Bahati says “Sakata” in new jam and its all about dancing to God

For a company that has had some shake-up after the exit of his main players, EMB records CEO Bahati has proven that he is not giving up.

As the year comes to a close the blessing of a newborn baby Majesty. He brings us a new jam dubbed “Sakata”.

Sakata loosely translates to Dance.

This seems like a dance song for praise with reference to Davids’s dance in the Bible that helped him acquire his Kingdom. At least that is what I got from the lyrics.


For every person at least we got to give thanks for all the blessing we got. No matter how small the fact that we are alive to this point is a gift.


In this song, Sakata,  Bahati is doing a dance of Praise to God for the blessings all through the year. He says whether its rhumba ama dumba Sakata……

Further he goes on to brag about how blessed he is;

“Napiga selfie niposti nimeokoka Na nasakata hiyo Nina mapozi kijana nimeokoka Na nasakata hiyo,,,”

I mean Kijana Kaokoka. As much as I hold some opinion about this jam, Bahati has every right to brag about his God.

He, however, comes down to throw some shade to his “haters”.

He says, Wanaobonga hawajui nilikotoka Na nasakata hiyo Ni miujiza nione nimeomoka Apewe sifa huyo.
Clearly he still holds some grudges. But oh well, Life goes on.

In the meantime, all we can do is “Sakata.”


In what looks like a promotional video, the dancers in this production can be seen dinning the EMB records Tees and Caps all through the video,

The locations are well selected including the slums. The Young Wallace directed song is good for dance.

However, the lyrical break down I would say is a bit shallow. We appreciate the colour and pomp in the video and the very clear message. But the repetition that carries the bigger part of the song can be annoying at some point.

For rating, I will go with 6/10. Your thoughts.