Adorable! Khaligraph Jones finally unveils daughter’s face

King of rap Khaligraph Jones has finally unveiled his daughter’s face through his social media pages.

The and his girlfriend decided to show the world their daughter’s face one month just after she was born.

Through his lady’s Instagram page, Khaligraph Jones is seen embracing and kissing his adorable baby as they marked one month since she was born.

Khaligraph on the other hand shared a video where he is seen showing off his pretty baby girl and if anything; seems that his daughter took after him in terms of looks but got her mother’s skin tone.

Papa Jones with daughter

Baby girl’s name

Well despite having unveiled her gorgeous adorable face, Papa Jones and his lover are yet to reveal their baby girl’s name.

If you still doubt that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, then meet Khali’s look alike below!

Khaligraph’s daughter


“Keep your comments about my baby to yourselves!” Khaligraph Jones baby mama tells off haters

Khaligraph’s baby mama Georgina is not planning to let haters or rather Instagram advisers tell her what’s best for her baby!

This past weekend the lady went on to warn those leaving ‘nasty’ comments about her baby to keep off.

Apparently a few characters have been questioning why she dresses her baby in blue clothes yet she is a girl.

Through her Instagram page she however made it clear that she will dress her baby with whichever colors she likes and just because she gave birth to girl does not mean she has to own pink clothes.

She wrote saying;

Y’all fr gotta start minding your business fr fr????. Ati why do I dress my child in blue clothes????????! First of all, she is my daughter and she finna wear what I want her to wear!

Two, she will wear every color ever invented.

Three, who said blue should only be for boys????

Khaligraph’s wife

CS or normal delivery?

When asked about whether she had a normal or CS delivery; Georgina commented saying that all deliveries are normal.

All deliveries are normal btw! But who wants a story time on this too?

Khaligraph’s wife