Rapper Fena Gitu blasts fellow Kenyan artists for missing her album launch 

Only four Kenyan artists attended Fena Gitu’s album launch a thing that really broke her heart.

In a recent tweet, the rapper blasted fellow artists saying the reason why the music industry is not growing is because artists don’t care about each other.


Fena Gitu
Fena Gitu

She went on to say that just like guys snubed her event, they also did the same with Elani who launched their album on Wednesday.

“KENYAN ARTISTS BARELY SHOW UP FOR FELLOW ARTISTS. There were like 4 artists (one who is my best friend so it doesn’t count) at my listening party, and a handful last night @elanimuziki’s listening party. Na tunataka fans watusupport. Anyway, album ni ya mafans, ama?” Tweeted Fena Gitu.

Kagwe Mungai hitting on celebrated female rapper, Fena Gitu?

Kenyan pop singer-songwriter, Kagwe Mungai shares cryptic message with renown female rapper, Fena Gitu on her birthday.


The popular heartthrob that still takes off with ladies´ hearts takes us 7 years back when he believes they were separated at birth.

According to the Kenyan pop artist, Fena Gitu is a soul that saw his life take a turn, for the better.


The phenomenal female rapper´s birthday has Kagwe celebrating the love and joy Fena Gitu exudes to the world around him.

But what stands out most is how the young lad can´t wait to take over their space with the popular rapper, just the two of them!


In response, fenamenal concurs:

Manz like Kagwe!! Soul mate, twin soul, brother and friend.

I love you, thank you for choosing me.

The world isn’t ready for our take over, here’s to us taking over!! Forever ❤️

Well, none of us might be cognizant with what the dread-locked artist is making reference to, but seems the two have something cooking.

The two have however worked on a recent collabo dubbed ¨Dutch¨ featuring Toshi.

Meanwhile, Happy Birthday to the ¨Sema Ng´we¨ hitmaker.