Celebrities who keep turning the same age year after year

I totally agree that women fear aging and if anything 99% of them lie about their ages and funny thing is that our own favorite female celebrities actually do it in public eye.

For this reason, I have come up with a small list of renowned female celebrities who have been turning the same age year after year….forgetting their physical appearances say something totally different.


Well Huddah has been in the industry for over 15 years now and i say this because she was among the featured video vixens on song Manyake released in the early 2000; meaning she must have been legal by then or around 17 years….and almost 20nyears later, she claims to be in her early 30’s….like how? Not possible and the only explanation is that she chooses to lie about her real age, yet their are videos from 2000’s showing a grown Huddah.

Vera Sidika

Okay, although she never featured in any music videos from early 2000’s – all we know is that for sure, Vera Sidika lies about her age too. Asking how we know? Well, she used to be besties with Huddah back when they hustled together and having been in the industry for over 14 years….you cant tell me Vera Sidika is still 31 years. Maybe late 30’s if not early 40’s.


Rapper Ssaru claims she just turned 19 years as of 2022….and I don’t want to burst her bubble but gurl you look nothing like a 19 year old unless she’s on something making her age faster than her actual years on earth. Anyway, what many feel is that she could be in her mid if not late 20’s.

Shorn Arwa

Youtuber/content creator and a marketing influencer Shorna Arwa continues to insist that she is in her early 20’s and although we like her and want to hang on to every word she says
…..problem is – her looks say something different. Maybe late 20’s or early 30’s – but still, she looks great.