Flower boy Rayvanny teams up with Dulla Makabilla to bash gossip monger ” Miss Buza” in new jam

Rayvanny is one musician we can say is overworking when it comes to music creation. This time he teams up with fellow Tanzanian star Dulla Makabila in “Miss Buzza.”

Days after the release of his valentines EP dubbed Flowers we thought he’d take a break, but oh well here we are.

For one this jam is an all self-explanatory as it has this usual Tanzanian when they want to bash someone fro wrongdoings. Something they call kupiga vigodoro.

Dulla Makabilla also worked on this jam and he executed it so well. I mean better than I expected such that I wonder why he is underrated.

For a guy that has been in the industry for so long, he deserves the recognition from East Africa. With what we can call a definitive career in the industry Makabila did a good job in this collaboration.


Miss Buza

Miss Buza is a lady that is always in people’s business despite all the warnings she has gotten. Its time to pass the vigodoro -lash out to her

In this jam, Rayvanny starts off the song by mocking Miss Buza for how she looks physically and I can tell you the words are not good to the ears.

He describes how she bleached her skin to the extent that it’s now messed her skin that she looks like banana peelings, he says the wig on her head is smelly that the stench it can cure Corona Virus!!!!! I mean how?

Whatever Miss Buzza did I think she should apologize for this kind of bile from people is not good.

Basically the musicians are telling people to always mind their business. You know those that are always trying to pull you down no matter what? The snoopers the gossip mongers among others are what Rayvanny and Makabilla are referring to as Miss Buzza.

As we wait for the video we trust it will have the usual dera women doing their thing around a certain character.

However, we expect lots of juice and drama in the video who knows maybe this time Mariah Carey will dance to this jam just like Alicia Keys jammed to Lavalava and Meja Kunta’s Wanga.