Guardian Angel and Manolo brings you Kamata

Guardian Angel and Manolo says Kamata. This comes a few weeks after Guardian Angel released his single Kenya. Later, he performed the song during the 56th Madaraka day in Narok. It is a sign that there might be more cooking. The gospel artist duo has now come with Kamata. Kamata roho yangu kamata simply means that Christ has taken care of our hearts. Isn’t this some good gospel.

The gospel industry is slowly being revived with this kind of work.

Manolo is new to the industry and Guardian Angel has introduced him in this new song Kamata.  Manolo’s real name is Emmanuel Mwongela. He is a top Kenyan Singer, Freestyle Rapper, Poet, Songwriter and Instrumentalist.


Kamata is the work of Guardian Angel and Manolo. You can testify that there is a great talent here. The video was directed by Kevin Bosco Jnr and the audio produced by Vicky Pondis & Sifa. In addition to what the team did, the video is good and very creative. Further, the beats and sound are in sync.

Also, I would say that the video has met international standards. Kenyan gospel industry is slowly improving and I hope that this continues. The choice of background is well thought of.

Presentation of Kamata

Guardian Angel truly knows what he is doing. Look at what they are offering their fans with Manolo. In this case Kamata Lyrics are amazing. Also the way they are taking turns is well coordinated.

‘Roho ya binadamu ina vitu nyingi chafu, Inabidi nikupe yangu we utaiosha na damu.’ This is all about salvation. They are just trying to tell you that Christ cleanses our souls with his blood. This is simply what the Bible says.

Also, they talk of Christ holding them and how he saved them. Kamata is repeated severally in the song, not only in the chorus but also in some lines.

We need Christ to hold us. This is a great jam and Guardian Angel is still holding to his call of ministering through songs. I give the song a rating of 7/10. The language can be understood by the old and more by the youths.