“Ni ngumu kukusahau!” Faby Flavour cries out to his ex girlfriend

John Nyundo aka Faby Flavour is one of the fastest rising artists in East Africa. His passion for music has enabled him to venture into a career that will definitely put him on top music charts. 

Faby Flavour

However just like most new artists Faby Flavour struggled to put his music out there with no luck. But thanks to his hard-work and determination he luckily landed an opportunity to work with the Wasafi music label as a songwriter and background vocal artist for 2 years before deciding to return to his homeland, Kenya.

At this point the singer had already sharped his skills and his only way of proving himself was sending music demos to friends through social media, hoping to  get a good label.  


Call it luck or heaven sent, Faby Flavour was then contacted by Dominic Usseni, the president of Django Records, who was captured by the depth and essence of his music. 

He then showed his potential after dropping his first single Yaishe while signed under Django Records which pushed him to receive major airplay in both Kenya and Tanzania. 

Ni ngumu

Well, Faby Flavour is now excited to announce the release of his second single ‘Ni Ngumu’; a song that talks about the trials and tribulations that life brings yet can be overcome by one’s attitude. 

The song is produced under Dominic Usseni Productions, mastered by producer Lizer Classic and video shot in Tanzania under the direction of Rahim. Watch the video below!