Best vacation ever! Kanze Dena cruises on Egyptian presidential yacht (Photos)

Citizen TV Swahili anchor Kanze Dena is enjoying vacation in North Africa, she’s visiting various tourist attraction sites across the land of Pharaohs.

Kanze Dena has taken a break from work to travel to Egypt for vacation. The Citizen TV anchor visited Cairo and the Mediterranean port city of Alexandria.

She visited the historic Great Pyramid of Giza located on the outskirts of Cairo city, and also had time for a tour of the Egyptian parliament.

The most captivating part of Kanze Dena’s vacation came when he travelled to Alexandria; the beautiful anchor got a chance to cruise on Egyptian presidential yacht.

The presidential yacht is of great importance to Egypt, it was the first ship to cross the Suez Canal in 1869. Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi still uses the ship to date.

“Wonderful experience on the suez canal on board the Egyptian Presidential Yatch! Mashallah!!” Kanze Dena described her experience after cruising on the presidential yacht.