Female celebrities should learn a thing or two about privacy from Femi One

I consider Femi One as one of those female rappers who understand their role in the entertainment. This is because she owes her celebrity status to her music that has given her recognition over the years.

Rapper Femi One

One thing for sure is that her journey and growth as a rapper has had its share of up and downs…sometimes missing in action but all through – she maintains a very private life something not many female celebrity relate with.

Low key and still afloat

Unlike most who use their personal lives to keep their celebrity status afloat, Femi One has for years maintained a private life with or without new music.

Femi One in lingerie

Don’t get me wrong, I did not say she doesn’t post photos or videos in the company of those she considers friends…because what I mean is – she keeps her personal life off the grid.

Well, you may agree with me….but show me another female celebrity who doesn’t use their personal life to create abuzz online.