“Tafta size yako” Jovial dismisses Willy Paul after singer confessed undying love for her

Singer Willy Paul recently left a thirsty comment under Jovial’s post talking about nikikushika nitaku…. message only a teenager on social media would find cute.

At first we couldn’t really tell whether this was geneuine or a way of creating hype for a project they’re set to drop; but having seen Jovial’s response after Pozee’s comment – mmmh chances are that this is not a clout chasing stunt.

Anyway responding to Pozee’s offer on how good he can love her, Jovial on the other hand said;

Mi sio size yako! Tafta Size Yako!

And to respond to the shade thrown his way – Willy Paul not not only brought his douchebag character onboard but made it seem like he promised to have Jovial whether she liked it or not.

Again, let’s keep in mind about upcoming projects cause come on who publicly writes

Boss wacha kiburi hio kitu sio Sabuni….anyway let’s we kama sitakufinya soon.

Pozee accused of taking advantage of ladies

Judging from his response after Jovial told him off, we can clearly see that Pozee is the kind of person who doesn’t like his ego getting bruised especially in public.

I mean how do you promise to force yourself on a woman? Isn’t no enough? Anyway looking at the likes of Diana Bahati, Lady P among others who have accused Pozee of forcing himself on them – they all say he always gets his way even if it means by force.