Guardian Angel reveals the millions he spent on his luxurious home recording studio

From the moment Esther Musila first heard Guardian Angel’s song, she recognized his vision.

“Now you can see how he’s shining,” she remarked, showing off his latest white suit at their Karen home.


The Guardian Angel will sell his discography for Sh200 million

Guardian Angel runs a record label based in Karen. The studio, named 7 Heaven Music Studio, is his pride and joy and represents a significant upgrade from his previous setup.

In a video on the label’s YouTube channel, Guardian Angel described his journey from recording in a bedroom studio in Athi River to now owning a fully-fledged studio.

While he coyly admitted the setup cost millions, he was reluctant to disclose the exact amount.


Esther Musila Thanks Guardian Angel For Making Her A Wife At Her Age

“Bro, I can’t say. I don’t like talking about money. Is 5 million a figure to start telling people I spent? I can’t discuss money matters,” he said, shaking his hand.

The walls of his home studio are lined with a hall of fame, featuring pictures from his career.

Guardian Angel emphasized that the environment in which you record significantly impacts the final track or record.

Explaining why he chose Karen, the singer said, “Because of who I am and the kind of audience I want to appeal to, I’ve become a person of high standards. I also feel there is a certain value here.”

The Guardian Angel will sell his discography for Sh200 million

Gospel singer Guardian Angel asserts that he would demand a minimum of Sh200 million if he were to sell his entire music collection today.

The artist, renowned for hits like “Amazing Grace” and “Nadeka,” emphasizes that after spending 15 years in the music industry, his catalogue holds substantial value, making it a high-ticket item.


Esther Musila Thanks Guardian Angel For Making Her A Wife At Her Age

“If I were to sell off all the rights to my music at this moment, never to use them again, the catalogue’s price wouldn’t dip below Sh200 million,” Guardian Angel affirms.

Guardian arrived at this valuation by considering the worth of transferring his music catalogue’s copyrights to another entity, a process that justifies the hefty sum.


‘As Long As I’m Happy’-Guardian Angel Claims He Doesn’t Regret Marrying Esther Musila Despite Their Age Difference

He asserts that his extensive catalogue has the potential to fetch well over Sh200 million if acquired by another party.

The gospel star emphasizes that reaching this valuation has been the result of many years of hard work, dispelling the notion that music is a quick path to wealth.

“If you’re seeking quick riches, music isn’t the route to take. The music industry doesn’t offer swift wealth. Throughout my career, challenges have often outweighed successes. Many artists will attest that music is far from easy. There were moments I contemplated quitting. However, I can now comfortably say that I’m reaping the rewards of my music,” he reflects.


Esther Musila reveals extortion plot after allegations made about Guardian Angel’s adultery’s

While the sale of music catalogues is uncommon in this region, it’s a well-established practice in the global music industry.

Several notable celebrities have sold part or all of their music catalogues, generating significant returns for their creations.

For example, in 2023, iconic American rapper and producer Dr. Dre sold his music catalogue to Universal Music Group and Shamrock Holding for $200 million.

Similarly, in 2021, French DJ and record producer David Guetta sold his music catalogue to Warner Music for $100 million, allowing the company to acquire his extensive record-music catalogue spanning two decades.

‘As Long As I’m Happy’-Guardian Angel Claims He Doesn’t Regret Marrying Esther Musila Despite Their Age Difference

In a recent interview, gospel artist Guardian Angel stated he has no regrets about getting married to Esther Musila.

In a conversation with Clouds FM in Tanzania Guardian Angel stated that he adores everything about his bride and has no regrets about being married. The gospel singer added that age shouldn’t be the deciding factor when assessing the success of a marriage.

“Kama age ndio the ultimate factor ya kuconsider, kuna watu wengi wameona hyivyo na wamebreak up. Kuna watu ambao walioana mimi nkianza kudate mke wangu na wako na hiyo age tunaaongelelea na saii hawako pamoja.

The musician made the case that a lot of partnerships with what is thought to be an acceptable age gap had broken down.

The artist explained this while narrating his journey with his spouse, including their dating and marriage experiences and the ongoing criticism they receive because of their age gap.

“Committment  yangu kwa mke wangu inaenda beyond age and opinions za watu. Kwa sababu mkiingia kwa hiyo kitanada ni wewe na mke wako. Hamna jamaa wa opinion hapo. Mimi as long as niko happy, hiyo ndio inamatter. Wewe kwanza si wetu, nilikupata tu Nairobi sasa hisia zako zinanihusu na nini?” Guardian Angel said during an interview with Clouds FM in Tanzania.

The two have been criticized often because of their age difference, but they continue to thrive in their relationship.

Esther Musila Thanks Women For Declining Guardian Angel- ‘Kwa Sababu Walinipatia Mume’

Esther Musila, the spouse of Guardian Angel, has provided additional information about her romantic history and expressed gratitude for having met and begun a life together.
According to Esther Musila, 50 is the magic number in a recent interview. This is the time she got to know gospel musician Guardian Angel, and even now, four years later, they continue to feel one other’s love.

She complimented Guardian Angel’s former girlfriends for turning him down when talking about their marriage, saying that they made it possible for her to find a husband.

“Nashukuru Sana Wasichana Waliomuacha Guardian Angel Akiteseka Kwa Sababu Walinipatia Mume.”

While she was at it, Guardian Angel revealed that a marriage’s longevity is not determined by an individual’s age. He disclosed that some of his buddies wed younger ladies.

“Kama age ndio the ultimate factor ya kuconsider, kuna watu wengi wameoana hivyo na wamebreak up. Kuna watu ambao walioana mimi nikianza kudate mke wangu na wako na hiyo age tunaongelea na sai hawako pamoja.”

Adding that, “Commitment yangu kwa mke wangu inaenda beyond age and opinions za watu. Kwa sababu mkiingia kwa hiyo kitanda ni wewe na mke wako, hamna jamaa wa opinion hapo. Mimi as long as niko happy, hiyo ndio inamatter. Wewe kwanza si wetu, nilikupata tu Nairobi sasa hisia zako zinanihusu na nini?”

Although so many people view their relationship as peculiar, they continue to thrive in their marriage.

Esther Musila reveals extortion plot after allegations made about Guardian Angel’s adultery’s

The wife of gospel musician Guardian Angel, Esther Musila, has opened up about a terrifying experience she had with a con artist who tried to extort money from her by making up stories about her husband having an adulterous affair.

The 53-year-old mother of three described the upsetting event that happened on Wednesday, January 10 in a video that she posted on social media.

Musila described how a woman who claimed to be the proprietor of a special guest house and a member of the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) approached her with proof of Guardian Angel’s alleged adultery.

The scammer went so far as to share text conversations and MPESA transaction details as purported proof, claiming to have knowledge about Guardian Angel playing cards that she obtained before his marriage.

“You seem to be a respectable, humble, sane, God-fearing and loving woman. Have you recently suspected your man of being with another woman? I think you don’t deserve this.”

The imposter went on to emphasize the value of privacy and implied that Guardian Angel was having an affair.

“I mean, he just saw you playing with that type!! Or has he chosen someone above you with big hips? This one will bring you disease for free!”

The scam man persisted throughout the chat that he had sufficient proof of the putative affair, including providing fictitious MPESA transaction messages for a VIP guest room. The con artist even went so far as to say that the other woman was a politician’s daughter.

“I own a celebrity house and therefore have access to CCTV footage and MPESA payments. I hope this will be between me and you. You will not reveal the source of the information.”

But Musila never lost her cool during the ordeal and made it clear that she would never submit to manipulation of any kind. She announced unequivocally that she would not be forced to pay for misinformation.

“I’m 53 years old, and I will never follow a man,” Musila declared in reaction to the baseless allegations. He is capable of doing whatever he desires. Nothing is beyond my power to stop.

Musila claimed that after the interaction, she conducted her own research, carefully examining Guardian Angel’s phone to make sure all of the accusations were unfounded.

Guardian Angel & Esther Musila Celebrate 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Musicians Guardian Angel and Esther Musila marked a double milestone on January 4, 2023, celebrating their second wedding anniversary alongside the singer’s 35th birthday. Amidst stunning photoshoot visuals and heartfelt messages, their joyful union continued to draw public attention and spark conversations.

Esther Musila took to her social media to celebrate their huge milestone as she wrote;

“On this day two years ago, I married my best friend and of all the love stories in the world, ours will always be my favourite. This has been a beautiful journey, and I’m still your bride, and you’re still my groom. It’s still a honeymoon…

“Reflecting on our journey, there are 3 things that will always endure; FAITH, LOVE, and HOPE. The greatest of ours is LOVE. LOVE WON!!

“Every day, I love you more than the day before. You make Mr & Mrs look so easy….

She continued;

“Happy anniversary to the love of my life and many, many more to come.🥂🥂🥂

“I love you Mr. Omwaka💞💞,”

53 year old Musila celebrated her hubby’s efforts in making it easy in loving him;

“My dear husband, you redefined the whole meaning of companionship. I still marvel at how you effortlessly stay awesome in our marriage.

“Thank you for being a constant source of joy and strength.

“Happy anniversary to us!

“I love you my G❤️❤️❤️,” she wrote.

Guardian Angel reciprocated the love message by writing;

“Birthday blessings to me, Happy Anniversary to us. Doing life with you my Queen is LIFE ITSELF I can not ask for more. To more years of True Love 💕💕💕 #lovewins,” he wrote.

Guardian Angel Claims He Doesn’t Mind Having Children With His 52 Year Old Wife

Gospel artist Guardian Angel has spoken out about the possibility of having children with his wife, businesswoman Esther Musila.

The couple has a 19-year age gap, which has led to some criticism from the public. However, Guardian Angel says that he is open to having children with Esther, but he is also realistic about the possibility that it might not happen.

“The best part about my marriage is that I love to be in my marriage. I love to love my wife. She means more to me than something to give me children. If I get an opportunity to have a kid with my wife, I’ll thank God. If I don’t, it’s okay,” he said.

Guardian Angel went on to say that he is grateful for his three step-children, who are a big part of his life. He said that he would be happy to have more children, but he is not going to put pressure on himself or Esther.

“My wife has children that are part of my life. Some people have gotten the opportunity to get married and have children, but they’re not happy in their relationships,” he said.

Esther Musila has also spoken out about the pressure she has faced from the public to have children. She has said that she is not going to let other people dictate her life, and that she will only have children when she is ready.

“I always ask, my children, how is that someone’s business? You don’t know me so why are you telling me when to get a child? Will you raise them? will you provide for them? Why are you telling me to get a child, for an online follower? People should mind about their business,” she said.

Guardian Angel and Esther Musila’s decision to not have children is a personal one, and it is one that should be respected. They are both happy in their marriage, and that is all that matters.

Guardian Angel’s wife Esther Musila attacks haters

Esther Musila has retaliated against the slanderers who have been attacking her and her marriage to Guardian Angel more and more frequently.

This time, Angel has attacked those who, using the significant age gap between them, disparage her love for her husband using memes.

According to Musila, many of the people who criticize her with meaningless remarks are those who combine jealousy and poverty, which is harmful to one’s health.

The stunning mother of three continued by saying that the simplest poison is to combine poverty, jealousy, and competition in order to hasten one’s demise while still young.

“If you want to die early, mix poverty with jealousy and then add competition. You will die a silent death, even the doctors will not determine the cause of your death.”

This occurs shortly after Musila made fun of a supporter who advised her to put herself in her boyfriend’s position by getting married to a lady twice his age.

“What will happen if your son one day brings you a wife who is older than him?” a random TikTok user asked her.

“That will be my son who will bring him and not yours, so don’t worry. Worry about your finances, cracked heels, relationships, being busy.”

Since Musila and Guardian Angel have been legally wed for a year and a half, some online commenters have refused to cool off and acknowledge that their love is honorable and admirable.

Many people have harshly criticized Musila and Angel, claiming that their 20-year age gap makes it inappropriate for them to be together.

Guardian Angel Calls For Fair Taxation Of Artists

In an interview with SPM Buzz, gospel singer Guardian Angel praised his wife, Esther Musila, and called for fair taxation of artists.

Angel said that Musila was his “heart” and that he was grateful for her love and support. He also said that he was the only gospel artist living in the wealthy suburb of Karen, and that this was a testament to his success.

However, Angel also said that he believed that the government should tax artists according to what they earn. He said that not all artists were as fortunate as he was, and that some were struggling to make ends meet.

“I believe that the government should tax artists according to what they earn,” Angel said. “Not all artists are as fortunate as I am. Some are struggling to make ends meet, and it’s not fair that they should be taxed at the same rate as me.”

Angel’s comments come at a time when the government is considering new tax laws that would affect artists. The new laws could see artists taxed on their income, regardless of whether they are employed or self-employed.

Angel’s comments have been met with mixed reactions. Some people have praised him for speaking out about the issue, while others have criticized him for being out of touch with the reality of most artists.

Regardless of one’s opinion, Angel’s comments have sparked a much-needed conversation about the taxation of artists in Kenya. It remains to be seen what the government will do in response to Angel’s comments, but one thing is for sure: the issue of taxation of artists is one that will not go away anytime soon.

Guardian Angel’s wife celebrates love and life as she turns 53

While for some people life begins at 40, Esther Musila believed that the magic number was 50. She met gospel performer Guardian Angel at this time, and three years later, they are still in love.

This week, Musila turned 53, and her husband Guardian called their relationship the best thing he had ever experienced.

Guardian Angel’s wife wrote:

“Can’t believe it has been 3 years already. It has been the best part of my life. Loving on you is the sweetest experience ever. YOU ROCK MY WORLD QUEEN blessings on your birthday @esther.musila you are my everything.

My life began when I met you my love, it has been 3 years of bliss and I thank you for coming. You brought a whole new meaning to my existence. I love you my King.”

In their marriage, the couple has insisted that having children is not their top desire. In a previous interview, the couple stated that their current priority is to love one another.

“Children are a blessing from God. A child is a bonus…if we get one it’s fine, if not we will still love each other. “Assuming I married a younger lady and because of one reason or another she failed to conceive, would it be fair to walk away? Should she also walk away if I cannot sire children?” asked Guardian.

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Guardian Angel is a fool for accepting Esther Musila’s refusal to give him kids

Guardian Angel decided to marry a rather old woman in Esther Musila and there really is nothing wrong with that… Is what we would say if we were in the business of selling lies. The reason I am saying this is because they recently were given a red-carpet interview.

Esther Musila happy marriage to Guardian Angel proves age is nothing but a number when it comes down to genuine love

And while having the interview, they were asked the one question any functional human beings wonders about; will they be having children together? And the reason this is a huge talking point is that as a species we are created and driven for procreation.

Esther Musila with hubby, Guardian Angel

But given the age gap between Guardian Angel and his wife Esther Musila, that might not be possible. While he is a young man, she is no spring chicken and even if she might not have hit menopause, she has definitely become a candidate for geriatric pregnancies.

Guardian Angel fed up with idlers meddling in his private life

Also, it would make sense for Guardian Angel to want kids of his own. It is his biological imperative. And his wife, Esther Musila has already gotten her children. She has her brood which she got the right way by the way (after securing the commitment of a valuable man).

Guardian Angel with beloved, Esther Musila

So why would Guardian Angel deny his evolved biological drive? What would he present to his mother? What happens to his lineage? Guardian Angel has to answer to this.

Why Mrs Guardian Angel (Esther Musila’s) love advice is pathetic

And the truth is, he is scared of having that conversation with his wife. She is the economic powerhouse in their marriage. She wears the pants and he needs her to be happy for him to continue living a comfortable life cos let’s face it, he wasn’t exactly the type of gospel musician who was raking in the big bucks.


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Esther Musila happy marriage to Guardian Angel proves age is nothing but a number when it comes down to genuine love

Esther Musila who in her 50’s appears to look happier each day and i want to believe this is because she found her soulmate, Guardian Angel who is in his early 30’s who she recently married.

With a 20 year age difference of course this couple didn’t have it easy the first weeks they announced their relationship online; and from the comments we saw, many seemed to imply Guardian Angel was in on it for the money….while Esther Musila was bashed for eyeing ‘small children’ but either way, they never let this affect their new found love.

So why do you think a woman at Esther Musila’s age can relate so well with a 30 something year old man?


Well I can only imagine that Guardian Angel has proven his Maturity is on the same level as to that of Esther Musila….which is why they can have grown up conversations and handle things as two grown ups….otherwise, I dont think Musila would risk raising another woman’s son when she already raised her now adult children.

Genuine love

With real love, relationships work out naturally. It doesnt matter whether youre having bad days or arguments every now and then…..because love has qualities you cant fake…maybe for months, but not for years.

Mr and Mrs Guardian Angel

Old soul

It’s either Guardian Angel has an old soul inside his 30 something body or Musila has a young Soul – because how else would i explain why these two click so well to a point they settled down as man and wife despite their age difference.

Guardian Angel fed up with idlers meddling in his private life

Guardian Angel may be one chilled out guy married to the love of his life despite all the criticism his relationship has received due to he 20 year old age difference between him and Esther Musila.

However as a human, one can only take so much and this is why during his recent interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Jappani; the gospel singer decided to go off – telling off haters claiming he married his wife for money.

Guardian Angel with wife, Esther Musila

Well according to him, even if the rumors were true – how is it his fans business on what he does or does not do with his life. I mean, he is an adult and at 30 years – Guardian Angel has dated enough women to know what he wants on a wife. Right?

Im just living my life – Guardian Angel

Speaking to Massawe Jappani, the gospel singer went on to question why netizens often feel that they have the right to speak on somebody else’s life based on what they imagine or overhear about the said person.

Sweethearts, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

I wonder what people think and the thing is they come with say all sorts of things without knowing the truth.

But then again – everyone is entitled to their own opinions…and although the negative comments sting at times – be sure they don’t cost him his sleep at the end of the day.

Mimi nasemanga hao ni idle people, wajibambe mimi I’m enjoying my life,

“Si mimi ndio naekwa, mbona unawashwa?” Guardian Angel responds to trolls claiming he married wife, Esther Musila for money

Alot has been said about Guardian Angel settling down with an older woman, Esther Musila who is about 20 years older than him. However age is nothing but a number wait scratch that, that saying lost its meaning after watching that R Kelly documentary on how he preyed on young girls.

Esther Musila with hubby, Guardian Angel

Anyway as for Guardian Angel – love is what he found in Esther Musila, a caring, understanding and drama free wife who has been building him as a man and a partner.

Unlike what think, Guardian Angel has come forth to deny using Esther Musila as a sponsor paying his bills and giving him pocket money. According to the gospel singer – his wife has never paid a single bill in his house and he is not being kept as alleged since she moved into his house and not the other way round.

Hajawai lipa any bills kwa nyumba yangu mimi ndo najilipia. Na kama mtu anahisi hio ndo kuwekwa basi iko tu sawa.

Defends relationship

Speaking to Massawe Jappani on Radio Jambo, the gospel singer went on to call out busy bodies claiming he married his wife for the good life.

Mr and Mrs Guardian Angel

Kama hivi ndo kuwekwa acha niwekwe milele wacha niwekwe zaidi. Because kama nimewekwa hata sifai kupost anything ya the lady I’m purported to be with? I have never said that she is my sugar mummy. Secondly, I have never lived in her house, it is her who came to my house

Guardian angel with lover Esther Musila


Si mimi ndo nawekwa, wewe unawashiwa nini?

However having explained himself a number of times before, this time around Guardian Angel threw shade at the haters; calling them idlers who are determined to create a certain image about him… But deep down they know the truth.

I wonder what people think and the thing is they come with all sorts of things without knowing the truth. Mimi nasemanga hao ni idle people, wajibambe mimi I’m enjoying my life

Guardian Angel Speaks On The Rot In Kenyan Gospel Music Industry (Video)

Gospel artist Guardian Angel (Peter Omwaka) has revealed the rots running in Kenya’s gospel industry. The 25 year old artist is among the few gospel artists who are still thriving in the gospel industry. It’s not been a walk in the park for the artist. Gospel industry has recently been hit hard; with most artists opting out with the excuse of it ‘not performing well’.

Mapenzi moto moto! Kenyan male celebrities married to older women
Guardian Angel And his wife Esther Musila-Google

One of them was Willy Paul, who was once one of the best in the genre. In tow was Bahati; who has recently been subject to criticism over mixing gospel music with secular.

The ‘Hadithi’ hitmaker had one of the most difficult upbringings. He had to become a street kid at some point in life. However, that did not stop him from soaring to greater heights. He has released more than 40 songs to date; some of them becoming hit songs in a short period.

The Industry Is ‘Dead’

Just like most artists, the singer had little support from already established artists in the industry. However, he claims that the industry is already ‘dead’ and is not performing well. He spoke the words on Plug Tv.

”Tulipigania njia yetu kuingia. Hakuna mtu alituvuruta. Hiyo nayo usidanganywe. Ile kitu ilifanywa, kama mimi naeza sema nilionyeshwa studio. Nilionyeshwa njia na DK. Hiyo lazima nipatiane credit where it’s due… I was still in high school. But he kept on saying I wouldn’t want you to go through what I went through to make it in this industry. ”

Guardian continued to bash other artists for not supporting upcoming artists; including himself; who struggled his way up.

He’s currently one of the big names in the gospel industry, alongside his wife who is twice his age.

“Worms will grow out of this” Man of God predicts after Guradian Angel proposes to 51 year old girlfriend

Guardian Angel indeed triggered many after his marriage proposal to girlfriend Esther Musila; who is believed to be 51 years old.

With gospel singer at 31 years, we can somehow understand why many Kamati ya Roho chafu find to believe that the love these two share is genuine.

Pastor condemns Guardian Angel’s relationship

Some fans feel that the singer is confusing motherly love to that of a lover; but judging from how low Key Guardian Angel has always been – it could mean that he is an old soul inside a young body, right?

Pastor weighs in

Among those who feel that this love will end in premium tears or rather will grow worms is one pastor identified as Richard E S Takim. The man of God through his Facebook page criticized Gurdian Angel and his fiancé, Esther Musila saying;

Guardian Angel with girlfriend

The world has really gone mad. A 50 year UN staff engaged to a 30 year old what singer? Gospel sing what?

Addressing the 51 year old lady, the pastor went on to say;

If I were her brother, I will take her to my village to sit under a beautiful cocoa tree, then allow nature to bring her back to her senses. This is ashtoreth on the loose.

It won’t last

To conclude his bitter post, the pastor gave the two a 7 year shelf life as he promised this relationship to end up oozing worms. Not quite sure why the 41 year old pastor he feels so offended by the two, but he wrote;

Allow only 7 years to comment on her decision. You will see worms grow out of this…

Kanairo: Mixed reactions after 32 year old Guardian Angel proposed to his 51 year old girlfriend

Gospel singer Guardian Angel proposed to his girlfriend Esther Musila; and being a celebrity – the young man shared the good news through his social media pages leaving his fans excited while others were completely left surprised.

Lovers, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

Well, the good fans left congratulatory messages in the comment section; and Kamati ya roho chafu couldn’t understand why the couple are moving so fast with their new found relationship.

Although none attacked Esther Musila who is a mum to grown kids as old as Guardian Angel; most fans actually trolled the young man for allegedly opting for a soft life – the easy way out.

Esther Musila with Guardian Angel

Critics and Trolls

Although it’s evident to see that the couple remains in love despite the age difference; there are those who continue to insist that Guardian Angel could have a hidden agenda.

This is because men his age are thinking of starting a family and having kids; but him marrying a 51 year old automatically means he may not have kids of his own. But isn’t adoption an option?

Anyway read the comments left by fans below.

‘You Completed Me!’ Guardian Angel Pens Heartfelt Message To Wife On Her Birthday

Age is just a number when it comes to love! And gospel musician Guardian Angel is proving that in style. The singer and his wife Esther Musila, who is almost twice his age, have set the pace for partners with their couple goals on social media.

Power Of Love

Being Musila’s birthday, Guardian Angel, real name Peter Omwaka, has written a passionate message to her wife. He goes ahead and thanks her for transforming his life dearly. He wrote;

”I was empty, you filled up the space. I was incomplete, you completed me, I almost gave up on my career, you came into my life when a lot of things were breaking down but within a short while you transformed everything and brought my life into a beautiful shape. Since the first day I fell in love with you, I have always been confident that you are the one. I am proud I chose you.

You have made me believe that there is true love. It is amazing how you love me. I can go on and on my love but for now let me wish you blessings. Rada yako itazidi kubadilika.
I LOVE YOU SO MUCH @esther.musila

This is not the first time the two sweethearts are showering each other with passionate messages on their Instagram; and definitely not the last. Their perennial love is enough for any couple to admire. Happy Birthday Esther!

Kupendwa raha! Guardian Angel’s aged girlfriend continues to show why the singer remains addicted to her love

Guardian Angel a while back introduced his new found love; an older woman with zero drama but affection and for some reason we believe that she treats him better than his mama would!

Yes, this is because she takes care of his needs, stomach and of course loves him like he was her own. Well, I hear men love that and clearly there is no where Guardian Angel will be going especially now that he bagged himself a woman and a half!

Guardian Angel serenades lover with romantic words

Just to prove how much she loves him – 50 year old Esther Musila recently shared a touchy post; where she poured out her heart to Guardian Angel saying;

Guardian Angel receives heartwarming message from girlfriend

I don’t think you’ll fully understand how you have touched my life.  I don’t think you could ever know how special you are. You changed my life without even trying, and I don’t think I could ever tell you how much you mean to me.

“Life without you would be empty”

For those in struggling relationship with younger women – guess what… Guardian Angel is living the life! His girlfriend went on to prove this by adding;

I can’t imagine what things would be if I hadn’t met you.  Thank you my love for gracing my life with your lovely presence and for adding the sweet measure of your soul to my existence. I ???? you. @guardianangelglobal#mysuperstar???? #mancrushmonday

Judging from how most women complain about their men on social media; and with the rise in domestic violence in our society  – indeed Esther Musila counts herself as a lucky woman! Kupendwa raha!

“I prayed to serve God but he instead blessed me with you,” Guardian Angel pours heart out to his beloved

Gospel singer Guardian Angel and his wife Esther Musila continue to splash each other with love, regardless what the world has to say.

The artist’s unveiling of the woman in his life mid this year, was welcomed with mixed reactions from the public, some disapproving of their union, others impressed by their courage.

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Controversies that instead built the couple whose hearts have since grown fonder, braver and stronger.

Unveiling their own YouTube show where they discuss matters of the heart, as well as their art in music.

A flower of love that continues to bloom come rain come sunshine, as the two publicly profess their love for each other.

Lovers, Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

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The open letter

In a beautiful photo of the two, adorably looking into each others eyes and with hands firmly locked, the Nadeka hitmaker pens;

“Niliomba Mungu anibariki nimtumikie akanipea, I love you.

To which his beloved sweetly replied;

“Awwww my love, Mungu alibadilisha RADA ya maisha yangu. I will always be thankful for you. I love you more????????????.”

Guardian Angel with his beloved, Esther Musila

The fateful day

In their recent YouTube video, the topic of discussion being memories they have made of each other and will live to cherish.

Recalling the tense moment they both felt that they shared something more than friendship but admitting that to each other was the tough bit of it.

Guardian Angel serenades lover with romantic words

“The first day we realized we had fallen in love, that we are no longer friends but lovers. Looking at you and realizing you’re my woman, was amazing,” he confessed, leaving his wife a bit shy.

Have a listen to more;

“I want to be your favorite place to go to,” Guardian Angel sweetly serenades his Queen

Gospel star Guardian Angel continues to spoil his 50-year old girlfriend with overflowing and unconditional love.

The gospel musician in his mid-20s believes that behind his successes has been a God-fearing, sober, mature, hardworking, loving and caring woman, Esther Musila.

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A woman he adores, celebrates and publicly professes his love for, if recent events are anything to go by.

Their good times

The two have been involved in several projects in the country, occasionally spotted hanging out together with the vulnerable in society as they try to give back in the best way they can.

Guardian Angel and lover

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But still dedicate time to savor some good moments together, cozying up for dates and adventures in serene places.

Guardian Angel is a good definition of someone bewitched in love by his gospel singer of an adorable wife who he treats like his teenage girlfriend.

Lovebirds Esther Musila and Guardian Angel

In his most recent post, in an intimate photo of the two locked in a warm embrace, the gospel artist beautifully penned;

“You don’t need someone to complete you. You need someone to accept you completely.”

Guardian Angel serenades wife with sweet words

Promising his beloved, that in good and bad times, he will always be her go-to person.

“My love Ngenyi, I want to be your favorite place to go when you’ve had a bad day or good day.”

His love-struck beauty responding; “Awwww my love. This is deep. There is no limit to my love for you.????????”

Guardian Angel with his beloved

Fans are keeping watch as their love blossoms.

New photos of Guardian angel and his beloved Esther Musila that have rattled the interwebs

Gospel singer, Guardian Angel and his dearly beloved, Esther Musila have come out to prove love wins in recent romantic photos.

The pair that cared less what trolls thought of them, have been busy flaunting their angelic love bubble online in a series of photos, cutely bonding and wrapped around each other.

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As they keep fans thirsty with their new reality show that basically targets their personal lives and romance, the pair has clearly been on crazy adventures be it indoors or outdoors.

Esther Musila with Guardian Angel

Also read: Guardian Angel and his 50-year-old girlfriend Esther launch new reality show (Video)

The photos

In his most recent update, the two dressed in casual wear, sweetly held each other close, with the caption “to the moon and back.

Guardian angel looking adorable with Esther Musila

This is before the two made it an official affair in a photo that left fans soaked with envy.

Esther Musila with Guardian Angel

It was not until this love confession by the musician to his 50-year old curvy beauty, in a black and white photo that pronounced their endless affection for each other, promising “it can shake you but you can not let it break you. THE LION’S”

Guardian Angel serenades lover with romantic words

All through, the caption #lovewins carried the day and the pair could not help but step out in matching outfits in what many would term couple goals, while enjoying the cool afternoon sun on their way out. 

Gospel lovebirds, Esther Musila and Guardian Angel

Then came in a blunt confession from his beloved and mother of 3 grown children, Esther, who took to her Instastories to gush over how blessed and grateful she is. To have bagged herself such a gentleman like Guardian Angel.

Esther Musila publicly gushes over gospel star

Only for a smitten Guardian Angel to respond;

You had to be the one to be part of what is about to happen. The world is not ready. #lovewins❣

After discovering love in a woman who dared to explore like Esther Musila, Guardian Angel has already come up with a tag for themselves that is, the LION’S.

Mr and Mrs Guardian Angel

Posts that have not been received with such warmth from fans but a sign that these two are working to cement their relationship amidst trolls.

Well, there you have it!

Guardian Angel and his 50-year-old girlfriend Esther launch new reality show (Video)

Celebrated Kenyan gospel singer Audiphaxad Peter Omwaka, better known as Guardian Angel, is set to launch a new reality/talk show with his 50-year-old girlfriend Esther Musila.

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The two lovebirds, who have been the talk of the town over the past few weeks, have decided to ‘make the best out of a bad situation’ by turning the unwarranted attention that they have been getting to views.

Esther Musila and Guardian Angel

The show dubbed Love Wins will air on Esther’s YouTube channel and according to a source it will showcase their daily lives so that people can see how their love works despite the 25-year age gap between them.

Guardian and boo will also have sit downs where they discuss love, relationships, finances, religion etc. Their goal is to inspire other couples, especially the young ones.

The show will premiere within a fortnight and it’s still not clear how many times it will air in a week but many people are really looking forward to it.

Guardian Angel and Esther Musila

The couple has been on everyone’s lips for for some time now after it emerged that they have been dating for many months or perhaps even years.

Many could not comprehend why Guardian Angel settled for an older lady, with some claiming that he is after her money.

However, the Liwe Liwe singer dismissed those rumors and revealed that he had made so much money as a leading gospel artist in the country.

“Siko na Esther kwa sababu ya pesa. Jalang’o you’ve worked with me you know how much I charge for a show. I had made money before I met her,” he stated in an interview with Jalang’o.

Here is the video:

Guardian Angel speaks of his tough street life and near-death experience (Video)

Guardian Angel was rejected by his father since birth, forcing him to turn into a street-boy at the tender age of 5, something that completely transformed his life.

Speaking on Jalango TV, the Kenyan gospel star revealed he grew up under the care of a single mom who was living with her step-dad. And after the father to her child, Guardian Angel rejected them, life became miserable for them after she turned jobless twice.

Musician, Guardian Angel

At age 5, the kid sought refuge on the streets, becoming the first ever street kid of Butere town. Funny enough, his grandfather from his mum’s side was known as the richest man in that town.

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The artist and his mom lived in Kibera, in a self-contained house that would flood with water the minute it rained, before moving to Mwiki where his mom deceptively deceived the landlord of some mzungu donors who would send her money in a few, so that she pays rent.

Guardian Angel with a friend

The lie did not hold for long, forcing her to do the same to several other landlords before it became too tough, sending his son back to the village to get some education. In class 8, a mischievous Guardian Angel collided with one of his classmates where he drew a machete and nearly killed the kid.

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Criminal life

Life took a complete turn, the artist became a wanted criminal, ever on the run until he decided he had had enough, returning to the city to live with his mom, under the belief he had given his life to God.

Kenyan music doctor, Guardian Angel

In highschool, he dedicated most of his time to gospel music but it never gave him good returns and soon as he completed his Form Four, his mum asked him to start his own life. No campus, nothing!

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He resorted to manual labor, extracting phone cables from beneath the ground, getting paid based on the amount of cables he had recovered. He did so for a week, to no avail before he one day decided to look out for some at GPO, Nairobi where he was almost assured he would find some.

Celebrated gospel artists, Guardian Angel and Moji Short Baba

Hardly did he know, he was winking at death.

“I did not tell my friends because I knew this was gong to be my breakthrough. Second attempt digging, I was literally blown off by electricity that roasted me from top to bottom. I was rushed to Kenyatta National Hospital but I took off even before admission, never to return. The company only paid me 200 bob that day,” he recalled.

Guardian Angel’s message to critics throwing shade at his relationship with aged girlfriend

Gospel singer Guardian Angel cares less about what critics have been saying about his relationship with 50 year old, Esther Musila. What matters to the young singer is the fact that he is happier than most men his age.

Judging how young men and women keep divorcing every now and then I bet Guardian Angel chose the easy way out; since his woman has no drama or tantrums like slay queens.

Anyway speaking to Jalang’o on the latest episode of Bonga na Jalas; the singer went on to reveal that he is contented with his woman and nothing about that will change anytime soon.

He went on to address critics who continue claiming that he hooked up with Esther for money saying;

Guardian Angel with bae

Also read: Guardian Angel and 50-year old girlfriend turning heads in series of cute dance videos

I have had good money from the gigs and my songs, but I want to assure you one thing, I have never been happy in my life like I am today, genuinely happy. You cannot trade money to happiness. I cannot throw myself in a ditch because there is money in there.

Music career

Speaking about his career, Guardian went on to reveal that he almost gave up on music; but the same lady they keep throwing stones at is the same person that saved his career.

Guardian Angel’s girlfriend

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I almost gave up on music, but it is Esther who got me back on track. All my ministry has been encouraged and pushed by the person that you think is the wrong person

Well, there you have it from the horse’s mouth!

Credits: Jalango TV

Gospel singer Guardian Angel in mourning!

Singer Guardian and his family are in mourning after losing their grandfather!

He announced this through his Instagram page where he jotted down an emotional post announcing his papa’s death. As seen on his post, Guardian went on to reveal that his grandfather was more like a father to him as he raised him like his own son.

And since death knows no boundary,Guard and his family continue to mourn the man that brought joy and life in their family! On the caption used on the post, the singer also mentioned that 2 weeks ago they went shopping for a new suit; which his grandfather said he would be buried in when he dies!

Guardian Angel’s late grandfather

My Guka my grandfather/ FATHER thank you for raising me like your own son. 2 weeks ago you said you want a good outfit to be buried in when you Rest.

Gone too soon

The singer also mentioned that his grandfather’s death comes barely 2 weeks after he selected the suit he would be buried in. He went on to add that his old man died just after one day after passing.

You went to the shop and selected this particular one. You were so excited, I didn’t know it was going to be this soon. Only 2 weeks Baba ????‍♀️ you fall sick one day and the next day you are gone???!!! IT IS WELL. REST WITH ANGELS

Fans and friends have been sending messages of condolences to the singer and the family as they go through this hard time.

2020 has however not treated anyone fairly but losing a loved one changes everything since death is permanent and as much as the human race would want to do away with it; we have no choice but to accept.

Anyway we are the Ghafla team send out our heartfelt condolence to the singer and his entire family!