Jimal Rohosafi hospitalized, while wife Amira blows hundreds of thousands shopping with sons

Jimal Rohosafi will not be another overnight celebrity in the country. Okay, yea he lost Amber Ray who was giving him enough air play but again – why force matters. If it’s not working, it’s not. Move on.


Having previously ruined his relationship with wife Amira, Jimal resulted to introducing a new lady; young, thick figure and above all – introduced her as his best friend. Come on. A 20 something lady besties with Jimal Rohosafi, aje sindio?

Jimal’s best friend 

Unfortunately for him – the bestie didn’t get the kind of attention he had hoped for hence forcing Jimal Rohosafi to run back to wifey who then rejected him and now Jimal is in hospital.

Jimal Rohosafi in hospital

The fella earlier this morning shared a post receiving treatment at an unknown hospital. To caption the post he wrote;

I hate hospitals????…just a second after leaving the office…I felt out of place…all will be well.

Seeing that he had just left work in the morning means he had worked overnight which means he could be suffering from fatigue; but since he did not mention what he had been hospitalized for – we can’t confirm whether it’s fatigue or something else.

This however comes hours after his wife Amira took her boys for shopping hence blowing around 100k. From one of her videos, we saw her pay 72, 720k and counting on clothes.

Amira spending like there is no tomorrow

Well it’s funny how she’s finally at peace while (ex) husband looks troubled. Did anyone say karma? Oh yea….karma.