Huddah shares jaw dropping bikini photos leaving fans with wild thoughts

First of all, I’d like you to forget Huddah’s old bikini photos shared back in the day. This is because this lady keeps aging like fine wine; and uuuh let’s just say God has been taking extra time to redesign her.

Huddah entertaining fans on Instagram

Looking at Huddah’s photos, I’m thinking we’re basically the same size (6) and are probably eating both healthy and junk food. But, problem is no matter what I eat, my food ends up you know in the toilet.

However Huddah’s body fat seems to be targeted at the right places; which explains her drop dead gorgeous figure.

Unlike her old self, Huddah lately seems to have added a little fat for her bubble booty; and her thighs – waah her fine legs look strong enough to carry her upper body!

New thirst traps from Huddah

Thirst traps

Well, since Huddah can’t offer much to her social media fans – now that she is stuck in Dubai; after allegedly being linked to Hushpuppi’s case – I guess bikini photos might entertain fans for now.

And yes, Huddah was definitely right to give her fans something to drool over; after unveiling the latest bikini photos that left many male fans taking screenshots for future use!

From the new pics, Huddah looks something close to a goddess – that is judging from her golden skin tone and physical appearance. But again with such good qualified doctors around her, what do you expect?

Anyway let’s just say Sunday was a good day on Instagram thanks to Huddah; especially now that Vera Sidika keeps yapping about her pregnancy!

Checkout Photos showing Chipukeezy’s dramatic weight loss that have left Netizens talking

Chipukeezy has always had a good body – not really the one with arbs or muscle; but just a good body that looks healthy.

Chipukeezy before weight loss

However thanks to his new photos, fans can’t help wonder whether Chipukeezy is sick, malnourished or is using/abusing something that is suppressing his appetite.

Well, from the photos it’s evident that Chipukeezy has lost so much weight to a point he actually looks sick; which explains why he recently defended himself saying that he is not sick and his weight loss was a result of not eating due to busy schedule.

Speaking to popular blog, Chipukeezy said;

 There are so many days I go without eating or sleeping. My dad usually picks a fight with me for not eating. I have lost weight and some people wonder whether I am sick

Chipukeezy’s projects

If not for the photos taken during his event – aimed at helping the development of St Martins School in Machakos County; fans wouldn’t have noticed since he has been keeping a low profile for months now.

But now that he recently got appointed as the new Vice Chairperson of the National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse; hopefully we will get to see more of Chipukeezy on social media. But again, what’s with the weight loss for sure?

Wedding bells! Harmonize’s ex lover engaged to handsome young model! (Photos)

Fashionista cum former Tz Actress Wolper will finally be getting married in her late 30’s.

This is after young model cum fashionista Rich Mitindo arranged a surprise party for his engagement with Wolper.

The party held in Dar Es Salaam saw Wolper’s close friends, like actress Aunty Ezekiel and others attend; and one thing these actresses have in common; is that they are all married to younger men, call them Ben 10’s.

Wolper Stylish engaged

From the photos shared by the couple; it’s obvious to see that the two love birds have been investing in their love; and now that they have a son together  –   settling down as a family might just be the idle idea.

Announcing the good news through social media; The young Mitindo shared photos from the engagement party to which he captioned;

Fashionista, Jacqueline Wolper Engaged

Upendo ni neno tu mpaka mtu aje na kuupa maana. Upendo wako unatoa picha nzuri ya maana ya mapenzi Ndo maana nikachukua uamuzi huu; nimekuchagua na nitakuchagua kila siku za maisha yangu NAKUPENDA @wolperstylish

Harmonize and Wolper salty affair

Well, Wolper’s engagement comes 4 years after Harmonize allegedly dumped  her for Italian billionaire daughter, Sarah Michelloti.

According to reports, Wolper wasn’t even aware that she had been dumped at the time; not until Harmonize started parading his Italian woman on social media.

While at it, Harmonize started using his online platform to embarrass Wolper for being basic; and I’m guessing this was to improve his numbers as an artist.

Anyway, as the story goes – years later it seems like tables have turned for the former ex lovers as Harmonize is now divorced; while Wolper is just starting a family of her own. Karma at play?

Weuh! Jimal’s Somali wife reacts to Amber Ray’s suggestion to a three-some

Having Amber Ray ‘wife’ Ms Amira’s husband (Jimal) must be toughest thing the Somali lady has ever gone through.

Well, l say this because these two women allegedly married to Jimal Roho Safi are quite different from each other; and the sad part is that second ‘wife’ seems more fun to hangout with; and I’m sure Jimal loves it.

Couple goals! Amber Ray with Jamal Rohosafi

The two ladies Amber and Amira have been entertaining fans with dirt from their homes; and who are we to say no or even ask them to stop? Anyway after keeping a low profile for about 3 weeks, the so called housewives of Syokimau are back to their usual drama.

Amber version of meeting Jimal

This comes after Amber Ray’s QnA posts where she revealed a couple of things about her relationship with Jimal. According to Amber, she has known Jimal for a couple of years now; and after dating and breaking up in 2019 – love still found it’s way into their hearts.

As seen in one of the posts, Amber wrote;

I met him a couple of years back when he was a single parent like me and hajaomoka bado. I was not ready to settle down then, so we broke up but we kept on being friends.

She went on to add;

The after sometime he asked me to be his second wife (He has gotten back with his first wife) well…long story short…the heart wants what it wants.

Amber Ray and Amira

Amber Ray suggesting 3 some?

On the same QnA posts, another fan asked Amber to put her self in Amira’s shoes saying;

A polite one….What If you were the first wife and your husband marry the second one. How would you react?

And just like that, this question brought out Amber Ray’s wild side as she responded by writing;

I would have a sitting with her and have a woman to woman kinda talk???? who knows we might end up having a threesome???? honestly I don’t see how or any need to fight for a D*** that at the end of the day will still F***me and her.

First wife responds

Having come across this post and seeing Amber Ray’s suggestion to a 3 some; Ms Amira responded by writing;

Matako kubwa tu with 0 brain

Amira and Amber


Philanthropist Mwenda Thuranira puts smiles on faces of Isiolo residents on Mother’s Day

Mwenda Thuranira is a man of the people and a leader who will be vying for the Isiolo North seat come 2022. However this past weekend the fella stepped up his game; by mobilizing both youths and elderly to get National ID’s and voters cards that will come in handy during elections next year.

With the youths focused on Fagia wote; the potential leader paid a visit to residents of Bulapesa; where he got to listen to some of their grievances and the same time

educated them on importance of choosing a leader who will serve his people and not rob them.

Speaking during a small rally in Bulapesa, the young man opened up saying;

Mwenda Thuranira

“You cannot free yourselves from bad leadership without identity cards and voters cards. The leaders you are complaining that you have never seen can be sent home with your votes and that cannot be possible without IDs,”

Leader of the common Mwanainchi

Being one who comes from a humble background, Mr Mwenda Thuranira did not visit his people empty handed; as he brought in goodies like food among other things which were donated to his people at Mariri primary school.

During his rally, he however promised to help change Isiolo North which continues to lag behind despite the county money given by the government. In the same speech he  pointed out on the importance of building reasonable classrooms; which accommodate the same children who will one day become leaders in our society.

With such a vision, clearly – 2022 is a year to take out trash.  Anyway below are a few photos from his ceremony this past weekend.

Potential Isiolo North MP Mr Mwenda Thuranira with Bulapesa residents
Residents of Bulapesa
Mwenda Thuranira for Isiolo North

“My life is in danger!” Boy cries after allegedly receiving threats from Bridget Achieng over the #JusticeForShanty

The death of 17 year old Shanty who allegedly roughed up; and killed by bouncers during the Naifest has left many seeking justice for his death on social media.

His friends who had accompanied him to the event claim that the young boy was indeed mishandled by the Naifest bouncers.

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But looking at the statement issued by Naifest officials (Bridget Achieng) she claims all precautions and security was in check. However judging from the few clips taken from the event; it’s obvious to see that she may be withholding some truth.

Anyway, a young man believed to have been Shanty’s best friend; and school mate has come forth to reveal that he has been receiving threats from Bridget Achieng.

Speaking during an interview with journalist Mungai Eve the young man confessed to be living in fear over the #justiceforShanty he started.

“Our parents will cough money”

According to the young man, Bridget Achieng apparently says they are ruining her reputation; with the #justiceforShanty that has left fellow young men throwing insults at the socialite. To make matters worse, he says Bridget already warned that they would pay for the damages; incase the court declares Naifest not responsible for Shanty’s death.

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The best friend however insists that the youth back at home remains hurt and angry at the fact that Bridget and team tried to cover the murder of Shanty. But since the case is already in court and the media is following up; we don’t see how Shanty’s death will go unpunished – but again, this is Kenya and like Bridget said, there’s nothing money can’t fix.

Like father, like son: Meet Governor Hassan Joho’s handsome daddy (Photo)

Hassan Joho is what we call a chick magnet. He got it all and by this I mean both looks and money which most socialites in the country can’t seem to look past. However being a prominent person, Mr Joho prefers to keep his life on the low and this is why we only know the obvious about him.

Anyway, away from Joho have you ever wondered where he got his looks from? Well, ask no more because thanks to Jamal Gadaffi who is a close relative of Hassan Joho; we now have the tree (father) responsible for the handsome fruit (Joho) giving many sleepless nights in town.

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The media personality went on to introduce Joho’s daddy in a detailed post where he wrote;

Huyu Ndiye Babake MPWANI wa kwanza KENYA ???????? atakaye Kuwa RAIS ama Karibu na kiti cha Urais Kwa Uwezo wake MUNGU inshallah ???????? Mungu Atuwekee Wazee wetu wa PWANI na Viongozi wetu ????????Ameen ???????????????????????? #MZEE ALI JOHO
@joho_001 NUMERO UNO 1 Hainaga kufeli ???????? ????ℕ????ℙ????ℝ???????? ???????? ????

Like father like son

Although Hassan Joho was not lucky enough to get the melanin from his daddy’s side of the story; his mum’s genes in this case seem have overpowered those of the dad hence light skinned son.

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Well if you ever wondered how a dark Joho would look like, then meet the handsome daddy below;

Joho Hassan’s dad with Jamal Gadaffi

Meet the classy Mulayi Muni, the first ever Kenyan female car host with the coolest Car show in town

My Moti was recently trending on Twitter but not many got to understand what that was. However after doing my research on whyKenyan men seemed so smitten with the ‘My Moti’ turns out that it’s a show about cars hosted by a sassy classy looking lady, Mulayi Muni.

I mean how? Aren’t all ‘girls’ including myself bad with cars? Honestly we don’t know what goes where or what to do when the car shows signs of ‘not operating properly;’ But when it comes to Muni, she is a professional when it comes to evaluating and reviewing cars – the perfect woman most men would want by their side. She must also be good at playing PS too!

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Anyway, so finally, My Moti show premiered today morning making a loud debut on Twitter, trending at number one. For the first episode we got to watch host Mulayi Muni review Mercedes E220d convertible on their YouTube channel.

Judging from how Muni highlighted all the details of the E-class Cabriolet in depth; lets just say hands down to this lady making the rest of us look good. She went on speak a language only men and mechanic could understand (and maybe a few ladies too.)

The stylish Muni hosting my Moti Show

My Moti delivers first Kenyan automotive show

I can admit on behalf of all other ladies that seeing Muni at work was refreshing especially with how she ‘broke down’ the Mercedes E220d convertible car estimated to cost 13 million .

Anyway the lady Muni and her team at Artskills films have definitely come up with a wonderful concept that will definitely revolutionize the motor industry in Kenya. It is about time we support more Kenyan automotive shows.

We can also agree that the show is a unique addition to automative entertainment in Kenya; with a nice feminine touch. We look forward to more reviews. It is rumored that in their vehicle line up they will be reviewing a Rolls Royce Phantom. Check out their first review below.

Ruth Matete opens up about betrayal from popular pastors and close friends after husband’s death!

Pastor Ruth Matete’s 2020 must have been the worst year she ever lived! This is because she not only lost her husband but went through rejection and betrayal from people she thought would stand with her during the time time.

Howverr thanks to a few posts shared on her social media pages; Ms Ruth went on to expose these ‘friends’ asking them not to fake a relationship when they already abandoned her.

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The soon to be mother claims that some of the pastors who served with her; not only accused her of being guilty of killing husband; but some were certain that she had a hand in his death.


No fake zone

She went on to throw shade at these so called fans leaving ‘heart felt’ comments on her posts now that she is back on social media.

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Howver according to Ruth, it is not her place to entertain hypocrisy; and this is why she prefers keeping it real with her former friends who she served in the ministry with. Through her social media pages the pastor wrote;

To conclude her long post; Ruth went on to distance herself from the fake friends and religion; now that she experienced judgement from those she thought would stand with her.

But also as much as it may have hurt her, Ruth now knows that human beings are capable of anything just to look righteous; but the good thing is that her family held her hand all through!

Tanasha Donna exposes Diamond Platnumz for neglecting son for months now

Singer Tanasha Donna and ex Diamond Platnumz have not been communicating since their breakup early this year; following a few issues with the in laws.

According to Tanasha Donna, Diamond Platnumz mum was too involved in their relationship; to a point where the young singer could not make his own decisions. She was then forced to walk out on the singer and since then Tanasha says Baba Naseeb has not been sending any support!

Once again the young mum opened up about the matter while on a recent interview with one Tony Mwirigi. The journalist went on to ask Tanasha whether co parenting was working between them. To our surprise turns out that there has not been any communication between the two parents.

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Tanasha with baby Naseeb

Tanasha spills the beans

According to Tanasha she cannot force the singer to be involved in their son’s life! For this reason, asking for child support would be begging the fella to help his son when he should already be responsible for ensuring he lives right!

The young mum said;

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If you support, you support from the heart. Ili i prefer usinisupport kama I have to force you to support.

Esma Platnumz (left), Tanasha Donna (center) and her baby daddy Diamond Platnumz (right)

2 years to provide support

Well, unfortunately for Tanasha… it seems that she will have to bow down before Diamond Platnumz decides to help out his son. Just like Zari, the lass has been trying to prove that she can stand on her own two feet without Simba’s help; but sometimes even the strongest of all beings needs help one way or the other.

Anyway watch the full interview below!