Ken Walibora’s simple house raises eyebrows as he is buried (Photos)

A house belonging to renowned author and journalist Professor Ken Walibora was the subject of discussion on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon after its photos surfaced.

A social media user sent out a tweet wondering why the 56-year-old Swahili author lived in such a simple house yet he was a respected man in his field.

He wondered whether Walibora was struggling and went on to question what copyright authorities were doing to ensure that other creatives like him are not swindled.

Here is the tweet:

While some netizens seemed to agree with him, others were of the opinion that the simple house, that is located in Kitale, did not really matter because Walibora’s family is in the US and he lived in Nairobi.

Walibora was laid to rest on Wednesday afternoon in the absence of his widow and two children who could not leave the US because of the travel restrictions that have been imposed over corona virus.

Here are some photos from his burial: