Woman whose job Alex Mwakideu took at Radio47 speaks up

Mkamburi Chigogo, a presenter at Radio47, has said that she will miss working with her former co-host Emmanuel Mwashumbe. Mwashumbe has left Radio47 to join Alex Mwakideu on the morning show at Milele FM.

Chigogo said that she will miss Mwashumbe’s support and lack of drama. She is now hosting a new show called Mchikicho, which airs from 10am to 1pm every day of the week.

Mwakideu’s move to Milele FM comes after a week of uncertainty. He had initially said that he would be staying at Radio47, but then announced that he was leaving. He has said that he is excited to start a new chapter at Milele FM.

The move is a major coup for Milele FM, which is hoping to boost its ratings with the addition of Mwakideu. He is a popular presenter with a large following, and his move is expected to attract new listeners to the station.

Radio47 is also hoping to continue to be successful without Mwakideu. Chigogo is a talented presenter, and her new show is sure to be popular. The station is also planning to launch a new morning show, which will be hosted by a different presenter.

It remains to be seen how the changes will affect the two stations. However, it is clear that both Radio47 and Milele FM are committed to providing their listeners with the best possible programming.

Alex Mwakideu Departs Milele FM for Radio 47

After five years at Milele FM, popular radio presenter Alex Mwakideu has announced his departure from the station. He will be joining Radio 47, a media outlet under Cape Media that also operates TV47.

Mwakideu will be co-hosting the morning breakfast show alongside Emmanuel Mwashumbe, known by the alias Mbappe. The show is scheduled to debut on Monday, August 28, 2023, running from 6 am to 10 am.

Mwakideu’s move to Radio 47 comes just a week after he addressed his listeners on social media, reassuring them of his continued presence on Milele FM. However, he later clarified that there had been a misunderstanding with the management of Mediamax, the parent company of Milele FM, but that it had since been resolved.

In a statement, Radio47’s management confirmed that Mwakideu’s move to the station was imminent.

“Alex Mwakideu joins Cape Media-owned Radio47 starting this Monday. He will be hosting the ‘Breakfast 47’ show alongside Emmanuel Mwashumbe,” the company said in a statement.

Mwakideu’s journey in the radio industry saw him make a significant transition from Radio Maisha, where he had spent eight years, to Milele FM in August 2018. At Radio Maisha, he hosted the morning show, which was subsequently taken over by comedian Captain Otoyo.

Mwakideu’s decision to join Radio 47 marks him as the latest in a growing list of notable media personalities who have aligned themselves with both Radio 47 and its sister entity, TV47. Just recently, former Citizen TV presenter Willis Raburu made his debut on TV47, where he will be hosting a show every Friday at 10 pm.

Mwakideu is a highly experienced and respected radio presenter with a proven track record of success. His move to Radio 47 is a major coup for the station and is sure to boost its audience numbers. I am confident that he will be a great addition to the team and I look forward to hearing him on the airwaves.

Alex Mwakideu Reverses Decision to Leave Milele FM

Media personality Alex Mwakideu has reversed his decision to leave Milele FM after all. In a post on social media, Mwakideu said that he and the radio station had a misunderstanding, which has now been resolved. As a result, he will continue working at the radio station.

Mwakideu had announced his departure from Milele FM earlier in the day, saying that it was time for him to move on. He thanked his fans for rallying behind him and said that he appreciated their support.

However, Mwakideu’s change of heart came a few hours later, when he posted a message on social media saying that he and Milele FM had resolved their differences. He thanked his fans for their understanding and said that he was looking forward to continuing his work at the radio station.

Mwakideu’s decision to stay at Milele FM is a relief to his fans, who were disappointed to hear of his initial departure. He is one of the most popular radio presenters in Kenya, and his presence at the station is sure to be a boost to its ratings.

It is unclear what caused the misunderstanding between Mwakideu and Milele FM, but it is clear that the two sides have now patched things up. Mwakideu’s decision to stay at the station is a positive development for both him and the radio station.

Alex Mwakideu forces Milele FM to bow to his rules!

Popular radio presenter Alex Mwakideu has reversed his decision to leave Milele FM, hours after announcing his departure.

Mwakideu said he had a “small misunderstanding” with his bosses, which has now been sorted out. He thanked his fans for their support and said he is “good to go”.

The presenter’s initial announcement came as a shock to his fans, who have been enjoying his work on Milele FM for the past five years. In his social media post, Mwakideu did not give any specific reasons for his departure, but he hinted that it was due to a difference in ideas with his employer.

However, it seems that the two sides have been able to resolve their differences, and Mwakideu will be staying on at Milele FM. This is good news for fans of the presenter, who will be able to continue enjoying his work on the station.

Mwakideu is a well-respected radio presenter with a wealth of experience. He has worked in the industry for over 10 years, and he has hosted some of the most popular radio shows in Kenya. He is known for his engaging personality and his ability to connect with listeners.

Mwakideu’s decision to stay on at Milele FM is a major boost for the station. He is one of the most popular presenters in Kenya, and his presence will help to attract new listeners and keep existing ones engaged.

I am sure that Mwakideu will continue to be a valuable asset to Milele FM for many years to come. He is a talented presenter with a bright future ahead of him.

Alex Mwakideu Quits Milele FM After 5 Years

Radio host Alex Mwakideu has announced his exit from Milele FM after five years of service. In a statement on Monday, Mwakideu said that he enjoyed working at the station and interacting with the fans over the five years, but it is now time for him to close that chapter.

“Its been 5 years ndani ya Milele FM. Nime enjoy!!! Let me say Ahsante sana to you, the Listener, because without you, hakuna radio! You are the reason we do this thing called Radio.

Mwakideu has not yet revealed his next move, but he said that he is excited about the future and that he will be keeping his fans updated on his plans.

“Let me also say ahsante sana to all my colleagues, the ones I am leaving behind, and the ones who left Milele FM already. Thank you all. Tuliipiga, na Ikapigika!! Page closed. Onto the next one! Guess tunaenda wapi next….” Mwakideu wrote on social media.

Mwakideu’s exit from Milele FM is a major loss for the station. He was one of the most popular radio hosts in Kenya and his departure will be felt by many listeners. However, Mwakideu is a talented broadcaster and he is sure to be successful in whatever he does next.

Alex Mwakideu selling his multi-million new sleek ride barely a year after purchase sparks mixed reactions (Photos)

There are times to say goodbye and many a time, goodbyes are sad.

Popular radio presenter, Alex Mwakideu has finally parted with his sleek BMWX5 pimp ride that he acquired barely last year.

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Just mid-May 2019, the Milele FM Head of Radio introduced his sleek, black German machine to fans, in a series of videos of the radio personality having some good rides with his multi-million car.

Alex Mwakideu flaunts new sleek ride

Unfortunately, looks like time is up to give it away as we wait for his next move.

The announcement

In an Instagram post made by a popular car dealer in the country, photos of a BMW X5 series was put up for sale. And hardly do you read the number plate and it rings a bell especially for those that could associate it with Alex Mwakideu.

Milele FM Head of Radio Alex Mwakideu

And they are not wrong, the roughly KSh6-7M, 2012 brand new model at the time, actually belongs to a dear Alex Mwakideu who has not been spotted riding in it in the last couple of weeks.

A second hand of the same has been estimated to range between KSh 3-4.8M, depending on several factors.

On the car dealers page, the heavy, sleek German fuel guzzler is going for KSh3.65M.

Alex Mwakideu parts with his German beast

This is courtesy of its sunroof, all its functions running, complete with well-maintained interior and exterior that might leave you mistaking it for a brand new ride.

Ample boot space, relatively good tyres and a log book to boot. The car is up for sale.

An announcement that has left majority of fans disappointed that the black beast was actually leaving the hands of the popular Milele FM presenter, barely a year after its purchase.

Check it out:

The BMWX5’s interior
Mwakideu’s BMWX5’s interior
The spacious BMWX5’s interior
The BMWX5’s exterior
Alex Mwakideu parts ways with his BMWX5

Photos courtesy

10 famous Kenyan personalities who quit drinking alcohol

Fame is like a two-sided coin, each side has its implications, some long-term others short-term.

Among its package is a celebrity lifestyle than many are usually not prepared for. Who soon after slide into habits that end up costing them a lifetime.

Alcoholism and drug abuse is one common characteristic that seems to cut across the board, whether female or male.

Not one, not two have opened up about their long battles with alcoholism, that saw them completely ditch the bottle.

Lets start off;

1. Alex Mwakideu

The Milele FM presenter last month celebrated one year anniversary since quitting alcohol, a step he took in memory of his late mother, after 14 years of indulging in alcoholism.

Radio presenter, Alex Mwakideu with his mom

2. Wilbroda

The celebrated TV star, while marking 10 years of acting in Papa Shirandula in 2017, announced she finally quit drinking that had taken a toll on her.

Actress Wilbroda

3. Frasha

The award-winning rapper, born Francis Amisi expressed deep regret in wasting away 15 years of money in alcohol. After being inspired by this brother to do the ‘90 days without alcohol’ challenge that saw him completely give up the bottle in 2018.

Frasha supports King Kaka in impunity battle 'Wajinga Sisi'
Rapper Frasha

4. Nana Gecaga

President Uhurus niece, Nana would finish a crate of beer bottles in a day, in her early youthful life, something that nearly saw her family give up on her after several trips to rehabilitation centers.  She proudly marks 20 years alcohol-free.

Kenyan businesswoman and corporate executive, Nana Gecaga

5. Rapcha the Sayantist

The comedian and Hot 96 presenter long battle with alcoholism had gotten to the point that his kids would wipe vomit from his mouth. For him, quitting alcohol is the best decision he ever made.

Personality Rapcha the Sayantist

6. Natalie Tewa

The curvy travel and lifestyle vlogger, in September 2020 announced she had been 2-months alcohol-free and still is pushing on.

Vlogger, Natalie Tewa

7. Kabi WaJesus

Kabi was a heavy drinker and smoked cigarettes and bhang, things he was exposed to at a young age while living in Kayole, that nearly destroyed his health forcing him to give up the drink. Having given his life to Jesus in 2013, him and his wife have turned to non-alcoholic drinks.

The WaJesus couple

8. Ian Wafula

The BBC journalist on November 1, 2020 announced it had been 6 months free of alcohol and even though utterly clueless, he is loving the journey.

BBC´s Ian Wafula

9. DNA

The rapper, born Dennis Kaggia revealed that after hitting fame, peer pressure and the wrong group of friends, had seen him wreck cars and destroy relationships. But after his daughter was born, a different light was born within him.

Rapper, DNA

10. Jalango

The celebrated media personality promised to stop taking alcohol, courtesy of his close friend and colleague Alex Mwakideu on July 15, 2020 as they walk this alcohol-free journey together. Promises are there to be kept.

BFFs Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu

There you have it!

Congratulations are in order! Alex Mwakideu proudly marks 1 year anniversary

October 26, remains a special day in the life of veteran radio personality, Alex Mwakideu.

Same date in 2019, the Milele FM presenter ditched the bottle in honor of his late mother who passed on in the same year, having been an alcoholic nearly his entire life.

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News that broke the internet, netizens disbelieving that he would go another day without alcohol but to the surprise of many, it has been an year.

Alex Mwakideu celebrates one year of sobriety

Also read: “Sitawahi onja pombe tena!” Jalang’o boldly declares courtesy of Alex Mwakideu

A milestone he took upon himself to celebrate, marking one year anniversary since quitting alcohol even though it hasnt been easy.

Speaking during his morning show, he announced on National radio; “Sijagusa, sijalamba, sijatamani, ni kwa sababu ya Mwenyezi Mungu.”

An elated Alex Mwakideu further disclosed that he did not neglect his alcoholic friends or even stop attending parties, night events or clubs.

Alex Mwakideu with his beloved

He was just disciplined enough to stick to his commitment and promise and this week, he marks 1 year since he had his last bottle.

“It’s Official I am now ONE YEAR SOBER!!!! Niendelee Nisiendelee???”

Mwakideu proudly marks one year anniversary

Meanwhile, his co-host of a comedian, MCA Tricky, decided to make light of the situation, pledging to remain sober as from October 26, 2020 since Mwakideu had proven it possible.

The two said a prayer and put their intentions to God on Live radio. Have a listen;

Congratulatory messages continue to flow in as his friends the likes of Jalango make light of the situation and put him to test.

5 prominent media personalities eyeing Kenya’s political space

After years of gracing our TV screens and radio airwaves, several renowned media personalities have expressed interest in vying for particular political seats come the next general elections.

Some who already started their journey but got knocked off along the way. Others hopeful that politics will bring them fulfillment as they desire to see change in different parts of the country. Lets kick off;

1. Jalango

The lad who rose to fame through his comical stints before joining the radio field that has since opened numerous doors for him, indicated that his radio job at Kiss FM will be his last employment. As he now changes focus to politics, targeting the Langata parliamentary seat come 2022.

Kiss FM presenter Jalang’o

2. Betty Kyallo

The popular TV girl who ditched the media to run her salon business, confirmed to Mwalimu Churchill that joining politics is part of her plan, even though still deciding which position to take up. Plus, she was spotted just recently in the company of her Somali bae, Hon. Alinur Mohamed ahead of 2022 political campaigns.

Mompreneur, Betty Mutei Kyallo

3. Andrew Kibe

Kibe Andy is not new to politics. The former Kiss FM morning show co-host contested for the the Langata parliamentary seat in 2013, but never got to see the light of day. However, indicating he is still debating whether to go back into the political field or not.

Andrew Kibe early political ambitions

4. Jacque Maribe

The former Citizen TV news editor indicated that if she were to vie in her home county, Murang’a in 2022, women in the area had even pledged their support for her.

Media personality Jacque Maribe

5. Alex Mwakideu

The veteran radio presenter, has time and again disclosed his intentions to run for the Wundayi parliamentary seat, reiterating the same to Jalang’o during their interview in July this year.

BFFs Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu

Alex Mwakideu finally comes clean on rumours claiming he cheated on wife

Alex Mwakideu a few months was exposed for allegedly having an affair with Irene Barungi, who also works at Milele FM.

The expose done by Edgar Obare portrayed Mwakideu as a good liar who knows how to hide his tracks. Despite the stories going viral Mwakideu maintained his silence until just recently when he opened up sharing his side of the story!

Speaking to his listeners during his morning show, Alex Mwakideu started off by acknowledging that the truth always sets someone free and this is what he had now decided to do! He went on to say;

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There is a sense of peace you have when you say the truth. Recently I was trending on social media. There was a ‘ngamia’ I don’t know that wrote a story about me.

Just like the rest we have heard from before, the presenter denied having cheated on his wife and mother of his children; but blamed the ‘blogger’ for spreading lies through his platform.

Unlike Jalang’os exposè, Mwakideu was lucky to have Kenyans behind him – as most still don’t believe that the church man with good morals is capable of cheating on his wife. And for this reason Mwakideu went on to add;

But Kenyans supported me a lot saying “Mwakideu can never do such things.’ But the truth is, all those that were written did not happen. I tried to explain to the mother of my children not to believe such stories because they were not true.

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Mrs Mwakideu’s reaction

Although I can tell you that Mwakideu must have put in  some hard work – trying to convince his wife about his alleged infidelity; especially with receipts from the IG slay queens…. the presenter managed to save his family at last.

He went on to add;

It reached a point I said my whole truth without hiding anything. She listened, there were done things that hurt her a bit; but she was happy I said the truth and from there we were at peace.

Like I said, I bet this is wasn’t as easy as he narrated it – but being a wise man at least he owned up to his mistakes!

Jalang’o quits Milele FM

Media personality and comedian Felix Odiwuor, popularly know as Jalang’o, has called it a day at Milele FM where he has been hosting the breakfast show with Alex Mwakideu since July 2018.

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Taking to Instagram, Jalang’o revealed that he has been having discussions with the powers that be at Mediamax but their talks did not bear any fruit.

“I was not at work today because we had not agreed on a lot of things and terms and even as we speak my HR had me on hold discussing the terms of my employment,” he wrote.

Milele FM co-hosts Jalang’o (left) and Alex Mwakideu (right)

He went on to add that his last day at the media house was Friday, June 19 and went on to thank the people that have supported him during his 2-year stint.

“Unfortunately, we didn’t agree. So just like that I won’t be at work tomorrow or any other day. I want to thank everyone who supported me and every fan who was with us to the point that we became the most popular no 1 radio station in the country,” Jalang’o added.

His announcement comes; barely hours; after it emerged that Mediamax had fired all its newsroom staff and spared only 2.

According to a source, the employees who were shown the door refused to agree to 50% pay cut that that had been proposed by the media house. Interestingly, they even laid off people who had accepted the 50% pay cut.

Milele FM presenters Jalang’o (left) and Alex Mwakideu (right)

Crucial lessons Kenyans can learn from Alex Mwakideu’s cheating scandal

As you may or may not know, a few days ago, popular YouTuber and blogger Edgar Obare exposed the philandering ways of Milele FM radio presenter Alex Mwakideu.

Also read: Alex Mwakideu’s infidelity exposed as Edgar Obare introduces ‘Porini boys’!

Obare, who is known to expose public figures, shared Instagram screenshots that showed Mwakideu arranging for a meet up with his alleged side chic – Irene Barungi – so that they can do the nasty.

Irene Barungi with Alex Mwakideu
Irene Barungi with Alex Mwakideu

In the leaked conversations, the two are seen referring to each other as ‘babe’ before the media personality asks for a teaser of what awaits him.

When the scandal broke out, many people, including myself, expected Mwakideu to come out guns blazing and claim that the conversation is fake while pointing a finger at his detractors but none of that happened.

Instead, he opted to keep quiet and acted like he was not the talk of the town. I know this because I kept checking his social media accounts for a statement. Before we knew it, Kenyans had forgotten about the scandal.

Alex Mwakideu with his wife
Alex Mwakideu with his wife

There’s a crucial lesson that other people who are in the limelight and Kenyans in general can learn from all this and that is the fact that the more you talk about something is the more it sticks in people’s minds.

Truth is that if Mwakideu had gone the Jalang’o way and issued a statement on his social media accounts, we would still be talking about it to date because, well, he has given us a reason to continue talking about it.

By completely avoiding the story, despite the criticism he got on social media, it died a natural death and that means that it’s up to whoever who saw the screenshots to decide if the presenter was really sleeping with his colleague.

And to be honest, it doesn’t really matter whether they are having an affair or not because they are of legal age and I believe they are not mentally incapacitated.

Fans mock Alex Mwakideu for allegedly cheating on his wife with a colleague from Milele FM

Alex Mwakideu is the latest victim of Edgar Obare’s exposee!

According to reports, Alex Mwakideu has been secretly seeing a radio presenter from Milele FM called Irene Barungi. As seen on the instagram posts, Edgar reached out to both presenters hoping to get a response; but unfortunately the two never responded.

Being a credible news outlet, Edgar chose not to kill the story but share some of the evidence linking Mwakideu and Barungi together.

The screenshots prove that the two might have been sleeping together.  In the conversation the two are seen discussing how much they enjoy each others company especially after smoking some Marijuana.

However exposing Mwakideu left many of his fans confused on who to support between Edgar and Alex. This is probably because Mwakideu had given many hopes of finding a loyal man like him; only to realize he is no different!

Jalang’o, Irene Barungi and Alex Mwakideu

Fans troll Alex Mwakideu

Earlier today as Mwakideu posted a new flaunting his x5 but what fans were more interested in, is his affair with Irene Barungi.

In the comment section most of the fans bashed him for cheating on the mother of his children; yet is the first one to act innocent on social media and radio.

Others went on t bash him and Jalango for hosting a show based on relationship; but behind closed curtains they are the ones sending their wives to bed in tears. One fan by the name of Nandwa left a comment saying;

Alex Mwakideu

nandwa.nandwa???????????????????????????? Watu wa ignore the nonsense blablabla aki let a spade be called a spade not a big spoon congratulations bro keep up

Although not everyone is criticizing him, there are those who have been encouraging him to ignore the stories circulating online. Well, of course there are those who understand that he could be facing a hard time at home; but this is also a lesson well learnt for the guy.

Below are some of the deleted comments left under Mwakideu’s post.


Blessings on blessings! Milele FM’s Alex Mwakideu and wife expecting baby number 4

Katiba imesomwa! Radio presenter Alex Mwakideu has been making headlines thanks to his high profiled birthday that allegedly saw politicians and wealthy business men attend!

Details about the birthday however remain on the low and judging from the photos circulating on social media; seems like Jalango was having more fun at the party compared to Mr Mwakideu!

Mwakideu’s better half

Alex Mwakideu’s wife pregnant?

Anyway away from that, fans now believe that the Mwakideu’s are expecting their 4th child barely 1 year after welcoming their 3rd baby girl!

This comes after the presenter unveiled a new photo from his family weekend getaway that has left many talking! Looking a photo of Mwakideu and his wife, it is obvious to see that Miriam Mwakideu is now rocking a grown baby bump!

Apart from that, the pregnancy glow on her face confirms that their is indeed another one on the way!

Miriam Mwakideu

Fans congratulate Hali ilivyo’s nurse!

Thanks to his show which seems to be driving many Kenyans crazy, Alex Mwakideu has been receiving fan love for the longest time now!

After learning that he is now expecting another baby, fans have gone ahead to congratulate the radio presenter for the job well done.

Pregnant Miriam Mwakideu

Although the couple has not confirmed whether they are pregnant or not. But judging from the photo shared by the Milele FM presenter; fans should probably sit back and wait for the arrival of the baby since the two rarely share any baby bump photos.

This will be the 4th child Mwakideu and his Miriam will be adding to their gorgeous family. Being a father of girls, Mwakideu must be counting himself lucky for the blessings he has been receiving since marrying his better half.

Mwakideu with his girls

Sad! Alex Mwakideu’s mother laid to rest (photos)

Alex Mwakideu’s mother was laid to rest on Saturday  in Wundanyi, Taita Taveta County.

Mwakidue’s mother passed on May 22, just a few months after the family lost a sibling.

Speaking after the burial, Mwakideu thanked those who stood and mourned with his family during the trying moment following her passing a week ago.

“Mama. RIP my dear. That was a great send off. Thank you all for your prayers, love, and support. Mungu awabariki,” he was quoted saying.


The burial was attended by friends and colleagues including his co-host Jalang’o.

The Milele FM Breakfast host, who has been in the media industry for more than a decade, lost his mother barely four months after losing his sister Emmy Mwakideu.

The late Emmy Mwakideu was diagnosed with cancer late 2017 and she succumbed to it on January 11th.


This is what caused the death of Alex Mwakideu’s sister Emmy Mwakideu

January has been a dark month to many people, Milele FM presenter Alex Mwakideu lost his sister Emmy Mwakideu who died on Friday January 11th.

The Milele presenter took to social media to mourn the death of his sister without revealing details of what caused her death.

“I just don’t have words to write. But still I am grateful to God for the time you were with us. I will miss you so much. Rest with the Angels my sister Emmy Mwakideu,” wrote Alex.

Alex Mwakideu with his other sister Rozinah Mwakideu who was married to Robert Burale
Alex Mwakideu with his other sister Rozinah Mwakideu who was married to Robert Burale
Cause of death

Apparently Emmy had been battling cancer for a long time, details from newspaper obituary indicate that the deceased was diagnosed with cancer in late 2017. She succumbed to the disease on January 11th 2019.

A memorial service of Alex Mwakideu’s sister was held last Saturday 19th January at the Nairobi Baptist Church on Ngong Road.




Mwakideu: It’s time Kenyan celebrities also storm Tanzania and steal their women like they are doing to us 

Since he’s already married and has one kid, Milele FM host Alex Mwakideu can not lead Kenyan men into Tanzania for a wife-hunting mission.

However, he’s ready to cheer other Kenyans into the neighboring country as they go for a revenge mission that will see them comeback with pretty Tanzanian women.

Date Tanzanians

The popular radio presenter has urged fellow Kenyans, celebs to be specific, to also date Tanzanian women now that their men have invaded the country, taking all the pretty women and making them their wives.

Diamond Platnumz has Natash Donna who he plans to marry soon, Ben Pol has Anerlisa Muigai, Alikiba also got his wife from Kenya.

The radio presenter urged the likes of Khaligraph Jones, Willy Paul and Timmy T Dat to go to Tanzania and reciprocate what Ali Kiba and Diamond are doing.

@officialalikiba alienda Kongowea Mombasa Kenya akamuoa mkewe Amina… @diamondplatnumz naye akaja Nairobi akampata mtoto wetu @tanashadonna naskia wanapanga Harusi February Sasa tena @iambenpolashamchukua mtoto wetu mwengine @anerlisa ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️Wakenya tutaambia watu nini??? Kuanzia sahii Nataka @otilebrown@timmytdat @[email protected] na makapera wengine wote wanaojiamini wakimbie Tanzania kulipiza kisasi!!! ???Sisi kama watazamaji tutawashangilia papa hapa mtandaoni ??????” he said. 

Alex Mwakideu’s message to Diamond about his relationship with Tanasha Donna Oketch

Diamond Platnumz is set to marry Tanasha Donna Oketch next year in February. While Tanzanians have been trolling the  Kenyan beauty, celebs from 254 have a different message to Diamond.

Tanasha and Diamond recently showed public display of affection as they traveled to Mwanza for Wasafi Festival that was held on Sunday December 16th.

The Bongo singer is seen counting lots of cash in bundles as Tanasha was busy talking selfies. The post attracted several comments with people expressing their opinion about Diamond and Tanasha’s relationship.

Diamond and Tanasha chilling at a resort in Mwanza
Diamond and Tanasha chilling at a resort in Mwanza
Mwakideu’s advice

Milele FM presenter Alex Mwakideu also commented on Diamond’s post to advise him. He urged Diamond to stick with Tanasha through thick and thin.

“Simba hapo kwa Tanasha usitoke… Wala Ushichoke… Na pia Usiboeke…” Mwakideu commented,

Radio Jambo presenter Massawe Japanni also supported Mwakideu’s advice, she said she was strongly Team Tanasha.

Why Jalango has not reported to work today and left his boss Mwakidue all alone in studio

If you have tried reaching comedian Jalang’o and hasn’t responded or you listened to Milele FM today in the morning and he wasn’t present, it’s because he’s currently on exam-mode.

The popular radio presenter took to instagram to apologize for not responding to calls, messages and missing his radio show because he’s currently sitting for his exams.

He told fans that he has been given three days off by his boss Alex Mwakideu to finish up on his exams at Daystar University.

“Why Iam not on Radio today! EXAMS…EXAMS…So today I will be starting my end semester exams…so my boss @alex_mwakideu extended to me a 1 day study leave and 2 days for exams ! The whole night has been books! Sorry if you tried reaching me! We must graduate! No turning back fam! Pray for me! Iam ready to this! We are almost there! Talent will get you places but Talent with books will open you many doors!,” said Jalas on Instagram. 

Alex Mwakidue also shared on Instagram that he will be hosting the show all alone till he makes a comeback.

“One Man Army! The General! 93.6 Battalion! @milelefm#MileleNakuruTakeOver.” 


Alex Mwakideu promoted, he is now Jalango’s boss

Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu went on air together on Milele FM sometimes in August 2018. The two presenters reunited after a year apart.

Mwakideu and Jalas have chemistry on radio having worked together for four long years on Radio Maisha before they ‘broke up’ in 2017, when Jalas joined Hot 96 as Mwakideu remained at Radio Maisha.

The two were poached from Radio Maisha and Hot 96 to once again work together at Milele FM, Jalas and Mwakideu host the morning drive.

Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu
Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu

Mwakideu has been appointed Head of Radio Milele FM just four months after joining the station. A colleague Joyce Gituro confirmed the appointment when she sent him a congratulatory message via Instagram.

“Congratulations, Alex Mwakideu Head of Radio and Ngunjiri, Deputy Head of Radio on your new roles. May God guide your every step. Together let’s take Milele FM higher,” wrote Joyce Gituro.





5 photos of Alex Mwakideu’s elder sister who wanted to commit suicide because of Robert Burale

Pastor Robert Burale was once married to Rozinah Mwakideu, the elder sister of radio host Alex Mwakidue but their marriage crumbled after only a year and only two days.

In a recent interview on Radio Jambo, Rozinah revealed that Burale frustrated her to a point she contemplated committing suicide.

She, however, managed to leave him, ignore naysayers and start a fresh.


According to Rozinah, Burale was deep in debt and manipulated her in different ways especially when he was on the wrong.

“Robert had so many things he was hiding from me in the name of being a pastor… I was expecting him to change. I became suicidal in that one year I lived with Robert because there was so much I was going through but I feared what people would say if I left. My mother is a prayerful person and that helped me,” said Rozinah.

Though Burale hasn’t addressed her claims, he confessed a while ago that he had huge financial issues that frustrated his ex-wife.

Rozinah has not re-married since she parted ways with him and neither has Burale.

Here are her photos:



Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu already giving Jeff Koinange a run for his money on their first day at work on Milele FM

Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu have rekindled their chemistry on radio and they are already going for the top spot – Kenya’s most trendy morning show.

Jalas and Mwakidau reunited after a year, they worked together at Radio Maisha for four long years before Jalas quit to started a new show on Hot 96 together with Jeff Koinange.

The two presenters are once again working together but at a different radio station. Milele FM threw around money to poach Jalas from Hot 98 and Mwakideu from Radio Maisha.


Itambe Milele

Jalas and Mwakidau are on a mission to topple Hot 96 morning show as the most trendy morning show in Kenya. The two presenters are already trending on Twitter on their first day at work, #ItambeMilele is trending second on Twitter while #JeffInTheMorning is 5th.




“Milele FM 93.6 uko ndani” Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu rehearse for their new show on Milele FM

Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu have finally confirmed their reunion. The two went their separate ways when Jalas quit Radio Maisha in March 2017 to join Hot 96.

Mwakideu and Jalas have chemistry on radio having worked together for four long years on Radio Maisha before they ‘broke up’ in 2017.

The two presenters are however reuniting, but this time round at a different radio station. Milele FM threw around money to poach Jalas from Hot 98 and Mwakideu from Radio Maisha.

Milele FM it is

Jalas and Mwakideu have finally confirmed they will work together in several posts on social media. The two presenters went on holiday to Ukunda before they embark on their new job.

Jalang'o and Alex Mwakideu
Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu

“You know Alex and I worked together for along time and we bonded well then we parted ways..we are soon going on air together again so for us to see if the bond is still there @trippygotours Have organised for us a short bonding holiday! Keep it here! #AlexNaJalas  On air soon!” Wrote Jalas.

Jalang’o and Alex Mwakideu are seen rehearsing for their show in a video uploaded on Instagram;



Alex Mwakideu blasts Radio Maisha for using his images despite him leaving the station 

Hours after Alex Mwakideu resigned at Radio Maisha, the presenter took to social media to blast the station after he noticed they’re still using his image to promote the morning show he used to host.

On Instagram, he attacked the station asking them to leave his photo out of their campaign because he’s not part of the team any more.

This is wrong. Jana tu we were “celebrating” the 8 years of my career at the Standard Group as a Radio Presenter of the Morning Show. Today even after resigning and being given my acceptance letter in good faith munaniweka hapa! @radiomaisha @tjapanni kindly dont use my face,” read Alex Mwakideu’s tweet.

Left the station

The radio presenter who has been working with the Standard Media Group for eight years announced his departure on social media.

“It’s been 8 awesome years and I will miss Radio Maisha. I will always remember ‘kuanzia’ the first day when we launched this radio station during my first show. It’s been a good ride! Let me say a huge ahsante to the entire team of Radio Maisha and the Standard Media Group,” the message read.


Alex Mwakideu: Marrying Mariam is still the most important decision I’ve ever made in my whole life

Alex Mwakideu asserts that marriage is working perfectly for him. The Radio Maisha presenter waxed lyrical about his wife who he married three years ago.

Alex and Mariam exchanged vows in a colorful wedding ceremony held on 27th of December 2014. The two lovebirds celebrated their third marriage anniversary two days ago.

The Radio Maisha presenter has no regrets about marrying his wife. Three years on and blessed with two children Alex is still madly in love with his sweetheart.

I made a decision to live the rest of my life with her

Mariam and Alex during their wedding

Alex went into raptures about his wife as they celebrated their third marriage anniversary. He says that marrying Mariam is still the most important decision he has ever made in his whole life.

“On this same day in the year 2014… I made a decision to live the rest of my life with this beautiful, gorgeous, amazing, loving awesome friend, confidant, soul mate… My lifetime partner! My ride or Die! To date, it’s still the most important decision I’ve ever made in my whole life!!! Happy 3rd Anniversary to us!!!” wrote Alex Mwakideu.



Jalango’s departure from Radio Maisha leaves his former co-host of four years in a terrible mess

Jalango officially quit his job at Radio Maisha about a fortnight ago, this after refuting claims that he had ditched the Mombasa Road-based media house to seek greener pastures.

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The radio host-cum-presenter wrote a heartfelt letter to his colleagues on social media, he expressed his gratitude for working with them for the four years they had been together.

“Best Friends…Best Brothers. .Amazing Colleagues I would ask for….Today we part ways..as we pursue other dreams all I want to say that it’s been real…amazing four years together! Alex Mwakideu …you are my bro from another mother…I will always love you! Always do your best! Today I say goodbye to a colleague who became a friend and later a brother. It’s been REAL!” Jalango wrote.

Jalango and Alex Mwakideu

His departure however left Alex Mwakideu in a terrible mess – the Radio Maisha presenter says he lived in denial for a week after Jalango quit.

“Imenichukua wiki nzima kukubali hali halisi kwamba kakangu hakika hayuko nami tena kikazi. Miaka minne Pamoja sio mchezo!

“Kwakheri ndugu yangu. Kutoka moyoni mwangu, nakutakia kila la heri . Mwenyezi Mungu akuongoze katika njia zako zote daima dawama,” Alex Mwakidau wrote.

He also shared a series of his photos and Jalango.