Mariga won’t be getting Octopizzo’s vote

It seems like Kibera rapper Octopizzo won’t be voting for footballer Macdonald Mariga who is contesting for Kibra MP seat.

Octo recently revealed that Mariga is using his position as a popular footballer to lure voters something that he doesn’t agree with at all. He questioned whether the guy will be impactful once elected.

“kuna mafans na real people,don’t confuse your fans with real people kuna mafanalists wasee wanakusupport saa iyo time unakuwa MP hao si mafans wako unasimamia mtoi hakujui na hana school fees uyo si fan wako,”he stated.

He went on:

“Chenye kina niboo nna hii style iko sai bora niko popular natumia hiyo to my advantage juu mimi ni msani nitaenda kusimama Kibra bila kufanya ground work nani pewe kura,”he lamented.


“Mbona ikuwe rahisi ivyo?ata Ken Okoth  akuipata ivyo rahisi alienda door to door hakuwa na rapper wakumpigia debe hawa wasee wengine juu wao ni famous wanaenda uko juu wameona Kibra ni mteremko alafu wanasema mimi ni msanii nitawafanyia hivi na hivi”.

The rapper said that he might join politics but not in the way people expect him.

Mimi ni msani kioyo cha jammi, kama umezaliwa 2000 kuendelea watu wachukukuwe kura kuna uwezo nitakuwa kwenye debe mwakani lakini sio kiti cha MP wala gavana iyo itakuwa rahisi hii country siyo ya kuchukuliwa rahisi,”he said.


He has never voted in his life! Shock as Mariga is disqualified from Kibra By-election

McDonald Mariga’s may not contest for the Kibra seat in the November 7 by-election after his name could not be found in the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) register of voters.

IEBC returning officer Beatrice Muli on Tuesday told Mariga to seek redress with the IEBC Disputes Resolution Board.

“We have invalidated Mariga’s nomination,” she said.

Muli said other documents presented to them were in order.

“Mine was to confirm that the aspirant meets requirements. I have verified and checked and I could not find his details.  At this point my hands are tied,” she added.

Politician Khalwale said that it’s not true Mariga has never voted, “I have evidence that my candidate is a voter and has an election card number. This is very serious.”

Mariga or Otile? Joey Muthengi comes clean on who she is dating

TV girl, Joey Muthengi decides to come clean on her dating life.

Compelling her to speak up after a video of the two getting cosy went viral, weeks after partying ways with Vera Sidika.

The two left masses with no choice but to speculate they have a ´thing´ for each other, probably even in a relationship.

Joey Muthengi´s love life is one not known to many therefore having hawk-eyed Kenyans wait for the slightest chance they get, to start thinking.

Right from her BetIn co-ambassador, McDonald Mariga and now to hitmaker, Otile Brown have dating rumors been spreading like wild fire.


However, in a recent interview, the radio personality explains the viral video with Otile stating that they are just neighbors.

No he is just my neighbor, so it’s like when you visit a neighbor and you have supper together.

Probably why she was forced to pull down the video the minute Kenyans started speculating the two were dating.

And in a bid to clear the air, Otile decided to reveal his relationship to Ethiopian bae, Nabayet a week later.

Additionally speaking about her relationship with Mariga articulating that he is just like a brother to him.

Me and Mariga we´re boyz.

However, she might have to try harder because Kenyans are not convinced with her explanation concerning Mariga.


Honestly speaking mnawezana ❤️????


Thought atapropose heehee


You are a match????????????


Aki kwani you guys you are not dating????????????????????,#Joeymuthengi please,,,????ANATOSHA


We love us some Joey and Mariga..Hook up already and spare us some heartache


Anaweza you guys look a cute couple


Niliwaambia wanakulana hawa


Harusi tunayo hatuna# joy and marga,,keep fire burning????????????????????