Lava Lava features Harmonize in his new jam ‘Saula’

Lava Lava features Harmonize in his new jam Saula. The collabo between Kondeboy and Lava Lava is just dope. Saula brings out the good voices from Tanzania together and you know what it is great. It is all about love song on how a girl is driving him crazy and they will listen to no one.

July seems to be the month of collaborations for this Wasafi musicians. A few days ago Rayvanny did a collabo with Rowlene and Diamond has done a couple too.

Lava Lava brings Harmonize on board for Saula

Harmonize has also feature in a lot of collabos recently same to Lava Lava. Is there competition somewhere? Honestly this people are overworking.

Message in ‘Saula’

Wenzako jicho chongo, kwa mwingine sioni tena, umenipa magongo nitembee niache kuchechema. Tujiepushe na waongo, hawakosangi chakusema. Ulizenguze juu madongo, penzi tuenzeke na maeni. Penzi la kizugua na kupa na mataratibu. This is all about love and how it will be served. The verse which is done by Harmonize talks about them as lovers parting ways with lies and. Basically it is matters of the heart.

Further into the song, the role of turn taking has been embraced. This just make it easier to flow. I like how the duo is doing and it just clear that wasafi is all about love music. Seems July is their month.

Also, repetition has been used. It has given emphasis to the songs title Saula. In addition to that, there is rhyme in it giving it a better feel.

Harmonize on board for Lava Lava Saula


Last but not least, this song Saula, has been treated with out most respect. The video and audio production are just so great. It has a feel that meets the international eye. Although it is a bongo song, there is more that captures the eye. Lizer is known for his good work in audio production.

The background and choice of costume is also good.  It is clear that we should get more from the duo.

In conclusion, this song Saula is open to all. It gets a rating of 6/10.

Below is a link to the video.