Chipukeezy flaunts the only woman who has stood by him through thick and think (Photos)

Comedian Chipukeezy is one proud man when it comes to his mother and this is why he can’t help but parade her on his social media pages whenever she comes to visit him in Nairobi.

Chipukeezy and his mother

On Tuesday afternoon the comedian went on to post photos of his mother on his Instagram page leaving many of his fans praising her for her youthful looks.

Chipukeezy with his mum

Chipukeezy on the other hand went on to pour out his heart to the woman he calls mum. He went on to write saying;


My mum is my Gurdian angel when I came to Nairobi I promised her that I will make her proud..yesterday she came to Nairobi to see progress and she said toa hizo vitu kwa maskio na unyoe ????????lI will make you proud mami ???????? she prayed for kartelo jana ????????she will be on our show kesho pale @tv47ke from 8:00 pm to 9.00 pm????

Chipukeezy’s love life

A while back word had it that Chipukeezy’s current relationship has been facing a few issues that almost left him single.

Anyway as for how he seems to be doing fine with his young lady…but let’s keep watching and see how things work out.