Kenyans Curious As Video Of TV Girl Gladys Mungai Enjoying ‘Presidential Treatment’ Emerges

For the longest time we have had kenyans link female journalists to politicians and well….its kinda true especially after we all heard about that story where a certain politician repossessed a posh car he had gifted a popular female journalist…..just because the relationship was now over.

It happens and has been happening for the longest time which is why one Gladys Mungai has many on her page pointing finger after a photo she shared boarding a car believed to be belong to the kenyan government.

Of course there are those who quickly assumed she had bagged a new role in the new government since she captioned her post;

TV girl Gladys Mungai receiving presidential treatment

President treatment

Keep guessing

And well…there are those who assumed she now has a politician boyfriend funding her lifestyle. Well – I want to believe its a job because why else would she share such a post if she’s really seeing a politician, right? Not forgettinf how blogs dig into such stories.

Well speaking about this to a renowned blog, Gladys Mungai not only refused to share any details on whether she had bagged a prominent man or if its a new job opportunity she had been offered hence a ride in the government vehicle.

Truth is…whether a relationship or a job – we will still find out….maybe not now but definitely soon.