After doing an interview in underwear, Larry Madowo now forced to borrow shirt after BBC came calling

Seems like news anchor Larry Madowo is never ready or, just always busy.

Sometime back in 2016, Madowo did a BBC Radio interview in his under cloths after forgetting he was scheduled for a talk. That was in Tanzania during a conference on technology and Mobile penetration in Africa called “Mobile 360.”

“I forgot about that BBC interview until we were 5 minutes out. I had no time to put anything on so I just spoke to the world in my underwear,” he said then.

Having lunch

Now, the popular journalist was forced to ask for a shirt after an abrupt BBC interview. He was on lunch when the giant media firm came calling. A friend saved him with a slim-fit  shirt that turned out perfect.

“I had to cut short lunch with a visiting friend to do this. I haven’t shaved for two weeks and was wearing a T-shirt. That’s where @shiyenzefashion swooped in to save the day with this amazing shirt fit for international TV,” captioned Larry on an Instagram post.


Shock as Larry Madowo announces his decision to quit The Trend

Larry Madowo took over the Trend in December 2012 and made it one of the biggest television shows in Kenya. His sudden exit from the Trend has left many people completely shocked.

The Trend was the brainchild of James Smart, the TV show went on air for the first time in June 2012. The idea then was to indulge young audience without trivializing matters with issues that mattered the most, matters of governance, public, politics and the future.

When Larry Madowo took over in December 2012, he changed the Trend to focus on matters showbiz making it the most viewed entertainment show in the country.

Larry’s exit from the Trend was unimaginable as long as he was still an employee of Nation Media Group (NMG). But the popular journalist has quit the Trend anyway.

Larry took to social media to announce his exit, he said that he informed his team (the Trend crew) about his decision to leave weeks ago.

“‪A few weeks ago, I informed the team that I had decided to leave @theTrendLive. It’s been a great run but it’s time to move on. More details on tonight’s show” wrote Larry Madowo.

His announcement has sparked anxiety as people wait for him to reveal why he decided to quit and what his next move is.