Jalang’os ex workers still on the run after stealing money from him

Someone once told me not to trust anybody. Like honestly, trust is something earned and not given out freely no matter how long you’ve known a person. Well, this is something I’m pretty sure Jalango knew before entrusting his workers with access to his car this past weekend.

From what we’ve learnt is that the Langata parliamentary aspirant Felix Odiwuor aka Jalango was robbed blind by his two favorite workers – Eli Omundu and Morrison Litiema. According to the former Kiss FM presenter – the two allegedly made away with some huge amount of money, that had been kept in the car they’d been assigned to wash.

Eli and Morrison steal from Jalang’o

Although he did not disclose the amount stolen by the two grounds men, Jalango is however offering Ksh 100,000 to anyone with any information that can lead to their arrest.

Still hiding

Well, the other sad bit is that the two are on the run together with their families – meaning this was well planned out; however what they didn’t know is that this stupid move just closed doors of opportunity for their siblings and children.

Eli and Litiema are on the run , this morning they stole money from the car they were washing at home , their phones are off and they are running with their families. If you see them please contact
0722915337 or report at the nearest police station. A reward of 100k for any information leading to their arrest.

I mean, if Jalango is voted in – the first people I am sure he will take care of is those around him. Maybe Eli’s and Morrisons’s kids would have had no issues with school fees, there wives offered jobs or a given money for a small businesses…relatives given job opportunities- no matter how small, right? But then again – we all think different.

Anyway as of now the search continues and I guess Kenyans have also learnt from Jalang’os experience. I mean, who would have ever thought Eli and Morrison would rob Jalang’o? Who?