Lava Lava is back this time with ‘Habibi’

Lava Lava is back with a new jam dubbed Habibi. The artist who is signed under Wasafi is doing wonders. He is on releasing spree and his songs are doing good. In less than 24 hours the audio has over 80k views.

Relevance of ‘Habibi’

In this new single, Lava Lava mentions a few names in relation to Diamond. Nikupeleke kwa bibi Tiffah ama Dangote Uvae shehe la wigi  Utapata kwa Aristote. Habibi sounds more of a love song where the lady is supposed to be endorsed by the family.

In between the song she is warned to keep off from some fellows. These love songs nowadays,Mchunge shetwani  Mama twende pole pole(Aah) Kuna Esma, Khan  Akina Juma Lokole(Aah). In this line Esma, and Mbosso Khan are mentioned. Is it a Wasafi affair?

Lava Lava with Habibi

Also in this stanza;Wasikupande kichwani  Wakazua mambo ya uchochole(Aah) Iwe aibu mtaani  Insta michambo wanichore Achana naki naki Hawana lolote  Watazusha na wajigi jigi  Penzi watie tope. Lava Lava goes ahead to tell the girl Habibi not to listen to them because they will be all over Instagram and end up ruining their love.

To start with the matter of the heart is becoming common with Wasafi artists. Habibi is well done and am sure you are going to love the lyrics. Actually it  is one of that song that you will grasp the lyrics fast.


Also, we cannot forget the producer. It has been produced by Manstermadness of spice records. In addition to the good production work, the lyrics are dope. There is no competition the words are clear. What a talent!

In conclusion, Lava Lava is someone to watch in the Wasafi Label. He is doing a good job. At this point I wish he does a collaboration with Otile Brown and Brown Mauzo.  Last but not least, Habibi gets a rating of 7/10.

Below is a link to the audio.