Willy Paul Releases Diss Track Aimed At Diana, Bahati & Eric Omondi (Video)

Controversial musician Willy Paul has once again gone into a frenzy of rage with the Bahatis & Eric Omondi through a diss track. In the song dubbed ‘Mnikome/Gademit’, Pozze calls out artists and warns them against trash talking him. He goes ahead to insinuate that he already slept with Bahati’s wife Diana Marua and regrets it.

”Hawa wasee wamenizoea mbaya for a very long time… Ushai tupa kijiko kwa sufuria? Hivo ndio nili feel the first time alinipatia. Sipendi kubonga juu ya madem nimesosi. Lakini wewe umekuwa mjing,” part of Pozze’s track read.

The musician went ahead to mock Eric Omondi for not being mature enough to keep his ex-girlfriend Miss Chanty; adding that he posts 75% of ‘nonsense’ on his Instagram.

”Namwaga machozi nikiona Eric Omondi anaposti eti play 75% of Kenyan content, na kwa Instagram yake anapost 75% of Kenyan nonesense. The best decision yenye Miss Chanty ashai make kwa maisha yake ni kutoka kwa maisha yako yenye haina shape. Congratulations mamii, hii nyani haikuwa type yako.”

Eric Omondi Ex-Girlfriend Chanty Spotted Hanging With Flamboyant City  Politician (photo) - Jalango TV - Kenya No.1 Online TV
Eric Omondi & Ex-Girlfriend Chanty-Google

Eric Omondi retaliated over Pozze’s diss track on his Instagram; stating that getting Pozze to do a diss track was part of his orchestrated wake up call to musicians.

”Yaani a WHOLE INDUSTRY cannot OPERATE without ERIC OMONDI. Lazma munitaje ndio vitu zenyu zi work? Anyway am VERY HAPPY that my PLAN is working. The PLAN was to get you all WORKED UP/ ANNOYED and AGITATED and now that I have ALL of you in ONE BASKET…I WILL NOW UNLEASH the FINAL PHASE of the PLAN. Here you will EITHER GO HOME or GO BIIIIG…LAZIMAAAAA MTAAAMKA BY FORCE BY FIRE???????????????????????? PUGAAAAA”

Watch the full diss song video below;