Bahati & Diana Marua Worried After Realizing Their Child Can’t Speak In Swahili,

Kenyan singer Bahati and his wife Diana Marua met with their children’s teachers to discuss their son Majesty’s education.

“It’s consultation week,” Diana explained, “a time to learn about the kids’ progress and raise any concerns.”

Bahati expressed his main concern: Majesty’s inability to speak Swahili.

“Why doesn’t my son know any Swahili? He only speaks English!”

Diana confirmed,

“Majesty doesn’t know a single Swahili word.”

Bahati, recalling his own school days when punishment awaited those speaking Swahili, found it puzzling. “I used to get in trouble for speaking Swahili! How can my son not know the national language?”

“As in if Majesty knew that [speaking Swahili] was the reason I used to walk around with a disk, does he even know about a disk? Mayai, unapewa mayai hivi – Kiswahili speakers’ list [mimi], Sheng speakers’ list [mimi], broken Kiswahili list [mimi]. As in I don’t understand how my son doesn’t know a Swahili word,” he reflected on his past.

He jokingly imagined Majesty asking, “What’s a ‘disk’? Is that why you used to carry eggs around? Was there a list for Swahili speakers, Sheng speakers, and broken Swahili speakers? I just don’t get it. How can he not know a word of Swahili?”

Diana then inquired about their daughter Heaven.

“She speaks Swahili with a British accent,” Bahati chuckled.

Diana playfully imitated Heaven’s broken Swahili. Diana & Bahati’s deluxe lifestyle is evidently what has contributed to their daughter not being interested in learning the language.

“I Give Diana Marua 1 Million Ksh As Monthly Wife Allowance But Anasema Sio Enough’-Bahati

Kenyan musician Bahati, known for his grand gestures, has once again surprised fans after stating the hefty amount of money he gives his wife Diana Marua, just for being his wife.

“I give @Diana_Marua 1 Million Ksh as a Monthly Wife allowance but anasema Bado sio Enough 🤷‍♂️🙆‍♂️ Kwani Mnapewanga Ngapi???” Bahati said.

On his part, Bahati excitedly expressed that he was happy to do something special for his woman to bring her happiness this year.

Last year, the musician set tongues wagging after he bought his wife a Range Rover worth Ksh19 million.

Diana Marua could not hide her joy as she received her 7th gift to mark their seventh anniversary.

“I haven’t cried like this in a long time. This is not normal. This is FAVOR 😭 This is God’s doing in my life. This is Him wiping my tears, this is Him Manifesting for me everything I prayed for. This is Him saying, “I told you I’ll make it Beautiful in my own time 😉” Diana wrote.

“I can write a book about my life. Every Testimony has been worth the Test. At this moment, I had alot of flashbacks and I remembered an incident. I had moved in with my Ex for about 2 weeks and one morning, he was dropping me at Bellevue stage, so I can board a mat to work. Unfortunately, we got into an argument on our way and as he dropped me, I hadn’t alighted from the car completely and he started driving off. I fell down and he shouted “Nimechelewa, Funga hiyo mlango!” The embarrassment was heavy, to say the least…”

On his part, Bahati expressed love for his wife as he showered her with praises saying the fights between them make him love her more each day.

“And Oh! ..the More the fights come aiming to Separate Us ; the More I Love You. Wakionyesha Ubaya Wako Mimi nawaonyesha Uzuri Wako – Just to let anyone that wishes to see us apart to Quit because they will grow Old Waiting ; Lakini Mbona Wanataka Sana Tuachane nasii eti Nikikuwacha watatoshea Kwa Kiatu Yangu? Waambie waatuliee 🙂” Bahati wrote.

Bahati also affirmed that he will always support his wife, be her confidant and her shoulder to cry on.

“Babe, I’m holding it down for you. I promise to always be your Support System,Confidant, Lover and Forever a shoulder you can always Lean on 💙 By the way my ATM Card is accessible so make sure your Small Toy is always on full Tank 😉 Happy 7th Anniversary my Baby Girl 🌷💙” Bahati added.

Diana Gifts Bahati A Golden Ring Amid His Birthday Celebrations

Kenyan music star Bahati’s 31st birthday wasn’t just about cake and candles; it was a day painted in shades of love and commitment. His wife, Diana Marua, gifted him a gesture more precious than any material possession – a golden ring symbolizing unwavering love and dedication.

In a touching YouTube video, Diana poured her heart out, assuring Bahati of her everlasting support and admiration. “You are the biggest blessing in my life,” she declared, her voice trembling with emotion. “Never doubt my love.” This outpouring of affection wasn’t just words; it culminated in the presentation of the golden ring, a silent promise etched in gleaming metal.

Bahati, visibly choked with emotion, acknowledged the gesture’s profound meaning.

“It was a dream…putting on a ring from the person I love,” he shared, his eyes glistening. He further revealed that while he anticipated receiving this symbol of commitment on their wedding day, Diana’s surprise made it all the more special.

Fans erupted in jubilation, some interpreting the ring as a possible proposal. Others, however, chose to celebrate the couple’s unwavering bond, with the ring being an exquisite emblem of their love story. This birthday surprise wasn’t just a personal moment; it was another chapter in their public fairytale, a testament to a love that shines brighter than gold.

The story doesn’t end there. Just months before this heartwarming display, in October 2023, Bahati formalized their union by paying Diana’s dowry. This significant step, announced on the eve of their 7th anniversary, symbolized their commitment to building a future together, blessed by tradition and family.

Bahati and Diana’s love story is an tapestry woven with threads of emotion, devotion, and tradition. The golden ring, glittering on Bahati’s finger, is a poignant reminder that sometimes, the most precious gifts are not wrapped in paper, but etched in love’s unwavering embrace.

Let’s Drop ‘Mtoto Wa Diana’- Bahati Celebrates 31st Birthday Claiming A New Nick Name

EMB CEO Bahati is celebrating a major milestone – his 31st birthday! Taking to social media, he shared introspective thoughts on turning a new page, while also seeking a much-needed nickname revamp.

“In a few, I will be Turning 31 Years Old… 22 :12 : 1992 was My Birthday!!!SO COMMENT AND GIVE ME A NEW NICK NAME AND LETS DROP MTOTO WA DIANA,” he wrote, playfully seeking suggestions from his followers.

His supportive wife Diana Marua readily chimed in, playfully teasing,

” you will always be my Baby. Nyonyo is yours forever Happy Birthday Mtoto Wa Mine ❤️” while also hinting at her own desire for a fresh moniker.

The celebration doesn’t stop there. Bahati reveals he has spent the latter half of the year meticulously strategizing with his team for a monumental 2024. “Eastlands Most Beloved” is gearing up for a spectacular year, fueled by Diana’s unwavering encouragement: “Lets keep pushing ❤️❤️❤️”.

Christmas plans are also in full swing, with a family trip to Naivasha on the agenda. This comes after the couple recently celebrated their 7th wedding anniversary with extravagant gifts for each other.

Speaking of their unlikely love story, Bahati reminisces about meeting Diana thanks to a twist of fate. Media personality Tracy Wanjiru’s refusal for a music video role led him to Diana, a queen who had already admired him from afar on Instagram.

“I had shot Many Music videos before but God used this specific Shoot to Connect me to my Soul Mate ❤️ Thanks to the amazing Tracy because God Used you to Say No and that’s how I Met MY PRAYER PARTNER,” he wrote with heartwarming gratitude.

Bahati’s birthday celebration paints a picture of reflection, excitement for the future, and most importantly, enduring love and gratitude for his family and his journey. As he embarks on a new year and potentially a new nickname, one thing remains constant: Bahati’s dedication to his craft, his family, and his faith.

Bahati Reveals He Spent Sh.30 Million on 7th Anniversary Celebrations Fans Claim he’s Lying

Renowned Kenyan musician Kevin “Bahati” Kioko has revealed that he spent Sh.30 million on his 7th wedding anniversary celebrations for his wife, Diana Marua.

Bahati had previously announced that he would be giving his wife seven exquisite gifts over the course of seven days to celebrate their seven years of marriage.

Some of the gifts Bahati gave Marua include a brand new blue Range Rover Vouge Autobiography (estimated to cost Sh.19 million), a huge billboard professing his love for her, a title deed to a property, and a traditional dowry payment. Bahati also set a date for their white wedding.

However, many Kenyans on social media are skeptical that Bahati actually spent Sh.30 million on the anniversary celebrations. Some have raised concerns that the couple does not live in a posh neighborhood and that they often make claims of wealth that seem unrealistic. Others have accused Bahati of “fake gifting” in order to generate publicity.

There have been several instances in the past where Kenyan celebrities have been accused of buying their partners gifts for the sake of publicity, only for the gifts to be later revealed to be fake or rented.

It is unclear whether Bahati’s anniversary gifts to Marua are genuine or not. However, the couple’s lavish lifestyle has been the subject of much discussion and speculation on social media.

Here are some fan reactions:

raskandevu: Bangi is legal in Kenya

Snrjojo: Anaisi mihango then ana gift Diana vitu za 30 million. The math ain’t adding up

_mcharming._: 30 million kwa maneno ya mdomo tu

Roseombisa: Yote ni vanity… na of course hiyo ni clout

Peace_c1: labda anasema total ya the 7 years 

macana_im: if you believe this crap you are as gullible as those who still believe this government will perform miracles. #Nation of clout and jaba


Bahati Reveals Plans Of Running For Governor Seat In 2027

Kenyan singer Kevin Kioko, popularly known as Bahati, has revealed his plans to run for governor in 2027. He made the announcement during a performance at Zetech University, where he asked the students if they would welcome him as a student. Bahati did not disclose which county he hopes to lead.

“Nilianguka MP lakini juu nasimama governor nakuja hapa kufanya degree! Mnataka nikuje Zetech? Wangapi mnataka nikuje Zetech? (I failed in my parliamentary bid but will be here to earn a degree as I will be contesting for governorship) Should I join Zetech? How many people want me to join Zetech?)” Bahati said with the crowd cheering.

Bahati previously ran for parliament in the 2022 elections but was unsuccessful. He finished third in the Mathare parliamentary contest with 8166 votes. After the election, Bahati dumped the Azimio la Umoja coalition for Kenya Kwanza, joining the United Democratic Alliance party led by President William Ruto.

To be eligible to run for governor in Kenya, a candidate must have a university degree. Bahati has hinted that he may go back to school to acquire a degree.

It is unclear whether Bahati is serious about his plans to run for governor. He has not yet released a detailed manifesto or outlined his plans for the position. However, his announcement has generated interest from Kenyans, who are curious to see if he will follow through on his plans.

Willy Paul trashes Bahati and Diana Marua’s ostentatious gift giving

Willy Paul says he values his privacy and would never publicly show off any gift he would give his girlfriend or wife. However, he has no problem with those celebrities who choose to publicly display their love for one another.

In a recent interview with YouTuber Vincent Mboya, Paul congratulated his former besties Bahati and Diana for their celebration of their marriage. When asked if he had seen the viral video of how Diana received her luxurious car, Paul said he had not. He added that he was happy for the couple and that it was up to each individual to decide how they wanted to express their love for their partner.

Paul also said that he did not plan to get married himself because he had seen men kill themselves over women. He said that he did not want to be in a situation where his wife would leave him and become another man’s wife.

Bahati and Diana have been married for seven years and recently celebrated their anniversary with a week-long celebration. Bahati gave Diana seven gifts over the week, culminating in a Range Rover being unveiled as the ultimate present.

Paul’s comments about privacy and marriage are interesting and reflect his own personal values. He is a popular celebrity, but he chooses to keep his personal life private. He also has a strong opinion on marriage and the importance of commitment.

Bahati Surprises Diana Marua With Dowry Payment After 7 Years Of Marriage

Kenyan musician Bahati has made a heartwarming and surprising gesture by officially paying the dowry for his wife, Diana Marua, after seven years of marriage.

Bahati took to his Instagram to share the news with his fans and followers, expressing his excitement about formalizing their union just ahead of their official anniversary date on October 20th.

“It’s official!!! I have finally done the dowry payment, and our dad Mzee Omach has blessed us to proceed with the wedding arrangements,” Bahati wrote.

“Diana didn’t expect this, but I was so eager to formalize our marriage before the official anniversary date this coming 20th October… this was a surprise… gift no.5 is the best so far, but tomorrow’s gifts 6 & 7 will be proof that she’s the queen of my life.”

Bahati and Diana’s love story has been a subject of public interest, and this surprise dowry payment added another touching chapter to their journey.

The dowry payment, which is a traditional practice in Kenya, is seen as a sign of commitment and respect from the groom’s family to the bride’s family. It is also a way to formalize the marriage and make it legally binding.

Bahati’s gesture has been praised by many fans and followers, who have commended him for his love and devotion to Diana. It is a reminder that true love still exists and that marriage is a sacred bond.

Bahati Weds Diana Marua

Singer Bahati has officially wedded his wife, Diana Marua. He shared a video of their traditional ceremony on social media, writing that it was a surprise gift for Diana and that he was eager to formalize their marriage before their official anniversary on October 20th. He also said that the gifts he would give her the next day would prove that she is the queen of his life.

Diana Marua responded to the video, saying that Bahati is the one that Heaven prepared for her and that she promised to love and respect him all the days of her life.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Bahati reveals how he keeps Diana Marua happy

According to artist Kelvin Bahati Kioko, giving his wife Diana Marua cash gifts is the only way to make her happy. Bahati announced earlier this month that he would give his wife Diana 7 gifts over the course of 7 days to mark their 7 years of marriage and the birth of their 3 children.

While describing to his admirers the third present he had arranged for Diana, Bahati made this revelation.

“For those asking how I Keep My Woman Happy? 😉🙂😍 I Only do 3 Things….1. I Give Her Money 💵2. I Give Her More Money MONEY 💵3. I Add More and More Money 💵,” 

When Bahati first made headlines after taking his wife to the SPA, he saw firsthand how his wife was being cleaned in her private areas. A cake in the shape of a house was the second gift Bahati gave his wife, and he said that it was a symbol of things to come.

Bahati disclosed that Diana B Apartments, a residential structure for apartments, will soon be constructed. Bahati gave his wife an imported luxury ointment as the third gift.

After giving Diana the gift, the singer led her to a room with beautifully decorated bedspread and floor floral arrangements. He then handed her the box, which she opened to see seven.

Bahati and Diana Marua to Tie the Knot in December 2023

Excitement is brewing as singer Bahati and his wife, Diana Marua, make headlines with their upcoming wedding plans. According to a close source, the couple’s highly anticipated nuptials are scheduled to take place in December, although the specific dates have yet to be finalized.

The wedding is expected to be an exclusive invite-only event, with the couple even considering implementing a no-phone policy for their esteemed guests. This recent development follows the Bahati’s secret traditional wedding, known as “ruracio,” held over the past weekend at an undisclosed location. The MC of the event is set to be Comedian Terence.

To mark their 7th year together, Bahati has also put up seven billboards in seven counties.

“Just before I gift my queen seven gifts… as we celebrate 7 year anniversary, I will go live on @diana_marua ‘s YouTube channel on Wednesday, October 11 at 3 pm as I hand over the first gift! A gift every day until October 20, the anniversary day (sic),” he announced on his social media pages.

Remarkably, this long-awaited event comes seven years after Bahati and Diana held their traditional introduction ceremony. The decision to formalize their union legally emerged after Diana Marua disclosed in June 2021 that they were not legally married despite their traditional wedding in 2017.

The couple was driven by the desire for their children to understand the significance of their parents walking down the aisle before making their commitment official. Diana Marua emphasized the importance of keeping certain aspects of their lives private, stating:

“We are not there for the people; we are public figures. But at the end of the day, we have our own family issues that we keep to ourselves.”

Fans of the couple are eagerly anticipating their upcoming wedding, and we wish them all the best on this special occasion.

Bahati told to return his man-card after shameful post about Diana Marua

Musician Bahati is facing backlash online after sharing an inappropriate photo of his wife, Diana Marua, at a waxing center.

The photo, which was posted on Bahati’s X account (formerly known as Twitter), shows Marua being cleaned in her private areas. The caption attached to the post reads:

“What a man can do, a woman can do better. My wife is the best.”

The post has been met with widespread criticism from social media users, who have accused Bahati of violating Marua’s privacy and exploiting her for clout.

“This is so disrespectful to your wife,” one user commented. “Why would you post such a private photo of her online?”

“This is not okay,” another user wrote. “You are supposed to be protecting your wife, not exploiting her.”

Bahati has since deleted the post, but the damage has already been done. Many people are now calling for Bahati to be held accountable for his actions.

Why Bahati’s post is so problematic

Bahati’s post is problematic for a number of reasons. First, it violates Marua’s privacy. She is clearly uncomfortable in the photo, and she has not given her consent for it to be shared online.

Second, the post is exploitative. Bahati is using Marua’s body for attention and clout. He is not respecting her as a person, but rather as an object.

Third, the post perpetuates the harmful stereotype that women are only valuable for their bodies. Bahati is implying that Marua is only valuable because she is willing to have her private areas exposed to the world.

Diana Marua Excited As She Flaunts Cars That Bahati Gifted Her

Kenyan singer Bahati is planning to surprise his wife Diana Marua with seven gifts on their 7th wedding anniversary on October 20th.

In a video posted on social media, Diana bragged about the expensive gifts her husband has given her in the past, including two Mercedes Benz vehicles, a Prado, and a fully furnished bungalow. She also expressed her excitement for the seven gifts she is expecting on their upcoming anniversary.

“I’m so excited to see what Bahati has planned for our 7th anniversary. He’s always so thoughtful and generous with his gifts,” Diana said. “I know whatever he gets me, it will be something special.”

Bahati and Diana are one of the most popular celebrity couples in Kenya. They are known for their lavish lifestyle and their love for social media. The couple has two children together, Heaven and Majesty.

Fans of the couple are eagerly awaiting to see what kind of gifts Bahati will give Diana on their anniversary. Some fans have speculated that he might buy her a new house, a car, or even a piece of jewelry.

It is sure to be a memorable anniversary for the couple!

Bahati Reacts To Diana Marua & Kabi Wa Jesus Cosy Photo

A recent photo of content creators Diana Marua and Kabi wa Jesus looking cozy has sparked mixed reactions online.

The photo, shared by Kabi on his Instagram account, shows the duo getting close during Kabi’s son’s birthday party. Diana is wearing floral kitenge pants with a black crop top, while Kabi is dressed in black jeans and an orange t-shirt.

Kabi attached a cheeky caption to the photo, asking netizens not to tag his or Diana’s spouse, as it was just a photo and they didn’t want to ruin their marriages. He also thanked Diana for coming to the party and tagged her math teacher.

Bahati, Diana’s husband, responded to the photo with a lighthearted joke, saying that he would cut off Kabi’s hands if he didn’t take them off of Diana’s waist.

This is not the first time that Diana Marua has been photographed in close proximity with other personalities. In the past, she has been photographed hugging and dancing with other men, which has led to rumors of infidelity.

However, Diana has always denied these rumors, saying that she is simply friendly and that there is nothing inappropriate about her interactions with other people.

While some netizens have criticized Diana for being too close to other men, others have defended her, saying that she is simply misunderstood.

Bahati Reveals How He Met & Fell In Love With Diana Marua

In a nostalgic music video featuring his wife, Diana Marua, singer Kevin Kioko alias Bahati has shared the story of how they met.

Bahati reminisced about his early days as a gospel artiste and his ambitious plan to have media personality Tracey Wanjiru feature in his first love song video. However, destiny had other plans, as Wanjiru declined his request.

“How I met my wife. I had written my first love song as a gospel artiste, and the girl I wanted to appear on the video who declined my offer was the former NTV Teen Republik host Tracy Wanjiru… I think she was the only beautiful girl I knew then, manze sikua na connections,” Bahati humorously recalled.

Bahati then went on to explain that he ended up meeting Diana Marua, who was cast as the video vixen for his song “Mapenzi.”

“Later, I remembered a queen who had liked a picture of mine on Instagram. I had never met her, so I reached out to @diana_marua just like any other video vixen. Little did I know that I was looking at my wife-to-be. I had shot many music videos before, but God used this specific shoot to connect me to my soul mate,” he added.

Bahati and Diana Marua have been married for four years and have two children together.

Bahati & Wife Diana Marua Enjoy Nightlife, Serve Friends With Liquor

Kenyan singer Kevin Bahati and his wife Diana Marua were recently spotted at a nightclub, dancing and having a good time. Bahati was seen wearing a pink sweater and white shorts, while Diana wore a short pink dress with a side cut. Diana was drinking cocktails while Bahati held a glass of liquor. At some point, Bahati was seen pouring drinks for his friends.

This is not the first time the couple has been seen at nightclubs together. In July, Diana was seen dancing on top of a table, and her husband joined her.

It is clear that Bahati and Diana enjoy spending time together and having fun. They are a popular celebrity couple in Kenya, and their fans are always happy to see them happy.

Bahati has become controversial after quitting gospel music. And it’s evident that the singer is not bothered by what people think of him despite him promising to live the religious way years ago. However, in tandem with his wife, the sweethearts have had a palpable chemistry between them. They’ve produced content together and rarely go out without each other.

Bahati reveals he regrets supporting Baba in 2022

Kenyan artist Kelvin ‘Bahati’ Kioko has expressed regret for supporting Azimio leader Raila Odinga’s 2022 presidential bid.

In an interview on September 25, 2023, Bahati also disclosed that he financed his campaign independently despite contesting on a Jubilee party ticket. He said he spent roughly Sh27 million on his campaign.

Bahati also revealed that President William Ruto secretly supported him despite being on the opposing side during the campaign period. The Head of State was serving as the Deputy President at the time and had fallen out with his then-boss Uhuru Kenyatta.

Bahati said that Azimio never believed in young people, but Ruto did. He said that Ruto was the first one to know that he was interested in running for the Mathare MP seat, and that he supported Bahati’s campaign.

Bahati said that he had been assured of a job offer by Mr Odinga in exchange for stepping down in favor of Anthony Oluoch, who ultimately won the seat.

Bahati also addressed an incident during the campaign when he left a rally where Raila was speaking. He said that he knew Raila was going to endorse him for the seat on that day, but that Raila instead told him to drop his bid and that he would give him a job. Bahati said he wondered how Raila would give him a job, yet he was also jobless.

Bahati secured a distant third place in the highly competitive Mathare MP race, with the incumbent Anthony Oluoch of ODM emerging as the winner.

Bahati said that he has since expressed his ambition to run for the presidency in the 2037 elections.

Bahati Reveals The Millions He Used On His Lost 2022 Election Campaign

Kenyan musician Kelvin Kioko, also known as Bahati, has revealed that he spent about 27 million shillings from his own pockets in his campaign for the Mathare Parliamentary seat in the 2022 general election.

In an interview with comedian Chipukeezy on the Chipukeezy Show, Bahati said that despite running for the seat on a Jubilee ticket, he was essentially an independent candidate as the party led by former president Uhuru Kenyatta never gave him any support.

Bahati also claimed that the leader of the Union Declaration Raila Odinga only wanted the ODM candidate to take the seat and even asked him to withdraw from the race promising him a job in the government after they won the presidency.

Bahati said being ordered to withdraw from the race just 10 days before the election changed a lot of things as many of his supporters returned home knowing that his name had already been removed from the ballot paper.

“I don’t even know how I happened to come to that vote I got, I don’t know at all. It was a miracle,” he said.

In last year’s Mathare parliamentary election, Oluoch of ODM retained the seat by getting 28,098 votes while Ojiwa of UDA came second with 16,912 votes. Bahati managed to get 8,166 votes for the Jubilee party ticket.

Bahati’s revelation that he spent 27 million shillings on his election campaign is a significant amount of money, especially for a young artist. It is also a reminder of the high cost of running for political office in Kenya.

Bahati’s New Song Pulled Down From YouTube Over Copyright Infringement

Kenyan artist Kevin Kioko, also known by his stage name Bahati, has suffered a major setback after his new song, “Huyu,” was pulled down from YouTube over copyright infringement claims.

The song was reportedly deleted on claims by Tanzanian upcoming artist and singer Jay Melody’s producer, Genius Jini X66.

Bahati confirmed the incident in an Instagram post, claiming that the move was malicious.

“Another attack from Tanzania… who is genius Jini x66??? he maliciously deleted my song #huyu from YouTube no.2 on trending,” Bahati wrote.

Genius Jini X66 responded to the malice claims, saying that this was the second time his beats had been sampled by Kenyan artists without his permission.

“This is the second time a Kenyan artist has sampled my beats without permission,” Jini X66 said. “I am not sure why they are doing this, but it is not fair. I have worked hard on my music, and I deserve to be credited for my work.”

The removal of Bahati’s song from YouTube is a major setback for the artist, as it was one of his most popular songs to date. The song had already reached number two on the trending list before it was pulled down.

It is unclear when or if the song will be reinstated on YouTube. However, the incident has highlighted the importance of artists respecting copyright laws and obtaining permission before using samples of other artists’ work.

Fight fire with fire! Diana Marua and Bahati clap back at Pastor Ezekiel Odero

The Bahati’s have clapped back at Pastor Ezekiel Odero following his controversial comments advising men against marrying women named Diana.

The couple, Bahati and Diana Marua, known for their strong bond and successful marriage, took offense at the pastor’s remarks and chose to respond publicly.

In one of his recent sermons, Pastor Ezekiel Odero claimed that women named Diana are not suitable for marriage and tend to dominate their partners.

“Ushawai kuona Diana yeyote kwa ndoa? Hakuna hata mmoja. Ukioa Diana ushi na yeye, yeye ndiye anakucontrol kama robot. Utaishi na Diana, she becomes the husband. Lakini wewe ndio uwe mume, Diana anaenda, hapo nimeongea ukweli”

Additionally, the controversial preacher advised against naming children Diana, claiming that the name has a bad “spirit.”

“Usimpe mtoto wako jina Diana. Sababu akiolewa, utashare na watu. Diana anapendwa bila sababu hata kama hajui. Because the name carried the spirit.”

Pastor Odero’s prophetic authority was immediately called into question by Bahati, who noted that he and Diana Marua have been wed for seven years.

“Is this a true or false Prophet??? 🙆 Somebody tell this Pastor to stop misleading the Church. @Diana_Marua and I are celebrating 7 golden years of marriage this coming October 20. Dianas are the best!!!”

On the other side, Diana Marua charged Pastor Odero with lying.

“Don’t be Married to Ezekiel’s!!! They will look at you straight in your eyes and lie! Is this the same Ezekiel that was part of the Shakahola massacre???”


Vinny Flava’s Unfulfilled Dream of Releasing Music under EMB

Vinny Flava, the singer behind the hit song “Habibi,” never realized his dream of releasing music under EMB, a music label owned by Bahati.

In 2019, Vinny sought Bahati severally, and after many attempts, Bahati offered him a contract. The contract did not outline a specific date when Vinny would be launched, and he was never told about any plans to launch him.

Bahati shut down his music label after wrangling with his other signees, which shattered Vinny’s musical ambitions.

To make up for this, Bahati offered Vinny full access to record songs and to open a business of his choice. However, Vinny was frustrated because he could not release songs, and he eventually ditched the studio.

“It was one of my toughest journeys. If ever there was a time I was dead broke, it’s this year beginning in January. Dead broke. It was so bad that if you called me to meet you I did not have 20bob to come,” Vinny said.

Among the songs he recorded was “Habibi,” but he did not tell Bahati about it. He simply uploaded it to his YouTube channel in April this year and forgot about it.

“I had stopped recording, prayed for 3 weeks,” he said.

Vinny’s story is a cautionary tale about the dangers of signing a contract without understanding the terms and conditions. It is also a reminder that even when things don’t go according to plan, it is important to never give up on your dreams.

Vinny is now determined to pursue his musical career independently. He has released several singles since the release of “Habibi,” and he is working on his debut album.

“I am not giving up on my dream,” he said. “I am going to keep working hard until I achieve my goals.”

Size 8 Thanks Bahati for Prophetic Words That Helped Her Have Children

Gospel singer and pastor Size 8 has thanked fellow musician Bahati for his prophetic words that helped her have children.

In a post on Instagram, Size 8 said that Bahati told her in 2013 that the devil had planned for her to have a series of miscarriages so that she would not have children.

“God spoke to you concerning the devil’s agenda to make sure I don’t have kids thru miscarriages and you told me, ‘Size 8 REBORN omba omba sana,'” Size 8 said.

She said that she took Bahati’s words to heart and prayed fervently, and that she is now blessed with two children.

“I bless God I now have 2kids,” she said.

Size 8 also said that she believes Bahati still has a lot to offer in the gospel industry and that she will always recognize him as a prophet.

“I will always call you PROPHET BAHATI, SERVANT OF THE MOST HIGH GOD,” she said.

Size 8’s revelation comes after she and her husband, DJ Mo, lost what would have been their third child in 2021. Size 8 was five months pregnant when she had a miscarriage.

She said that she had completely lost hope of ever being pregnant again after the miscarriage, but that she is now grateful for her two children.

“I am so grateful for my two children,” she said. “They are a blessing from God.”

Size 8’s story is a reminder that God can use even the most difficult circumstances to bring about good. She is an inspiration to many women who are struggling with infertility.

Bahati smokes bhangi to celebrate nearly achieving a decade in entertainment

Kevin Kioko Bahati, CEO of Eastlands Most Beloved Records, has been a musician for ten years.

In order to demonstrate how hard he works, Bahati released a number of images taken in his studio to mark this significant occasion.

As he urged his admirers to write him personal messages regarding his artistic development, he was also smoking something.

“Nawaskiza! Feel Free to Advise… I’m almost Marking 10 Years in the Game! What Do You Love about Bahati and What Do You Hate about Bahati ??? Let’s Ch@t .. Let’s be Honest!”

The star was warned by anti-drug activist Stivo Simple Boy, who has sung a song cautioning against drug abuse.

Bahati Writes touching letter to his son trolls claim was fathered by Victor Wanyama

After days of being mocked online by trolls, Bahati has decided to reassure his son that he loves him regardless of what the trolls say. It all started when Kenyans on Twitter began mocking his wife Diana Marua for having a vast array of lovers in her past and going as far as claiming that some of the couple’s children belong to those men.

And bahati’s adopted son Morgan was among the kids who were marked by terrible human beings. And so as a father must, he has decided to reveal his son’s confidence in the wake of the nonsense. This is what he had to say:

A Letter to My Son 💙
I have Looked at this picture and Just realised you’re becoming a Man. (SWIPE LEFT) This is 10 years ago the first Day I met you. That Day when I invited ABC Children’s Home (Where I grew up at) to Come and Perform at my Album Launch in 2013 at NPC Valley Road. Son I remember that day like it was Yesterday; the way you Cried and Called me Daddy. It was so difficult for me seeing the 2 year’s old you forced to enter the bus heading back to the orphanage; I saw your pain and I saw myself through you; Having have grown in a Children’s Home at times Lonely without no one to Call Mum or Dad!
My Son from that Day ; though I was not ready I decided to be a Father and I took you in as my son… Son Listen to me! I am your Father and You’re my Son! God Planned it Nothing can Change that! As You grow you will see alot of Nonsense and inhuman stuff said on this Ruthless World but always Remember above all… I’M YOUR FATHER AND YOU ARE MY SON. PERIOD! Only God Knows exactly what we have Been through… People will never know that I took you in even before I established myself. Do you remember when I could not afford to pay a House help and I could cook for you, clean your clothes and even change your beddings juu ume susu kwa Bed??? 😃 I know you don’t like it when I tell the stories juu Sahii unaenda shule ya Ma Sonko na Madem watakuchongoa🙈

I will not open up about everything but something I’ve never shared with anyone is that even Some Women left me because they were not ready to raise a Child that’s not theirs! Yes it was that bad but look at you now you have the most caring mother on Earth! Mimi nawewe ni watoto Wa Diana 😊 I don’t want to say Much but I wanna take this opportunity to Say I’m Sorry for the online trolls it’s all my fault. Forgive me for introducing you to the public this young 🙏 But above all I want you to Know that You’re the Best Gift I ever gotten – You’re my First Born and Without you Our Family is incomplete! Always remember You’re Loved and Treasured and I will do whatever I can as the Lord enables me to see all your dreams Come to pass. MORGAN BAHATI KIOKO… YOU’RE A STAR 🌟
With Love from Daddy

Bahati Defends Wife Diana Marua From Online Trolls

Kenyan musician Bahati has defended his wife Diana Marua from online trolls. In a long post on Instagram, Bahati referred to his wife as a star and encouraged her to ignore all the negative comments.

“I know you’ve been on the headlines trending,” Bahati wrote. “I know it really doesn’t bother you but I thought I should remind you one thing before you sleep: you are a star!”

Bahati also expressed his pride for Diana’s success in the content creation industry. However, he said that he regrets exposing her to the limelight, acknowledging that fame does come with its challenges.

“I wish I would have been there to tell you this face to face but I’m out of town for a business meeting,” Bahati said. “But I just want you to know that I love you and I’m proud of you. Don’t let the trolls get to you. You are a star!”

Bahati’s post was met with support from his fans and followers. Many people praised him for standing up for his wife and for defending her against the trolls.

This is not the first time that Bahati has defended his wife from online trolls. In the past, he has spoken out against people who have body-shamed Diana and who have made negative comments about her parenting.

Bahati’s actions are a reminder that online trolling can have a real impact on people’s lives. It is important to stand up to trolls and to support those who are being targeted.

Akothee & KRG the Don Condemn Photoshopped Images Of The Bahati’s

Kenyan celebrities Akothee and KRG the Don have condemned the photoshopped images of Bahati’s family that are making rounds on social media.

The Bahati’s recently celebrated their youngest son Majesty’s fourth birthday and shared cute family portraits on social media. However, some social media users manipulated the photos by adding several male celebrities to the portrait.

In one of the photos, Victor Wanyama was positioned alongside Morgan to justify claims that they are related. Heaven Bahati on the other hand was linked to dancehall artist KRG The Don, while the couple’s younger son Majesty was linked to Actor and Film Director Abel Mutua.

Akothee called out Kenyans who lack empathy and respect in today’s digital age. She condemned the trend of maliciously comparing children and the culture of online bullying, highlighting the lasting emotional impact it can have on innocent young minds.

“These same photos will be used by bullies in school, to bully the innocent children on behalf of their parents. Which world are we living in?” she said.

KRG the Don also condemned the photoshopped images, saying that they were “disrespectful” and “malicious”. He called on social media users to be more mindful of the impact their actions can have on others.

“We should not be using our platforms to spread hate and negativity,” he said. “We should be using them to promote love and understanding.”

The photoshopped images have sparked outrage on social media, with many people calling for the perpetrators to be held accountable. The Bahati’s have not yet commented on the images.

It is important to remember that children are especially vulnerable to online bullying. If you see any content that is harmful or offensive, please report it to the relevant platform. We can all play a role in creating a more positive and supportive online environment for children.