This is why fans cannot get enough of YouTube personalities and sensations, Katiti Kiteta and Sharon Kith

YouTube personalities and sensations, Katiti Kiteta and Sharon Kith have released a new episode sponsored by The Eagle Peak Spur Restaurant located at The Hub Karen. This episode marks their 1 Year Anniversary since they started the channel, where they cover a variety of vibrant topics such as “Enough Of This “Sponsor Vibes””, “”Single Bells Single Bells Single All The Way?”And “Is It Just Us Or Is There A Baby Boom With Millennials?” to name a few.

In celebration of their one year anniversary their treating their viewers to a 10% discount for every meal they have at The Spur at The Hub Karen, on days the restaurant doesn’t have special offers. These days are Tuesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. On Thursdays courtesy of watching this episode during the Bottomless Ribs offer , you get a free drink to accompany your meal.

Apart from that, they also their fans with ‘their favorite firsts’: Their First Kiss, their First Crush and the Worst they ever got into trouble… Find out who climbed a tree to steal fruits and got caught and which of the ladies is a horrible kisser!

The channel will be releasing shows every fortnight, so be sure to watch out as they share their lives, engage you in exciting almost controversial conversations whilst they explore Nairobi to bring you the best of what it has to offer.
Checkout their latest episode below: