings part of the lyrics.

The song has quickly garnered over 3,000 views and received more than 100 comments, with many urging him to hang in there, emphasizing that God is a God of second chances, while others question how he can keep releasing new songs.

In February 2024, High Court Judge Grace Nzioka announced that Jowie would be sentenced on March 8, but his lawyers asked for more time to respond to submissions made by the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP).

Jowie was convicted and sentenced for the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani, a crime he committed on the evening of September 19, 2018.

Meanwhile, former TV news anchor Jacque Maribe, who faced charges alongside him, was acquitted of murder, with the judge mentioning that the murder charge was not the most appropriate accusation the prosecution could have levied against her.

Shortly after the verdict, he released a song dubbed Nakuabudu (I worship you), which was loaded with spiritual themes. Part of the song lyrics included phrases like, “Nakubudu, Nakusujudu, ni wewe, Yesu milele (I worship you, I bow to you, it’s you, Jesus, forever).”

Monica was found with her throat cut from one ear to the other, an act investigators believe was carried out by someone with significant skill, as her wrists and ankles were tied with straps before the heinous killing.

Justice Nzioka indicated in the verdict that the prosecution had successfully demonstrated through circumstantial evidence that Jowie was responsible for the murder.

It is not clear whether the convict is recording these songs from prison or had done so earlier.

The conviction of Jowie Irungu for the murder of Monicah Kimani

Jowie Irungu has been found guilty of murdering Monica Kimani, according to a ruling by Justice Grace Nzioka. The judge stated that Jowie stole an ID, armed himself, wore a kanzu, gained access, and murdered Monica Kimani. The evidence presented left a strong conclusion that Irungu committed the murder, and the prosecution met the threshold, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that he killed Monica Kimani. Justice Grace Nzioka emphasized that the perpetrator intended instant death, and the first accused person had knowledge of how to commit the act.

The judge also addressed the issue of Jowie’s acquaintance with Monica Kimani before her death, refuting Jowie’s claim that he did not know her. Justice Grace Nzioka found the evidence supporting Jowie’s lack of knowledge of the deceased untenable, insincere, an afterthought, and false. She determined that the first accused person was known to Monica as they were together at Kenya Polytechnic, sharing the same class and course.

Additionally, the ruling highlighted corroborative evidence regarding the clothes Jowie wore when Monica Kimani was killed. Testimony from a witness named Pamela, indicating Jowie’s attire of a white shirt with patterns, a maroon cap, and brown shorts, was found to be supported by other witnesses. The judge affirmed the presence of corroborative evidence regarding Jowie’s clothing on the material date.

In her ruling, Justice Grace Nzioka also concluded that Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu was in Monica Kimani’s house on the material date. There was enough evidence establishing Jowie as the last person seen with Monica at her Lamuria Gardens residence, accessing the estate using an identity card belonging to another person.

Jowie and Jacque Maribe have been on trial since 2018, with the prosecution calling 35 witnesses. The defence chose not to call any witnesses. Monica Kimani’s body was found in a bathtub with her throat slit, and her hands and feet tied behind her back, requiring more than one person to execute the murder.

Jowie’s attire on the day Monica Kimani was killed

In the ongoing trial concerning the murder of Monica Kimani, Justice Grace Nzioka has highlighted pivotal evidence regarding the clothing worn by the first accused, Jowie Irungu, on the day of the tragic incident.

During court proceedings, Justice Nzioka underscored the significance of corroborative evidence, which strengthens the prosecution’s case. Testimony from a witness named Pamela provided crucial details, indicating that Jowie was dressed in a white shirt with patterns, a maroon cap, and brown shorts when he left the premises.

“The prosecution produced brown shorts and a maroon cap. They were shown to the witness, and they said they resembled what he was wearing,” stated Justice Nzioka.

Furthermore, additional witnesses confirmed Jowie’s attire, reinforcing the prosecution’s claims. Justice Nzioka highlighted the consistency among testimonies, emphasizing that multiple witnesses identified the same clothing items worn by Jowie on the day of the incident.

Addressing the debated issue of the brown shorts, Justice Nzioka clarified that, although there was a dispute over the color description, the presence of the maroon cap was consistently acknowledged by all witnesses.

“In every witness’s account, the maroon cap emerged. There is no evidence disputing its ownership by the accused,” remarked Justice Nzioka.

Based on the corroborative testimonies and tangible evidence presented in court, Justice Nzioka affirmed the veracity of Jowie’s attire on the day Monica Kimani was murdered.

In addition to confirming Jowie’s clothing, the court also established that Jowie had prior acquaintance with Monica Kimani, contradicting his earlier claims of unfamiliarity with the victim before her demise.

Jowie Irungu, the primary accused in Monica Kimani’s murder trial, has been facing charges since 2018, alongside Jacque Maribe, his co-accused.

Justice Nzioka further affirmed that the court has confirmed Joseph ‘Jowie’ Irungu’s presence in the residence of the late Monica Kimani. The judge emphasized that sufficient evidence pointed to Jowie as the last individual witnessed with Monica at her Lamuria Gardens residence.

According to Justice Nzioka, Monica Kimani’s death was a homicide.

ustice Grace Nzioka of the Milimani Law Courts in Nairobi has declared Monica Kimani’s death a clear case of homicide. Speaking on Friday, Justice Nzioka stated that the prosecution successfully proved the death was unlawful based on evidence from a doctor’s examination.

According to Justice Nzioka, Dr. Njenga, who examined the body, did not testify to circumstances that would indicate excusable homicide. The doctor clarified that there was no evidence of strangulation, gunshot wounds, or anything unusual in the pancreas. He explained that the blood oozing from the nostrils was due to the throat being slit at the level of thyroid glands and emphasized that the wound would not have been inflicted after death.

Consequently, Justice Nzioka concluded, “Therefore, this is a clear case of homicide that falls outside the excusable homicides, and so, the finding of this court is that the prosecution has proved that the death was unlawful.”

The murder trial involves Jowie as the first accused person and Jacque Maribe, charged in 2018. Monica Kimani’s body was discovered at her Lamuria Gardens Apartment in Kilimani. The prosecution called 35 witnesses during the trial, while the defence opted not to present any witnesses.

Following Maribe’s illness, the High Court postponed Jowie & Jacque Maribe’s ruling

This morning, in the Monica Kimani murder case, former TV anchor Jacque Maribe requested the court to postpone the delivery of her judgment, citing illness. The court, originally scheduled to pronounce the judgment at 9 am, had only her former lover Jowie Irungu present.

Maribe’s advocate, Katwa Kigen, urged Trial Judge Grace Nzioka to consider accommodating her due to her severe illness. While the nature of her ailment remained confidential, state prosecutor Gakoe Gichuhi requested access to the medical details. Gichuhi did not object to the adjournment, acknowledging that sickness is beyond one’s control.

Maribe, expressing her expectation of recovery within the next seven days, conveyed her willingness to travel to Naivasha, where the trial Judge typically sits, for the judgment.

Katwa explained Maribe’s indisposition, highlighting that both her parents were present in court, signaling her desire to be there. Consequently, Katwa requested an adjournment, emphasizing this as the only instance she has not attended court.

Jowie, through his advocate Professor Hassan Nandwa, expressed readiness to proceed but expressed willingness to accommodate Maribe due to the uncontrollable nature of sickness. The victim’s family also requested a nearer date, citing their anxiety over the case’s outcome.

After hearing from all parties, Justice Nzioka approved the adjournment, dispelling claims that it was Maribe’s first such request. The court noted two previous instances of adjournment during the hearing due to her unavailability. Justice Nzioka urged counsels to inform their clients about the reason for the adjournment.

The matter was rescheduled for March 15, and the request to deliver the judgment in Naivasha was declined due to resource constraints.

Jackie Maribe and Jowie Irungu murder case ruling postponed again

Jackie Maribe and her former fiancé Jowie Irungu can now relax because the High Court has once more delayed the case’s verdict.

The two were charged on January 26 for the murder of late entrepreneur Monica Kimani.

Trial Judge Grace Nzioka was scheduled to issue her ruling today, but she informed the parties that she had received the essential documents for her case as late as yesterday.
This is the second postponement of the judgment.

The Judge was unfit the first time.

“Writing the verdict took time for me. We’ve advanced. However, I found out on Monday that not all of the exhibits were submitted to me when the file was sent to me,” the judge said.

The Judge stated that she received them on Thursday at seven o’clock, despite having requested that they be supplied on Monday. There were three sacks of them.

Jowie had begged the court to give him an earlier date before the revised dates were decided upon. Maribe, on the other hand, wanted a date in January, while he asked for January 21.

Following that, the parties decided that the judgment will be delivered on January 26.

The night Monica Kimani was murdered I spent the night with Sonko – Jackie Maribe

Jackie Maribe shocked the court when she gave testimony about her movements and whereabouts on the night Monica Kimani was murdered. According to her, she was partying with the former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko and his entourage and they chose to go to a club based in Westlands called 40 Forty.

Monica Kimani update: Jackie Maribe denied knowing anything about murder

It should be remembered that she is charged with being party to the murder of a Nairobi businesswoman called Monica Kimani was found in her apartments with her head nearly completely decapitated.

The late Monica Kimani

She is accused together with her former fiance, Jowie Irungu of having either planned or helping to cover up the murder of the deceased. Her co-accused on his part revealed the gun he was found with belonged to his former neighbour and friend.


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Monica Kimani update: Jackie Maribe denied knowing anything about murder

Former Citizen TV anchor and media personality, Jacky Maribe who is in court charged with participating in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani alongside her former fiance Jowie Irungu. She was arraigned in court for the hearing of the case.

Jacquee Maribe reveals why she will never sue baby daddy over child support

It should be remembered that Monica Kimani met a rather violent death at her apartment situated in Kilimani where her remains were found nearly decapitated.

TBT: Jowie Irungu back in court

I shed a tear for Jacque Maribe’s son

The police conducted investigations which quickly led them to arrest Jowie Irungu and eventually his then-fiance, Jackie Maribe which then spiralled to both of them spending months in remand (prison) before they eventually were released on bond/ bail.

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Mtangoja sana: Model dating Jowie Irungu reveals where their relationship is headed to

Mica Belella has confirmed that her relationship with gospel singer Jowie Irungu is still intact and will not be breaking down anytime soon. This comes weeks after rumor had it that the two had already started falling out; only to realize that this was a publicity stunt. Not smart.

Well this is because this stunt ended up coasting them followers; and for some reason bloggers also withdrew from helping the two spread fake stories – to avoid being blamed for rumors later on. I mean it happens….look at Size 8 and DJ Mo after reaching out to Edgar Obare.

Anyway with that already done, Ms Belella has now shared a new post explaining where her relationship with Jowie Irungu is headed and why it remains stable despite the ugly rumors her man has been linked to for the past few months.

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Jowie Irungu

For life

Well in a recent post shared by Mica Belella, the lady goes on to reveal that her relationship is simply guided and ordained by God.

The lady revealed this in a short post where she went on to write;

Mica with bae, Jowie

Also read:

Our relationship is written by God and his works are by far the best❤️

With this post some went on to remind Mica Belella that men witj seasons while others asked her to venture into motivational speaking since she seems to have perfected this art.

Well, whether they like it or not; it is no secret that Jowie Irungu and his lady remain the envy of many especially their exes!

Clout chasers! Jowie’s wife brushes off breakup rumors with intimate bedroom video

Jowie Irungu and girlfriend Mica Belella are still an item…and yes this is bitter pill to swallow for all those ladies who thought they would bag him.

Well, the couple brushed off the break up rumors with a new intimate bedroom video; shared by Mica Belella who went on to throw shade in her caption. She wrote;

 PREMIUM DISAPPOINTMENTS AND CONFUSIONS ???????????? is all you will get if you continue minding; OUR BUSINESSES negatively ???? Good morning from my sibling and I @jowie.irungu_official ????

Jowie Irungu’s baby mama and their daughter stun in hot pink

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The video definitely left many talking on social media especially those who continue to insist that Jowie Irungu is not right for her. Probably this is because the young man is still a prime suspect in the murder of one business lady, Monica Njeri.

It will end in tears

One of the fans in the comment section identified as Esther Chuchu went on to warn Ella against showing off through her social media pages; She wrote;

It will surely end in tears ???????????? am only pitying you lady coz the man said on national radio when you were with him on an interview that he doesn’t love you he respects you….. Endelea kujaribu jaribu the holy spirit that guided you to him will help you move on for the mean time keep enjoying.

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While another criticized Ms Ella for pulling cheap stunts on her page; just to remain relevant. The fan Monica kisang wrote;

Cheap stunt looking for clout. Nonsense.

Anyway, check out the video below.

Jowie Irungu and model girlfriend putting up a dramatic break up on social media?

Rumor making rounds on social media is that Jowie Irungu; and his girlfriend, Mica Belella are no longer an item following their recent stunt on social media.

After weeks of parading their love on social media; Mica Belella recently decided to pull down her man’s photos from her IG due to unknown reasons.

However, something about her latest move confirms that this could be a publicity stunt; now that Jowie is no longer making news. Or just a normal break up considering in this 2020 anything and everything is possible.

Jowie frees himself from girlfriend?

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Anyway after unfollowing the now gospel singer; it appears that Jowie also pulled the same by unfollowing Mica Belella the model he was said to be dating. Petty much? But since we cannot confirm whether the two parted ways; all we can do is hope that all is well between the two love birds.

Jowie following only close friends

On Jowie Instagram bio, it clearly shows that the young man has decided to only chase his God; and self happiness considering the challenges he faced back in 2019 at Kamiti. His bio reads;

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God 1st ???? Family 1st ????️ Me 1st ????

Apart from following Mercy Masika who is a celebrated gospel artist; Jowie Irungu now follows his boys from back in the day. Surprisingly Nyashinski and Benzema also happen to be on the list but probably this is because he enjoys their music.

Anyway as for now, all we can do is wait for an official statement from the ex couple rumored couple.

Irungu deletes girlfriends photos

Trouble in paradise? Model dating Jowie Irungu deletes photos and unfollows the singer on social media

Jowie Irungu’s girlfriend Mica Belella has left tongues wagging after getting rid of her man’s photos from her instagram page. This comes just a few weeks after the lady shared a video showing off her home with the now gospel singer, Jowie.

Well, this move has left many assuming that their relationship is currently facing some challenges; and just like most women, Mica Belella couldn’t hold back from pulling down her man’s posts as seen on her page.

Mica Belella has however given many a reason to snoop around her relationship the guy; especially after she had already come out to reveal that God had her to be with the guy.

Jowie’s girlfriend unfollows him

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Troubled relationship?

As for now, we cannot really tell what went down; but all we can see is that their must be something that triggered Mica to delete Jowie’s posts.

Away from that, Jowie is currently out on a Ksh 2 million bail; after being named as the primary suspect in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

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Before his release, the young man spent 500 days behind bars in Kamiti Maximum prison where he was being held.

Mica deletes Jowies posts
Relationship between Jowie and Mica over?

Jowie Irungu gives a rare glimpse of his posh living room area (Video)

Singer Jowie Irungu has been making headlines on most tabloids for the right reasons. It now appears that the father of one got his breakthrough; after being released from Kamiti prison where he was being held.

Speaking during an interview with Jalang’o a while back, Jowie made it known that he was broke; but looking at the new video shared on his Instagram story one wouldn’t believe this!

Well, this is because the young man and his girlfriend live in one posh apartment as seen on a few of her photos. Judging from how neat and organized the house looks, we can confirm that indeed these two live a good life despite the challenges they have been facing for the past few months!

Jowie Irungu

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Inside Jowie’s apartment

Apart from the expensive curtains seen in the back ground; one can see that the house deco was done pretty well and by a professional – and I’m guessing this is where Ella comes in!

Indeed life can’t always be unfair and after the Kamiti life – Jowie must really be happy to be in the comfort of his home. As for now we only have a clear view of the living room area as seen on a clip shared by the lovely Ella!

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At this rate we might as well ask the couple for a YouTube show; because at the end of the day we want to know what Jowie is up to now that he is the entertainment business!

Ella posing in their posh living room

Jowie Irungu forced to explain himself after video emerges showing he is back to the party life!

Jowie Irungu has been making headlines the past few days and the good this is that he has been making them for the right reasons!

However, after linking up with his old squad this past weekend; there are those pointing fingers at him for allegedly faking how changed he has since become.

Well, this is after Joe Muchiri shared a video smoking some vape before pointing his camera towards Jowie; who was seated right next to him having some Redbull!

Not quit sure what Joe Muchiri’s intentions were but as usual the online critics couldn’t let this slide easily without ‘exposing’ Jowie!

So far fans on social media have gone ahead to judge Jowie; (mostly because of the vape) but we now have his response.

Jowie Irungu

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Shuts down rumors

Well turns out that the person featured on the video is indeed Jowie; but in his defense people should not judge him by Joe Muchiri’s actions!

Through his Instagram page Jowie wrote a detailed post where he said;

Whether my fan is an alcoholic or a smoker, I will respect his choice of living but I won’t judge upon his life or character. He and she is living their lives. Stop judging and cut the cord. Let whom ever is themselves be them. I will take a photo with you but I won’t have what you are having.
#cutthicord Talk to God. Not to others about others. Cutthicord

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Jowie’s post


“Jacque Maribe has never been a threat to me” Jowie’s baby mama finally speaks

It is no secret that Jowie Irungu and Jacque Maribe were an item at one time; and the sad part is that love story did not go far since Jowie was accused of having a hand in the murder of Monica Njeri.

The now gospel singer and the popular news anchor were then arrested; and unfortunately Jowie got to face the music as he was also said to be involved with the late business. Jowie remained behind bars for 500 days before he was finally released from the Kamiti Prison.

Of course life was not easy but looking at the brighter side; Jowie got spiritual and is now said to be living a party free. Speaking to Massawe Jappani on his latest interview, Jowie’s baby mama Ella, opened up revealing that she has no bad blood with Jacque Maribe.

Jowie Irungu and wife Ella reportedly met through divine intervention

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This is because at the time Jowie was involved with Jacque; both her and their daughter had already excited Jowie’s life following their break up.

Ella speaks about Maribe

Since the man was no longer hers, Ella says she had no reason to hate on Maribe; and looking at her response it is no secret that Jowie has a good woman by his side. This is because not all would take this so lightly. Ella went on to say:

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Jowie was not with me when he was with Jacque. I’ve never been a threat to Jacque and Jacque has never been a threat to me now that’s what you need to understand.

But now that Jowie is enjoying freedom after he was released on bail; let us hope that this time around he makes things right for his family.

Meet Jowie Irungu’s adorable daughter (Photo)

Jowie Irungu now understands life from a different angle! The young man started making headlines after getting engaged to Jackie Maribe; and thanks to his fine looks, the ladies could not stop praising him on social media.

However his fame was short lived after the murder of Monica Njeri which occurred in September 26, 2018. Jowie who now a gospel artist found himself in the middle as ‘evidence’ collected directly pointed at him.

He was then remanded and thanks to his family and the many prayers he received from his loved ones; Jowie was finally released on Ksh 2 million bail.

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Back to Zero

Speaking to Jalang’o earlier today, Jowie opened up about his experience in Kamiti prison where he was remanded for 500 days. From what he says, this was a wake up to him and another reason to remain thankful for the far he has come!

With all this happening, not many knew about his daughter. However during his interview, Jowie introduced his daughter saying he featured her on his latest and first song, Nishikilie.

Judging from the photo making rounds on social media, the little girl may be around 6 or 7 years. Although he is yet to open up about his past and how he he got engaged to Jacque Maribe while still dating his baby Mama, Eleanor Musangi.

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However as for now all we have a beautiful photo of Jowie’s wife and their adorable baby.

Jowie’s baby mama and their daughter


“All my known and unknown friends let me down” Jowie opens up about the betrayal he faced while in Kamiti prison

In life there are no friends! Family will always come first and this is a lesson Joseph Irungu popularly known as Jowie learnt the hard way.

As we all know, Jowie was linked to the murder of Monica Kimani believed to be his lover. However since the case is still ongoing, the fella prefers talking about his life in prison.

As soon as he was released on KSh.2 million cash bail, Jowie says he decided to lay low; as he evaluated himself and some of the mistakes he made unknowingly – all thanks to the bad company he had been keeping.

Speaking to Jalang’o for the first time, Jowie confessed that he is now a changed man – who needed the wake up call to realize his life was heading the wrong direction.

Jowie in Kamiti prison

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Friends let me down

To prove this, the young who was the life of the party before his arrest realized he was on his own after those he counted on failed him. Jowie went on to reveal how friends let him down especially where money was involved!

Having been asked to raise Ksh 2 million, Jowie’s close friends and those who owed him favors apparently disappeared into thin air. This is after Jalang’o asked

Let me ask you Jowie, talking about family and friends. Do you think there is a time when you thought people who were friends let you down? And people that are family stood with you?

Jowie Irungu’s fresh start

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Responding to this, the young man says that if not for his family, he would have remained in prison till date.

All my friends let me down. All. known, unknown. Close not close. All of them let me down only family stood by me with their prayers

With such a tough lesson to learn during his hardest moment in life; Jowie has since learnt to focus on the important things and that is family and only family!

Jowie Irungu quits ‘parte after parte’ lifestyle, ventures into gospel music!

Joseph Irungu aka Jowie Irungu was held behind bars for 500 days. This is after he was named as a suspect in the murder of Monica Njeri; that occurred in September 26, 2018.

Having been banned from commenting about the case whether to friends or social media; Jowie ensured to lay low as he awaits for his fate which remains unknown for now.

However having been behind bars (Kamiti) it appears that Jowie faced a different life that seems to have changed the man he once was! Well, after months of laying low, the fella has announced plans of venturing into the gospel industry!

Jowie Irungu

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Jowie set to release new gospel song

As seen on his social media page, Jowie will in a few hours release a new song dubbed nishikilie  From the  title it’s obvious to tell what he will be talking about since we all witnessed how things played out after his arrest.

Well this could be the beginning of something new for the fella who will now be in the same industry as Bahati, Willy Paul and the other funny characters in the mix!

Jowie in Kamiti prison

However Jowie could be venturing into the industry for a genuine reason – but with how the gospel music industry seems to be set up…will he really survive the criticism and thirsty approaches from the female species? Only God can tell.

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Bahati quits gospel

Jowie’s announcement comes just a few days after singer Bahati announced his exit from the gospel music industry.

According to the fella he was now opting to make Love songs; but since he has so far featured 2 gengetone artists in his latest songs – i bet it’s safe to refer to him as a secular artist.

Below is a snippet of the yet to be released song!



It’s the right time for Jacque Maribe to pick up the pieces and rebuild her life

Former Citizen TV news anchor Jacque Maribe crossed my mind a few days ago. Actually, I started thinking about her after I saw a photo of her ex-boyfriend Jowie hanging out with Joe Muchiri at a popular club.

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I began to wonder what became of her and how she got caught up in a murder case that culminated in her dismissal from Royal Media Services (RMS) around this time in 2019.

Jacque Maribe in court

I’m not saying that she is innocent. We will let the courts decide that. I was just not amused with how things played out. Not even one bit.

You see, Jacque is lady we have seen grow from an ordinary reporter to a news anchor and many people, including myself, were really rooting for her and then it was all gone in the blink of an eye.

Some people might say that it is her fault because she did not bother to do a background check on the man that she was gallivanting around town with and that she should have known better but that is; neither here nor there.

When people are in love, like we assume Jacque and Jowie were at some point, they tend to overlook certain things, it’s just human nature in my opinion.

Jacque Maribe

I would not even be surprised if I learned that they are secretly seeing each other now that he has been released from prison. Some of these things are so hard to explain.

In my opinion, if she thinks that is what is best for her then should go for it. Looking back has never helped anyone and if she really ended things she should pick up the pieces and rebuild her life.

Although we would like to see her back on our screens, the chances of that happening are very slim but who said she can only be a journalist, I read somewhere that she is also an actress. I believe she can get back to doing that because as they say, when one door closes another opens.