“Toka kwa hiyo ndoa” Mulamwah’s ex advise to women living in abusive relationships

Carrol Sonnie understands the importance of being in a healthy relationship. This is probably because she’s experienced life with a toxic partner and after seeing how bad things can get; the mother of one is not willing to let the same mistake happen to fellow women out here.

Carrol Muthoni

For this reason, she recently held a QnA session, giving fans a chance to ask questions they believe she may the perfect answers to. Well apart from the few who reached out to inquire of her past relationship with comedian Mulamwah; there are those who needed help with their relationship.

For instance, one of her fans reached with a question on how to advice a newly married woman facing physical and mental abuse shortly after dowry was paid. The fan wrote;

Please advise this young lady, newly married, after payment of dowry, the guy has started being violent, despite not having been violent before

Carrol turning to a relationship coach

Well, since relationships are personal – there are those who would probably stick around until he changes; but there are those like Sonnie who wouldn’t think twice about leaving.

Mulamwah and ex, Carrol Sonnie

According to Carrol Sonnie, once a man puts his hands on a woman – he never stops. For this reason her advice to the female facing abuse would be to leave. Leave even if it meant handing over the dowry back to the guy and his family.

Ladies if a man ever gets physical with you, toka kwa hiyo ndoa. It doesn’t matter kama amekununulia dunia mzima. life is more important than anything else

But again, saying it by word of mouth sounds pretty easy; but putting it into actions is often hard for most women. Right?