Jalang’o: The reason why people above you have no time to gossip or talk about you!

With an experience of over 10 years in the entertainment industry; comedian cum radio host Jalang’o has learnt one or two important things about life.

Yes, he may seem like an unserious man when it comes to joking; but also Jalang’o has proven to he a smart man who made it to the ‘young and rich’ entrepreneurs at only 30 years.

Rumor has it that he is a CEO at an advertising agency and has several businesses across the country; which also proves that the thought of poverty must really scare this comedian out of his mind!

Anyway after quitting radio job at Milele FM; Jalang’o went on to join the jobless corner for just a few hours; before he received 6 other radio offers from popular stations in the country.

Jalang’o with his posh ride

Piece of advice

Well knowing he struggled to get out of his viallage for a better future; we might as well say he definitely deserves the success he has since achieved!

Anyway looking at his IG post, Ghafla came a cross a post that seem to have been directed to critics; and busy bodies who can’t help but stay in other peoples businesses!

Looking at the post, Jalang’o opened up revealing an important secret of why most successful people have no time to discuss other people. He went on to start off by asking;


Have you ever realised that the people you talk about are doing better than you?

Which he answered in a lengthy post, leaving many feeling challenged by the comedian. He went on;

So don’t talk about others, let them motivate you so that you be better than them…Nobody above you has time to gossip or talk about you, if they are above you they have nothing or very little to learn from you but you have everything to learn from them! Ask yourself what you are going to do to better yourself so that on Friday when the week end celebrate the small wins! You look back and say I did it!

Ghafla is not quite sure who the post was secretly directed to; but it also could be Obare who recently exposed Jalang’o for cheating on his wife!

Jalang’o quits Milele FM

Media personality and comedian Felix Odiwuor, popularly know as Jalang’o, has called it a day at Milele FM where he has been hosting the breakfast show with Alex Mwakideu since July 2018.

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Taking to Instagram, Jalang’o revealed that he has been having discussions with the powers that be at Mediamax but their talks did not bear any fruit.

“I was not at work today because we had not agreed on a lot of things and terms and even as we speak my HR had me on hold discussing the terms of my employment,” he wrote.

Milele FM co-hosts Jalang’o (left) and Alex Mwakideu (right)

He went on to add that his last day at the media house was Friday, June 19 and went on to thank the people that have supported him during his 2-year stint.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t agree. So just like that I won’t be at work tomorrow or any other day. I want to thank everyone who supported me and every fan who was with us to the point that we became the most popular no 1 radio station in the country,” Jalang’o added.

His announcement comes; barely hours; after it emerged that Mediamax had fired all its newsroom staff and spared only 2.

According to a source, the employees who were shown the door refused to agree to 50% pay cut that that had been proposed by the media house. Interestingly, they even laid off people who had accepted the 50% pay cut.

Milele FM presenters Jalang’o (left) and Alex Mwakideu (right)