Queen Darleen’s husband addresses alleged beef between his two wives

Isihack who married his first wife Sabra a few years ago added one of Diamond Platnumz sister’s as his second wife; and things have not been as easy as many would think.

So far the guy is said to have favoursim when it comes to Darleen who is the youngest wife in the family. Apparently Isihack prefers Diamond’s sister since she was able to conceive for him after years of trying and failing with first wife, Sabra.

Speaking during an interview done during their late night baby shower; Darleen made it known that she has no beef with the first wife – however she cannot say that they are friends!

Queen Darleen’s husband with his first wife

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Isihack explains the situationship

Anyway Isihack who was present during the interview went on to add that most people know nothing about the private life surrounding his two wives.

According to the fella his two wives have no ongoing beef however what he can say is that they never get to meet or see each other. This is because they all live separately and unlike what know, he even has his first wife’s IG logins on his phone.

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This was to prove that despite the hostile between his two wives; he still remains in charge and is always aware of what is happening in his family.


Meet the 1st wife married to Queen Darleen’s new husband

Queen Darleen who is popularly known for her songs and of course for being Diamond Platnumz sister recently good married at a low key wedding inviting friends and family.

Queen Darleen’s husband, Isihack

However she surprised many after confirming that she was getting married as a second wife to one Isihack.

Unlike most women who would never agree to such an agreement, Queen Darleen says that her heart now feels settled and will continue being loyal to her husband since Islam allows up to 4 wives.

Isihack’s first wife

Through his Instagram page the groom went on reveal that his first wife was in good terms with Queen Darleen since she was the one who agreed for her husband to marry the singer.

He introduced her with a new photo which he captioned;

Isihack’s first wife

Mke mkubwa wasichokijua kwamba ruksa ya uoa umetoa ww na umeridhia mke wangu kipenzi kama dini inavyosema…Nakupenda mke wangu???????????????? #DontGiveUp #NoRespectNoLove