Savage! Aggie Sauti Sol’s ‘Short & Sweet ‘ vixen takes a swipe at Nadia Mukami photoshopped body

Singer Nadia Mukami recently released what appeared to be a thirst trap portraying her gorgeous body. Seeing this, team mafisi decided to go all the way as they left thirsty comments on the photo.

However not everybody seemed impressed by this banging body hence the trolls! Among those who joined fans in calling out Nadia for photoshopping her figure is Aggie; the popular lass from Sauti Sol’s short and sweet hit song.

Judging from the comment left by Aggie under Nadia photo’s, it’s only right to assume that the two know each other abit too well; but are not friends hence the shady troll.

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Nadia Mukami publicly parades her goodies

Aggie body shaming Nadia?

It all started after a certain popular tabloid shared the sexy photo and went on to caption saying;

#Nadiamukami showing off her curves????

To which Aggie laughed off saying;

hahahahah. Uko sure???


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Since the two ladies happen to work in the same industry, we can’t help but conclude Aggie couldn’t stand seeing the fake figure get credit; yet she knows how the real Nadia looks like!

However, a few supporters of Nadia went on to call out Aggie as they asked her to hide the jealousy written all over her face…

Well like the Swahili people say , adui wa mwanamke ni mwanamke mwenzio. But was Aggie wrong to  speak out her mind?