Alar! Idris Sultan wanted by the Tanzanian police for photoshopping his face on President Magufuli’s body

Word making rounds on social media is that Idris Sultan is currently wanted by the police for photoshopping his face on Magufuli’s body.

Being a comedian well this didn’t appear to be a serious matter as he only did this to wish the Tanzanian president a happy birthday.

On the post shared on his Instagram page Idris Sultan wrote saying;

‪Kwa siku moja tukabadilishana kazi ili a-enjoy birthday yake kwa amani ????????????‬

Idris in trouble

Well, it seems that the post went viral catching the attention of senior politicians like Paul Makonda who is the regional commissioner of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Paul Makonda on the other hand decided to share a post asking Idris Sultan to report to any police station as he is wanted for pulling such a stunt on the president. He wrote saying;

Naona mipaka ya kazi yako huijuwi. Nenda sasa hivi kituo chochote Cha polic uwambie Makonda kaniambie nije utakuta ujumbe wako. @idrissultan