“Why I turned down lucrative offer to work with Wasafi,” Mejja Genge comes clean

Diamond Platnumz-owned Wasafi record label is probably a place no artist would think twice about becoming a part of, especially, if you do not doubt what you bring to the table.

Well, there are exceptions and Mejja Genge is a living example.

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A Kenyan Genge music star whose skill set and prowess in the industry is unquestionable especially if his recent collabos with Gengetone artistes is anything to go by.

2020 has been a series of hit after hit for any music piece that Mejja has been part of.

The Wasafi deal gone wrong

Unfortunately, turns out that just weeks ago, the lad was approached by Wasafi for a collabo to which he declined.

Tanzanian singer, Diamond Platnumz

A move he has finally explained why, during his recent interview with The Kenyan Entrepreneur.

Mimi manze nilipigiwa simu na Willy Tuva kwasababu nilikataa kufanya ngoma na Wasafi. Ako like “Eh naskia joh Wasafi walikupigia simu ukakataa kufanya ngoma nao,”” he revealed.

Illest Genge rapper Mejja

Something he has publicly let out for the first time, clarifying that he is in the industry for authenticity and nothing less.

So when he doesnt feel your vibe, then thats it.

“Nataka kuonyesha huyo msee ako na talent mahali, na-respect sana Wasafi na hustle yao. Lakini nilifeel tu like whoever alini-approach kwa Instagram, alikuja na aspect ni kama ananifanyia favor. Na saa hizo ni text sa naimagine huyu msee angeongea live, ningempiga ngumi,” he added.

Mejja Genge

Have a listen: https://www.instagram.com/p/CGsWPzIlwBT/

Zuchu takes the airwaves by surprise with “Kwaru”

Kwaru by the new female Wasafi signer, Zuchu, is already a talk among many. This is just a few days after releasing another hit, ‘Wana.’ A good impression to her already fans that she’s set to keep the fire burning.

Kwaru is a very interesting jam, narrating a heartbreak lyrics. Zuchu introduces the song singing how all the initial love just faded and quashed. “Roho ingekua na macho ingejionea,” indeed it could see how love fades out here. A one time closest person you had in life becomes a stranger, a number of us can testify.

Zuchu takes the airwaves by surprise with "Kwaru"

Kwaru is a heartbreak song

Who the people Zuchu is singing about, ‘chungu nilichopika wamepakua wenzangu.’ We can’t judge that she’s already enemies, but this applies to many relationships out here. “Kitabu chetu cha mapenzi kurasa umechanachana, hazisomeki tena tezi zimepoteza maana.” Indeed if the heart could see this coming maybe it could be different but now it’s blind.

The chorus part of the jam, explains the title. Kwaru explains how the heart has been bruised and thus hurting. Indeed it’s a broken love, love and life that once existed.

Zuchu continues the lead on how it’s hard to forget about this love. The lost love brings tears for it’s barely hard to even forget the lovers name, with sleepless nights. Thus the lover of her life just went away with her happiness. What a love narration!

Kwaru song has been well done. The lyrics are beyond explained talent, the videography itself as fans praise it, it’s world-class. The artist is already an eye-catcher to many fans for so far she’s offered the best. Keep going Zuchu and thumbs up!

Being a heartbreak song, the lady has brought out the idea so well making the jam a great hit. In conclusion, the song gets a rating of 7/10.

Video below.


Diamond Platinumz releases new jam Dubbed “Baba Lao” and we love it(video)

Chibu Dangote alias Diamond Platinumz is clearly on a musical spree. Even amidst plans of one of the biggest events of East Africa Wasafi Festival. Diamond has dropped a new banger dubbed “Baba Lao”.

On the other hand remember his biggest Rival Ali Kiba turned down his invite to perform at the event, but that seems to be an non issue.

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Baba Lao

However, in this new jam seems to be calling out his rivals as he says that he is actually the King of music in East Africa meaning “Baba Lao”.

Further on, he goes far by showing how he appreciates current government officials like Tanzania’s president, Magufuli, the Dar es Salaam Governor, Paul Makonda and Prime minister, Kassim Majaliwa. Siasa huh!!!


The groovy single is an obvious dance tune that will be quite a thing at Wasafi Festival. Furthermore, we know Chibu Dangote is a very good dancer.

Interestingly, even as we dance around it the jam has some lyrics that you would think he is calling out those who hold beef agains him.

He says“,….Mondi nyangema, Shimo ametema (ametema),Amefosi bifu mseleleko (Eeeh! Tumemkwepa)
Amebaki masononeko….”mchokozi huyu aisee!!

Lucky enough, the song has been well received across his audience some saying he wanted to Squash “Uno” by Konde Boy -Harmonize. Could there be some truth in this? Well, will find out.


Apparently as we dance to this banger there is an allegation that Platinumz sponsored the song to trend at number One in Tanzania and at number two in Kenya. True?

Not so sure about the allegation but this is is a per revealed bu some screenshots of bloggers from Tanzania.

baba lao

Th after math of the Wasafi Festival is a wait and see. I mean is Simba himself!

In the meantime I rate this at 8/10. Tell us what you think.

Rayvanny finally drops the contested hit “Chuchuma” days after Willy Paul dropped his

Weeks after Wily Paul dropped his much contested single ‘Chuchuma’, Rayvanny of Wasafi Records is also out on the scene with the same title song.

Well, when you thought you had had it with the drama that Willy Paul put with claims of Rayvanny  stealing his song, the two songs are now out.

Compare and contrast? Similarities?

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Chuchuma is a feel good song that celebrates women and dance.  From the look of it  this song was just to quell the thievery allegations. In his part Willy Paul claims that Rayvanny had stolen this song just after they had the  ‘Mhhhh’ song collaboration.

Consequently, this was after Rayvanny released a short clip of the now out song “Chuchuma”. Who is telling the truth that? That we don’t know but we will keep our ears and eyes out and of course we will let you know. In the meantime we can do  some dancing to both.

Further on, Rayvanny in the song clearly enjoys his work. In the video you see a host girls dancing to the words of the song. Basically, the choreography team did their work well.


As methodical and proverbial as they he can get, Rayvanny obviously embraced the metaphorical approach of creation.

Especially when he starts off with, “Chuchumaa kama vile unafua Mama unapika basi nije kupakua Chuchumaa kwenye choo cha mabua Ila chunga mchanga usiingie kitumbua”

In that he is asking the girls to Chuchuma- more like Twerk.In the long end he is asking them to show the world what their waist can do. Be it cooking, dancing and other co-curricular activities in the house. No??Right, you  got it. Here is the point its all naughty , juicy and most of all dance able too.

“Kimbau mbau, tukunyema Pilau lau, nipe supu tena Mashau shau kana sinema Yaani kanakula ndizi bila kumenya”. This doesn’t even need any further translation!


The song’s video was shot and directed by Director Kenny From Zoom Production. The other production clearly done under Wasafi records. As we still ponder on the ownership of the “original  version” we thank both Willy Paul and Rayvanny for both Chuchuma’s.

For now I will give this an 8/10 rating. Watch and tell us what you think.


Dawa ya Wasafi ni wachafu! Kenyans for Kenyan Music.

As the ghetto anthems take over the air waves it is now clear that Kenyans can love their own music artists. It was not long ago when Kenyan artists were seeking airplay in mainstream media for air play.

However as it stands now, Kenyan fans have been treated to Kenyan music that they have been jamming to.

Furthermore, despite the music  having some heavy connotations in terms of sexuality and another  forms of nudity,Kenyans are enjoying Kenyan secular music.

Lucky enough the Ghetto anthems that carry raunchy vixens in them are now the talk of town. The Wamlambez Saccos are now house hold names if not international.

Even the veteran musicians in the Kenyan Music scene like Jua Cali and the OG Khalighraph  Jones  have acknowledged the entrance of new age music. The likes of Boondocks gang,Ethic,  Ochungulo family, Sailors among others are clearly redefining the Kenyan music scene.


Edging out Wasafi?

For the longest time the Kenyan airwaves  were being enjoyed by Tanzania’s Wasafi records  music.  However things seem to be changing gradually.

I mean Wasafi artists are still doing good music, but Queen B  hit makers  among others are now the talk of not only town but East Africa.

Look at Figa by Ethic it is a song that many are still dancing too. I saw a post somewhere on social media saying, ‘Dawa ya wasafi ni Wachafu!!! True??

Well need I explain further than that? We are taking our musical crown back!With no apologies.

On the other hand Wamlambez is now an anthem in the Kenyan Music scene.


I mean at least that is what our able hardworking artist deserve. Hard work, creativity and lyrical prowess  pays.

Healthy Competition

Wasafi  artists, no offence but it is about time that they are edged out especially in Kenya.

We love their music yes, but now competition is good for growth.

Though in different genres, the new age musicians are going to give these foreign artists a run for their money. Sounds unreal though!! But it will happen if this spirit of hits goes on.

In my opinion, I can confidently say that today, music events promoters should prioritize our own artists.

This is because these artists have proven beyond doubt that Kenyan has massive talents.

I  just hope these new age music will not fade just shortly after being received by fans and on the other hand  Kenyan fans should also be congratulated for the support of Kenyan music.

Lava Lava is back this time with ‘Habibi’

Lava Lava is back with a new jam dubbed Habibi. The artist who is signed under Wasafi is doing wonders. He is on releasing spree and his songs are doing good. In less than 24 hours the audio has over 80k views.

Relevance of ‘Habibi’

In this new single, Lava Lava mentions a few names in relation to Diamond. Nikupeleke kwa bibi Tiffah ama Dangote Uvae shehe la wigi  Utapata kwa Aristote. Habibi sounds more of a love song where the lady is supposed to be endorsed by the family.

In between the song she is warned to keep off from some fellows. These love songs nowadays,Mchunge shetwani  Mama twende pole pole(Aah) Kuna Esma, Khan  Akina Juma Lokole(Aah). In this line Esma, and Mbosso Khan are mentioned. Is it a Wasafi affair?

Lava Lava with Habibi

Also in this stanza;Wasikupande kichwani  Wakazua mambo ya uchochole(Aah) Iwe aibu mtaani  Insta michambo wanichore Achana naki naki Hawana lolote  Watazusha na wajigi jigi  Penzi watie tope. Lava Lava goes ahead to tell the girl Habibi not to listen to them because they will be all over Instagram and end up ruining their love.

To start with the matter of the heart is becoming common with Wasafi artists. Habibi is well done and am sure you are going to love the lyrics. Actually it  is one of that song that you will grasp the lyrics fast.


Also, we cannot forget the producer. It has been produced by Manstermadness of spice records. In addition to the good production work, the lyrics are dope. There is no competition the words are clear. What a talent!

In conclusion, Lava Lava is someone to watch in the Wasafi Label. He is doing a good job. At this point I wish he does a collaboration with Otile Brown and Brown Mauzo.  Last but not least, Habibi gets a rating of 7/10.

Below is a link to the audio.

Harmonize reveals intimate details about the Wasafi family [video]

Bongo young star, Harmonize opens up about Wasafi´s management that has Mama Dangote as a board member.

Speaking during the Gatsby 707 event that went down over the weekend, the Wasafi artist reveals that Diamond´s mother, Sandra is part of the management team.


And according to him, was she to decline his membership into the WCB label, then he would have missed the chance.

Mama Dangote ni kati ya Wakurugenzi wa WCB Wasafi.

Nadhani bila wao kutoa permission, huenda mimi singesigniwa na WCB Wasafi.

So Mama Dangote wacha niitoe kama ni siri, ni mkurugenzi wa Wasafi pia.

Adding how critical a role she has played in his growth as an artiste and expresses his sincere gratitude and love for the mother.

I love her, amenisupport, lakini pia amekuwa akinipa moyo sana.

So namwombea kwa Mwenyezi Mungu siku zote ambariki and I believe kuwa tuna safari ndefu sana ya kuenda.



However, seemingly not having a good relationship with Diamond´s lover, Tanasha Donna, the ´Never Give Up´ hit maker has this to share:

Ni shemeji yangu, atabaki kuwa shemeji yangu milele. Unajua ushemeji haufutiki, ashakuwa shemeji na atakuwa shemeji.

And I love her and tunaheshimiana sana.


Harmonize clarified that there are no hard feelings between the two because whether he likes it or not, they are both now part of a bigger family.

Adding that what goes on on social media will not always be true and the world should let it all pass.

He however points out that just like he dislikes getting advice about his love life, it is not his bone to pick about other people´s relationship.


Because if that is their choice, then he supports it fully.


When asked about his music, he reveals something is definitely cooking in the kitchen and will be like no other.

Further adding that it will come out as a surprise to many, after failing to disclose whether it was an album or a single.

He however thanks all who offer him support in his music career.



The Tanzanian bongo star stepped out in a new hairstyle and this is what he had to say.

Lazima tuonyeshe watu kwamba kuna mabadiliko pia katika sanaa.

Harmonize speaks about taking over Diamond Platinumz´ legacy

Word has been Harmonize might be threatening King of WCB, Diamond Platinumz by ruling over him but says that has never been his intention.

Harmonize´s growth in the bongo industry has witnessed a continuous rise in his graph and might probably be  threatening to topple over Diamond´s legacy.

However, the star clarifies:

Sitaki kuwa Namba 1,

Nataka kuwa Harmonize tu Nataka kuacha Legacy

However, the singer articulates that it is actually Diamond´s pride once his own artists, thrive.

Najua hata Diamond mwenyewe yupo very proud kushindanishwa na Mimi,

Ameshashindanishwa na wasanii wengi lakini kwa Msanii aliyemtengeneza mwenyewe lazima afurahi

Further on, the artist however cautions his fans to avoid making comparison between the two artists because this is not a competition.

He appreciates the love but asks the audience to avoid overdoing it.

WCB Tumekuwa wakubwa sana, Kitu kidogo tu watu wanaigiza,

Najua watu Mnatupenda sana lakini msituchonganishe

This he reveals up and close, speaking to Wasafi FM.

“Sikuondoka kwa ugomvi” Rich Mavoko speaks of working with Diamond’s Wasafi again

Bongo singer Rich Mavoko quit Wasafi after he sensationally claimed that WCB was fleecing him through the contract he signed with them.

Mavoko sought the help of music regulatory body BASATA to quit WCB in order to stop the record label from suing him for breach of contract.

Mavoko has released four songs; ‘Ndegele’, ‘Hongera’, ‘Naogopa’ and ‘Navumilia’ since his departure from Wasafi. He however revealed that he could still work with WCB if a chance presents itself.

“Sina tatizo kabisa, tutakaa chini na kuzungumza si ni biashara tu?” said Rich Mavoko in an interview with Global Publishers.

No bad blood
Diamond Platnumz and Rich Mavoko
Diamond Platnumz and Rich Mavoko

The singer further asserts that there is no bad blood between Wasafi and him, this despite his dramatic exit from Diamond Platnumz’s record label.

“Unajua watu wanashindwa kuelewa, sikuondoka kwa ugomvi kule hata kidogo ni mambo tu ya kawaida ya kimuziki lakini sina tatizo na yeyote yule,” Mavoko said.



“Najipendekeza Wasafi” Prezzo’s ex lover desperate to be signed by Diamond

Prezzo broke up with Tanzanian lover Amber Lulu sometimes in July 2018. While announcing the end of her relationship with Prezzo, Lulu stated she needed to focus and get work done as opposed to sulking when things didn’t work.

In an interview with Millard Ayo, Lulu said their one-year love affair had ended and she is now focusing on her music career. She also said that the affair lacked true love.

“Mimi sijaachika, nimeacha…Mapenzi ambayo sio ya ukweli tunadanganyana tu unaelewa, mwisho wa siku mimi mwenyewe nimeamua niwe tu peke yangu nifocus na career yangu tuone kama itaweza au itakuwaje…Love huwa na stress too much mimi mwenyewe nikuwa tu na stress siwezi kufanya chochote,” said Lulu.

Amber Lulu
Amber Lulu
Desperate to be signed

Lulu now says that she is hanging out with Wasafi artists in hope that they will recognize her talent and influence top management to sign her.

“Wasafi wanajituma sana na wanajua sana muziki, na ndio maana najipendekeza ili niwe msanii wao, magari yale yananitia sana uchizi,” said Amber Lulu.