Smoking hot news anchor Doreen Biira shares how she fell into boiling water during fight with big brother

Joy Doreen Biira, the former KTN news anchor, has opened up of how she once cheated death and escaped with serious burns after falling into hot water.

On social media, the sassy news anchor revealed that as a child, she fell into hot water while fighting for a piece of mango from her elder bother.

“When I was 3 or 3 and a half. My immediate elder brother and I were eating mangoes on the kitchen table as we watching our auntie Karen (RIP) make lunch. I don’t remember what she was cooking on the oven cooker but she was also boiling drinking water on a lower coil. It was close to where we were seated.” she said. 

She went on:

“So my brother and I were tussling for the salt shaker???? when my brother pushed me off the seat and boom into the pan boiling water ????…. I just remember bits and pieces of the incident. My auntie flogging my brother ???? with her eyes red mad ????, my eldest brother lifting me and putting me in the bathtub with cold water ???? as they called our dad.”

First aid


“Thank God he was a practising medical doctor at the time????(he’s retired now)… I don’t remember what happened after that but I was told I spent some weeks in the hospital. If my big brother had not put me in that cold water in the tub ???? I think my burns would have been bad. It’s hard to tell right now that I ever even got burned by water when I was little.”

“Key message: train your family on first aid ⛑ our big brother then was about 13 and thank god, dad had taught him something about first aid coz my auntie was all kinds of panic at that moment (I was told). These things happen and in the least expected moments.”

Finally concluding:

 “My auntie always beat herself over it. How she never paid attention to what was going on with us and the mangoes and salt ???? but she eventually got over it. My brother, ????, we are closest of siblings… the fights didn’t end until we were teens.”


Doreen Biira shares that she will return to TV despite top government job, Says she wants to work with Julie  

Former KTN news Anchor and official East African Correspondent for Deutsche Welle (DW) Doreen Joy Biira is thinking of making a comeback to TV but didn’t give a specific date or year for that matter when it might happen.

The anchor ditched media early this year after getting a fat offer from Ministry of Mining where she handles the communication office.

The view

Fans wanted to know if she’s making a comeback soon to which she said she will definitely do. And when she comes, she hopes Julie Gichuru will be her colleague.

“Will you return to TV? I’d like to see you on ‘The View’ kind of set. Name 3 co-hosts you’d like on that show?” A fan asked in a Q& A session with fans.

Doreen replied:

“Yes I will return to TV and ‘The View’ kind of set is a good thought for sure. The three co-hosts I would like on the show include Nancy Kacungira, Rosebell Idaltu Kagumire, Adelaide Changole and Julie Gichuru.”

KTN news anchor Joy Doreen expecting baby number 2?

The gorgeous Joy Doreen Bira who is a news anchor at KTN is said to be expecting her second child as reported by popular news outlet.

Joy Doreen

This however will be her second child as she already has a son, Ty, who will turning three years old come December. Just like mat celebrities she prefers to keep her family and private life off social media but she reportedly announced that she is expecting her second baby through her gram where she wrote saying:

Doreen hubby with their son

I remember how bad my labour pains were and that’s the anxious bit. I cannot believe that it’s actually happening. I have always wanted two babies and I guess this is God’s answer to it.

The Ugandan born lady will however be forced to take a break from her job pretty much soon as she now prepares to welcome her new bundle of joy.

She will also be gracing the cover of True Love magazine this month where she will open up about her life.