Photos of 8 Kenyan celebrities who have constructed multi-million-shilling mansions

Several Kenyan celebrities have recently showcased their newly built high-end mansions. Below is a list of notable figures who have invested in luxurious properties:

Khaligraph Jones, also known as ‘OG’, is constructing a two-story building that includes a recording studio.

In September 2023, Khaligraph Jones unveiled his extravagant mansion, regularly updating his followers on its progress via social media.

Mulamwah, has built a 5-bedroom house in his hometown of Kitale, nearing completion. The comedian has openly shared his journey from living in a bedsitter to achieving this milestone, which also allowed him to acquire a new Mercedes-Benz.

Ian Marwa recently surprised the public with his newly built mansion, revealing he spent a significant amount on its construction.

Comedian Osoro

The comedian recently completed construction of his home, sharing photos online and expressing gratitude to God for his achievement.

MCA Tricky

The radio host is currently building a mansion in Machakos County, expected to cost seven million Kenyan shillings upon completion.

Dorea Chege

Kenyan socialite Dorea Chege has also built her own mansion, sharing glimpses of it with her fans in a short video clip.


Kenyan businesswoman Phoina has joined the list of celebrities who have invested in their own luxurious properties by building a mansion.


KRG the Don

Kenyan dancehall artist and businessman KRG, known for his lavish lifestyle and frequent displays of wealth, owns multiple properties in Nairobi, including a prominent mansion.

Ruth K Enjoys Lovely Photoshoot Session With Mulamwah After Fan Claimed She Was Being Mistreated

Kenyan comedian Mulamwah and his partner Ruth K, also known as Kalamwah’s parents, recently addressed rumors of a rift in their relationship.

The rumors stemmed from a social media post by a woman reportedly engaged in a long-standing feud with Mulamwah. She alleged that Mulamwah mistreated Ruth K during her pregnancy and seeks to replace her with a new love interest.

Mulamwah responded with a statement threatening legal action against the woman, citing cyberbullying and reputational damage.

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The couple has seemingly put the rumors to rest by posting new photos showcasing their happiness together. Ruth K appears radiant, suggesting she’s well-cared for, contrasting the circulating rumors.

These new couple goals photos arrive four months after welcoming their son, Kalamwah, who, unlike his older sister Keilah, remains unseen by the public despite his online presence.

Mulamwah now has 2 children; one with his baby mama Carol Sonnie, and a son with Ruth K.

Mulamwah’s Mercedes-Benz Lands Government Gig

Kenyan comedian Mulamwah is beaming with pride after his recently acquired Mercedes-Benz was hired for a government function.

Mulamwah posted a video showcasing his car, which he claims was part of the fleet transporting presidential escorts during a government event at the Safari Park Hotel in Nairobi.

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The comedian, who recently became a father of two, extended an offer to musicians as well. He’s open to letting artists use his car for free in their music videos, promoting the idea of buying vehicles that can double as income generators.

“Don’t just buy a car, buy an investment,” Mulamwah said on social media. “It slowly brings in extra income. Upcoming music video artists, come see me, I might even let you use it for free.” (translated from Swahili)

This news comes two months after Mulamwah proudly announced purchasing his brand new Mercedes-Benz. He expressed his gratitude to God and his fans, emphasizing that perseverance leads to success.

“God did it! Proud car owner! Mercedes-Benz E250! The boy from Kitale is no longer a pedestrian. Kalamwah and Mama Kalamaz Clinic are arriving in style now. Slow and steady wins the race. Thankful for all the blessings. Let’s keep chasing our dreams! Thanks to family, fans, and friends for your unwavering support,” Mulamwah wrote on his social media page.

The comedian is known for being passionate about life as he celebrates his wins, however small or big they are.

Mulamwah Impresses With Resurfaced KCSE Results

Comedian Mulamwah, a former student of St. Anthony’s Boys High School Kitale, has garnered renewed attention for his impressive academic achievement. A photo of his KCSE certificate, dating back to 2021, recently resurfaced online. The results showcased Mulamwah’s excellence, with straight As in Mathematics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Studies.

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Fans reacted positively to Mulamwah’s past academic success, highlighting the importance of education.

  • One fan, Jay Kizeles, commented, “It’s a good thing to show. Could easily motivate kids in school.” This sentiment emphasizes the potential for Mulamwah’s achievement to inspire young students.

  • Makena Wilkinson chimed in, stating, “No one would pursue a BSC nursing without such a grade,” acknowledging the strong academic foundation required for Mulamwah’s chosen career path.

  • Some comments offered lighthearted humor. Lydia Nyakiti joked, “I can’t dare take a photo of mine,” playfully comparing her own academic record.

  • Sabwami added a touch of regional pride, saying, “Luhyas are the best in terms of academics,” referencing Mulamwah’s ethnicity.

  • A supportive comment from Orion reads, “You didn’t have to prove anything. You were and are intelligent, and no one from St Anthony boys can dispute such a fact.” This emphasizes Mulamwah’s established intelligence and the recognition he deserves.

By showcasing his past academic achievement, Mulamwah not only demonstrates his intellectual ability but potentially motivates others to pursue academic excellence.

Mulamwah Celebrates 31 Years With Reflective Message

Comedian Mulamwah celebrated his 31st birthday with a cupcake and a reflective message on social media.

The father of two posted a photo of himself with the cupcake, which had two candles. In the background, audio could be heard of Mulamwah saying “year older, year wiser,” suggesting he has learned from his experiences.

However, it was the caption that caught many people’s attention. Mulamwah wrote “celebrating 2 years, zero drama,” which many interpreted as a veiled swipe at his ex-partner, the mother of his children.

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The two have had a public falling out in the past, with both sides sharing personal information online. Mulamwah’s “zero drama” post came just hours after his ex, Carol Sonnie, spoke about some of the sacrifices she made while they were dating.

Sonnie said that she was so in love that she would even buy matching outfits for Mulamwah’s mother.

Mulamwah and Sonnie broke up 2 years ago and together, they had a daughter monikered Keilah. They have been co-parenting after Mulamwah moved on with his new girlfriend Ruth K. They have been blessed with a son.

Mulamwah Shares Hefty Rate Card Worth Hundreds Of Thousands

Popular Kenyan content creator Mulamwah has shed light on his social media marketing rates. The cost, according to Mulamwah, depends on two key factors: duration of the post and the chosen platform.

Prices start at Sh100,000 per post for a week’s duration, but can reach Sh200,000 depending on the specific agreement and platform. Clients seeking promotion across all of Mulamwah’s social media channels will pay a premium.

“At the moment, I charge from Sh100,000 per post in a week, depending on the deal and the length of the contract.

Some posts even go for Sh200k each, depending on which social media platform the client wants. If they want the post on all social media sites, then the rates are a bit higher. At the moment, I have countless brands that I work with”.

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Mulamwah isn’t the only Kenyan personality to openly discuss their social media pricing. Actress Catherine Kamau, known as “Kate Actress,” has previously shared her “rate card,” which charges per video length.

Similarly, Thicky Sandra, daughter of former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko, has disclosed her fees for PR services.

This trend of transparent pricing highlights the growing importance of influencer marketing in Kenya. Brands are increasingly recognizing the value of partnering with social media personalities to reach targeted audiences

Mulamwah reflects on the twists of life on Mother’s Day.

The Oyando family is currently enjoying quality time with their extended relatives in Kitale. Kendrick Mulamwah and Ruth K arrived in Kitale a few days ago to a warm and enthusiastic reception, akin to that of heroes.


Comedian Mulamwah Introduces Son To His Family During Upcountry Visit

The couple shared a heartwarming video on Ruth K’s YouTube channel over the weekend, depicting the overwhelming love and support they’ve been receiving from their loved ones.

One particularly touching moment captured in the video was when Mulamwah’s grandmother bestowed traditional blessings upon their newborn son.

“Since we arrived here, I haven’t had a chance to hold him. I’ve only been breastfeeding,” Ruth K revealed. “I never thought I would feel this way about someone else’s child. But it’s a beautiful feeling,” she added.


Ruth K’s feelings following Mulamwah’s Mercedes purchase

“We’re off to see grandma to hear what she has to say,” Mulamwah informed his fans.

During Ruth K’s pregnancy, Mulamwah’s grandmother had predicted that they were expecting a girl. However, Ruth had disagreed, citing ultrasound results indicating a boy.

In addition to receiving blessings for their son, Mulamwah’s new car was also blessed during the visit.

“This is where I grew up, I studied here, this place holds so many memories for me,” Mulamwah emotionally shared about being back in Kitale after leaving Nairobi.

Expressing gratitude and reflecting on the positive changes in his life, Mulamwah shared a heartfelt message on Instagram about his content family life.

“Mulamwah wishes you all a blessed Sunday from us ♥️♥️ , GOD IS GREAT. Loving life lately. My family and I send our love ♥️♥️”

Comedian Mulamwah Introduces Son To His Family During Upcountry Visit

Kenyan comedian Mulamwah recently ventured upcountry with his girlfriend Ruth and their three-month-old son, Kalamwah. This trip marked the first meeting between Kalamwah and his extended family, documented with excitement in various videos.

One heartwarming clip captured Mulamwah and Ruth pointing out Kalamwah’s resemblance to his grandfather, bringing a wide smile to the elder’s face. Mulamwah expressed his joy on social media, highlighting the long-awaited moment and his gratitude for their warm welcome.

FINALLY ♥️♥️ kalamwah (oyando JNR) meets GRANDPA … THE clan is NOW safe , thanks bestie for this amazing gift ♥️ , welcome home 💯. 2 fathers 2 sons. we all waited for this moment for a very long time . GOD IS GREAT. am happy, and full of life again. team kitale asanteni sana for the welcome . @atruthk @oyando_jnr. Mulamwah captioned one of the videos.


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While Kalamwah is not Mulamwah’s firstborn, he holds the distinction of being the first grandchild formally introduced to the family. Unresolved differences between Mulamwah and his baby mama, Carol Sonnie, have prevented their daughter Keilah from meeting her grandparents yet. However, Mulamwah remains optimistic about a future introduction.

The trip wasn’t just about family bonding. Mulamwah’s brand new Mercedes Benz also turned heads, sparking praise from his proud family members. This luxurious car served as a symbol of success, not just for Mulamwah but also for his father, who witnessed the payoff from his past investment in his son’s education.


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Mulamwah’s journey has transformed him into a role model for young boys in his village, who now view him as a mentor who has achieved great things.

‘We Start Afresh’-Mulamwah Shows Off His Low Account Balance After Purchasing A Mercedes Benz

Kenyan comedian Mulamwah recently acquired his first car, a Mercedes-Benz E250, and took to social media to celebrate. He expressed gratitude for his success and thanked his supporters.

“GOD DID 💪🙏 proud car owner 💯 mercedes BENZ E250 innit . always move slow but move correctly 💯. thanking God for all the blessings in life . wacha tuanzie ka life apa . thanks to familly, fans & friends for your support and prayers always . kijana ya kitale sasa ni former pedestrian. kalamwah na mama kalamaz clinic wanafika in style sasa . @atruthk thank you for the support always mamake ♥️

However, his celebratory post came with a twist. Mulamwah revealed that buying the car completely drained his bank account, leaving him with only Ksh 66.17. He even shared a screenshot as proof.

Despite the financial strain, Mulamwah seems happy with his purchase. He views it as a step forward and a symbol of his hard work. The cost of a second-hand Mercedes-Benz E250 is estimated to be around Ksh 5 million according to online car selling platforms.

“Bank balance baada ya benzo 😌 . tunaanza fresh 😂 , yako ni ngapi ?,” Mulamwah wrote.

Despite Mulamwah showing his low balance, the jester has several businesses and endorsements which will enrich him. His popular business is ‘boda boda’- he owns several motorcycles in Kitale, which earn him millions.


Ruth K’s feelings following Mulamwah’s Mercedes purchase

Content creator Ruth K has penned a heartfelt congratulatory message to her partner and baby daddy, Mulamwah, following his purchase of his first car – a Mercedes Benz 250.

In her message, Ruth highlighted Mulamwah’s newest milestone as a culmination of patience, prayers, and hard work.

“Results of patience, prayers, hard work, and sacrifices 🎉🎉 Congratulations baba kalamz @oyando_jnr for this win ♥️ This is worth all the wait 🥰🥰 Help me congratulate the newest car owner in town 🎉♥️ he deserves it. I am so happy and proud of you. I love you ♥️. Road test unanipelek#a wapi 🙈😋,” Ruth shared.

Mulamwah responded with gratitude, expressing, “Thank you for being the best support system ever ♥️♥️ God bless you mama kalamwah.”

On Thursday, March 21, 2024, Mulamwah announced his acquisition of his first car, expressing his happiness about it. The comedian is now the proud owner of a Mercedes Benz E250.

“GOD DID 💪🙏 Proud car owner 💯 Mercedes BENZ E250 innit. Always move slowly but move correctly 💯. Thanking God for all the blessings in life. Wacha tuanzie ka life apa. Thanks to family, fans & friends for your support and prayers always,” Mulamwah shared.

He also mentioned that going to the clinic with Ruth K and their son, Mulamwah Junior, will now be easier, thanking Ruth K for her unwavering support.

“Kijana ya kitale sasa ni former pedestrian. Kalamwah na mama kalamaz clinic wanafika in style sasa. @atruthk thank you for the support always mamake ♥️,” Mulamwah added.

A section of his fans and followers joined in congratulating him on the new purchase.

Mulamwah Gifts Himself A Mercedes Benz, Weeks After Upgrading From 9K House (Photo)

Kenyan comedian Kendrick Mulamwah is all smiles as he shows off his brand new ride – a Mercedes Benz E250! Mulamwah’s ride comes just weeks after he moved out from his 9k bedsitter house to a bigger one for he was adding another member to his family.

The proud father of two took to social media to share stunning pictures of his new whip, thanking God and his supporters for making it possible. He also gave a shoutout to his baby mama Ruth K (@atruthk) and hinted that their clinic, Mama Kalamz, will now have a stylish arrival option.

”GOD DID 💪🙏 proud car owner 💯 mercedes BENZ E250 innit . Kijana ya kitale sasa ni former pedestrian. kalamwah na mama kalamaz clinic wanafika in style sasa . @atruthk thank you for the support always mamake ♥️

”always move slow but move correctly 💯. thanking God for all the blessings in life . wacha tuanzie ka life apa . thanks to familly, fans & friends for your support and prayers always,” he continued.

Mulamwah’s dedication and his fans’ support have clearly paid off! He emphasized taking things slow but steady, and this new car is a major milestone. He also expressed gratitude to his family and friends for their unwavering support.

This luxurious ride is estimated to cost between Ksh 7 Million and Ksh 15 Million, depending on various factors like the year it was made, the specific model, and mileage.

More Milestones for Mulamwah

Mulamwah’s new wheels come shortly after celebrating the birth of his son in February. He even rented a G-Wagon to welcome Ruth K and their baby home from the hospital. On top of the new car, Mulamwah has also upgraded his living situation, moving from a bedsitter to a more spacious house. As the saying goes, “a child doesn’t come with their own plate,” and it seems Mulamwah is prepared to provide for his growing family in style!

Mulamwah’s wife Ruth K Already Milking millions From Her Newly Opened YouTube Channel

Comedian Mulamwah’s wife Ruth K is celebrating after getting her first ever pay from YouTube. The mother of one, who opened her YouTube channel just last year, has garnered over 90K subscribers in less than a year, with her content mainly surrounding her lifestyle and pregnancy. In the short period that she has been creating content for her fans, Ruth K has milked 298K on her first payment. She took to her Instagram to thank her fans for the immense support she has been receiving, as she flaunted her first pay.

 ”First youtube pay. Weh, kumbe YouTube pays. Thanks for the support always. Ladies lets lift one another & in all you do weka bidii no matter what. Bidii na Mungu mbele always,”  she wrote in disbelief.

Mulamwah and Ruth K started dating after the jester broke up with Carrol Sonnie- with accusations of cheating being among the reasons for the break-up. Carrol Sonnie- however, denied ever cheating on Mulamwah and trying to get rid of the pregnancy.

It was a tumultuous period for the two after their break-up, considering they had a child together. Either way, Mulamwah and Sonnie have both moved on with new partners. For now, Ruth K is taking good advantage of Mulamwah’s popularity by creating content with him. Her growth in content creation is now imminent

Sina Mimba Ingine! Mulamwa cautions women who desire to have his children.

Mulamwah has sternly rebuked women flooding his DMs, urging him to father a child with them.

The father of two asserts that these women have made promises not to involve him in parenting responsibilities, assuring him that they will raise the children independently.

“Sina Mimba ingine,” he cautioned the ladies.

The content creator celebrated the arrival of his son with partner Ruth K in February 2024.

Mulamwah joyfully announced the news, revealing their son’s name as @oyando_jnr, affectionately referred to as Kalamwah, on Instagram.

“GOD IS GREAT, finally our boy is here, the heir is here, the KING is here – @oyando_jnr, aka Kalamwah. Welcome. Welcome to the world, my son; it’s the best feeling to finally see and hold you. I can’t wait for us to grow and make memories together,” expressed Mulamwah in his excitement.

He also conveyed a heartfelt message to Ruth K following the birth, expressing gratitude for her unwavering support. “Thanks for standing by my side always. I feel whole again, I feel restored. I am happy, families are now happy, the whole world is happy. Wishing you a long and healthy life, my boy, and all the best the world has to offer. Baraka tele. Welcome KALAMWAH!! Long live Oyando ♥️ @oyando_jnr.”

This marks Mulamwah’s second child.

Mulamwah Demands Ksh 100 Million For His Son’s Face Reveal

Kenyan comedian and media celebrity David Oyando, well known by his stage name Mulamwah, has revealed that he will want a high price to unveil his kid Oyando junior’s face.

Mulamwah stated in a recent interview that he and his wife Ruth K want to approach things differently, but if everything goes according to plan, he will charge Sh100 million for the face reveal.

Mulamwah said that she and Ruth K had discussed the matter and decided on a price.

But unlike the ones that have already been shown, he claims that the reveal will be executed imaginatively and uniquely.

“The face reveal will come at the right time…maybe we will charge Sh100 million but believe me, we will do things differently.”

Asked on when the face reveal will be done, Mulamwah said: “Bado ni mdogo, wacha aenjoy jua na balcony”

Mulamwah and Ruth K announced the arrival of their bundle of joy – sharing videos and photos of the newborn without his face on February 10, 2024.

Mulamwah Now Pays 70,000 Ksh As Rent

Kitale-bred comedian Kendrick Mulamwah has transitioned from his Ksh 9k bedsitter to a Ksh 70,000 apartment. The father of two made this move after welcoming a baby boy with his current girlfriend Ruth K.

Sharing in a recent interview, Mulamwah also stated that he prefers paying a yearly rent rather than monthly, in order to focus on other things.

Additionally, Mulamwah claimed that his businesses are doing quite well; leading to him not struggling to pay rent worth 70,000 Ksh.

Previously, the comedian revealed that he lived in an apartment where he paid Ksh.9,000 in rent despite having over Ksh.1 million to his name.

“There are those people born in Nairobi, sisi tumekuja by bus, so we are here to hustle, we have two-three years then we go back, so it’s important that utengeneze hiyo place umetoka. Mi nikikaa hiyo nyumba ya Ksh.9,000 it doesn’t mean that I don’t have money, I have over a million shillings ata saa hii tukiongea.”

He continued to say that he could only justify spending a lot of money on his and his family’s lifestyle if he had a steady stream of money.

“I come from places where money is really valued, nikipatia shosho yangu thao najua itamskuma ata wiki mbili so you can’t convince me to go waste ten or fifteen, unless you have created everything and have money incoming then now you can move to those levels of spending in that manner,” he stated.

The comedian is currently building his own house in Kitale; which he flaunts once in a while to show how it’s progressing

After their initial visit, Ruth K remembers giving Mulamwah’s Sh9k bedsitter a facelift

A video featuring content creator Ruth K reminiscing about her initial visit to Mulamwah’s house has surfaced online, following the couple’s move to a larger space.

In the video, Ruth recounted her first experience at Kendrick’s residence.

She proceeded to share that upon arriving at Mulamwah’s house, she observed that everything had a distinct style.

However, she noted that the curtains in the comedian’s house at the time prompted her to consider giving the place a proper makeover. Ruth commended Mulamwah for consistently covering all expenses.

“The curtains I found here, even if it’s you, you would not stay in such a house. I don’t know if it was a miniskirt or a window cut, the ones that someone outside would see what you’re doing inside the house. The next day, I went shopping for curtains and sent a pay bill, asking him to pay for the curtains,” she narrated.

The mother of one also expressed her surprise at being in a place where everything was provided, yet the curtains did not look appealing.

Ruth further shared how Mulamwah warned her not to overdress while keeping the details of his residence undisclosed.

According to Ruth, her attempts to subtly impress Mulamwah on her first visit failed as she ended up feeling stranded.

“He kept asking, ‘What shoe are you wearing? What have you worn?’ I thought he wanted me to look great. I did not know he was trying to tell me not to look too smart. I wore a short dress, an off-shoulder, and shoes with ropes. I knew he would recognize me that day. But my shoes got stuck. And he reminded me that he advised me to wear something simple,” she shared.

Why Mulamwah had to move out from under his Sh9K bedsitter

In a remarkable turn of events, the renowned Kenyan comedian, David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, has shared the exciting news of his latest achievement. The humorous entertainer disclosed that he has recently moved into a new house with his family.

Mulamwah took to Instagram to announce the joyful news of their transition to a spacious three-bedroom house. Despite his success, the comedian previously led a modest life, residing in a house for which he paid only Sh9,000. However, with the recent addition of a baby boy to his family, Mulamwah decided to relocate to a larger house that could comfortably accommodate his growing family.

Reflecting on the journey, Mulamwah expressed gratitude for the challenges and triumphs he faced along the way. He celebrated his move from the Sh9,000 bedsitter to a three-bedroom house with his family.

“Finally!!… God is great KIJANA AMETOKA GHETO. I will miss my 9k bedsitter that welcomed me to the city. My friends wa mtaa pia bana but tutapatana tu. There were a lot of ups and downs, but it really helped me save cash and appreciate life better ♥️. Always appreciate and thank GOD for the little steps. Move slow, move correct,” Mulamwa expressed with a mix of nostalgia and excitement.

Mulamwah didn’t stop there; he candidly revealed that his mansion is almost complete, hinting at even bigger plans for his family’s future.

“The mansion is almost done. Meanwhile, wacha tuone hii life ya 3B Ikoje kanairo. Ata sisi tuskie vile watu huskia bana. Kalamwah kaenjoy kidogo. 🤣🤣. Mtu asikushiw any, songa na pace yako! Tunahama hadi na mitungi na kamba za nguo 🤣 ladies give your men time 🙏💯,” the father of two shared happily.

In October 2023, Mulamwah showcased the progress of his multi-million mansion under construction, sharing a sneak peek video from the rooftop of the lavish property yet to be completed. Mulamwah’s announcement has garnered numerous congratulatory messages from his fans, with many applauding his humble beginnings journey.

candy._kyla: Very true, enda na pace yako👏👏

atruthk: God kila day😍❤️

Mulamwah Celebrates Milestone Move To New Home From His Bedsitter

Popular Kenyan comedian David Oyando, known as Mulamwah, has shared a significant personal achievement – moving to a new, larger home with his family. This news sparked positive reactions online, celebrating his journey and dedication.

From Bedsitter to Family Home

Mulamwah, previously residing in a Sh9,000 per month bedsitter, has upgraded to a 3-bedroom house. This move coincides with the recent arrival of his son, showcasing a commitment to providing a comfortable and spacious environment for his growing family.

The comedian reflected on his experiences, acknowledging the challenges he faced alongside the successes. He expressed gratitude for the journey, emphasizing the importance of appreciating small steps towards larger goals.

Mulamwah further hinted at even bigger plans for his family, revealing that his dream home, a mansion, is nearing completion. This announcement suggests ambitions for continued growth and stability.

Ruth K discusses her largest parenting challenge

Digital content creator and emerging actress Ruth Kirui, along with her husband, comedian and talent manager Mulamwah, recently welcomed their first child, a healthy baby boy named Oyando Junior, affectionately known as Kalamwah. In a YouTube video shared on her channel, Ruth opened up about her experiences as a first-time mom, expressing the joy and challenges that come with motherhood.

While reflecting on her first week into motherhood, Ruth acknowledged that it was a mix of both joy and challenges. She specifically highlighted the ups and downs of breastfeeding as a significant aspect of her new role. Ruth revealed that she encountered difficulties, developing painful sores that made the breastfeeding experience a nightmare.

“Motherhood is sweet. I cannot complain, but it has many ups and downs. There are many challenges, but we still push on and try our best,” she shared in the video.

Describing the pain she felt during breastfeeding, Ruth mentioned shedding tears due to the discomfort caused by painful wounds around her breasts. She experimented with various positions to find a more comfortable way to breastfeed her son, Kalamwah.

“He would not understand, but it was a terrible experience for me. Before you heal, it takes a while. But I love the breastfeeding moment where I bond with my son. It is very fulfilling,” Ruth explained, expressing her appreciation for the bonding moments with her baby.

Despite the initial challenges, Ruth noted that the pain started subsiding, allowing her to enjoy the moments shared with her son during breastfeeding. She also mentioned Mulamwah’s efforts to be supportive, even though he couldn’t fully relate to her experience.

Mulamwah Hires A G Wagon To Carry His New Born Son

Celebrity and comedian David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, from Kenya is ecstatic about the birth of his child with wife Ruth K.
Mulamwah made the extra effort to pick up his newborn son from the hospital by hiring an opulent G-wagon.
The comedian hired a professional chauffeur to pick up his wife and children, and he posted pictures of the opulent vehicle on social media.
The ‘Kalamwah’ personalized license plate added a unique touch to the vehicle.
The couple disclosed yesterday that their kid, whom they named Oyando Junior, had arrived.

Mulamwah also shared his happiness with his fans on social media as he thanked Ruth for giving him a son.

“GOD IS GREAT , finally our boy is here ,the heir is here , the KING is here – @oyando_jnr aka kalamwah . welcome to the world my son, it’s the best feeling in the world to finally see and hold you. Can’t wait for us to grow & make memories together. Asante sana @atruthk for this amazing cute & amazing gift , thanks for standing by my side always , I feel whole again , I feel restored . I am happy , families are now happy the whole world is happy , ♥️♥️ . wishing you a long and healthy life my boy & all the best the world has to offer . Baraka tele,” he wrote.

The two lovebirds have been updating their fans via YouTube on their pregnancy journey. And it was a jovial moment as Mulamwah received his son

Carol Sonnie Reacts To The Birth Of Mulamwah’s Son With Ruth K

After learning that comedian Mulamwah and his partner Ruth K. had welcomed a kid, followers flocked to comedian Sonie’s Instagram account. However, Sonie recently responded with a clap.

With beautiful images and videos, Mulamwah and his closest friend Ruth K had earlier announced the arrival of their lively newborn son Oyando Junior on Saturday, February 10th, 2024.

Mulamwah & Ruth K welcome their son Oyando Jnr

While some bombarded Carrol’s social media accounts, others congratulated the couple on their bundle of joy. letting her know the excellent news. An action that made Carrol react.

The aspiring actress then posted on Facebook about the large number of people that were flooding her direct messages.

“Why are y’all flocking my inboxes?🙄…” Carrol posted.

In her post, netizens still flaunted about the birth of Mulamwah’s son, some comparing the birth of their son to Jesus’ son

Mulamwah hires G wagon and Vijana Barubaru to serenade Ruth K in the hospital.

Comedian David Oyando, popularly known as Mulamwah, pulled out all the stops to celebrate the arrival of his newborn son with partner Ruth K.

In a heartwarming gesture at the hospital, Mulamwah arranged for a surprise serenade by Vijana Barubabu artists and arranged for a luxurious G Wagon to transport Ruth K and their son home, ensuring their first moments as a family were unforgettable.

The hospital room filled with the melodic tunes of Vijana Barubabu’s hits, and Kantu’s rendition of their popular song “Sasa Hivi” added an extra layer of magic to the occasion, complemented by a bouquet of beautiful flowers that brought smiles to the faces of the new parents.

Overwhelmed with joy, Mulamwah and Ruth K took to social media to introduce their son, Oyando Junior, to the world, expressing their deep love and commitment to his upbringing.

Ruth K’s heartfelt message captured the bliss of motherhood as she cradled her newborn son, expressing her excitement to make memories and witness his growth into an incredible individual.

Mulamwah, bursting with pride, hailed his son as the heir to his legacy, expressing gratitude for Ruth K’s unwavering support and the happiness their new family member has brought.

However, amidst the joyous occasion, Mulamwah finds himself embroiled in a dispute with his ex-girlfriend, Carol Sonnie, with whom he shares a daughter.

Comedian Mulamwah Welcomes Son With Partner Ruth K

Comedian Mulamwah recently announced the birth of his son on social media. He expressed his joy and gratitude in a post, welcoming his newborn to the world and praising his partner Ruth K for his arrival.

“GOD IS GREAT , finally our boy is here ,the heir is here , the KING is here – @oyando_jnr aka kalamwah . welcome to the world my son, it’s the best feeling in the world to finally see and hold you. Can’t wait for us to grow & make memories together.

“Asante sana @atruthk for this amazing cute & amazing gift , thanks for standing by my side always , I feel whole again , I feel restored . I am happy , families are now happy the whole world is happy , ♥️♥️ . wishing you a long and healthy life my boy & all the best the world has to offer . Baraka tele,” Mulamwah wrote.

Mulamwah already has a baby mama, Carol Sonnie; whom they separated under unclear circumstances. The couple’s social media followers congratulated them on the images they posted of themselves cradling the child while in hospital.



Video Of Mulamwah & Sonnie Arguing Over Visitation Resurfaces

A previously unreleased film featuring comedian Kendrick Mulamwah and his former girlfriend Carol Sonnie has gone viral, revealing details about their previous romantic connection and evoking strong feelings on social media.

The video, which was posted on TikTok by @billwonderke, shows Mulamwah and Sonnie joking around and remembering their time together.

They are shown in the video teasing each other about earlier behaviors in a lighthearted manner. Sonnie brings up Mulamwah’s frequent calls.

When Sonnie made the lighthearted accusation that Mulamwah was always contacting her, Mulamwah refuted the accusation and jokingly advised Sonnie to double check with Safaricom, a well-known mobile network operator in Kenya.

Mulamwah refuted Sonnie’s claim by revealing times when Sonnie would contact him in the middle of the night, complaining that she couldn’t sleep without him.

Mulamwah Responds To Sonnie’s Claims That He Worked In A Railway

Funnyman David Oyando, also known as Mulamwah, had a humorous response to his ex-girlfriend Caroline Muthoni’s mockery of their co-parenting and current relationship.
Muthoni, also going by the name Carrol Sonie, recently responded to a video Mulamwah had previously shared by making light of their relationship.

She said on the video, among other things, that Mulamwah was struck by a train as a result of his work at the railway firm, something she had informed their daughter.

“Of course, I am a toxic baby mama, I told my daughter that her dad was hit by a train while working at the railway. Of course, I am a toxic baby mama, I am the one providing baby daddy content, he cannot do without me,” She said in her video.
She added, “Of course, I am a toxic baby mama; even my ex texts me with a pseudo account claiming he misses me, but I block that. Of course, I am a toxic baby mama ‘Keilah is not my kid,’ I will continue tormenting him online.”

Mulamwah Responds

Other than threatening to sue her, Mulamwah has responded to Sonnie’s claims that he used to work in a railway. He did it through a short video via his Instagram.

In the Instagram video, the 31-year-old comedian appeared restless and thoughtful as the train approached while he stood on the tracks.

Jalang’o responds on TikTok to Mulamwah’s baby daddy challenge

Lang’ata Member of Parliament, Phelix Odiwuor, popularly known as Jalang’o, has responded to a TikTok video challenge initiated by comedian Mulamwah, who shared his struggles as a baby daddy in Kenya. Mulamwah’s ex-lover and baby mama, Carrol Sonie, also responded to the challenge on social media, addressing their co-parenting struggles without explicitly mentioning Mulamwah’s name.

Carrol Sonie admitted to being a “toxic baby mama” and shared her experience of blocking Mulamwah’s attempts to contact her, even through a fake account. In her response, she highlighted the challenges they face in co-parenting.

Mulamwah’s original TikTok video expressed frustration at being blocked and judged harshly by society. In response to the situation, Jalang’o and other netizens shared their thoughts, with some suggesting that the couple should be investigated by the government before having a second child.

Comedian Mulamwah and actress Carrol confirmed their breakup in December 2021, and Mulamwah has since moved on and is expecting a child with his current girlfriend, Ruth K.