Museveni’s final Covid-19 test results are negative.

Yoweri Museveni, the president of Uganda, claims that eleven days after contracting the virus on June 7, he has finally tested negative for Covid-19.

After a string of positive tests throughout the course of the day, Museveni stated in a statement on Sunday that the virus was no longer present in his body system.

“On the war with corona, it is now confirmed that I am a veteran graduate of the war with that enemy. Today, the samples showed that I had turned negative vis a vis corona. Even the samples of Wednesday last, had showed reduced presence of the virus parts. The Glory goes to God,”

The President provided a timeline of his battle with the virus, noting that he first disregarded symptoms until he started to acquire a running nose.

He claimed that after being examined by his doctor, it was discovered that he had extremely low levels of vitamin D, a condition that made him vulnerable to a serious Covid-19 infection.

“Unbelievable! My Vitamin D levels were very low, my Vitamin B 12 were very low etc. Imagine the President of Uganda is malnourished to the detriment of his life. I immediately started taking the vitamins and soon that front was robust. Then we had the immunization and boosters,” Museveni added.

The President urged health administrators in the nation to concentrate on promoting illness prevention rather than waiting for people to become ill so they may provide curative care after acknowledging that his situation bordered on neglect in the management of his own personal health.

Gaming firm MozzartBet boosts their clients wallet balances every week with an unconditional Happy Monday Bonus

MozzartBet continues to cement a top position on the world’s best betting firms list with increasingly considerate initiatives that has their clients’ welfare at heart. Players on the gaming platform have a reason to look forward to previously bleak Mondays, as Mozzartbet unveils a surprise, unique bonus.

MozzartBet’s gaming clients will enjoy a weekly HAPPY MONDAY BONUS – beginning April 20th, 2020 – to add some glitz and sunshine to otherwise blue Mondays. It is a unique goodwill gesture by the firm, as their clients grapple with effects of the lockdown.

The icing on the cake? Zero conditions to qualify for this bonus!

A player has a choice to use the bonus to play, or transfer it to his M-Pesa mobile wallet for later withdrawal – it’s up to you!

“As long as you have an open account on, and your account activity is recorded and updated, either a year and a half ago or two days ago, each Monday you will be pleasantly surprised with a BONUS,” part of a statement  from MozzartBet reads.

Only a week back, MozzartBet ably demonstrated their solidarity with the Kenya Republic in the ongoing fight against the ravaging COVID-19 epidemic with a hefty Kes.10 million donation worth of essential medical equipment to 10 hospitals in 10 different counties in Kenya.

“The MozzartBet Company has been operating in Kenya for three years and is honoured to be able to show solidarity with the Kenyan people and help the healthcare system deal with this terrible disease,” The Chairman of the Council of Governors said during the handing over of the donation.

In more encouraging news, the firm also announced that it would retain and still pay its employees a full month’s salary despite the current state of the country’s economy.

How do we grab these goodies from MozzartBet? Simple:

Follow these easy steps and enjoy your bonus:

  1. Log into your account on
  2. Click on the Bonus icon
  3. Take your bonus
  4. After receiving the notification, refresh the page

If you haven’t already registered, don’t wait – log into and register. Sit back and enjoy yourself to another level with a considerate gaming partner!

Stay Home. Stay Safe.


Gengetone Festival CEO Mtetei Mtetezi urges Uhuru to lift the COVID-19 restrictions as artistes continue to suffer

Renowned organizer Mtetei Mtetezi has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to lift the regulations that have been put in place to curb the spread of COVID-19 because many local artists are going through a hard time.

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Mtetezi, who is the CEO of Gengetone Festival, called on the president to have artists, who rely on performance fees to put food on their tables, in mind when he makes his next announcement.

“I’d like to appeal to the president to consider artistes who have not been having shows since COVID-19 began,” he remarked.

When the first case of Coronavirus was announced on March 13, 2020, the government put in place many measures to stop the spread of the deadly virus that originated in China.

Some of the measures included, restricting international travel, asking citizens to wear masks, banning large public gatherings and ordering the closure of pubs and entertainment joints.

The last two have really hurt the entertainment industry since most artists rely on doing shows to afford their basic needs.

Gengetone Festival CEO Mtetei Mtetezi was among those who were affected by the move by the government to ban public gatherings since he had to postpone a mega event that was to go down on April 10, 2020.

The function, which was to be held at Machakos People’s Park, had a star studded line up including the likes of Jua Cali, Sailors, Ethic, Boondocks Gang, Zzero Sufuri, just to name a few. Willis Raburu was to emcee the gig.

Mtetezi joins a long list of public figures who have urged the president to lift the bans. A fortnight ago, Khaligraph Jones penned down a letter to Uhuru informing him how artists are suffering.

Jeff Koinange officially resumes duty after 3-week absence (Video)

Jeff Koinange tested positive for Covid-19 on Monday, July 20, asymptomatic but away from work forcing him to self-isolate at home until further notice.

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For the first JKL on that Wednesday, he was turned into a guest in his own show while his colleague, Victoria Rubadiri took over.

Citizen TV co-anchors, Victoria Rubadiri and Jeff Koinange

He was the one to tell us what has been happening, how he has been feeling and how he is coping with his condition.

That came and went. Following Wednesday, July 29, it is not until the 9pm news when we heard his voice and we were utterly shaken. We were like, is this virus a joke or what exactly is it?

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Only for it to turn out he was doing a home edition of his own show. Had everything set prior to and took up the show running. Same case as his Aug 5, JKL show that saw him do it from the comfort of his home library.

However, the following morning his second round of Covid-19 results came out and he tested negative – 17 days after he tested positive for the virus and he could not believe he had just beaten what he called “a monster”.

Jeff Koinange

Couple of days later and he is back on set, Live, co-hosting the 6 am- 10 am breakfast show on Hot 96 with Professor Hamo; shaking hands, all excited and prepping up for the session.

Jeff however seemed a little beat weak and worn out from the virus as he announced:

We are baaack! 3 weeks!!! Twende kazi!

Well, that means he will be hosting tonight’s JKL show from the Citizen studios, where he last stood roughly 3 weeks ago. Let’s wait and see.

Seasoned TV journalist, Jeff Koinange

But either way, we are glad he overcame the battle.

His return was welcomed with mixed reactions from fans, some excited, others doubtful.

tonny50200 Someone from isolation na unasalamia hamo na mkono????????????. muache kutuchezea. Ukweli yenye iko you had no corona but you were paid to fake it????????????????


nashiluni Welkam back Jina kubwa Jeff????????????❤️❤️


j_jackson_t Mask is for covering mouth and nose not mouth alone ????


bnjogu64 Back in action ????????????????????


dj_sillioh Oooh my!!! Keep it done ????

Jeff Koinange’s untamed reaction after his second round of Covid-19 results come out (Photo)

Coronavirus has taken a toll on the global population, some infected others affected, no assurance of recovery, and an almost 99% chance of death if suffering from any other underlying conditions.

Those that recovered have told their story, spoken of a monster, non-living, intangible – a battle where you fight an enemy you cannot see and almost cannot explain how it found you but either way, it has ravaged our sanity.

Also read: Jeff Koinange narrates harrowing experience battling Covid-19 (Video)

Jeff Koinange tested positive for the virus in July 20, sending a scare across the media space and the country at large. Forced to self-isolate at home and anchor news in his small library.

Yesterday, he looked frail, quite worn-out, a battle no one knew which direction it was headed until today, his 17th day in isolation as his 2nd test results came out.

Negative! he screamed top of his voice proudly declaring I have BEATEN this MONSTER!

Citizen TV Prime Time news anchor Jeff Koinange

The sound of relief, sound coming from a man who had just had enough! The sound of a long, gruelling Covid-19 battle which despite its robustness, lost its own battle.

Probably jumping on his feet, Jeff assured the public that if he made it, anyone can! Humbly expressing:

Thank you for ALL your Prayers, Kind Words and Good Wishes! TOGETHER can win this WAR against #COVID19 God Bless!

Congratulatory messages swarmed his comment section, some giving thanks, others lauding him for a fight well fought!

lilmuli Thats wonderful dear.
sowairina Amen????????????????
djjammasterjade Congrats man couldnt imagine loosing another icon????

Jeff, twende kazi ????????

wako_official254 All thanks to Almighty God

Kshs 10 million Mozzart Daily Jackpot winner wears an emoji to hide face!

A Mystery Man only identified as Erastus is the latest Mozzart Daily Jackpot winner after pocketing a whooping Ksh 10,000,000 for correctly predicting the outcomes of 13 football matches.

After receiving the windfall, projecting the kind of ‘Omba Omba’ that’ll obviously come with it from family, friends and even total strangers, to manage expectations, he requested for his identity to be concealed. The decision to grant his request for anonymity was also majorly informed by his place of residence and work.

The lucky anonymous person, placed his bet on the website with a stake of only Shs 50 on Mozzart Bet’s Daily Jackpot offer played on Friday the 24th of July, 2020.

On what makes Mozzart Bet attractive he says;

“In fact I registered on Mozzart bet a long time ago but I have not been active. I started playing again when COVID-19 restrictions started. I received an SMS from Mozzart that every Monday, Mozzart will be giving out a HAPPY MONDAY BONUS to all active customers during the Corona period just to motivate them. Believe it or not, from the Sh 300 bonus I received on Monday that week, it is the last 50 Bob that made me a winner.”

Check his BetSlip through this link

E-Plus Medical Services commissions portable isolation chambers for COVID-19 patient evacuations

E-Plus has done it again!

With the rising cases of COVID-19 infection transmission among the frontline responders, E-Plus has increased its capacity to respond and safely evacuate suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 by acquiring and commissioning of two portable isolation chambers.

This comes at a time when the country is strained by the increasing rate of the positive cases being registered on daily basis and increase in a number of healthcare providers contracting the virus.

Speaking during the launch, E-Plus’ Managing Director, Mrs. Susan Ng’ong’a remarks:

 “E-Plus has been in the forefront undertaking evacuations to assist the government in COVID19 mitigation efforts through provision of safe evacuations for suspected and confirmed cases and as such, these units will boost our capacity to respond effectively and safely including regionally with reduced exposure to our ambulance team.”

“They will be part of our advanced cardiac life support ambulance equipment. E-plus has plans to equip all its advanced cardiac life support units with the portable isolation chambers.  The adoption of the isolation chambers will mitigate and reduce the risk of contamination and infection hence creating a safe working environment for our ambulance crew as well as the patients”

Mrs Ng’ong’a also said that the portable isolation chamber is a single patient unit that is designed to transport a contaminated patient or a patient with a risk of biological contamination so as to aid in reducing the risk of contamination during evacuation. The unit also protects the external environment from any contamination that can occur during transportation of the patient.

 “As key players in the health sector, especially in the area of Emergency Medical Services provision, we have taken up the challenge to ensure that we play a key role in reducing the spread of the novel disease.” She added.

Dr. Christine Memusi, the Medical Director for E-Plus while demonstrating functionality of the unit said that the portable isolation chamber work in negative pressures for the transport of contaminated patients, and can also work in positive pressures to assist patients that might be immunocompromised.

E-Plus paramedics and ambulance operators have taken a thorough training on the application of the newly acquired Portable Isolation Chambers and they will also undertake refresher training before deployment.

E-Plus continues to play a critical role in addressing pre-hospital care in the country while actively pursuing innovative approaches in the health system. In May 2020, E-Plus launched its telemedicine platform, eDoc where patients can access clinical services virtually.

Is Betty Kyallo okay? She has not been herself lately

I don’t know about you but I think Betty Kyallo is going through something because of late she hasn’t been herself. It almost seems like she is really depressed.

I’m not a psychologist but I can tell that things are not okay with her and if you are keen, I’m sure you’ve noticed that she has been making a fool of herself publicly.

Betty Kyallo

She goes live on her IG page almost on a daily basis and on most occasions she’s too drunk to answer questions from her fans.

Some times she says more than she needs to like that time in March when complained about the pressure that comes with her job and told off anyone who thought she is their role model.

Granted, being a public figure is tough because you have to live up to societal standards but that does not mean that you have to show the whole world that it’s tough doing what she does because many people look up to her.

Betty Kyallo

A few hours ago, Betty uploaded a video on her IG TV where she attempted to explain the things that she does when she is drunk and even in that video you could notice that she is not okay with the fake laughs.

You could say that she’s worried like the rest of us because of coronavirus and the fact that the world is crumbling in front of our eyes that she was among the people who have had to take huge pay cuts as a result of the pandemic.

Maybe, just maybe, she parted ways with her Somali bae because we’ve not seen him around lately. Or is she getting stress from her baby daddy Dennis Okari? I don’t really know.

All I know is that Betty needs to take a break from social media because she’s damaging the reputation that she has worked so hard to build over the years. She also needs to see a shrink as soon as possible.

Betika raises the stake by Kes.27 million to help fight the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic

The leading Kenyan sports gaming firm, Betika has extended support worth Kshs. 27 Million towards various initiatives geared towards combating the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

In heeding the call by H.E Uhuru Kenyatta, Kshs. 6 Million of the funds will go directly to the private sector-led Covid-19 Emergency Response Fund to support the health sector and healthcare providers as they lead the fight against the virus.

The campaign through ‘Betika Na Community Initiative’, will see donations to this fund be used to purchase health supplies and equipment such as masks, nasal swabs, and testing kits. Low-income earners in an informal settlement will continue to be sensitized through various Betika channels on how to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

In addition to the Kshs. 6M, Betika has sheltered the sports fraternity with a Kshs. 20 Million boost during these unprecedented times that have seen all sporting events halted. The contribution will see the Ministry of Sports, Culture and Heritage through Cabinet Secretary Amina Mohamed receive Kshs.15 Million to help cushion the sports industry in these tough times.


An additional Kshs. 5 Million will be directly sent to Betika National Super League and Kenya Premier league football players, with the support of FKF, to help them wade through the uncertain times that all Kenyans are going through. The Kshs. 5M cash is a timely boost for more than 1,050 football players across the country who will receive funds directly in their mobile wallets from Betika to support them and their families.

Betika has also donated Kshs. 1M to 16 students at the Chandaria Business Innovation and Incubation Centre (Chandaria-BIIC), based at Kenyatta University. The 16 students recently made the national limelight when they developed a locally made ventilator prototype which could be a game-changer in the fight against Coronavirus. This Centre that supports new and innovative ideas from students is in line with the firm’s vision that focuses on promoting youth and innovation.

Speaking during the handover, Mr John Mbatiah, the firm’s Business Head said, “We are dealing with an extraordinary crisis that requires all of us as Kenyans to take precautionary measures as guided by the Ministry of Health and also provide support to the men and women of this great country to be able to manage better the tough times they are going through.  We share in CS Amina’s call to help the sportsmen and women during these tough times which is at the very core of everything we are about. We believe as the leading betting firm in Kenya, it is our mandate that we support our men and women during this tough period to be able to provide for their families. We are deeply rooted in the local communities and by giving our support to the Kenyan Government relief fund, Ministry of Sports and other Sports organizations, we have the potential to build a stronger response capacity so that our communities are better equipped to face the outbreak’’.

“Being a Kenyan firm with over 90% of our workforce under 40, we know the importance of supporting the youth in this great country and that is why we chose to support the 16 students. This support confirms our commitment to investing in the community in any way possible. We may not fully cover the needs of the community, but we will play a significant part in changing lives of those that we are able to impact. We will continue to monitor the situation and extend further support to the relevant authorities and communities through the fund,” said Mr. Mbatiah.


FKF President Nick Mwendwa was humbled by the donation and appreciated the firm’s efforts to always being their partner. “I want to thank Betika for this kind gesture towards KPL and BNSL clubs, especially at this time when Kenyan Football is experiencing financial strain,” said FKF president Nick Mwendwa.

As a federation, we remain committed to exploring measures that cushion our players, right from the grass root to the top tier leagues during this time when football is largely affected by this global pandemic’’ added the FKF President.

Airtel Africa plc employees based in Nairobi contribute towards Government’s COVID-19 Initiatives

Nairobi-based employees of Airtel Africa plc have come together and contributed a donation of 12.7 million shillings to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund, in support of the Government’s initiatives.  The donation is comprised of voluntary employee contributions, which were matched by a corporate donation from Airtel Africa plc.

This is over and above various initiatives, some indicated below, that the organization has put in place to cushion the impact of the pandemic since the announcement of the Coronavirus pandemic in Kenya. Airtel has made it a priority to mitigate the impact of the virus by helping its customer’s access services, keep the communities going and ensuring that all the employees remain safe. Nairobi is the headquarters for Airtel Africa plc, which is listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Airtel Africa plc is a leading provider of telecommunications and mobile money services, with operations in 14 countries across Africa and over 110 million customers.

The donation is comprised of voluntary employee contributions, which were matched by Airtel Africa plc. This employee-led voluntary donation is in addition to corporate-level donations of over $2.6 million, committed towards protective equipment for health workers on the frontline of the COVID-19 pandemic across Africa. Today’s employee-led hand over was made to the COVID-19 Emergency Fund Chairperson, Ms. Jane Karuku.

Raghunath Mandava, CEO, Airtel Africa:                                             

Airtel and each of its employees are committed to supporting the government in the fight against the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Along with following all the safety measures and instructions provided by the Government, we believe we should lend our support in every possible way. Airtel Africa has provided various free services in the countries it operates in and also made donations, in cash and in kind, across the 14 countries within its operations.

At a personal level, the employees have taken a voluntary deduction of salaries over the next few months that will be matched by the Company and donated towards this fight in each country. Each and every member of our team in Nairobi reiterates their individual support for the Kenya COVID-19 response through this collective contribution.


Ms. Jane Karuku, COVID-19 Emergency Fund Chairperson:        

This is an important partnership with Airtel Africa plc in Kenya and demonstrates a real commitment to further support us, whilst we all work each day to defeat this pandemic. Private sector interventions can mitigate the social and economic impacts of the Coronavirus, stimulate economic recovery and create resilience to future outbreaks.

Airtel has already taken several steps to help mitigate the impact of the coronavirus outbreak, including …

  • Free access to Educational sites: Responded positively to the government’s directive to suspend learning in all educational institutions all over the country by partnering with Longhorn Publishers to offer free internet access to students accessing the Longhorn e-learning Platform.
  • Airtel Money Charges: Following consultations with key government agencies, Airtel removed all transaction fees making it possible for Kenyans to send and receive money for free on the Airtel Money platform. Airtel also revised the transaction limits for mobile money transaction to boost and support the SME and micro business enterprises.
  • Customer Communication: Airtel have been running a digital awareness campaign on their social media platforms to share information and prevention tips for COVID-19.


Ken Walibora’s simple house raises eyebrows as he is buried (Photos)

A house belonging to renowned author and journalist Professor Ken Walibora was the subject of discussion on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon after its photos surfaced.

A social media user sent out a tweet wondering why the 56-year-old Swahili author lived in such a simple house yet he was a respected man in his field.

He wondered whether Walibora was struggling and went on to question what copyright authorities were doing to ensure that other creatives like him are not swindled.

Here is the tweet:

While some netizens seemed to agree with him, others were of the opinion that the simple house, that is located in Kitale, did not really matter because Walibora’s family is in the US and he lived in Nairobi.

Walibora was laid to rest on Wednesday afternoon in the absence of his widow and two children who could not leave the US because of the travel restrictions that have been imposed over corona virus.

Here are some photos from his burial:

Mozzartbet donates medical equipment worth Shs 10 Million towards Covid-19 Pandemic fight

Mozzartbet Kenya Ltd has joined other Kenyans of goodwill in contributing towards the efforts to combat the deadly Covid-19 Pandemic.

Mozzartbet is donating medical supplies worth Shs 10 Million to several hospitals across the country.

Hospitals in Nakuru, Siaya, Kisii, Embu, Nyandarwa, Baringo, Bomet, Kisumu, Kakamega and Kitui will receive the donation.

The donations will be distributed to ten health institutions and the first packages will be forwarded to the Baringo and Nakuru Health Centres.

Hon. Oparanya receiving the donations.
Hon. Oparanya receiving the donations.

The donation includes PPEs, masks, sanitizers, thermometers and other materials necessary in fighting the Covid-19 pandemic.

“The Mozzartbet Company has been operating in Kenya for three years and is honored to be able to show solidarity with the Kenyan people and help the healthcare system deal with this terrible disease,” said Mozzartbet director Hon. Musa Sirma.

At the same time, the Company announced it has retained all its employees on full salaries despite the challenging economic situation arising from the Coronavirus pandemic, which has seen most sporting activities suspended across the globe.

“This is a true and enviable example of the socially responsible and solidarity behavior of the company that should be emulated by all other corporate entities operating in the Kenyan market,’ said Hon. Sirma.

Hon Sirma said the Coronavirus pandemic heralded a severe blow to the global economy, to which almost no branch of the economy is immune.

He added: “What is encouraging, however, are the positive examples and measures that individual companies are introducing with primary focus on the health and well-being of their employees and their families. Mozzartbet employees have no fears over their salaries and financial stability because their jobs are secure and wages are paid in full on a regular basis.”

“Our employees are our most valuable resource, which is why, with the outbreak of the virus, we formed and implemented the system-wide action plan to combat the disease, then organized work from home for all the employees if and when possible, to minimize the spread of the pandemic,” said Hon. Sirma.

“In addition, we have taken a number of measures to preserve all jobs and full salaries, despite the fact that our turnover was drastically reduced due to the suspension of sporting events which our business depends on.”

Sirma stressed it is important for the company to keep the employees safe at this uncertain time, since its future success in all markets depends on them to the largest extent.

Marioo brings Maua Sama on board for ‘Corona’ (Video)

Bongo star Marioo has linked up with his countrymate Maua Sama to sensitize the public about Coronavirus that has killed more than 11,000 people worldwide so far.

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In the song titled Corona, the musicians asks people to be careful so that they do not contract the deadly virus which kills within a few days, especially when one’s immunity is low.

Maua Sama

The musicians urge people to take the disease seriously and adhere to the rules and regulations that have been put in place by the government to protect them.

They include; thoroughly washing your hands using clean water and sanitizing, avoiding large crowds and travelling  from one place to the other, educating others about the virus and seeking help when you have symptoms.

They say that the only way we can stop Coronavirus from spreading is by protecting one another and being cautious when we are in public.


Other than the powerful message that it carries, I’m sure after listening to Corona, you’ll agree with me that it’s such a beautiful composition.

If you are a fan of both Marioo and Maua Sama, like I am, then you know that they have an amazing voices and they put it into good use in this track to highlight the seriousness of the disease.

As you listen to them, you can tell that they are pained by what is going on around the world and you get to connect with him on a personal level. The instrumentation of this track is dope because it allows the message to sink in.

Listen to Corona below and tell us what you think.

Boondocks Gang educate fans about COVID-19 in new single ‘2020’ (Video)

Boondocks Gang, the group that brought us hits like Rieng, Madam and Kidolee is back with a new jam and this time around they are very serious because they are raising awareness about the corona virus.

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The song dubbed 2020 talks about how the deadly virus has caused suffering across the world and led to the death of so many people across the world.

Boondocks Gang and Magix Enga on Rewind it
Boondocks Gang

In the song, they urge their fans to stay and follow the directives that have been put in place by the government such as; sanitizing, avoiding public gatherings and seeing a doctor when one has symptoms of the virus.

Although the message that this song carries is serious, Boondocks Gang still found a creative message to pass it and I think that’s really commendable.

One of the reasons why I love Gengetone and the artists behind it is because of their sheer creativity. These guys can come up with random rhymes and it’s just awesome to listen to them as they play around with words.

The first verse by Ex Ray is on point. He is one guy that never has to try so hard to impress and I guess that’s why I’m a big fan of his. You get hooked from the moment he starts singing.

Boondocks Gang come through with 'Sidonyo'
Boondocks Gang

Edu Maddox also aced it. His flow is so smooth and as you’re listening to him you’ll find yourself wondering why he’s so underrated because he is really talented.

Odi Wa Murang’a didn’t disappoint either. I often ask myself why people love him. Is it that he is a dope lyricist or is it because of his voice? Anyway, that is a story for another day, isn’t it?

Also read: Boondocks Gang is the future of Kenyan music

The beat by Magix Enga is impeccable, unlike most Gengetone jams, it’s really subtle and I bet that was done to help you understand the seriousness of the message in the song.

I love the concept of the video though I must say that it felt really creepy at some point. Anyway, the locations, props, styling, dramatization and scene transitioning were also perfect.

Watch 2020 below and tell us what you think.

Kidum raises awareness about COVID-19 in new jam ‘Corona’ (Video)

Kenyan-based Burundian singer Jean-Pierre Nimbona, alias Kidum, has released a song to make the public informed about the deadly corona virus pandemic that has left more than 104,000 people dead across the world.

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In the song titled Corona, Kidum talks about how the virus is spreading at a fast rate and  doesn’t care whether one is rich or poor.


He goes on to how corona virus has created problems across the world and affected human activities, adding that it is high time for people to join hands and fight it.

Kidum says that the only way to win the fight against corona virus is by following the rules that have been laid down by the government. They include; social distancing, regualry washing of hands and wearing mask.

Although Corona carries a very strong message , seeing as all human beings are at risk of contracting the virus, I still feel that it a beautiful composition.


If you have been a fan of the Nitafanya hitmaker as long as I have, then  I am sure you know that he has an amazing  voice, the kind the makes you want to attend all of his concerts.

He is also an instrumentalist so you can already tell that the blend of the vocals and instruments on this track will be fire even before listening to it.

Notably, Kidum of utilized voice in the best way to bring out the seriousness of corona virus and that is really good, I would share this song with my friends who are not listening to the government’s directives if I was you.

The video was also good. I totally loved it’s simplicity, it’s an effortless video but the execution was impeccable. The lighting, scene transitioning and styling were also dope.

Watch Corona below and tell us what you think.

Lava Lava gets emotional in ‘Corona’ (Video)

Award-winning Tanzanian singer Abdul Juma Idd, better known as Lava Lava, has released a new track to sensitize the public about Coronavirus that has killed more than 11,000 people worldwide so far.

Also read: Kenyan musicians have so much to learn from their Tanzanian counterparts

In the song titled Corona, the 26-year-old musician asks people to be careful so that they do not contract the deadly virus which kills within a few days.

Lava Lava with Habibi
Lava Lava

He urges people to turn to God as he’s the only one who can offer a solution to the disease which is causing problems and threatening to wipe out humanity.

In the song, Lava Lava urges people to take Coronavirus seriously and adhere to the rules that have been put in place by the government to protect them. They include; thorough washing of hands and social distancing.

Further he says, it really pains him that Sallam SK, who is one of the mangers at Wasafi Records, has contracted the virus and hopes that he will be okay when all is said and done.

He wonders how artists will fend for themselves now that all their scheduled shows have been cancelled saying that God will guide them through this difficult time.

Lava Lava

Other than the powerful message that it carries, I’m sure after listening to Corona, you’ll agree with me that it’s such a beautiful composition.

If you are a fan of Lava Lava like I am then you know that he has an amazing voice and he puts it into good use in this jam to highlight the seriousness of the disease.

As you listen to him, you can tell that he is pained by what is going on around the world and you get to connect with him on a personal level. The instrumentation of this track is dope because it allows the message to sink in.

Listen to Corona below and tell us what you think.

In the village, I’m afraid talkative Grandma is running out of fables and moral stories to entertain us!

The clarion call ‘Work from Home If You Can’ was a timely first, for our government. The face of the marauding Covid-19 virus became uglier, still, when schools and colleges had to close.

The general mood in college instantly grew grave: Yaani, hii kitu ni serious hivi?

Well, its family tradition to ship to the village when school closes. The family home is also better suited for ‘Social Distance’. The epidemic was just beginning to show its fangs locally but we already knew the secrets to combat it:

Wash hands frequently with soap and clean water, or alcohol-based sanitizers. Maintain social distance. Avoid contaminated surfaces, or items. If been in contact with someone who’s been fore-exposed, practice self-isolation for a fortnight – and present yourself for tests at a medical facility.

However, my brother and I hadn’t figured out some few aspects. Our maternal grandmother, for instance.

Grandma will tentatively make octogenarian this Easter. That hallowed weekend ranks higher than Xmas, in her calendar.

How do we explain the national hullabaloo surrounding this new epidemic? She’s very affectionate – likes hugging and petting her grandkids, especially her namesake. Won’t she take ‘social distancing’ as mildly offensive?

She ain’t lost on the trending bits, luckily, through her ageless transistor radio tuned to our vernacular stations. But, still…..

In her 80 years, lots of calamities have befallen our land, including the infamous State of Emergency Declaration – but none banned attending church. Certainly, none led to closure of learning institutions. Actually, enterprising youth would enroll in colonial schools to evade calls to join the militia.

We did settle quite well. Grandma slowly grew into the groove, and found great amusement with the hand sanitizers. Though she felt odd squirting it into her palms after every hand shake, she got used to it. She also stopped shaking hands, altogether. If you have grandparents, you’ll appreciate how hard that is. That’s like admitting you’ve been doing it wrong for an entire life time.

The curfew brought some discomfort. Being indoors has been a new thing. Grandma has always regaled us with stories from her childhood. On everything, name it: the early Mzungu days, her courtship (mis)adventures, notable tragedies in the locality, et al. However, we’ve not had a holiday in the village longer than a week at a stretch.

I’m afraid our talkative Grandma is running out of stories to tell us!

For a decade now, the family has got into an Easter weekend tradition – it’s also celebration of her birthday. We make a birthday party and hand over gifts. This year, though, that’s not happening. We have to figure out something.

She’s given up all farm work, save for her kitchen garden – fenced with wooden planks – behind the house. It’s her personal space, a ‘No Man’s Land’. It has, however, lately been neglected.

We decide to gift her a kitchen garden make-over.

In town, at the agro-shop to get supplies:

“Got some DAP fertilizer, sir?”

Of course.”  Ok, wash hands first at the entrance with soap and water!

Organic seeds – coriander, ginger, onion, beet root, red pepper, Kales and lemon grass. A length of rubber hose pipe and sprinkler.

The attendant is, in the face of COVID-19 threat, avoiding cash like the plague, no pun intended. He asks for cashless means: either pay with your Coop Visa Card, or alternatively pay via M-Pesa straight into a Co-op Bank account using Paybill no. 400200 – both options are free of any charge. We use the Coop Visa Debit Card.

The main dilemma, now: How do we get a way to work in Grandma’s garden without her knowledge? It’s supposed to be a surprise!



Ssaru enlists Virusi Mbaya and Teardrops for ‘Sanitize’ (Video)

Gengetone artist Sylvia Saru, alias Ssaru, has dropped a new jam with Virusi Mbaya and Terdrops to sensitize people about Coronavirus which has claimed more than 25,000 lives across the world since December 2019.

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The song titled Sanitize, which means to disinfect something, aims at creating awareness about the deadly virus that claims lives within days after getting infected so that people can get how serious it is.

Virusi Mbaya

This track also points out other things that are ailing Kenyans such as; unemployment, corruption, drug abuse, poor infrastructure, inadequate leadership, crime and whatnot.

I don’t know about you but I think this jam is really infectious. I’ve listened to it  couple of times since it was released and every time I play it, it feels like I am hearing it for the very first time. Yup, it’s that good.

Other than the fact that Sanitize carries, I am sure that after listening to it, you will agree with me that it’s a beautiful composition. It sounds very pleasant to the ears.

The artists who were featured on this track were well thought out because they really bring out the best in each other and are also good on their own.


Take for instance Virusi Mbaya, who I must say I’m a big fan of. The Kibera-bred rapper had a sick verse on this jam and to add to that, his flow is impeccable.

Of course, Ssaru also aced it. She has a unique ability to play around with words and she is the reason why I can not get enough of this song because she killed the hook.

The spoken word by Teardrops was on point. Believe you me, his punchlines will make you scratch your head as you try to make sense of it all.

Notably, the beat is also dope. Other than the fact that they make the song catchy, they also blend well with the flow of the artists.

Listen to Sanitize below and tell us what you think.

Co-op Bank sets the bar for corporates with a Kes.100million donation to the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund

The Co-operative Bank of Kenya becomes the first corporate institution to act by donating 100 million to the COVID-19 emergency fund to fight the ravaging pandemic. The contribution is expected to support the sourcing of critical life-saving medical supplies and equipment, especially ventilators.

In a letter released to media houses, Group Managing Director & CEO, Dr. Gideon Muriuki is recognizant of the fact that it’s a critical moment for our country, Kenya. He tagged the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic as the biggest crisis of our time, particularly in the effort to source critical life-saving medical supplies and equipment, like ventilators that are in short supply globally.

Dr. Muriuki further appreciates the gallant efforts of H.E. The President, Uhuru Kenyatta, in leading the fight from the front and rallying the country to come together as one.

The appointment of the COVID-19 Emergency Response Fund Committee to mobilize resources for the fight gives all Kenyans and indeed the entire community of goodwill the opportunity to offer their much-needed support.

The Group’s CEO further made a passionate appeal to other corporate institutions and Kenyans of goodwill to join hands and support the most worthy once-in-a-generation global fight against a common enemy.

We shall overcome; Psalm 91:1-4

Ethic raise awareness about corona virus in ‘Quarantei’ (Video)

Ethic Entertainment, the group that introduced Kenyans to the Gengetone sound, has released a jam to sensitize the public about the deadly COVID-19 virus which has caused the death of 35,000 people across the world so far.

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As expected, the song titled Quarantei has been ruling the airwaves since it came out a few hours ago and we are also feeling it.

Gengetone is still alive, kind of
Ethic Entertainment

While this track puts emphasis on as such as; self isolation, social distancing and sanitizing, there are so many things in it that have nothing to do with corona virus. I guess they were just trying to be creative and relevant.

That said, Quarantei is a big tune. Whoever said that Gengetone is dead should listen to this jam because maybe, just maybe, they might have a change of heart.

The lyricism on this track is dope. These youngins are so creative and this is evidenced by their wordplay skills. Trust me, once you start listening to them, nothing will make you stop, even if your house if on fire.

I have been trying to figure out whose verse I love the most and I must go with Swat Mtoto Wa Eunice because he did a good job. Although his rhymes were random, they are not to predictable as is the case with many musicians.

Ethic Entertainment

Notably, Rekless also nailed the hook. It is so infectious and to add to add to that, it blends well with the verses of the other members of the group.

The beat, which was produced by the one and only Motif Di Don, was not too bad though I must say that it is kind of monotonous if you compare it with their previous releases.

About the video, I feel it was lazy. However, we’ll forgive them because there isn’t much that they could do because of strict regulations that have been put in place by the government because of corona virus.

Watch Quarantei below and tell us what you think.

Spice Diana enlists Fik Fameica for ‘Corona’ (Video)

Award-winning Ugandan songbird Diana Namukwaya Hajara, popularly known as Spice Diana, has released a track with her countrymate Fik Fameica to sensitize the general public about the deadly Coronavirus.

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The song dubbed Corona urges people to take the virus seriously and adhere to the regulations that have been put in place by the government to ensure their safety as well as those who are around them.

Fik Fameica

They include; thoroughly washing your hands using clean water and sanitizing, avoiding large crowds and travelling  from one place to the other, educating others about the virus and seeking help when you have symptoms.

Further, the artists ask God to save his people against the life-threatening virus which has caused the deaths of more than 25,000 people across the world.

In the song, Spice Diana says that the surest way of defeating Coronavirus if we stand together as one. She is hopeful that it will go away in no time.

Spice Diana
Spice Diana

I really love this jam. I’m impressed that many artists are releasing songs so that their fans can know how serious the virus is.

Corona is such a dope jam. Other than the amazing vocals of Spice Diana and Fik Fameica, the other thing that I love about it is that they infused their native language in the lyrics.

I also love the fact that the beat and instrumentation are mellow thus allowing the message that the artists are trying to pass to sink in. To add to that, they also blend well with their individual styles.

Watch Corona below and tell us what you think. Enjoy and stay safe.

Otile Brown reaches out to his ex-girlfriend in ‘Quarantine’ (Video)

Kenyan singer Jacob Obunga, better known as Otile Brown, has released a new jam as as you’d expect, it is getting so much love from his fans.

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One would think that the song dubbed Quarantine is meant to raise awareness about the Coronavirus pandemic that we are currently facing but the truth is that it does not.


Otile Brown

The Mombasa-based singer just wants to spend some time with ex-girlfriend and as you are all aware it often begins with watching a movie then other ungodly things follow.

Quarantine is such a dope jam. I’ve listened to it couple of times since it was released and I’m still in love with it and that’s exactly how you know a song is a hit i.e. when you can’t seem to get enough of it.

If you are a huge fan of Otile Brown, like myself, then I’m sure you know he is one of best male vocalists that we have in the country at the moment and believe you me, he really put his voice into good use in this joint.

Otile Brown
Otile Brown

Otile Brown sings from his heart and as you listen to him you can tell that he is so sincere about his emotions. I don’t know about you but I kind of feel like he is reaching out to his Ethiopian ex-bae Nabayet.

The beat was produced by the one and only Vicky Pon Dis and he did a good job. Other than the fact that it is catchy, it also blends well with Otile Brown’s voice and tempo.

Listen to Quarantine below and tell us what you think. Enjoy.

Mr Seed cries out to God in ‘Corona’ (Video)

Kenyan gospel singer Moses Tarus Omondi, popularly known as Mr Seed, has released a new song where he is asking God to saved humanity from Coronavirus which has caused more than 20,000 deaths worldwide.

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The jam dubbed Corona has been getting a lot of airplay since it was released a few hours ago and to be honest, we’re also feeling it.

Mr Seed

In the track, Mr Seed asks God to come down and help people fight the deadly virus which originated in China before spreading to the rest of the world.

The Kumbe Kumbe hitmaker goes on ahead that we will emerge victorious with God on our side because he’ll protect us and ensure that no harm comes to us.

I love this jam and the only problem that I have with it is that it is too short. I mean how is it only 47 seconds long? Is Mr Seed serious? Anyway, that’s a story for another day.

Mr Seed

Corona carries a powerful message and I know that many people, especially believers, will resonate with it. If there is a time we’ve ever needed God the most, it’s now and we should all reach out to him.

Mr Seed a has an amazing voice and the way he sings, you can tell that he is serious with the message that he’s trying to pass i.e. it’s from his heart. Notably, I also loved the beat and instrumentation on this jam.

Listen to Corona below and tell us what you think.

Bebe Cool brings Vinka, A Pass and Fik Fameica on board for ‘Corona Distance’ (Video)

In wake of the deadly Corona virus, Bebe Cool has released a jam with Vinka, A Pass, Fik Fameica, John Blaq, Azawi, Fresh Kid, Paper Daddy and Fresh Daddy to educate people on how to protect themselves.

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The song dubbed Corona Distance outlines the steps that an individual should take to ensure that he or she is safe as well as the people who are around them.


The measures include; avoiding handshakes and touching other people, avoiding large crowds and congested places, washing your hands thoroughly every now and then and enlightening others about the disease.

Corona Distance is so infectious. I have listened to it a couple of times since it was released and every time I play it, I feel like I am hearing it for the very first time which is exactly how an awesome song should make you feel.

There are several reasons why I love this jam. Firstly it carries a very powerful message and it will make many people realize how serious this virus is.

A Pass

Secondly, the artists who were featured in Corona Distance are some of the best vocalists in Uganda. They have the most amazing voices and the fact that they are on one track means that they bring out the best in each other.

The third reason is that the jam is mostly in the Baganda language and to be honest, it sounds pleasant to the ears so much so that you will not be able to resist the urge to hit the replay button. The beat on this track is also dope.

Listen to Corona Distance below and tell us what you think.

Surviving Day One of the Nationwide Curfew: How many more till we slay the Covid-19 pandemic?

If we had to tentatively pigeonhole families by grades of general temperament, which one is your family bound to fall in?

The loud and happy? The silent and melancholy? The academics and intellectuals? The perennial party animals? The religious faithful’s?

Well, my family boasts of an eclectic medley of those traits. The good thing, and perhaps the fabric that keeps this unit afloat, is the fact that life hardly has us together.

Father is laid back, and not good at chit chat. With the right crowd – read, colleagues from work – he’d come alive. But then, the fluctuating prices of crude oil and its effects on the world economies isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. He works in the energy sector. At the dinner table, father is content to listen to our chatter.

He’s used to missing most family milestones and important holidays. Though he keeps tabs on our schooling, he’d hardly get past the quarterly term reports. Duty first. A man’s duty is to provide.

On the other hand, mother is the family’s Supreme Leader. The Captain of this ship. She keeps the discipline, or, rather, lack of. She has everything on her fingertips – birthdays, school days, medical appointments, et al. On her personality, she thrives on chit chat. She glows and bubbles when life gifts her with an avid listener. Something that hardly happens on the domestic front.

My twin brother is a lot like me. We’re in the same college, though pursuing different courses. We are on indefinite holiday after campus riots broke out over a comrade’s death a few weeks ago. Did you see the infamous Meru Technical College student who took off in a police truck, sirens blaring? That’s my brother. He’s now a celeb of sorts back in campus.

However, no one had foreseen the effects of the just-declared dusk to dawn curfew.

Father is in a foul mood. He lives for work, and hadn’t expected to be home for an unknown period. His company has had to scale down operations. To make matters worse, some inconsiderate relative had sent him clips of the campus riot, with his son commandeering the police truck. They haven’t spoken since.

But, man, the tension at the living room is almost tangible. What do we talk about? What do we watch on TV? The remote – is it proper to hoard the present day symbol of household authority in the presence of your father? It’s his TV, after all. Thankfully, he seems content poring over old cryptic puzzles.

My brother is keen on making himself as small as possible. He’s glued on his phone, and jumps every time father shifts in his recliner. The police truck ghost shall hang over his head for a long time. To pass time, I help in the kitchen, and no matter how slow we take it, dinner is served early.

Mother leads the grace, and watches everyone make a serving. Then everyone digs in, silent.

After a while, father mumbles something about being full, and starts upstairs. It seem like that’s the cue brother been waiting for. He shuffles off to his room. Mother looks sadly at me, “After all we did today, and they ain’t eating?”

Earlier today, we had spent time at the market, shopping for vegetables. It had been hectic, with hand washing points at every stall. More interesting, none of the women tending the stalls had wanted cash. Everyone asked us to send the payments from M-Pesa straight to their Co-op Bank accounts. Its risky handling cash, as the Covid-19 may be passed on thus.

We didn’t mind, as it’s free. No charges.

“Don’t worry, mum. They’ll be fine tomorrow. It’s been a while since we’ve all been together”, I tell her.

This curfew, so hard on Day 1 – can it end already!


B2K Mnyama drops new jam tagged ‘Corona’ (Video)

Tanzanian singer B2K Myama has released a track to sensitize the general public about Corona virus that has killed more than 11,000 people worldwide so far.

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In the song, he advises people to take a number of measures to safeguard themselves against the deadly virus which can lead to death in a matter of days.

B2K Mnyama

The measures include; avoiding handshakes and touching other people, avoiding large crowds and congested places, washing your hands every now and then and enlightening others about the disease.

He also asks people to go down on their knees and ask God to protect his people during this difficult times because it is only him who knows when this will end.

Other than the powerful message that it carries, I’m sure after listening to Corona, you’ll agree with me that it is such a beautiful composition.

If you’re a fan of  B2K Mnyama, like myself, then you know that he has an amazing voice and he puts it into good use in this jam to highlight the seriousness of the disease.

As you listen to him, you can tell that he is pained by what is going on around the world and you get to connect with him on a personal level.

The instrumentation of this track is dope because it’s subtle thus allowing the message to sink in. It also blends well with B2K Mnyama’s vibe, style and flow.

Listen to Corona below and tell us what you think.