¨When we’re together, he just makes me feel like his girl¨ Marya Prude pens a charming love poem to hubby, Willis Raburu

It doesn´t need to be the 14th of February, to appreciate the love of your life. Neither does it need to be your wedding anniversary, or just their birthday.

It can be any other random, normal day. You wake up, grab that phone, and pen a sweet message to your better half. Whether two words, a poem or even a paragraph, it goes a long way.

Willis Raburu´s wife, Marya Prude seems to have been schooled on that. Wednesday morning, the 16th of October 2019, it´s morning hour, mid-month and nothing extraordinary.

Willis Raburu´s wife, Marya Prude

However, it´s that moment in her life she feels blessed to have a man she can proudly call her hubby. One who makes her life what it is. Live-able!

For her, Willis is nothing short of a ´perfect compliment´. A boss in her world, but when hubby comes into the mix, she feels like his girl.

Media personality, Willis Raburu and his wife, Marya Prude

He touches her heart, soul and spirit – her entire being –  and gives her a love so steady.

In a sweet, enchanting short poem, she verses:

“I have never met a man that I wanted to be his wife
And then he came along, it’s so natural to make a life
‘Cause he’s a perfect compliment, ’cause I’m a boss in my world
But when we’re together, he just makes me feel like his girl
He’s givin’ me love, so steady
He touches my heart, now I’m ready
He touches my soul and my spirit
He’s givin’ me love, so steady (love me so steady)”

Love birds, Willis Raburu and Marya Prude