Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto under pressure to marry new beau Kevin Sowax

Hamisa Mobetto, a Tanzanian socialite, has opened up about the pressure she’s facing to marry her new boyfriend, Kevin Sowax. The couple’s relationship has been shrouded in mystery, as they have chosen to keep their romance private.

However, in a recent interview, Hamisa admitted that she is feeling the pressure to get married, especially from her family. She said, “I have never felt the rush to get married. It is all in God’s plan, all in his time. Marriage is sacred, and that is why I have been waiting. I have chosen to focus on my business so that when I meet my future husband, he finds a woman who has something to put on the table.”

Despite the pressure, Hamisa remains patient and believes in divine timing. She said, “All in God’s time, whatever he has planned for me. Ikitokea Inshallah, ni jambo la heri.” (If it happens, Inshallah, it is a good thing.)

Hamisa also revealed that Kevin has already met with her mother, which is a significant step in their relationship. She said, “My lover has already officially met her, he came and did what he had to do.”

Hamisa’s relationship with Kevin has piqued public interest due to its private nature. However, Hamisa remains committed to her belief in divine timing and the importance of a strong relationship foundation. Fans and well-wishers will be eager to see what the future holds for this couple.

Hamisa Mobettoe’s hubby buys home in Tanzania

Hamisa Mobetto is head over heels in love with her new boyfriend, Kevin Sowax.

The couple has been inseparable since Kevin arrived in Tanzania three days ago. They have been spending time together, visiting Hamisa’s mother and touring a project close to Hamisa’s heart.

Hamisa is so excited about her new relationship that she has even hinted that she wants Kevin to be the man who walks her down the aisle. In a message she tagged him, she said, “I pray to the ultimate God that it will be you @kevinsowax 🥰🙏🏽❤️ 🎶”

Kevin has also been very affectionate towards Hamisa. He has called her “My wifey” and has said that he is ready to spoil her endlessly.

It seems that Hamisa and Kevin are very much in love and that they are planning a future together. However, Harmonize, Hamisa’s ex-boyfriend, is not happy about her new relationship. He has been making comments on social media that suggest that he is jealous of Kevin.

Only time will tell if Hamisa and Kevin will get married, but it is clear that they are very much in love right now.

  • Kevin is a Togolese businessman and is said to be very wealthy.
  • He has paid the bride price for Hamisa, which is a traditional way of showing commitment in Tanzania.
  • Hamisa has two children from previous relationships.
  • Harmonize is a Tanzanian singer and is known for his flamboyant personality.
  • He has been linked to several women since his breakup with Hamisa.

Hamisa’s millionaire bae exposed

The Tanzanian socialite and businesswoman took to social media on Thursday to announce her new relationship, sharing photos of herself alongside Sowax, whose face was concealed in the photos. However, online sleuths were able to identify Sowax using open-source intelligence tools.

Sowax is the CEO of Twinsk Company and Lemimozart restaurant. Twinsk Company is a logistics company that offers transport, sourcing, and production services. It is strategically established in Hong Kong and Guangzhou in China. Lemimozart restaurant is located in Bordeaux, France, a city known for its wine production and vibrant culinary scene.

Sowax also resides in Paris, France but frequently travels worldwide.

The timing of Mobetto’s announcement of her new relationship is interesting, as it came shortly after she revealed her new purchase of a Range Rover. Some Instagram users have speculated that Sowax may have gifted her the luxury car.

Sowax has taken to social media to express his love for Mobetto. In a post on his Instagram Stories, he wrote, “From the moment I saw you, I knew you were the one. The more I got to know you, the stronger my feelings grew. I’m grateful to have you in my life and excited for our future experiences.”

Mobetto has also shared her excitement about her new relationship. In a post on her Instagram Stories, she wrote, “This chapter of my life is called ‘Everything I prayed for and more’.”

The couple’s friends and fans have congratulated them on their new relationship, and some have hinted that Hamisa may have received the Range Rover as a gift from Sowax.

It remains to be seen how long Mobetto and Sowax’s relationship will last, but for now, they seem to be very happy together.