Size 8 has every right to deny services from an LGBTQ member

Jony the hairdresser must be tripping judging from an expose he did on Size 8 where he claims the preacher is a judgemental person….and although she preaches the word of God, she doesnt practice it at all.

This was after Size 8 turned down his services and from Jony The Hairdressers view, this happened because – Size 8 believes he is gay. Well, being one who cross dresses and wears full makeup – i mean what else would the preacher assume?

Anyway sharing his experience with his followers, Jony through his social media pages wrote;

True story loves , the so called “gospel ladies “ apparently canceled on me based on the fact that I’m “gay” from the things I post here . I’m a believer of Christ and one thing I know ,God is just and loving . He has sustained and elevated me all my life , so if anyone doesn’t want to associate themselves with sinners they might as well leave their adulterous partners. Real question though,how do y’all get to judge based on someone’s sexuality?This is an “A class hypocrisy “.And y’all should be ashamed .I understand we all have preferences but let it be work related , my delivery of the work ! . Kwanza who said I’m gay ?

Entitlement much?

Okay Okay….I know Jony the hairdresser just tried to pull the gay card by asking who even said he is gay…..but darling – your page says it all.

Jony the hair designer


But then again, were not here to point fingers – but show Jony the hairdresser why his rant was irrelevant and unnecessary to share online; yet – this is something he would have addressed in private – keeping in mind that everyone is entitled to their opinions…and whether LGBTQ or not – Size 8 is allowed to say no.

Also, what are the chances that Size 8 is the first and only client that has ever refused services from the stylist? I mean….these things are never that serious to a point they end up online, right? You can easily walk into a store and they refuse to serve you, will you through tantrums or cause drama? It’s there right to do that….and if unhappy, sue them and see how far the case will go. Sigh.

Unless there is proof of name calling or insults ….Jony needs to hold his horses next time.

Carrol Sonnie on battling postpartum depression, suicidal thoughts and handling online humiliation

Carol Sonnie is back to making news days after shaving off her locs and putting them up for sale at Sh300,000. Well so far I guess its only fair to say that she has no potential buyer for the locs that is judging from the many complaints from fans asking why they would spend such an amount on hair and not a car or even a startup business.

But again, its social media where 98% of netizens are barely serious about anything. Anyway away from that, Carol Sonnie is slowly opening up about life after her relationship with Mulamwah; and like we said – things haven’t been okay thanks to her breakup.

According to Sonnie, this was the hardest experience of her life that is because she not only got dumped and replaced immediately; she lost a few gigs from clients who didn’t want to get involved in her drama with Mulamwah. Speaking during recent interview the lady said;

Carrol Sonnie with daughter, Keilah

 I lost so many gigs at that time since most brands do not want to associate with drama

Battling depression

Well apart from that Carrol Sonnie says she was pushed into a dark place foloowing her baby daddy’s false exposes on her. From what she says is that she woud wake uo to insults, mockery comments among other things hence pushing her into postpartum depression a month after her baby was born.

Asked why she couldnt shield herself from the online criticism, Sonnie said;

It was not easy and the only reason I did not quit social media was that I was afraid I would not feed my child.


I had to learn to grow a thick skin. I was suicidal because of postpartum depression and other things. My baby was barely a month old then.

However its been almsot one year since she welcomed her daughter; and one thing Carrol Sonnie is happy with is that she never gave up on herself for the sake of her daughter.

Born this way! Makena Njeri recounts growing up different, says she always knew she was special

LGBTQ activist Makena Njeri says she grew up knowing she was different. Maybe unlike other girls, she never felt the need of playing with dolls or having tea parties with her friends nor did she want the girliest dress for christmas….and this is because she wasn’t born wired like that.

As you can see she is a proud dyke who has dated a few celebrities here and there making her a proper LGBTQ member. Well, fortunately for her – she realized she was different while growing up and thanks to a tbt photo from when she was like 7 or 8 years…we can clearly see how different she dressed from other girls her age.

From the photo, Makena Njeri is seen wearing a baggy Tshirt which she paired with white baggy jean pants and accessorized her look with a black buckle belt and the shoes….well she chose Safari’s…a complete look for a small boy.

To caption the post, Makena wrote;

Currently loving my truth and working for my community to make sure other kids have it easy.BOLD????

Still wants kids of her own

Although she already knows she was born different, the lady says one day she hopes to have a family of her own and when time is right, she can opt to partake in the pregnancy experience.

Makena Njeri

I know it sounds unrealistic especially with how manly she behaves but again….it’s a new time and age –  where everything is possible.

Amira reacting to Amber Ray’s confession about getting pregnant for Jimal? Says lesson learnt

Amber Ray recently dropped a bomb on us through her YT channel and for a minute we weren’t sure whether what we were hearing from her was real or from a movie. Yea – just like you heard, she got pregnant for Jimal but unfortunately didn’t carry the pregnancy to full term.

Tbt: Amber Ray admitted to hospital

Okay wait. Is it just me or is Amber Ray implying that…..either way not our business, right? With the bomb out for like 2 days now – Jimal Rohosafi’s first wife Amira has also decided to weigh in on the news and looks like her heart got broken again.


I hate to say I told you so but judging from Amira’s latest post- I belive she still had hopes about reuniting with hubby in future; but at the mean time was either playing hard to get or punishing him for what he did until Amber Ray decided to let the truth slip out.

Done and done

As seen on Amira’s Instagram, the mother of two threw shade at her ex man claiming that he is no longer her type. Not quite sure why she decided to react like this way just days after Amber’s video went viral but one thing is for sure….she didn’t see this coming.

She captioned the post below;

Her ex dont be her type anymore

Well, this doesn’t make any sense since we all thought Amira had moved on with a new man but with her revisiting Jimal’s mistakes; makes me wonder whether she’s fooling herself by claiming she is over him or it’s about clout?

Sakaja wins Nairobi Governor’s seat defeating Polycarb Igathe

We can’t say we never saw it coming but after months of compaigning, interviews and finally elections…the Nairobi people have decided to have Sakaja as their governor.

This was confirmed earlier this morning hours after netizens had already started congratulating the former senator on his new role of Nairobi Governor elect.

Senator Sakaja was vying on a United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party ticket while his strong opponent Igathe was running on a Jubilee ticket.

Igathe jokes

As you already know, in a race there has to be a winner and a loser which brings us to Polycarp Igathe who made the campaigns fun for Kenyans on social media.

Polycarp Igathe

Although he gets the second position, Polycarp Igathe indeed brought a different strategy for his campaigns hence the memes Kenyans on social media will forever remember.

Below are just a few jokes Kenyans came up with from his unique campaign tactics.

Diamond Platnumz gifts himself chopper days after performing at Kenyan political rally

I know many think Diamond Platnumz bought his chopper after performing at the Azimio rally at Kasarani; and yea it could be true – I mean, he made Ksh 11 million for a 10 minute performance – what do we expect.

Anyway thanks to a new post shared on his gram a few hours ago, Diamond Platnumz announced to have bought his first chopper; the latest addition to his fleet of expensive machines…not forgetting the private jet he claims to own.

Sharing the good news through his social media pages, Diamond Platnumz wrote;

God is good. I bought me a helicopter today

Snubs Dylan’s birthday – celebrates Tiffah

Him gifting himself the new ride comes days after he went all out on his first born daughter’s birthday in South Africa; forgetting that of his son with Hamisa Mobetto who just happened  to turn 5 years.

Harmonize to Diamond Platnumz

Okay – I know the chopper has nothing to do with him snubbing his son’s birthday – but again – rumor has had it for the longest time that his family still don’t approve the child he got with the former socialite; but it happened either way….and clearly they both can’t take it back….so why punish the child?

Mmmmh Maybe one day he will step up?

Blessings on Blessings ! Juliani announces arrival of bouncing baby boy with wife, Lilian Ng’ang’a

After 10 years of living with Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua, former Machakos First Lady Lilian Ng’ang’a walked out with nothing but investments from her ‘ex husband’ and no child was involved.

Lilian Nganga rocking huge bump

Probably because the two maybe didn’t want kids of their own but in all honesty; most netizens believe she intentionally kept herself from getting pregnant simply because Lilian Nganga knew from the word go – Mutua would  never be her future kids father.

I mean look…barely a year after she dumped Mr Governor for Juliani, Lilian Ng’ang’a immediately got pregnant and in a few months she wedded her low key boyfriend Juliani. Well, like you already heard, these two are now parents to a cute handsome baby boy.

Lilian Ng’ang’a with hubby, Juliani

Juliani over the moon for newborn son

Speaking to presenter Ali a few hours ago, singer Juliani announced the arrival of his second born – leaving many surprised but at the same time happy for the two.

This being Juliani’s second child since he already has a daughter with actress Brenda Wairimu; all we know is this is the first time Lilian Ng’ang’a is handling parenthood at first hand now that she has a child of her own.

Bitter Mulamwah unveils his baby mama’s new lover, throws shade to both of them

Guess what! The Mulamwah’s are back with season 3 of their drama and I’m thinking…this guy is friends with Butita, right? Just of think of it this way….what if he redirected his energy and drama to something that would bring in some money for him and ex Sonnie?

I mean – they both want to stay on the lime light so bad that they continue to wash their dirty linen in public…so how about a reality show? No filter…just the way they are. Because at the point – they’re just making noise.

Think I’m joking? Well after Sonnie introduced her answered prayers a few hours ago; looks like Mulamwah came across the post and now is reacting to it. As seen on his page – the fella has exposed the man he believes to be warming his baby mamas bed – and I kept help but think…how is that his business? Well – they’re not together right? So why even care?

Mulamwah fires at Sonnie

Mulamwah with the excuses

Okay wait. We also have to think of it this way…what if Mulamwah and sonnie are working together to remain relevant? Don’t forget this is Nairobi where relationships and businesses are considered similar.

But then again – what if it’s genuine beef?

Anyway according to Mulamwah his ex has been running around with old married men promising her a good life. Again…how is this his problem if they’re no longer an item?

But Mulamwah being himself isn’t letting this slide without giving his honest opinion. According to him the guy he just unveiled has been threatening to kill him for a while now; but why can’t help wonder why?

Could Mulamwah be poking his nose into other peoples businesses ata kama ni baby mama hence the threats he is now receiving?

Mmmh, not sure if there’s anything new I can add on these two always fighting despite having broken up and moving on. But below are photos of Sonnie’s alleged Sponza.


Sonnie’s mubaba with wife 

“I left because of the abortions” Ezra on dumping socialite girlfriend

Former FBI dancer Ezra is opening up about his breakup with girlfriend, Isha Raffi – who by the way – this past weekend threw a breakup party to mark the end of her relay with Ezra.

Isha Raffi

As you can already see – it’s toxic! Very. But problem is despite parting ways they continue to discuss each other on social media worse – on interviews too.

Speaking of interviews, Ezra recently opened up about the breakup while speaking to Nicholas Kioko; and allow me to ask – why are our male celebrities so mouthy when it comes to sharing details from their previous relationships?


Like seriously…what happened to men maintaining their silence and not caring whether they’ll be painted bad, good or whatever by their exes? I thought men don’t do umama snitch – damn Ezra…shika dera.

Exzra spilling details

Anyway according to Ezra, the reason he walked out on Isha Raffi is simply because the lady wasn’t ready to settle down.

According to him – the lady has aborted 5 of his pregnancies and this is why he no longer wants to associate himself with a murderer. His words.

Tbt: Ezra with Size 8’s sister

Apparently despite having introduced her to his family and even proposing – Isha Raffi still went on to get rid of their latest pregnancy in April hence his reason for leaving.

But again – back in the day when Ezra was dating size 8’s sister who doubles up as his baby mama; apparently he would not only cheat and abuse her – but he would belittle her since he was the hot cake straight out from the oven….and years later looks like Karma just arrived on time.

Like a boss! Jimal Rohosafi spotted with wristwatch estimated to cost Ksh 1 million

For someone who allegedly living on loans, clearly Jimal Rohosafi is overspending on himself. I mean, he has expensive rides, apartment (not so sure because he has a house in syokimau) and now a watch estimated to cost 1million.

Jimal and wife, Amira

Yeah, while his wife awaits for a proper apology there are new whispers claiming Jimal Rohosafi got himself a new range; and unlike the other fleet of expensive rides he ow10kgsns – this one is off the hook.

Apart from that, we’ve also learnt that he has been rolling around with a certain expensive watch gifted to him by his good friends. Wait… while your friends can’t even help support your business…Jimal’s friends get him gifts worth millions. Million. Yes million shilling watch.

Jimal Rohosafi expensive watch

Speaking during recent interview with Mpasho, Jimal Rohosafi went on to describe his watch as a ‘small gift’ and I’m thinking….small gift?

It was just a small gift from my good friends. My friends and I buy each other good gifts. We know how to shower friends and celebrate them.

Did he just say small gift? Million worth gift – small? Now i need to change my circle of friends…

Anyway as you’ve already heard…it has taken Jimal Rohosafi years to get where he is today and even after working as a tout – he kept pushing harder and smarter which is why he can’t help but spoil himself every now and then.

Bien Aime denies claims he would let his wife see other men on the side

Sauti Sol’s singer Bien Aime has been talk of town following a statement he once made about; giving his wife the freedom to enjoy somebody else’s company – and for some reason was interpreted as him being in an open marriage.

“To say I love you is not enough,” Chiki Kuruka’s open letter to renowned photographer who hooked her up with Bien

Me and Chiki have this thing where if I ever meet my celebrity crush somewhere and I am in a situation where my celebrity crush want to engage in coitus’ with me so be it and vice versa.

Okay, looking at what he said – we really can’t blame anyone for thinking he is in an open marriage; but then again – Bien Aime now says he was misunderstood for what he said. According to him – he never said he was in an open marriage as reported widely adding that people put words in his mouth;

 I’m not in an open marriage. I have never said that I’m in an open marriage, it’s just that people concluded their own things. There is what you say and there is what people want to hear. I have never said I’m in an open marriage, but I have said that when in marriage you are not supposed to own your partner, you are supposed to experience your partner.

Celebrity couple, Bien and Chiki

Marriage is meant for enjoyment

Well – unlike other couples who have to worry about getting cheated on, Bien Aime made it known that this is the least of his worries when it comes to his relationship with Chiki.

Marriage is not all about being faithful to one another, it’s about walking the journey of life together. Being faithful is about 5 percent of a relationship and people who are married can understand me. Even when your partner cheats, that is not the first thing that will lead to a breakup. There are so many things that can happen that supersede jealous emotions.

Lastly….for those wondering whether he would his wife for cheating…guess what…that’ll never happen!

Probably, because I don’t think if cheating is one of the basis to dump somebody. There are worst things someone can do to you. Relationships are meant to be enjoyed and experienced and the moment you feel like you own somebody, that is where you get it all wrong.

Former socialite steps in to defend Mishi Dora, hauls unprintable insults at Shakilla

One thing about these socialites is that they’ve all used the popular Queens don’t roll in packs quote while trying to prove how much they don’t need support or help from anyone. Actually Huddah has used this before and so have the other sleeping socialites in the country.

Former Nairobi Diaries actress, Sabrina Wangeci

However for Mishi Dora it’s different – she’s not afraid to have a friend fight her battles which explains why former Nairobi Diaries actress Sabrina Wangechi decided to tell off Shakilla.

Okay, I know we all have that ride or die friend who will always come through but damn Sabrina Wangeci went all out; reminding me of those silly high school beef girls had to deal with. Like come on…attacking another woman at this age over clout chased beef? Mmmh…not doing that today.

Wangeci to Shakilla

Well since I can’t really write down some of the things Sabrina Wangeci said – what I can say is that she feels Shakilla has too much pudesh mileage for a girl her age.

Shakilla doing what she does best

Wangeci also added that Shakilla’s privates must be disfigured from serving too much pudesh to men paying her. Hooold up…I said I won’t get into details but i don’t – you won’t get the picture.

Mmh it’s funny how these ladies insult each other when we all know they’re cut from the same cloth…more of like the pot calling the kettle black….but then again, it’s the entertainment industry, right?

Anyway watch the video below to see what Wangeci told Shakilla.


Cant help but wonder – will Shakilla respond and if so…how messy are they willing to get?

Tanasha Donna on what attracts her to a man & it is not money or looks (Video)

Tanasha Donna recently held a candid interview opening up about her projects, baby daddy and of course her personal life – something many didn’t expect especially with how private she’s become since breaking up with Diamond Platnumz.

Speaking of her breakup with Diamond Platnumz- I believe there are those who feel the lass is s hanging on her baby daddy’s face to remain relevant; while there are those who feel that she moved on swiftly after the breakup – but since we were not part of the breakup – I guess we will have to agrees to disagree for now.

Ex-couple, Tanasha Donna and Diamond Platnumz

Anyway with baby daddy out of the picture – Miss Donna has now been linked to several guys wealthy guys in the country….not forgetting Nigerian singer Omah Lay who she was allegedly seeing a few months ago.

Tanasha’s type

However speaking to Mpasho recently, the mum of one made it known she is currently single – a statement I highly doubt judging from her body language and a little attitude she gave out.

Although she claims to be single – Donna went on to describe the kind of man she likes or rather is attracted to saying;

Flashy businessman, Kevin Obia with Babu Owino

My type of guy. For me personally (are we talking physical?) because well, I have met a lot of good looking guys with nasty characters so for me that’s an immediate turn off. I don’t care what you have how much you have but character is very important to me.

Weuh! Tanasha Donna rubbishes baby daddy’s claims that “Marriage ends careers”

Out of all Diamond Platnumz baby mamas, Tanasha Donna happens to be the youngest of them all and unlike the others – she didn’t put up a fight after her relationship with the singer came to an end.

Tbt: Diamond Platnumz sweetly comforts Tanasha in hospital on her delivery date

Actually from what I remember seeing is that she was somehow unbothered and didn’t give out interviews like Zari Hassan and Hamisa did days/weeks after the breakup. What I remember is that Tanasha went MIA for a while before she finally revealed that she couldn’t keep up with the singers lifestyle and family.

She said something about his mum having to approve every step and decision they made in the relationship. The Kenyan singer also mentioned Diamond Platnumz was a deadbeat (then) but with time this was fixed.

Esma Platnumz (left), Tanasha Donna (center) and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz (right)

Tanasha Donna weighs on marriage

Well, since we also understand she left the singer for wanting many wives and being one who cannot stoop to that level – she opted out.

However marriage is something she looks forward to as long as it’s a  strictly with a monogamous relationship. Wait. Bado kuna monogamy? Show us your way Tanasha huku nje soko ngumu…watu wana share bila kujua.

Singer Tanasha Donna

Anyway speaking in recent interview with Mpasho, Tanasha was asked whether she believes her baby daddy’s claims that marriage kills careers. Allow me to refresh your memory.

You see, about a week ago Diamond Platnumz had a candid interview with DW Africa where he revealed that the reason he is yet to marry; is because he has seen how marriage slowed down some of his friends careers. And since he still wants to put out good music – marriage is a something he is not in a rush for.

However according to Tanasha Donna;

First of all marriage is not for both of you but it is for God. I believe you can be married and both fulfill your dreams. I don’t see anything wrong with that.


I don’t think everything changes when you are married and you can’t fulfill your dreams anymore since you have to focus on managing the home and whatnot. It depends on the couple.

Clearly with these two thinking so different, there was no way their relationship would have worked.

“Give me one night & you’ll be begging for more” Creepy Willy Pozee promises Jovial despite rejection

Singer Willy Paul has been chasing Jovial as seen on social media but judging from the way he is approaching her – I guess maybe Pozee Hana lugha siku hizi. Actually – he sounds more like those Facebook wababaz always texting “send me photo with bubiz” ewww creep.

Anyway as seen in previous posts, we have reason to believe Pozee either has a crush on Jovial; or the two are creating hype for a new project – hence the drama.

Whether a project or not – one thing is for sure, Pozee has a problem. Not that I have psychology or anything – but looking at the comments he’s been leaving under Jovial’s photos you can’t say he writes them while sane. Like come on…how do you promise to force yourself on someone who already said no?

From where I come from we call them rapists, creeps and the thought of it actually gives me goosebumps!

Pozee getting creepier

Well if you think I’m judging the singer harshly, below is a screenshot of a comment he left under Jovial’s latest post; again – he promises sex in a creepier way leaving me wondering whether Pozee is an addict….I mean, even dogs have a mating season.

Maybe I should come slowly Janet…if you know me well then you know how much pride I got in me. So far me to come here and ask you out aaaaaah. Just say yes! Let me show the other side of life take you to places you’ve never been before.

And lastly….(somebody stop me before I say creep again) Pozee wrote;

I know it’s cold out here I got the skills to warm your heart. Just give me one day, one night and you’ll beg for more.

Mmmh maybe it’s a song? Maybe it’s just Pozee being himself? Maybe.

Otile Brown feeling unappreciated

Otile Brown has lately been maintaining a low profile unlike other years where he’d be making news for both right and wrong reasons.

However, after his breakup with Ethiopian girlfriend, the fella then decided to stop publicizing his private life on social media. So yea it’s either projects or beef or better… inspirational posts.

Well, thanks to a new post we want to believe that Otile Brown feels that we’re living in a generation where no one wants to appreciate each other for their efforts.

Him being a singer -I’m thinking maybe he feels his music isnt receiving the recognition it needs – simply because no one cares. He wrote;

See how we sacrifice so much just to please the world people that don’t even care….

Which is true….imagine how much time he spends writing and composing a song – the budget the music costs; and when released – netizens try to pull it down by criticizing it and  the media on the other hand – doesn’t give it sufficient air play.

Not cool

Of course even you would be disappointed. But then again – Otile goes on admit that he is aware that most people from this generation have mental health issues; which is why he no longer cares about some of the shade he receives from haters.

Its a depressed generation with fly pics & fake smiles. Be happy for you.

Judging from the hashtag we also believe this post was aimed at promoting his latest song Celebration where he talks about the importance of knowing your worth, celebrating yourself and doing what makes you happy.

Mmmh clever way of marketing his music right?

Kamene Goro family zones Steve Simple boy, says he is not her type

Kamene Goro says she woke up to find messages or rather tags on her WhatsApp leaving her wondering who had died. I mean, apart from the work WhatsApp messages she wakes up to not forgetting maybe a ‘morning bae’ text from her man….Kamene couldn’t understand why everyone was on her case.

However after going through the texts she realized Steve Simple boy is the reason everyone was tagging her. Well, from what we’ve seen and heard is that the artist confessed his love for the Kiss FM host; also went on to praise her for her ngongingo…whatever that is.

Unlike most women who would be flattered by this, Kamene wasn’t. Actually, she feels that this is another way of clout chasing now that his name is everywhere. Speaking to Oga Obinna on Kiss FM during their morning show Kamene opened up saying;

I opened WhatsApp and I had been tagged in different groups. I was like ‘who died?’ Then I saw Stevo Simple Boy has professed his love for Kamene.

Not my type

The radio presenter went on to reveal that although Stevo Simple feels this way he needs to know things just cant work out between them. Not because he is not loveable but because he is not her type….adding maybe back then he would have qualified to date her but as of now – she likes her men tall and unfortunately he is not.

Stevo na waresh

Lastly Kamene Goro family zoned Stevo as she described him as a brother. Ouch.

I am Stevo’s biggest fan but let it just remain there brother. He is not really my type. He is not my type. Maybe he was my type back in the day but for now, no, I like them very tall nowadays

But again…Stevo just proposed to alleged bae. And the clout chasing continues.

Harmonize spills his latest wedding plans to fiancé, Kajala

Easy tiger, you’re almost there!

Singer Harmonize is so excited to have bagged Kajala back and for the past few weeks, his timeline has been nothing but posts of him and fiancé. Okay…he is a simp but I’m pretty sure he is what many women look for in their men.

Birthday week for Kajala

For real…..time and time again Harmonize has proven that love is his weakness. When he falls – he falls hard. We saw him back when he dated Wolper Stylish….about his Italian wife – well he wasn’t all committed but he tried; and now that he has Kajala the singer can’t stop how much he loves her.

Wedding plans

For this reason, Harmonize has now revealed that he will be marrying the love of his life very soon. Although he didn’t not reveal the date or month all Harmonize said is that ‘wifing’ Kajala is like a dream come true.

This is because she’s helped shape him in many ways he cannot even believe and the fact that she also cares for him – makes him want her to himself for life. Celebrating her in a new post, Harmonize wrote;

Happy Bithday Love of My Life MISS BANTU ❤️❤️???? To Marry You I s s a Dream and we are Almost There inshallah????


Your Beautiful & Smart Woman I ever Seen You made me Shine Again KUKUPENDA & KUWAHESHIMU wanawake Wengine Ndo Kitu Nimechagua.

Promises never to cheat

Being an artist means Harmonize will also be exposed to many women in the entertainment industry and also from his fan base. However he assures Kajala not to worry since his heart chose her. He went on to write;

Yess Muziki Ni Kazi Yangu Na Mashabiki wakike Ndio Nguzo Yangu ila Sidhani Kila Mwanamke Anaenishabikia Basi Ananitaka Kimapenzi ???? Nimegundua Kundi La Mashabiki Zangu Wengi Ni watu Wanaojitambua NA Wanajua Maana Ya Maisha Ushabiki & Hanasa & Kazi Kaziyangu Haiwezi Badiri who I’m Nilijiweke Siku Nitakapo Pata Chaguo La Moyo Wangu Mtuu Aliejitoa Kupambana Vita Vyangu Sitojali Ni wapi Sangapi Nafanya Kazi Gani muuni Nitampatia MOYO natulia Zangu Finally it’s Here…!!!!

And just to show how bad he wants this wedding to happen, the singer concluded his post with;


Stevo Simple Boy finally builds parents a home after bagging half a million deal

Stevo Simple is one happy man now that his parents have a roof over their heads after he build them a new home after receiving half a million from popular betting company.

Stivo Simple boy


The singer who has lately been making headlines for his music not forgetting former relationship with Pritty Vishy revealed this while on an interview with Mwafreeka on Ikonini podcast.

According to Stevo, the betting company paid him the huge amount to which he decided to do something small for his parents now that things are looking up. Well looking at his previous lifestyle you can understand why it has taken him that long – but it’s better late than never, right?

Anyway speaking to Mwafreeka about this project, Stevo confirmed his former management Made in Kibera paid him the said cash following the agreement they had with the betting company. He said;

Walinipea half a million. (Yes they paid me)

When asked whether his management gave him the full amount, Stevo said;

Eeh nilishika alafu nikajengea wazazi nyumba ushago. (Yes they gave me half a million and I used it to build my parents a home)

 Stevo Simple Boy’s management

The new development comes months after he quit his first management claiming they had stolen Ksh 500,000 – and from the latest news looks like he changed the tune.

Anyway now that he already moved to Men In Business who are currently managing him; we’ve not only seen Stevo bag good collaboration but have seen him go international with one of South Africa’s top artists, Ntosh Gazi. See God.

Watch the clip below courtesy of Ikonini podcast.


Couple goals! Harmonize celebrates fiancé like a Queen ahead of 39th birthday (Video)

Harmonize has been crying and begging his ex girlfriend Kajala to get back with him after their untimely breakup.

Word has it that the breakup was caused by Kajala’s daughter – who at the time was dating Rayvanny and since Harmonize and the former WCB singer weren’t in good terms….Kajala allegedly decided to sacrifice her happiness for daughter to be with Vanny boy.

Well if you ask me, I don’t really know how things later turned out between Paula and Vanny boy but all we know is that Harmonize finally bagged his woman back. As soon as the two rekindled their old flame – Harmonize did not waste time and proposed to Kajala who in turn said yes. Mambo ni haraka haraka.

Birthday week

Anyway with that said, we also understand Kajala will be marking her 39th birthday in a week and to celebrate her Harmonize is doing everything in his power to spoil his queen.

Birthday week for Kajala

As seen on his social media pages, looks like he took her to a posh game reserve for a safari tour and the photos/videos shared also reveal Harmonize coughed some huge amounts to give his lady the special treatment.

Well if this is what he is doing for her birthday, imagine the wedding. Watch the beautiful video below.


Diana Bahati shares biggest stress now that she’s pregnant with baby no. 3

Diana Marua is happy to have another baby on the way. So far she has 4 of them but only two are biologically hers while the other two are from her husbands previous relationship but either way the rapper still considers all as hers.

The Bahati’s expecting 3rd baby

If you ask any of Diana Bahati’s fans they’ll tell you that this lady has the purest heart only because she’s managed to bring her people together making the perfect blended family. Unlike most step mums, we often seen Diana Bahati bond with not only the kids but her husband’s ex girlfriend too.

Anyway with that said, Diana B has another one on her way and from her latest post we believe she’s currently stressed with what name she’ll give her unborn baby; now that she named her firstborn Heaven and son, Majesty. To her it’s tricky finding a suitable name that will fit proper and match with names she gave her eldest kids.

After Heaven and Majesty my biggest stress right now is giving my third baby a name????A day at a time…. I’m enjoying every little kick????????Thank you for all your comments on our Reveal. We love you right back.

Too blessed to be stressed about anything else but a name

Well, I also pray that you’ll be blessed like Diana Bahati that the only thing that stresses you or your wife during pregnancy is small small things like names.

Normally most pregnant women stress about hospital bills, proper healthcare, Diapers, baby clothings among other things – but not a name. However as you can see, it’s the other way for Diana B.

Anyway let’s wait and see what name they’ll settle for.

Ringtone is desperate to find love: ‘I am hoping I will get someone to love me’

Ringtone is one of those artists we have had in the game for the longest time…and although his music career hasn’t hit that much, he continues to fight for his spot in the entertainment scene and yea – he ain’t stopping anytime soon.

Ringtone with bestie, Ezra

The singer recently revealed he’d quit making gospel music and was now part of the secular music industry as he plans on releasing love songs…keep in mind…not gengetone. Songs that can be played at a wedding ceremony or something like that.

Well with his embarking on this journey, Ringtone recently revealed his latest stage name….and waah enyewe people are hustling out here but back to the singer’s new stage name which is Ringtone Blington KE adding;

My expensive pieces of jewellery will be my identity. I am an expensive artiste and Kenyans want to see me perform for them.


Just research and see where I have performed before. I used to perform in church and crusade concerts, but I have not performed in clubs


Desperate to find love?

With the new stage name already revealed, Ringtone says he will also be dropping his first secular song this week; a song he hopes will help him bag a woman who will finally love him for who he is.

The song is called ‘Mpenzi pamoja’. I wrote the song and I am hoping I will get someone to love me since I am now singing love songs.

And come to think of it, how comes Ringtone rarely gets linked to scandals concerning girls; I mean, apart from the alleged baby mamas he’s said to have – have you ever heard of him linked to any ladies around? Mmmh….slate too clean to be true?

Khaligraph Jones dragged to court by baby mama for neglecting son

Rapper Cashy Karimi earlier this morning shared a photo posing in front of a Nairobi Court and from her caption – we knew the lady was upto something and that is suing Khaligraph Jones for child support.

Well yea, we weren’t wrong and thanks to the post we now know that Khaligraph will soon get served for neglecting his firstborn son, Xolani. Not quite sure whether this move will help (yall know how the system works) but again – that’s for them to figure out.

This new development however comes months after Cashy Karimi branded her ex as a deadbeat dad neglecting their son yet he takes care of his other kids; adding that he keeps claiming he is broke yet he is building a mansion for his family.

Khaligraph Jones son, Xolani

Baby number 4

Cashy has also moved to court just a few hours after Khaligraph’s new wife Georgina announced the arrival of their 3rd baby; a well kept secret we knew nothing about.

If you think about it…could the new information on Khaligraph Jones growing family be the reason Cashy Karimi decided to move to court? Mmmh maybe. Maybe not. No?


Pregnant Nandy weds long-term boyfriend in lavish intimate ceremony (Photos)

Its official Nandy and Billnass are now living as man and wife after exchanging vows in an intimate wedding ceremony this past weekend.

Word making rounds on social media is that the wedding was kept so low key that Tz Paparazzi had no information about it. Clearly this was one secretive event, since we are yet to learn where the wedding took place (church) before the reception was moved to Mlimani Hall.

Singer Nandy on her wedding day

However what we know is that the heavily pregnant singer stepped out looking like a princess on prom night. Dressed in a gorgeous white gown Nandy gave her guests a reason to keep their eyes glued on her not forgetting Billnass who complimented his new wife with his well-fitted black and white suit.

Only invite

Among the invited guests were Gigy Money, Rayvanny’s baby mama, Wema Sepetu and Alikiba who later have a special perfomance for the newly weds.

The wedding however comes a week after the two announced to be pregnant with their first child together. Speaking on why they announced the pregnancy, Nandy said;

Nandy weds Billnass

I think we wanted to reveal the pregnancy and my project. Despite all these things, I still remain to be an artist and life has to go on. I can’t keep on hiding the pregnancy all the time.


Pregnancy is a blessing and as you know, there are so many people who are struggling to look forward to being parents. We pray for all of them. With our jobs, I could no longer hide since jobs still need me. I hate every time I am doing an interview and deny my baby. I used to feel bad while lying that I am not pregnant.

Check out more photos from the ceremony below.


Photos: Courtesy

“It will take time to get over this” Nasra painfully says following miscarriage 

You see motherhood is one of those experiences most women look forward to lin life. Not all but for the few who dream of having their own children, motherhood is special something like a rite of passage.

However not all mums get to hold their newborns in their arms. Some pregnancies end up as miscarriages but either way, the fact you conceived and had a baby growing inside you means you’re a mother. A mother to an angel.

Nasra announces pregnancy

Anyway before I get all emotional and preachy about mother’s (of course I want my own kids) let’s talk about Comedian Nasra. Well you see, the comedian recently suffered a miscarriage just a few days after announcing the pregnancy online. The heartbreaking news came as a big surprise to her followers who now continue to comfort her in the comment section.

Sharing the sad news, Nasra wrote;

This picture was taken on the saddest day of my adult life????. Losing my little angel before I even met him/her makes it even harder to process I was way too excited for this journey, I had everything, from the name to the sort of life he/she would have all figured out in my mind..oh how I wish I just saw your little face, my baby.”


But ALHAMDULILLAH. That is what I said when I first learned about your coming, and it is what I said when you left❤️may You be the reason I get into paradise Amin.

Time heals all wounds

With this experience of course Nasra has been dealing with a lot and the fact that she never got to meet her baby makes everything worse. We can tell that she’s yet to adjust to the loss, not that she’ll ever forget but with time it gets easier.

Nasra with hubby, Rashid

However unlike most women who would prefer taking time off social media – just to avoid comments and statements that would hurt them, Nasra decided to hold a QnA giving fans a chance to ask whatever they wanted.

Ask me a question

A golden chance one of her fans felt she’d been offered to advise Nasra on life after a miscarriage. Not that the comment was mean or out of place – but damn Nasra clearly didn’t like it. This is after the fan wrote;

it’s very normal to miscarry the first baby. I did too and in three months time I got it again.

However to Nasra this was like adding injury on insult. Responding to the fan, Nasra hit back with a harsh comment (we don’t blame her…the pain) saying;

Good for you!…but our experiences are different, the fear that was instilled in me will take a long time to get over.

But true….time heals all wounds and we wish her the very best during this trying time.

Tanasha Donna over the moon as she plans to introduce 3 year old son to his grandmother for the first time

It’s been almost 3 years since Tanasha Donna had her first child, Naseeb Jnr with Tanzanian super star Diamond Platnumz but unlike other new mums – Donna didn’t have her mum, Diana Oketch around for this special moment.

Yes, Mama Donna was not present during her pregnancy and even after birth – she still remained in Europe where she’s said to reside. Reasons for her not coming to Kenya/Tz remain unknown to the public but rumor had it a while back that Mama Donna can’t travel because she’s still working on her papers. Meaning – if she came to Kenya, she wouldn’t be allowed back to Europe.

Tanasha Donna’s Land Cruiser Prado

Kenyans in the diaspora can  tell you the struggle.

Anyway despite all that looks like mama Donna will soon be meeting her first grandchild and I bet she can’t wait. An excited Tanasha revealed this during recent interview where she said;

  Can you imagine, my mother has never met my son? I don’t want to start tearing up on this live right now. But my mother has never met my son. And she is going to meet him for the first time in three weeks and I’m so excited, it is going to be such an emotional moment for me and I cannot wait.

Busy schedule with projects

Well, having missed out on her career since her son’s birth we’ve lately seen Donna travel to Europe for new projects; hence spending less time with her baby boy who she says she misses a lot.

Tanasha Donna and Son, Naseeb

However now that she has accomplished some of the projects that kept her away from her baby; Ms Donna says she can’t wait to get back to mummy duties.

I Miss my baby so much, you know, when I travel for work, he is at school and he has so much work at school, he loves school. When I’m away from him, it has been five days now, I feel so empty. I feel like something is missing. So I cannot wait to go back to him