Wedding bells! Harmonize’s ex lover engaged to handsome young model! (Photos)

Fashionista cum former Tz Actress Wolper will finally be getting married in her late 30’s.

This is after young model cum fashionista Rich Mitindo arranged a surprise party for his engagement with Wolper.

The party held in Dar Es Salaam saw Wolper’s close friends, like actress Aunty Ezekiel and others attend; and one thing these actresses have in common; is that they are all married to younger men, call them Ben 10’s.

Wolper Stylish engaged

From the photos shared by the couple; it’s obvious to see that the two love birds have been investing in their love; and now that they have a son together  –   settling down as a family might just be the idle idea.

Announcing the good news through social media; The young Mitindo shared photos from the engagement party to which he captioned;

Fashionista, Jacqueline Wolper Engaged

Upendo ni neno tu mpaka mtu aje na kuupa maana. Upendo wako unatoa picha nzuri ya maana ya mapenzi Ndo maana nikachukua uamuzi huu; nimekuchagua na nitakuchagua kila siku za maisha yangu NAKUPENDA @wolperstylish

Harmonize and Wolper salty affair

Well, Wolper’s engagement comes 4 years after Harmonize allegedly dumped  her for Italian billionaire daughter, Sarah Michelloti.

According to reports, Wolper wasn’t even aware that she had been dumped at the time; not until Harmonize started parading his Italian woman on social media.

While at it, Harmonize started using his online platform to embarrass Wolper for being basic; and I’m guessing this was to improve his numbers as an artist.

Anyway, as the story goes – years later it seems like tables have turned for the former ex lovers as Harmonize is now divorced; while Wolper is just starting a family of her own. Karma at play?