Mulamwah Reveals He Has Spent Sh8.5 Million on His Mansion

Digital content creator and entrepreneur David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, has revealed that he has spent about 8.5 million Kenyan shillings on the construction of his mansion so far.

In a Q&A session with his over 677,000 Instagram followers, Mulamwah showed off the progress of the construction, as well as photos of his inspiration for the house.

When asked how much he had spent on the house, Mulamwah said, “Sh. 8.5 million… tunakaribia finali kuimaliza.” He also said that he considered the 2-story mansion to be “something simple” and that he did not own any cars at the moment.

On the question of whether it is better to buy a car or a house first, Mulamwah said that it depends on the individual’s preferences and budget. He said, “Hii swali ni kama ya Messi or Ronaldo haiishangi! What I know ni eti pesa iko na uses mob and people have different preferences. Fanya what you like na pesa yako bora uiitumie vibaya hiyo pesa.”

In English, this means, “This question is like asking whether Messi or Ronaldo is better. There is no right or wrong answer, it depends on your preferences. Do what you like with your money, as long as you are using it wisely.”

Mulamwah’s decision to prioritize the construction of his house over buying a car is a testament to his financial planning skills. He is clearly investing in his future and creating a stable foundation for himself and his family.

Mulamwah Claims He Boards Matatus As He Doesn’t Own A Car

Online comedian Mulamwah has opened up about his finances and plans to build a mansion in his hometown of Kitale.

In a Q&A session with fans on Instagram, Mulamwah revealed that he does not own any cars and only uses public transportation. He also said that he pays Ksh 10,000 in rent for his one-bedroom apartment in Nairobi.

Mulamwah said that he is currently building a two-storey mansion in Kitale and has spent Ksh 8.5 million on the construction so far. He expects to complete the project soon.

When asked whether it is better to buy a car or build a house first, Mulamwah said that it depends on the individual’s priorities. He said that some people prefer to have a car for their convenience, while others prefer to invest in property.

Mulamwah also revealed that he has invested in around 10 bodabodas in Kitale. He said that the riders in the town give him around Ksh 500 per day, which means he makes around Ksh 150,000 from the motorbikes.

The jester estimated his net worth to be around Ksh 4 million. He said that he is grateful for the opportunities that he has been given and is working hard to achieve his goals.

The comedian’s openness about his finances has been praised by fans, who have said that he is a role model for young people.

Mulamwah’s story is an inspiration to many people who are trying to make a living in the entertainment industry. He has shown that it is possible to be successful without spending a lot of money.

Mulamwah’s Ex-Girlfriend Carol Sonnie Spotted Out With Mystery Man

Carol Sonnie, the mother of Mulamwah’s child, has been spotted out with a mystery man.

The influencer took to her Instagram Stories to share a video of herself and the man, who has not been identified. In the video, Sonnie is seen wearing a figure-hugging pink dress and matching glasses. Her makeup is also well-done.

The man is seen lovingly recording Sonnie as she tries to devour a steak on her plate. Sonnie shies away from the camera and the video cuts short.

The mother of one also flaunted her watch and the man’s foot in the video. Netizens noted that Sonnie had impeccable taste. Some netizens also quipped that Sonnie’s new man has the same style as Mulamwah due to his shoe style.

Carol Sonnie.

Sonnie captioned the video,

“Out for dinner with my rib giver.”

The identity of Sonnie’s new man is still unknown. However, the video has sparked speculation that she has moved on from Mulamwah.

Mulamwah and Sonnie announced their separation in February 2023. They share a one-year-old daughter together.

It remains to be seen whether Sonnie’s new relationship will be long-lasting. However, it is clear that she is moving on with her life.

Mulamwah Makes Surprise Return To Milele FM After Solving Dispute

Comedian and social media sensation Mulamwah has made a surprise return to the airwaves on Milele FM just one week after announcing his exit from the station.

Mulamwah, whose real name is David Oyando, had stunned his fanbase when he declared his departure from Milele FM, citing personal reasons. However, it seems that the issues have been resolved, leading to his return.

Mulamwah took to his social media pages to announce the news, saying, “Back on Milele FM. We had discussions and came to an agreement. Thanks for the support, everyone.”

Mulamwah had served on air at Milele FM for one year and three months before his initial departure. His decision to leave garnered significant attention and speculation among his fans and the media. Many were curious about the reasons behind his departure and what the future held for the talented comedian.

Mulamwah’s return is a welcome development for his fans, who were disappointed by his initial departure. He is a popular and talented comedian who is sure to entertain his listeners once again.

In a similar incident, Alex Mwakideu reversed his decision to leave Milele FM after a small misunderstanding which was resolved. Mwakideu said he was really surprised and happy because he got so many phone calls and messages from people after announcing plans to leave the station.

Mwakideu had announced that he would be leaving Milele FM after five years with the station. In a statement posted on his social media pages, Mwakideu thanked his listeners, colleagues, and the management of Milele FM for the opportunity to work with them.

Mwakideu’s decision to stay is also a welcome development for his fans, who were disappointed by his initial announcement. He is a popular and talented radio host who is sure to continue entertaining his listeners for many years to come.

Mulamwah Quits Radio Job At Milele FM

Popular Kenyan content creator Mulamwah has quit his job at Milele FM after one year and three months of service.

Mulamwah announced his decision to quit on Instagram, saying that he and the radio station could not agree on some aspects of the contract and the scope of work.

“I have officially quit MILELE FM after 1 year & 3 months of service,” he wrote. “We could not agree on some aspects of the contract and the scope of work hence calling it quits.”

Mulamwah thanked Media Max, the parent company of Milele FM, for the opportunity and also thanked his colleagues for their support.

He said that he is now looking forward to new challenges and opportunities.

Mulamwah’s departure from Milele FM is a surprise to many, as he was one of the most popular presenters on the station. He was known for his witty humor and his ability to connect with listeners.

It is unclear what Mulamwah’s next move will be, but he is sure to continue to be a successful content creator. He has a large following on social media and his videos are often shared widely.

Mulamwah’s departure from Milele FM is a reminder that even the most popular content creators are not immune to the challenges of the industry. It is important for content creators to be prepared to negotiate their contracts carefully and to be willing to walk away from deals that are not in their best interests.

Mulamwah Quits Milele FM After Disagreement Over Contract

Popular Kenyan content creator Mulamwah has quit his job at Milele FM after just over a year. He announced his decision on social media, saying that he and the radio station could not agree on some aspects of his contract.

“I have officially quit MILELE FM after 1 year & 3 months of service,” he wrote. “We could not agree on some aspects of the contract and the scope of work hence calling it quits.”

Mulamwah thanked Media Max, the company that owns Milele FM, for the opportunity and his colleagues for their support. He also thanked his fans, saying that he would still be meeting them on other platforms.

“To the konki fans asanteni sana, we will still meet on many other platforms & forums,” he wrote. “Has been nice. alot learnt – Merci ! KONKI ♥️”

Mulamwah’s departure from Milele FM is a surprise, as he was one of the station’s most popular presenters. He is known for his witty and humorous skits, which have earned him a large following on social media.

It is unclear what Mulamwah’s next move will be, but he has said that he is excited to explore new opportunities. He is sure to continue to be a popular figure in the Kenyan entertainment industry.

Kendrick Mulamwah’s Bestie Ruth Sparks Pregnancy Rumors

Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah has been celebrating his best friend Ruth’s birthday, and fans are speculating that she might be pregnant.

In a video shared on Mulamwah’s Instagram page, Ruth can be seen with a slightly bulging stomach. This has led some fans to believe that she might be expecting a baby.

Ruth has not yet confirmed or denied the pregnancy rumors, but she has been sharing photos of herself on social media that show her wearing loose-fitting clothes. This has only added to the speculation.

Fans of the couple are excited for the possibility of Ruth being pregnant. They have been sending their congratulations to Mulamwah and Ruth in the comments section of his Instagram post.

If Ruth is indeed pregnant, this will be her first child. Mulamwah has a daughter from a previous relationship.

We will have to wait and see if Ruth confirms the pregnancy rumors. In the meantime, fans are eagerly awaiting any news about the couple.

Ruth K Reacts To Carol Muthoni’s Plan To Reconnect With Ex Mulamwah

Ruth K, the “best friend” of comedian Mulamwah, has reacted to his baby mama Carol Muthoni’s plan to reconnect with her ex.

Muthoni took to social media to share her thoughts on the matter, saying that she was considering reaching out to an ex but did not state whether it was Mulamwah or another man.

This has not sat well with Ruth, who shared her two cents via Instagram stories.

“If you’re thinking of reaching out to your ex, please don’t,” she wrote. “You’re better off without them.”

Ruth went on to say that she had been in Muthoni’s shoes before and that she knows how tempting it can be to reconnect with an ex. However, she said that it is never a good idea.

“They’re your ex for a reason,” she said. “Move on and find someone who deserves you.”

Ruth’s comments have been met with mixed reactions from fans. Some people agree with her, while others believe that Muthoni should be free to do whatever she wants.

Only time will tell whether Muthoni will actually reach out to her ex. However, Ruth’s comments have certainly given her something to think about.

In other news, Ruth K and Mulamwah have been impressing their fans online with their cute dances to samba music in very energetic ways in the village.

Her adaptation to village life makes her a favorite of his fans because she appears comfortable. Mulamwah has often said he is not a spendthrift and even lives in a cheap house.

This past Sunday was not any different as they danced vigorously. “Kadance kiasi , God has been so nice . Blessed sunday our people , baraka tele ♥️♥️♥️ , bestie anazikwenda sio mchezo ???????? @atruthk,” he captioned.

Mulamwah boasts about being a millionaire

Mulamwah attributes his exceptional money-saving abilities to his desire to never be in want.

Mulamwah acknowledged having between Sh500,001 and Sh1,000,000 on his phone.

The controversial 15% withholding tax that was included in the financial bill was a topic of conversation for the comic with SPM Buzz.

“Kukuwe na enough description ya content creators. Who is a content creator, because ssaa hizi is very vague. tuseme mtu akona ngombe nyubani, umeamua kuchukua camera, urecord ngombe zako uweke youtube, sasa unataxiwa? “

He went on to add:

“Watu wengi wamejaa DM ati huyo jamaa ako na pesa. Hakuna pesa. Mulamwah ni kijana tuu wa kujipanga. Mi sina doh by the way, I am amogn the artistes who earn the least in Kenya. Ni vile tuu najua kujipanga, thats why mimi hutanikosa na elfu mia tano kwa simu, mita sometimes, niko tuu nayo. Yani sitaakakngi kukosa kitu. Nataka kama nataka kuenda Mombasa kesho mi niende tuu. Kama nataka longi, si ati nasave nanunua tuu. If I want a car tomorrow, I have to just go and get it. Thats the life I want.”

The comedian has frequently been criticized for being frugal, but he has justified his spending patterns by saying that he would rather plan for the future than indulge in frivolous expenditures.

In order to avoid financial ruin, he advises individuals to learn how to handle their money. He also stresses the need of valuing humility.

Mulamwah Says He’s Single In Order To Make Money

Mulamwah is attributing his great cash saving abilities to not having any desire to need anything.

Mulamwah admitted he has between Sh500K to Sh1 million on his telephone.

The comic was addressing SPM Buzz about the disputable 15% saved portion charge that had been proposed in the money bill.

“Kukuwe na enough description ya content creators. Who is a content creator, because ssaa hizi is very vague. tuseme mtu akona ngombe nyubani, umeamua kuchukua camera, urecord ngombe zako uweke youtube, sasa unataxiwa? “

He has been flaunting things like the house he is right now working in his old neighborhood. The sumptuous manor is yet to be finished.

Mulamwah said; “watu wengi wamejaa DM ati huyo jamaa ako na pesa. Hakuna pesa. Mulamwah ni kijana tuu wa kujipanga”

He continued;

“Mi sina doh by the way, I am amogn the artistes who earn the least in Kenya. Ni vile tuu najua kujipanga, thats why mimi hutanikosa na elfu mia tano kwa simu, mita sometimes, niko tuu nayo. Yani sitaakakngi kukosa kitu. Nataka kama nataka kuenda Mombasa kesho mi niende tuu. Kama nataka longi, si ati nasave nanunua tuu. If I want a car tomorrow, I have to just go and get it. Thats the life I want,”.

The joke artist has frequently been marked as thrifty and he has guarded his cash ways of managing money saying he likes to ponder the future as opposed to going overboard.

He encourages individuals to figure out how to save and deal with their funds to stay away from brokenness, or more all to cost lowliness”

“Mimi ni msee wa kujipanga, mtu asifikirie nina doh mingi tunapata, hakuna, si nyi mnakuanga online? Tunapost labda once a week, doh inatoka wapi? Youtube nilitumia two years ago, doh inatoka wapi? so nikujipanga na ile kidogo unapata. Watu wanafikiri una pesa, kumbe hauna.

He is single and likes to stay as such.

“For now siko ready kwa wanawake aina yeyote, sidai maze saa hii wacha float ipack juu tuliachwa hatuna pesa wacha tufanye correction alafu ndio turudi kwa hio kiwanja” he continued.

Mulamwah Sparks Dating Rumors With Ruth After Introducing Her To His Parents

Comedian Mulamwah has sparked dating rumors with his best friend, Ruth, after he introduced her to his parents in his rural home.

The comedian, who is known for his online comedy, took to social media to share photos of himself and Ruth with his parents. In the caption, he wrote,

“Introducing my girl to my parents.”

The photos quickly went viral, and many fans were quick to speculate that Mulamwah and Ruth are more than just friends. Some fans even commented that Ruth looked like Mulamwah’s wife.

Mulamwah has not confirmed or denied the dating rumors, but he has not shied away from posting photos of himself and Ruth together. In fact, he recently shared a photo of himself and Ruth kissing.

It is unclear if Mulamwah and Ruth are actually dating, but their social media activity suggests that they are more than just friends. Only time will tell if they decide to make their relationship official.

Mulamwah’s fans are clearly rooting for him and Ruth. It will be interesting to see if they decide to make their relationship official.

Mulamwah engages in Mike Sonko and Eric Omondi money challenge

Mulamwah is making money and he wants Kenyans to know that fact. I don’t know why given the fact KRA is clearly watching social media pages these days in a bid to meet their tax collection quotas.

Anyway, he decided to do it in a tongue-in-cheek manner but in the same way, he decided to his fans and haters just how much money he has. Take a look below:

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Mulamwah Explains How Akothee’s Lavish Wedding Has Affected Bachelors (Video)

There’s no doubt that Akothee has set the pace for celebrities who are looking forward to wed. As a matter of fact, Akothee’s marriage has been the trending topic for days now- even Newspapers couldn’t eschew the news about her lavish wedding that cost a whooping 7 million shillings.

Netizens were impressed by the wedding- and to be honest, she deserved it, considering how tumultuous her relationships have been over the years.

But while it was happening, a lot of people online chimed in with a few questions regarding some of the activities they saw at the wedding, the people involved, the guests invited and, you know, a few other curiosities which are bound to arise around such a grand occasion.

Mulamwah’s Sentiments

Bearing in mind the hefty price that Akothee and her hubby invested in the wedding, fans would expect unmarried celebrities to pull such a stunt. This is exactly what Mulamwah is lamenting about. The wedding has put celebrities under pressure to have a lavish wedding too. Watch Mulamwah as he talks about it here



Mulamwah Shares His Fatherhood Journey So Far (Video)

Mulamwah is currently co-parenting with his baby mama Carol Muthoni. Things didn’t work out for the two, especially after the delivery of their daughter Keila Oyando.

Mulamwah and Carol Sonie broke up in 2021, and they are currently co-parenting. The mother of one broke up with her baby daddy when she was three months pregnant.

Setting the record straight during an interview with Milele FM, Sonie stated that Mulamwah dumped her and admitted to being in the wrong.

“Ni yeye (Mulamwah) ndio aliniacha… kukosea nilikosea but we move,” said Sonie before the interviewer prompted her to speak about what she did that led to the split.

Mulamwah on the other hand, termed Carol a serial cheat and claimed she was seeing another man while they were in a relationship.


Either way, Carol Muthoni is prepared & determined to take care of their daughter with or without Mulamwah’s help. But according to Mulamwah, fatherhood hasn’t been easy, especially co-parenting. But he claims his daughter has motivated him to achieve more.

Watch his full interview below;

Mulamwah Claims Women Are Flocking His Inbox Requesting To Sire Kids With Him (Video)

Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah is disenchanted with women all over him & his inbox. Despite having a girlfriend, Mulamwah claims women are still showing interest in him over & over.

In an interesting twist of events, the comedian seems to have rubbed the same fans the wrong way after claiming that he was receiving requests from ladies who want a baby with him.

Comedian Mulamwah had previously taken to Facebook to send a warning to women who are flooding his inbox wanting to have a baby with him. His sentiments came a month and a half since the entertainer and his ex-girlfriend welcomed their first child Keilah Oyando.

Mulamwah has now reiterated that women are still requesting him to sire kids with him since he’s ‘cute’.

Mulamwah’s claims were, however, not taken well by his fans who accused him of becoming too egoistic.

Watch Mulamwah’s interview below;


Mulamwah Flaunts New Hairstyle (Video)

Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah is gushing over himself for being ‘cute’ and ladies flocking his DM for having good looks.

The jester has flaunted his new hairstyle where he has died his trimmed hair.

Apart from flaunting the new style, Mulamwah has hysterically explained that ‘being too handsome in Kenya’ comes with a lot of struggle. He claims it’s not easy for him and the rest of his cute counterparts.

”Manze naumia. Kukuwa cute Kenya is a big struggle. Sisi watu cute tunaumia. Kukatiwa, ata huwezi tembea. Nta survive aje honestly? Being cute imeniletea shida. Natamani ningekuwa tu kama nyinyi niishi a simple life. This cuteness will be the end of me…”

Do you think Mulamwah is cute as he claims?
Watch his video here

Mulamwah Proves Living In A Bedsitter Isn’t That Bad After All

Comedian Kendrick Mulamwah has proved his sentiments that he actually resides in bedsitter just to ‘save for his future’. The funnyman has not only been denigrated for the same, but has also impressed a couple of netizens who believe it’s for a greater course.

Through his Instagram, Mulamwah flaunted a photo of his current girlfriend Ruth washing dishes in his house. The comment section was filled with ambivalent reactions as fans were quick to notice that the father of one actually lives in a bedsitter.

Mulamwah’s girlfriend Ruth at his place- Instagram

Oga Obinna reacted;

Kwani unaishi kwa hoteli?????” 

Another fan wrote;

”Aah bedsitter yangu ni better… Kumbe siko mbaya sana????????????????”

Ruth claims that she went over to Mulamwah’s place for a visit- obviously a conjugal visit.

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Saving Or Stinginess?

Mulamwah is among the bigwigs in the entertainment industry; and without a doubt, he milks millions from his endorsements and business. It’s quite contradicting how the fella lives in a bedsitter yet it’s not money barring him from living in a bungalow- which is what most fans expect of him.

For the longest time, konki has been claiming that he lives in a bedsitter worth Ksh 9K. He even flaunted receipts after paying his rent. And fans couldn’t believe him. But this time, he has photographic evidence to show. Mulamwah is currently building his own house in Kitale; which he claims is quite expensive. Either way, he’s still living a comfortable life while at his humble house.

Reasons Why Mulamwah Took His Time To Move On

Comedian Mulamwah has finally admitted that he has fallen head over heels for his ‘bestie’ Ruth after several months of being in denial.

The two confirmed their romantic relationship on Valentine’s day after posting an adorable video of them getting all booed up.

Their caption further fueled that the two are in a romantic relationship. Ruth wrote on her social media;

”Every time spent together is always treasured, the laughter, good memories and tears shed together in those dark days. Watching you winning big in life is always my answered prayer. To the strongest and loving person i know happy valentines????????i will always chose you if asked to. Besties forever❤️❤️ @mulamwah”

The two lovebirds were first spotted together soon after the comedian separated from his baby mama Carole Muthoni.

Mulamwah and Ruth were posting cosy photos together, but the entertainer claimed that they were just friends and worked together.

Mulamwah Taking His Time To Move On

Mulamwah and Ruth K.

From Mulamwah’s end, we could see in black & white that he was lonely but had the option of moving on. Why? Well, to begin with, Mulamwah was waiting to reconcile with his baby mama and see if she would accept him back. Mulamwah wanted to continue with his relationship with Sonnie since she gave birth to his daughter. He was also not sure if things would work out with his new catch; and was taking his sweet time to know the lass a little better.

After making his calculations meticulously, he finally decided to conglomerate Ruth into his life. Hopefully, things will not go south on the two this time.


We Were Right About Mulamwah And His ‘Bestie’ Ruth

Valentine’s Day had several celebrities flaunt how they spent exorbitantly on their spouses.
If you’ve noticed, a couple of them went ahead to confirm their relationships when Valentine’s was approaching.
Examples include Jimal Roho Safi, content creator Flaqo & Mulamwah.

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Lovers In Denial

Mulamwah with bestie

The speculations that netizens had about Mulamwah’s relationship with his ‘bestie’ Ruth has finally been confirmed.
The two were not only good friends, but lovers in denial. It was until Valentine’s Day that the two confirmed that they’re actually a couple.

Mulamwah gushed over Ruth and claimed that his life has improved ever since he met her.

Tangu nimjue Mungu maisha yangu imekua mzuri na afadhali sana .Incase of anything wewe omba tu , tulia , weka bidiii na umwachie mungu mambo mengine yote , hakika Atakuridhia . Asante bestie @atruthk kwa company . Glad to be back . Lets now do some art ???????? . Konki . Happy valentines Kwa wapendanao wote . Baraka.

Mulamwah and Ruth were first speculated to be dating after he broke up with  Carol Sonnie last year. The two had broken up over unclear circumstances; just after siring their first born child. According to Mulamwah, Sonnie was cheating on him with another guy before they had their first born. Mulamwah went ahead to demand for a DNA test to confirm whether the kid is his. Eventually, the two ended up co-parenting.

Mulamwah Is Wasting Money On Building A Village Mansion

What’s the one thing you’d consider when building a house? One of the obvious reasons is location and finances. Some people opt to build their houses in the the rural areas rather than the urban. The first reason for such a move is because of cheaper land; or rather ancestrally owned land that’s divided among family members. You get your small piece of land, acquire the basic materials, then progressively build your home.

For some like Mulamwah, the latter will suffice. And to make things worse, he’s currently struggling in a bedsitter just to save for his multimillion village house. You heard me right- Mulamwah said it himself. He’s currently residing in a 9K bedsitter.

Mulamwah's money advice as he buys land, invests in 10th boda boda

But why go all through that hassle while you’re milking millions from comedy and other gigs? After the birth of his daughter Keilah Oyando, Mulamwah was heavily denigrated for not being able to move his family to a bigger house. Mulamwah got a flurry of questions revolving around his split with his baby mama, admonishing him to move to at least a KSh 15k house.

As a renowned celebrity, there are so many expectations from fans; and sometimes you have to keep up with the public pressure. It’s all about showbiz. And Mulamwah is not living up to it. From his boda boda business, Mulamwah makes 100K every month! Why wouldn’t he go for a better house than struggling in the city just to save for a village house which he won’t be visiting often?

Mulamwah Urges Youths Not to Take Bodaboda Loans: “Still Wondering Why You Are Poor?” -

In the grand scheme of things, most people are compelled to believe it’s worth an investment building a home in the village than living comfortably in the city.



“Yes I beat-her-up proper & she deserved it” Mulamwah confesses to violently attacking his baby mama infront of friends and Church pastor

I know mambo ya watu wawili ni ngumu and if possible – it’s best to watch from a distance but then again Mulamwah and his ex girlfriend Carrol Sonnie literally force us into it.

These two will never coparent in peace or even try to solve their issues behind closed doors…but they can do is give interviews!

Mulamwah fires at Sonnie

If it were me, I’d rather be sitting down with a bunch of old men to advise me; or rather pay a therapist to b!tch my heart out since I have paid for it. Exposing everything online doesn’t resolve anything and if anything – social media doesn’t care – we just follow up for drama since our lives are less dramatic and if their is any drama… believe me it’s low key.

Anyway not that we’re laughing or mocking both Mulamwah and Sonnie but at their age...surely…kila siku mnagombana like cowives? And with the gender equality talk….who shoukd we blame?

Mulamwah running his mouth

All I know is that Mulamwah is letting his masculinity down by how he runs his mouth and we all saw this during his recent interview with Presenter Ali where he opened up about fighting his baby mama’s pastor; then turning to Carrol who he beat up like a drum….actually what he said is sikupata nafasi ya kumtandika vizuri…….and i was damhn is this even real? Wait….hold up is he on drugs?

Is that bitterness speaking? Does he know they have a kid together? Are we still in 1930? Who are his friends? 

And at this point we can confirm its no longer a clout chasing stunt….Mulamwah needs help and if anything there are so many light skinned ladies out here – forcing himself on the one that got away will just keep making him bitter – and although he doesn’t care about anything (sounds like a depressed person) maybe he should love himself for now. Rebounds will only make it worse.

Mulamwah celebrates daughter’s 1st birthday & goes on to announce the arrival of his second born daughter 

Comedian Mulamwah is back to making news and not the good news that is jmjudging by the fact that he was forced to delete a post shared on his gram to celebrate baby Keilah’s 1st big birthday.

Okay let’s rewind for a moment. You see Mulamwah hasnt been active in his daughter’s life for the past 12 months and according to his baby mama. Carrol Sonnie; this is because she has never taken the child to meet Mulamwah’s parents and worse – she shaved Keilah’s hair – knowing very well her baby daddy’s tradition doesn’t allow that.

Since then it’s been nothing but drama from Mulamwah who kept claiming his baby mama played him with a man of God; and if you remember well – after this expose netizens almost cancelled him for his alleged narcissistic moves knowing very well some of the stories he told were lies.

Birthday wishes gone wrong

Well after his baby mama spoke for the first time on her breakup with Mulamwah; it turned out, that the guy has anger issues, insecurities and worse – controlling not forgetting how he physically assaulted her – which explains why even coparenting with him is hard for Sonnie.

Anyway despite the bad blood, Mulamwah this past weekend decided to mark his daughter’s 1st birthday with a short message – which I am assuming he thought was special only for him to delete it a few moments after sharing it on his page.

However thanks to the screenshot shared below we can see how Mulamwah once again took a swipe at his baby mama…on a post aimed at celebrating his daughter’s special day. He wrote;

Latest dad in town, Mulamwah

HBD rainbow baby Kalamwah. Baraka tele. TO MANY MORE YEARS OF GROWTH & GOOD HEALTH. We will one day meet and take you have a brain of your own.

And to baby mama, Carrol Sonnie – Mulamwah wrote;

Asante lakini mama K kwa kumlea vizuri, just make it easier to co parent akae fiti – lets nit have happy pictures online with sad realities & don’t use the kid as bait for social media likes, validation and monetary gains. Mtoi sio job.

And if you thought that surprised you, Mulamwah concluded his post with;

HBD QUEEN, tunakungoja kitale bad. Your lil siz hi too. HBD kalamwah Keilah Oyando.

Wait what? Her little what? At this point I am convinced that Mulamwah never moved on from Sonnie.

“I wish I left you to die” Mulamwah tells baby mama

There’s always that one person that broke or will break your heart leaving you in pain and worse – brings out the worst in you. I mean it happened to our ancestors and those that came before then – so yea its not something new. Love has always been beautiful but ugly at the same time but how you handle the pain is what matters.

Well for our brother Mulamwah, it hasn’t been easy and despite parting ways with baby mama, Carrol Sonnie months ago…he is still dealing with the pain. However for some reason Mulamwah keeps letting his pain control him hence exposing his ex.

Okay we get it – she broke his heart shuttering his dreams to one day settle down with her. But again – there are better ways he would have handled this in that…protect the person he still loves but can’t have and also protect his baby from this whole mess….but 29 year old Mulamwah chose violence.

Still very bitter

Well, he is back to exposing his baby mama on social media hours after she introduced a new man she’s apparently seeing. Unlike other men we’ve encountered on social media Mulamwah decided to share photos of the old man not forgetting to also introduce his wife. An embarrassing stunt that has now confirmed Mulamwah is yet to move on from his baby mama.

To add more injury, Mulamwah shared another post expressing hate towards the lass saying he should have let her die back when her last abortion went wrong.

Okay maybe he didn’t mean what he said but like the Swahili say hasira hasara and now its back to bickering like they did before.

Bitter Mulamwah unveils his baby mama’s new lover, throws shade to both of them

Guess what! The Mulamwah’s are back with season 3 of their drama and I’m thinking…this guy is friends with Butita, right? Just of think of it this way….what if he redirected his energy and drama to something that would bring in some money for him and ex Sonnie?

I mean – they both want to stay on the lime light so bad that they continue to wash their dirty linen in public…so how about a reality show? No filter…just the way they are. Because at the point – they’re just making noise.

Think I’m joking? Well after Sonnie introduced her answered prayers a few hours ago; looks like Mulamwah came across the post and now is reacting to it. As seen on his page – the fella has exposed the man he believes to be warming his baby mamas bed – and I kept help but think…how is that his business? Well – they’re not together right? So why even care?

Mulamwah fires at Sonnie

Mulamwah with the excuses

Okay wait. We also have to think of it this way…what if Mulamwah and sonnie are working together to remain relevant? Don’t forget this is Nairobi where relationships and businesses are considered similar.

But then again – what if it’s genuine beef?

Anyway according to Mulamwah his ex has been running around with old married men promising her a good life. Again…how is this his problem if they’re no longer an item?

But Mulamwah being himself isn’t letting this slide without giving his honest opinion. According to him the guy he just unveiled has been threatening to kill him for a while now; but why can’t help wonder why?

Could Mulamwah be poking his nose into other peoples businesses ata kama ni baby mama hence the threats he is now receiving?

Mmmh, not sure if there’s anything new I can add on these two always fighting despite having broken up and moving on. But below are photos of Sonnie’s alleged Sponza.


Sonnie’s mubaba with wife 

Mulamwah explains why he has been absent on social media

Comedian Mulamwah has been off social media for a while now and truth is, the online platform hasn’t been the best place for his since his breakup with baby mama, Carrol Sonnie.

Actually he went from being a star to a deadbeat dad or rather a petty man airing his private life to the public. I’m not sure whether his fame was affected by the fact that Carrol Sonnie accused him of being a deadbeat or the fact that he couldn’t just shut up for a minute.


Wait…remember when he denied Keilah too? I guess it’s a whole lot of reasons but either way he still maintains a strong fan base on his socials. Anyway just incase you hadn’t noticed yet – your favorite comedian Mulamwah has been missing in action for a while now and now we know why.

Mulamwah under the weather

Well, turns out that Baba Keilah has been feeling unwell for a while now – however he didn’t mention what he might have been suffering from.

Been sick, feeling a little better now. Mungu ni mwema

However with the change of weather and lots of flu going around – chances are that he may have caught the bug.

But now that he is back to being active online – I guess all is well for the Milele FM presenter.

Mulamwah wilding out here with new girlfriend, caught on camera misbehaving (Photos)

Mulamwah is slowly getting back to his old self now that coparenting with ex, Carrol Sonnie. Well since their last fight, they’ve since learnt a thing about letting go and how they can share their daughter with no issues.

Well, I wouldn’t say there’s a chance of the tow getting back together especially after Mulamwah’s expose on his baby mama; but all I know is that they’ve finally agreed to coparenting in peace – maybe until Sonnie saw this past weekends photos of her baby daddy with new found love cum music signee.

Thanks to a few new photos shared by Ruth K, the same girl Mulamwah introduced as his new woman a few months after his breakup with Sonnie; we now understand that she’s still involved with Mulamwah and if anything – she isn’t letting him go anything soon.

Mulamwah and bae in Naivasha

As seen on the photos, Mulamwah said is seen living his best life with the new lady; and at some point they start grinding on each other…sema Pombe…but then again -when you remember how cold Nairobi is – you ought to be happy for the brother.

Anyway truth is, Mulamwah is clearly falling in love with Ruth K….and at this rate – I smell some more baby mama drama loading somewhere but this time around – it won’t be Carrol Sonnie fighting for child support.

Mulamwah and girlfriend misbehaving
Mulamwah with his baby girl