“Haufai kuwa kwenda gym na unalia” Jalang’o to Frankie Just Gym it

Jalang’o and his co host Kamene Goro have weighed in on the ongoing drama between Maureen Waititu; and Frankie Just Gym It who broke up about a year ago.

But unfortunately, Frankie moved on quite fast – leaving many wondering whether he had been seeing Corazon Kwamboka while still dating Ms Waititu! However speaking during an interview with Obare, Frankie denied secretly dating Corazon who is now 7 months pregnant with their first child.

Among those who have come out to analyze the soap opera is Jalang’o who opened up revealing that Frankie now needs a break from his online fans. This is because many have been calling out the guy yet he supports his sons the best way he can.

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Frankie Just Gym IT with son

According to Jalang’o 6k a week is enough for Maureen and the boys since Frankie now has 2 families to look after. The comedian cum radio presenter went on to defend Frankie Just Gym it saying;

 ‘6K is enough are you crazy? That’s 1k per week. It’s very sad to see a well build man cry.

Piece of advice

Jalang’o who also has a daughter with an ex wife probably understands the pressure Frankie is in; and this could be the reason why the Kiss FM presenter wants fans to understand Frankie too!

Speaking during the morning show, Jalang’o said;

Exes Maureen Waititu and Frankie

Haufai kuwa unaenda gym na unalia. for a man to get to the point where he cried it’s very sad. I can shop with 1k and still have some change remaining.

However that is his advice but since we may not understand what Maureen have to put up with; at the end everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

As for jalang’o he believes that Maureen will soon meet someone who will take her in with both her boys; and may not even need the 6k from Frankie!